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Adrien Brody Manolete

Adrien Brody Manolete

And [a pink-clad matador] is the latest role that Adrien Brody has found himself in… and my, does he look good in figure-hugging fuchsia. The Oscar-winning actor is wearing the bizarre costume for his new movie Manolete, also starring Penélope Cruz. The film tells the story of one of Spain’s best-known matadors, who was finally killed in the bullring by a horn to the thigh. But acting as the great bullfighter means Adrien has to deck himself out in flamboyant costumes like this.

Nice pink butt, AdrienAdrien Brody, 33, plays matador Manuel Rodriguez Sanchez in Menno Meyjes’ Manolete opening in late 2006.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • pinky

    oh my! his butt is soooo flat!! The costume is really unflattering to his figure lo. =P

  • Anonymous

    He does not look bad in Pink.Ole to his pink butt.

  • Anonymous

    He does not look bad in Pink.Ole to his pink butt.

  • Betsy

    I dunno, pink doesn’t really do much for Adrian. Maybe Wentworth Miller in a pink matador outfit but Adrian?..pass.Speaking of Wentworth, I think the "church" is getting anxious Jared. :)

  • Anonymous

    Soory the guy is not good looking. And the FIRST thing I noticed was the lack of ass. lol Sorry guys its too flat imho. :)

  • Anonymous

    He’s got a nice rear…he’s exposed it in plenty of movies…but that costume is tres unflattering.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the very very high waist of those pants that make him look odd. You expect an ass to start when the pants do, but they’re really all the way up his back!

  • Anonymous

    Nice VPL you’ve got there, Adrien…lol.

  • Anonymous

    that nose !

  • Anonymous

    The nose is gorgeous! As is the rest of him…

  • aj

    Adrien is a cool actor but I don’t think hot pink is the best color for him…maybe another color…lol

  • monica

    Adrien looks likes Manolete so much !!!! I recommend you if you can find an old picture of Manolete you’ll see why I’m telling you. Pink is a very usual colour for torero outfits but I think this one is not tight enough (you can see his bulge from a long way off)

  • alhena

    from spain: pink is not a strange color for this class of clothes really, the only thing is that he is wearing it too loose, this clotes are very, but i mean very thight, go check online for pics of spanish matadors!

  • Jacquie

    This movie is going to bomb

  • Anonymous

    Adien has a difficult task to dig deep and vest the act of a torero aka matador. A big challenge for him and the makers of this film to give their best shot.I hope this film will sparkle and flare up to be a box office splash

  • vickster56

    he should have gone to the gym before making the film. and he needs a serious nose job.

  • Anonymous

    He’s in great shape…check out his pix in Men’s Health recently. And why should he have plastic surgery like everyone else in Hollywood. Boring! And look what a nose job did for Jennifer Grey’s career. Destroyed it!

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Congratulations Just Jared, Your site got mentioned on the Canmag website regarding the film Manolete (The pink butt of Adrien)

  • Anonymous

    According to PETA, your film starring Adrian Brody and Penelope Cruz, Manolete, will contain scenes of bullfighting in which real bulls will be tortured and killed. I just want you to know that you have already lost my ticket sales. I don’t believe that any movie that tortures and harms animals for the purpose of “entertaining” us should be acceptable to any compassionate human being. It is amazing that you (as a profit industry) are so willing to risk alienating so many of your potential audience members. I think you may be surprised how many of us there are. And more importantly how much spending dollars we have. Since you have alternative ways to depict these scenes (via computer generation) it is all the more infuriating. Don’t believe the hype, not all publicity is good publicity. In addition to boycotting this movie, I also intend to boycott you actors / actresses. Have compassion for the animals on our earth, we have been blessed by all these amazing creatures, and we are failing in our role as guardian.

  • María

    No tiene culo, el tío

  • Anonymous

    PETA and Co! Get a life.This film has not even started shooting and PETA is already writing the publicity script for them.If PETA wants to clean its own backside they should go to Texas and rescue all the longhorns bulls that are used to entertain the Texan cowboy games.Ditto! Not all the PETA publicity are genuine and good publicity.

  • Méryl

    Shame on Adrien Brody !Bullfight is a torture of an innocent animal, and Manolete was a killer, a monster, a tormentor.

  • Jo

    I am very sad and desapointed for Brody and P.Cruz( but I think she is wearing furs.). Why to play in such a film? Do you think it is a good idea for a man who has play against nazism to become truely a nazi ?The fact he is really hugly in that ridicoulos pink cloth…is not a consolation.

  • nils weterlind

    lovely. a hollywood filmstar torturing animals, and all you idiots care about is if he looks cute in pink! you disgust me.

  • Joana

    he will just play a charecter…as it realy was!culture is not the same in every country and for spanish people manolete ia part of their culture…. Adrien Brody is a great actor, on of the greatest and as a great actor, the only thing he has to do to act like manolete

  • nitsad1981

    He looks awsome in pink. He is great in every way! Great actor. I will love him no matter what he wears or how he looks.

  • SS

    Not this again! I’ll say it again. NO BULLS ARE GOING TO BE KILLED IN THE MAKING OF THIS MOVIEThe PETA even confirmed it, and they were the ones who started this controversy in the first placeread it here

  • Sonya

    For God’s sake- would those animal rights people PLEASE get off the band wagon for once! Those fighting bulls would be extinct were it not for bullfighting. Go and start helping the poor people on the streets- they deserve your pity more than those crazy, dangerous bulls

  • felipe

    What ever he does he will do the best he can so i will definitely go see this movie and by the way he’s hot

  • Joe Sanerell

    Nobody will be better than Mr. Adrian Brody for the role of Manolete, Mr. Brody is perfect ! Mr Brody is a great actor- looks and all…
    anybody critics about his looks, are IGNORANT and STUPID ! OLE !

  • Leo

    Those of you who believe that is torture, should mind your own businness (Meryl, Jo and anonymous). You know nothing about other cultures. Of course you will say that bullfighting is not culture. Well honey, that’s your opinion. In our countries it is a tradition. We don’t kill baby seals, by the way. This breed would been extinguished long ago if not by the bull fights.
    Manuel Rodrìguez “Manolete” was the Babe Ruth of Bullfights and before this movie starte to be filmed, I saw Adrien on The Pianist and said “Gee, If I could make a movie of Manolete I’d pick this actor for it. Is perfect.By the way, I’m a Rodríguez too.

  • Taurus

    Leo – This word ‘tradition’ is used too often as an excuse for brutality. In some parts of Africa woman are forcibly circumcised as part of a ‘tradition’ is that OK with you?? As far as animal abuse is concerned, or human abuse – be it in Spain, Mexico, Africa, China wherever …… tradition/culture is no excuse. People who care, are beginning to stand up and speak out against it – we will continue to do so. Your bloodthirsty traditions are coming to an end!! Deal with it!!!!!!

  • Cordelia


    Part of the art of creating a movie is showing their audience all the pieces we romanticize about in real light. To make us cringe and fall apart, to realize the horrors. That is his job, I applaud him as I’m sure he’s done it well.