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Angelina Jolie Museum

Angelina Jolie Museum

Paris, France :: Angelina Jolie, 30, took son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, to visit the Musee d’Orsay this past Sunday while daddy Brad Pitt, 42, was away on business.  Angelina and Maddox checked out all of the exhibition spaces in the Great Hall including a wonderful display of a section of the Opéra quartier (neighborhood) as it was in 1914, complete with a to-scale model of  Paris underneath the glass floor. (Above, Maddox peers through this glass floor.) Maddox had to be carried back into the hotel by Angelina after a long and exhausting trip to the museum.  More pictures in the gallery!

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angelina jolie maddox museum01
angelina jolie maddox museum02
angelina jolie maddox museum03
angelina jolie maddox museum04
angelina jolie maddox museum05
angelina jolie maddox museum06
angelina jolie maddox museum07
angelina jolie maddox museum08
angelina jolie maddox museum09
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angelina jolie maddox museum11
angelina jolie maddox museum12
angelina jolie maddox museum13
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angelina jolie maddox museum16
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angelina jolie maddox museum18
angelina jolie maddox museum19
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angelina jolie maddox museum23
angelina jolie maddox museum24
angelina jolie maddox museum25
angelina jolie maddox museum26
angelina jolie maddox museum27
angelina jolie maddox museum28
angelina jolie maddox museum29
angelina jolie maddox museum30
angelina jolie maddox museum31
angelina jolie maddox museum32
angelina jolie maddox museum33
angelina jolie maddox museum34
angelina jolie maddox museum35
angelina jolie maddox museum36
angelina jolie maddox museum37
angelina jolie maddox museum38
angelina jolie maddox museum39
angelina jolie maddox museum40
angelina jolie maddox museum41
angelina jolie maddox museum42
angelina jolie maddox museum43
angelina jolie maddox museum44
angelina jolie maddox museum45
angelina jolie maddox museum46

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  • raiderfan

    it looks like, he is having a tantrum, in that one pix!! what’s with the ring? thanks jj, for the pix/info on BAMZ!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!

  • Jodie

    A museum for a toddler??? Must be boring, but it is a good training for him to learn to appreciate arts :):)

  • Annen

    Hah! To him laying down on the floor. He had to be dirty when he got up.

  • the one

    whos d chick wif d beige jacket she looks gorgy..:P

  • Goofy

    Mad was not having a tantrum. He was looking through a glass floor.

  • salizankhozizan

    chick wif d beige jacket?i believe she’s angie’s PA, holly

  • alys

    jared i dont think they live in a hotel..ok it doesnt matter…

  • Enemy

    The chick is Holly, her PA/good friend. She is often around and on a lot of pics, although most magazines like to call her "unidentified female" :)And Maddox is not having a tantrum actually, he is just looking a this:

  • rachel

    makes museums all the more appealing!

  • Cindy2

    I don’t know how much Maddox will remember all of those experiences (cause I certainly can’t remember much of anything when I was 4), but he certainly is getting his dose of education and culture from his parents exposing him to museums. Of course, there is also the travelling that makes one so much more in tune with the world. When I travel, I make it a point to visit the local museums.

  • london

    what a disruptive life for a child to be travelling all the time. how unsettling and selfish of the parents.

  • lorie p

    oh london mind to just stay in london.

  • Elena

    London, I disagree with your comment. Would you prefer that they be left behind with nannies as other "stars" or the super wealthy do with their kids? As long as a routine is maintained it does not matter where they are, Paris, LA etc. They are not in school yet so that is not a consideration. They may not remember the specifics but that does not mean they are not getting something out of it. Let’s put it this way what is more stimulating to the brain, Paris, museums etc. or sitting in front of the tv watching cartoons and Barney? Their perception of the world and the possibilities open to them will be far beyond those of their peers back in Malibu.

  • lou

    London I disagree with you as well,whats important is that the family is happy and are together.People who travel are the most intelient and diverse individuals you will ever met.

  • Marie

    Any child psychologist would differ with you. A permanent home life with a predictable routine gives a child much more emotional stability. It’s sad but these children will never have that.

  • Rica

    London please stop being so gosh darn close minded. Do you have children? If so do you ever take them to musuems? If you had the money you wouldn’t take your children and show them the world outside of that tiny little box they inhabit? If you don’t have children then are you really qualified to make that statement? Just asking…not trying to offend.Maddox will begin school well ahead of his class. All these "boring" museums and exotic travels are educating him more than sitting at home with the nanny or even a part time preschool. I guarantee that Maddox knows his primary lessons: numbers, colors, days of the week, etc. And what’s more interesting is he may even know them in more than one language. So I dare say Maddox is well on his way to being a very learned little boy.He probably won’t remeber these earlier trips but he will retain knowledge that he’s picking up. Remember Angie’s been taking Mad to musuems since he was an infant. I love that she inspires and promotes learning and open mindeness in her children. BRAVO ANGIE!!!

  • Betsy

    I think Maddox is the cutest kid ever. Jared–you have the best pictures of BAMZ on the web. I want to know who the dude with the white hair…he keeps showing up while they are staying over there.

  • Xan

    hmmm…I disagree Marie, Most Child Psychologists would review and analyze each individual case. As long as the child is well adjusted who are we to say whether or not travel before starting school is detrimental in anyway. The boy is 4 she wants to spend time with him and introduce him to the world he lives in before he is school bound. Why is this such a problem. I counsel children all day long (not a psychologist) and those children who are suppose to have a permanent home are usually the ones that are manically maladjusted. What I would say is that a child who travels constantly sometimes finds it hard to attach to home, friends, etc. But what they do attach to are their parents and that is what keeps them well adjusted. Maddox, his mother and now father are very attached to each other. As long as he continues to go to sleep knowing mommy and daddy will be there when he wakes or will return when they say they will he knows he’s ‘home’. That’s the routine that needs to stay the same.

  • Cindy2

    Actually, it’s a perfect time to stimulate the child’s brain. At that age, the brain is taking in all kinds of stimuli, which is good for the child’s development. I would posit that Maddox is being enriched by the experiences of travelling and the culture his parents are exposing him to. I cannot even imagine knowing anything about dinosaurs when I was his age. Here, Maddox knows more than I ever did about the different dinosaurs. In museums, he gets to see them in their literal original size. Make no mistake, museums are educational institutions in themselves. I think all the travelling develops a cultural sensitivity in Maddox that no classroom could offer. It’s nonsense the criticisms of Angelina’s parenting skills the haters continue to dump on her despite the very fact Maddox looks to be a well-adjusted, good kid. For a person with absolute no desire for children, I could change my mind for a kid like Maddox.

  • Cindy2

    Xan, I didn’t see your post before I posted. After reading your post, I have to give you props for your excellent points about the routine of being with loving parents.

  • Be sane

    London and Marie on ‘disruptive life’ , ‘child psychologist would disagree’ (I agree with Cindy2 and Xan)It is true Jolie-Pitt are doing much more than most of the families, but as a parent, I am competely in disagreement with you two. Mad & Z are at the age when they don’t perceive environmental change as ‘disruptive’ as unflexible grown-ups do. That is why it is important for parents to expose kids to different cultures at young age. This is where everything starts–open mindedness to people of other cultures, colors of people’s skin, and language. I don’t know if you are a parent or have taken your kids around, or traveled widely yoursellves. My kids are at similar ages with Mad & Z, and I think on the contrary to your opinion, this is the PERFECT age to do this. Z won’t remember much, but she is at the age her ‘routine’ keeps changing anyway as she grows month by month. Last year, at age 4, we put our daughter into a French preschool for a month, without much language training. She remembers and talks about it today and switches to French when she does. My son, who was 1&9 months then, would point to airplanes in the sky and says today, "Papillon!" (‘butterfly’–he meant ‘avion’ it rhyms :) We are planning to do this every year if we could, mainly for kids to go to school there; in fact we are trying to make business reasons to go there so we can do this for them. If the ‘routine’ of the daily life– ‘going to bed’ routines (cleaning ups, reading books, brushing teeth etc) are consistent, I am of an opinion it doesn’t really matter where you are. But again, everyone has the right to do what they think it is right for their children. So if you don’t agree to BAMZ+1+n lifestyle, just stay disgreed, but please don’t attempt to judge.

  • lou

    Marie child psychologists have different views on this subject,some feel globe trotting is postitve experience for childern.There are many books on this subject to read.The main thing is for the kids to be safe,secure and loved which they are.I think some of you just want something to b***H about when it comes to Brad and Angelina.Look at Paul and Linda McCarthy they always traveled because he was on the road,they were always together and had a very happy family until her death.They rasied wonderful childern.So in the end I feel home is where the heart is.

  • African girl

    Goodness, I love all u guys. U make make me laugh, u make me cringe, u leave me speechless but most of all, u make me think. London (I am hoping this is ur real name not where u live because I know londoners r more….shall we say, no so naive). U crack me up with ur "unstable" comment. Wow, u just made me realized how "selfish" my parents were taking me and my siblings to all those other countries. See my God, my father worked at the consulate office of my own country so he was transfed to different countries: india. Germany, france, ghana, dubia, saudi arabia and even london. So by ur own reasoning, I have lived a very distriptive life. Well, I guess there is an upside to this (always like to see the glass half full instead of half empty) see, I am able to deal but more importantly tolorate ppl who r closed minded. Someone wrote that u should broaden ur horizon and I second that. Baby steps: google about other countries other than urs, learn about there culture and language and where it is located onthe world map. Let us try this exercise at least once a week I.e one country a week. I believe before the end of the yr, u will buying ur tickets to these countries. London there is so much to see and learn, don’t let all the fine things of life pass u by just because u r scared of a little "instability"

  • lou

    Elana,Xan,Cindy2 and Besane,thank you for your posts.They were very informative and intelligent.Cindy2 for a person who doesn’t want kids you have alot of insight on the subject.Maybe you should reconsider,I think you would rasie one hell of a kid.

  • Xan

    Cindy2 and Be Sane: I completely agree!You guys are definitely on point. A child’s basic routine is where they find their ‘security blanket’. My sisters and I all have children and we travel because our jobs demand it. (They have actually all posted here, because they like the level of intellect within the conversational posts.) We take our children and sometimes each others with us, because we will not leave our children behind. My older children are in school and can’t go all the time but I have taken them out of school if I feel that the trip will enlighten and educate them. They have seen some of this world’s wonders and this is something most don’t get to see or experience at a young age. I do insist that they write a research paper (which they hate) on each trip. Traveling has not negatively affected their grades at all. Infact it has enhanced them. My sisters and I have also all worked with children, either now or at one point in our careers and we all agree that children need a sense of family and family is not a building. It’s the people who nurture, love, teach and yes even discipline you. It’s not a house. I’m sorry I could talk about children all day. Especially since my calendar is clear today.

  • Cindy2

    Thanks so much for the compliment Lou. Though I think I would have a lot to offer for a child in passing on my philosophy and laidback attitude, and I’d like to think I have good values about people to pass on (including not imposing my values on others), I know my shortcomings with children – mainly a short attention span for children. But I sort of get to channel my parenting ideals part time with a young cousin who could be my child (as I’m the same age as her mother). I’ll leave the parenting to those with the full dedication and skills as the mothers on this site. I’m fine with my kitty cat. :)

  • Lola

    This is a little off topic but what is with Angie’s fondness for black or gray clothing? Is she in a state of perpetual mourning?

  • Pebbles

    I very much appreciate the comments made. I especially appreicate those made by African girl. Those looking for fault in Angelina need to know that the trend in the United States among the affluent is, in fact, home schooling for their children. (Business Week, Feb. 20, 2006 issue, page 80.) Maddox and Zahara (and whoever comes behing them) are getting a better start in life by just sticking close to their parents. And that’s a blessing for them. There’s nothing "disruptive" or "selfish" about what B&A are doing. It might disturb you, but that sounds more like a personal problem to me.

  • mmija288

    Bless your heart Jared! You are the man,. and I so appreciate your putting up with my begging lol……now you now it WILL probably happen again right? Cool.

  • Lola

    Articulate comment Pebbles but your logic uncritcally presupposes ‘trends among the affluent’ as the ideal. It does not necessarily follow that because something is a trend among the affluent in the United States that it is to be embraced. If that is the case we should all strive to wear leggings and be wasteful of resources.

  • mija288

    There may be something to horoscope’s afterall. My mother’s b-day is June 6 (AJ’s 6/4), and I swear it’s like reliving my childhood watching the non-stop activity Maddox is exposed to. When we were kids’ whether we wanted to participate or not, we went to every musem, gallery, amusement you can think of if one was in town. My mom is 72, wear’s a nose ring, is trying to decide her next tattoo location, has raised 2 children she took in who’s parents weren’t able too, travels any and everywhere and usually for humanitarian purposes. She hasn’t a shy bone in her body, and through the year’s I’ve had moments when I just wanted to melt into the floor, or simply vaporize because of her bluntness. I appreciate it all now and wouldn’t trade her or the life she gave us for anything, and I imagine Maddox WILL remember (along with all his sib’s) and appreciate what his mom and his father too exposed them too.

  • Trust me on this one

    Why is Jen Rade (angie’s stylist) there???

  • Pebbles

    Lola, I actually appreicate your comment. Not EVERYTHING that the affluent do should be considered ideal — I agree with that sentiment. However, I think you’re missing my point on education. Trends among the American affluent indicate there is something seriously wrong with the American educational system – a system that worked effectively some 50 years ago when people went to go work in factories but is no where near effective now because many factories have closed their doors or have migrated elsewhere. People who pay attention to American educational system, like business leaders looking to the future workforce, already know there’s a problem. Those parents who are willing are looking into and undertaking different approaches to educating their children. Many American Christians home school their children and have done so for a very long time. Now, the affluent are moving in that direction. Why? Because they want to get away from passive learning, negative peer pressure, unsafe environments, and drugs — many of the same reasons why Christians embrace it. To reiterate what I’ve said previously, Maddox and Zahara have a pretty ideal situation As they get older, they will be actively shaping their world view as well as determining their place in the world. I don’t begrudge Angelina and Brad for showing them the world because they have the time and the means to do so. I think it’s wonderful.

  • Juno

    Well, we must be all obsessed with this couple and their kids, because we all seem to look for new pics or news about them on the net. I question if this is almost like stalking, only it’s the paparazzi doing it for us. Glad to say that it seems Angie and Brad are accomodating the fans’ curiosity. Okay, seeing this loving family helps us all to forget some of our own issues, if not just temporarily. :) Thanks Jared for a dose of therapy~~ :))

  • dolphingirl

    Cindy2, Elena, Be Sane, Lou and everyone I’m forgetting to name…I enjoy reading your thoughtful posts. This particular thread regarding travel and multiculturalism is very good. I myself have not had the good fortune to travel outside the United States. I have been all over my own country but just for short visits. I have always lived within two hours of my birthplace. I do not have children either which sucks since I’m running out of time. But that’s how things worked out. If I could do it over…You really do have to make your own opportunities and I applaud anyone who does this. It’s my own fault for not getting out of here. I live in a metropolitan area in the midwest but it is totally ass backward and has a stifling small town mentality. My mom has been sick all of my life so I grew up taking care of her and never got out of that mode. I spent may latter 20′s bitter and resentful that I couldn’t "leave." But I realize now that was my loss of time feeling that way. I didn’t make it happen and Mother’s illness wasn’t in the way of that. I was. My patterns of thinking were the only thing in the way.All that said…hey, it’s NEVER too late. My aunt does lives in Australia so that is going to be the first place I go. Because there is someone waiting there to show me everything and share everything with me. She is very well traveled and she inspires me all the time. That gets right back to the important point that has been well made here. What’s important is the people you keep around you. That’s what "home" is.P.S. If I did have a child I would love to take them to get an education abroad. The statistics here in the US aren’t very good. I don’t think we are dumb or anything. I’m not saying that. I just think we could be doing better as an industrialized nation with regard to education. I have always desired to be multilingual. I intend to pick up another language on my own but I know it won’t be as easy as it would have been when I was a kid.

  • Mary

    I grew up living around the world with my hippie mother and am a happy, well-adjusted, successful adult. I have happy memories of spending a year in a village in India eating off of leaves, and of months in Italy & Spain and 11 of the United States. I relish these experiences, and respect my mother for giving my not only those, but a life full of adventure that people sitting on their couches STABLE could only dream of. Stability is a state of mind, brought forth by good parenting. A white picket fence and one bed for 18 years DEFINITELY does not ensure that.

  • mija288

    dolphingirl, I suppose time is only wasted when you can’t look back and say you learned nothing from it. It sounds like you’re moving closer to pursuing what you haven’t felt ready to before, and so why not just make a trip to Australia your jumpoff point. Make the decision to go, and start planning for it "no matter what". It may even take a year to get all your ducks in a row, but just working towards that goal will surprise you by how it will wake up what’s been dormat. Before you know it, you’ll be boarding the plane!

  • Mary

    oh, and Juno – yours was a beautiful post. Get out there, now. You won’t regret it. For my 30th, my best friend and I quit our high-paying jobs in San Francisco and back-packed around SE Asia for four months starting in V. Nam and ending up in Bali. Just do it, it’s so much easier than you think. It’s a tough adjustment at first, but then you become used to it, and for years after hold those memories and learn so much from those experiences. It’s harder to take the leap, but easy once you get there to continue. I did those months on $2K. You can do it, go!! You’ll never regret it, and your life will be so much fuller as a result. I did it on credit, and am now back and have paid it off, it’s equivalent to just a small amount of useless things we purchase in exchange for life experience…

  • mija288

    You know Mary, most of my mother’s family thought her a bit different, but I look at her siblings, and my cousins, and I’m SO glad she’s the one God hooked me up with lol. She drives me batty sometimes, but that’s cool, I’ll take batty lol.

  • mija288

    Juno. for me, I know my interest is so much about feeling I’m watching something wonderful and real. I don’t look at them at them with that….as Paris Hilton would say "they’re hot!" gaze (eww,)I think this is a soul deep love, and I’m rooting for them as a couple, and as a family, and if I ever feel like I’m intruding with my cheering them on, I’d stop in a heartbeat. This is the first time I’ve ever paid much mind to a celeb, or celeb’s, and it’s the last I’m sure. They’ve just touched my heart, and as sappy as that sounds, I don’t care I’m going to continue to wish them joy & happiness…….at a safe distance of course lol.

  • Cindy2

    Dolphingirl, yes, it’s never too late to get those experiences as long as you’re physically capable. Among one of the things I’d like to do in my lifetime is travel around the world. Logistically, I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I’ll try to learn and prepare with as much information as possible. Maybe it’ll be easier to go one continent at a time. Nevertheless, an-around-the-world just seems more adventurous to me. Well, make it happen for yourself and have no regrets.

  • anna

    it’s scary how in those photos with the yellow hue, Angelina actually looks really aged. Almost like it’s someone in her 50′s. The eyes look like they’re sagging, & the wrinkles are prominent, but she looks fine in the other well-lighted photos. either the makeup, the lighting, the photographer, or ??? but that’s a scary difference in the photos. has anyone else noticed?

  • Breanne

    wow… thats so educative for me lol

  • AddictedtoBAMZ+1(or2?)

    BeSane, Can you please say what the "+n" means in your message?

  • Anonymous

    i think the "+ n" is just because they don’t know how many kids she’s really having. "n" can be zero, 1, or even 2 or more. Unless Be sane knows some inside info no one else knows about yet.

  • dolphingirl

    Cindy2…yes, "an around-the-world" would be very adventuresome and totally awesome. We should keep talking about our desires to travel and you never know one of our friends/family may know someone somewhere else and then before you know it you could end up finding host families you never thought could have been available to you. Also, just by talking about the desires it will help keep them alive and also keep us focused on making it happen!

  • Xan

    dolphingirl:I enjoyed reading your post as well as everyone else’s. It’s never too late to start traveling and to have a relative or friends in other countries is a great opportunity. My ex and I traveled quite a bit before and after the children arrived. Sydney was a favorite destination as well as Egypt and Kyoto. He is of multi-cultural descent. His father is Egyptian and his mother was half Assyrian and half Ethiopian. So we did a lot of traveling around family reunion time. My own family is a mixture as well. My mother is half Cuban and African America (French Canadian) and my father is half African American and Welsh on his father’s side and his mother is Blackfoot Indian. My children have a lot to learn about their native cultures. We speak Spanish, Arabic, Amharic and French in the house because my ex insisted and at the time I thought he was out of his Freaking mind but now I see that he was correct. When we travel the children assimilate very quickly, which is good because sometimes I am required to stay in one location up to 6 weeks at a time. Travel broadens the mine and relaxes any unknown and harmless natural prejudices one might have. Such as foods, smells, appearances, You become social tolerant which is what most of us want for our children as well as ourselves. So get out there girl and enjoy the world you inhabit!!!! I go with you if you like. :-)


    ever heard of home schooling….idiotic maniston….how about the olsen twinsl…not only were they working at a young age …they were not going to regular school and you have not made a comment about them being abnormal…

  • Apolla

    He looks so cute when he is lying on the floor.

  • Sheri