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Brad Maddox Toy Shopping

Brad Maddox Toy Shopping

Paris, France :: Brad Pitt, 42, took son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, out and about for some father-son bonding time this past Tuesday.   Maddox carried a bag from Le Monde De Bebe (Baby’s World) where they sell all kinds of baby supplies and gadgets.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Rica

    I love to see men bond with their children. Brad truly loves that little boy. I absolutely love the picture of Brad cradling a sleeping Maddox as he gets out of the car. It’s so precious and you can tell Brad is rellishing every moment of ‘Daddy and Maddox’ time.Maddox has to be a preferred customer of these toy stores. I swear the kid has stock.

  • Me Again!

    A little "Daddy and Me" time before he goes to NYC.Did anyone find out why he’s there…in NYC that is.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone find out why he’s there…in NYC that is…….surely businesses

  • Aniston-loses-the best-man

    Boy oh boy – Aniston couldn’t have made a more drastic mistake than saying no to having Brad’s kids!!

  • Anonymous

    surely businesses

  • Hmmmm

    All they do is shop for those kids! And, the kids are totally exhausted from being shlepped around the world!

  • Hmmmm

    I am not sure if Brad loves the kids or is in love with being a daddy. He is obsessed!

  • Rica

    Nooo Hmmmm…Tom Cruise is obsessed!You don’t adopt unless you plan to be around. He could have found any dingbat to give him a baby and sign it over to him (Michael Jackson). I truly believe that Brad loves Angie and those kids. He was ready to start a family based on adoption alone with her Again something he could have done alone, but he chose to do it as a partner.

  • lola

    I just love seeing them together. Braddox rules!

  • ntt

    In the picture with Maddox holding the Monde de Bebe bag, it looks like they were leaving their appartment instead of coming home from a shopping trip. The bag could have been from a gift from a friend for the coming baby or for Z.

  • Trust me on this one

    Yeah… What’s up with all the travelling… These folks are overdoing it..

  • Anonymous

    In the picture with Maddox holding the Monde de Bebe bag, it looks like they were leaving their appartment ……..yes they are leaving their home with the bag.

  • Anonymous

    In the picture with Maddox holding the Monde de Bebe bag, it looks like they were leaving their appartment ……..yes they are leaving their home with the bag.

  • Koah

    Can anyone tell what kind of black SUV Brad is driving? I can’t quite make it out.

  • Hulala

    Awww.. [please visit my site.. hehehe]

  • Juno

    Thanks for all the pics Jared!!

  • Margot

    I don’t think they’re travelling *that* much. They seem to be making an extended stay in Paris now that neither one of them is shooting a movie. Looks like they may be planning to have the baby there. Heck, they may even decide to move to France and living there for a bit could be a way of figuring out if they like it enough to make a permanent move. France has by far the most restrictive laws on paparazzi of any country. They passed those laws right after Princess Diana died, and the photographers can still photograph you, but they can’t get in close. I believe there’s also a rule that they can’t photograph you by long-lens when they’re on private property – i.e. the pics of BP, AJ, and Maddox in England on the dirtbike, which were taken when they were in the grounds of Angie’s house, probably would be illegal). Notice how the pictures in France all seem to have been taken from reasonably far away, when they’re close ups it’s obvious they’re using a zoom lens, and BP and AJ generally look very relaxed. They have to keep their distance or get arrested, so BP, AJ, and the kids don’t get hassled. In the US, for instance, if you notice when AJ left BP’s house in Malibu with Zahara in the Snugli, the first pictures ever posted of Zahara, there was one shot where you could see her just outside the entrance gate to BP’s house, with photographers swarming all around her. There must have been twenty of them waiting outside the house, and they all rushed forward to take pictures of AJ and Zahara. Also, I saw a pic a while back that was a close-up of AJ and Maddox by their car, and there were obviously other photographers right there, almost close enough to touch her, the kid, or the car. AJ was looking pissed off, and Maddox was looking pretty gloomy. There’s no rule for them to keep their distance, so they can get in really close, which would be scary for kids. You’ll notice also that Maddox looks much more relaxed and animated in the Paris pics than in pics taken elsewhere. He probably hasn’t realized there’s a guy taking photos from way across the street. And even if he does, it’d be a heck of a lot less invasive than someone coming right up to him and sticking a camera in his face. We’ve also seen them doing a lot more ‘normal’ family stuff in public since they arrived in France. Going grocery shopping, eating lunch in a restaurant, going to the carnival, playing toy cars in a park, BP and Maddox playing in a park another time (with the huge bottle of Orangina that little Maddox could barely lift). If you’re a famous person and you don’t want to raise your kids in a compound with ten foot high walls and have them never leave, well, you could do worse than live in a country where a photographer can be arrested for coming within a certain distance of you. Means the pics are long-range and not so invasive. Which is good, because I love BAMZ pics as much as the next person, but in so many pics they look so harassed, like they have to run a gauntlet of twenty jostling guys with cameras just trying to leave an airport. Okay for adults who’ve chosen to be public figures as their career, I guess, but unfair on kids. Maybe they’re trying to decide if they want to settle down in Paris or nearby by living here for a while now. Paris has good hospitals, lots of cultural destinations and kid-friendly places, etc. I’m pretty sure AJ speaks French. BP would have to learn, but you can get by reasonably well in most of Paris without much French. And both within the city itself and in the western suburbs there are English-language schools, including an American school, a British school, and several international schools. Mind you, they may continue to bring the kids with them when they’re shooting movies, and hire tutors for them when they’re in the elementary grades. They seem to really like travelling, and movie shoots are several months long, so it’s a long time to be separated from kids and from each other (if one parent stays home with the school-aged children and one goes to shoot a movie in another country). And they can afford to hire a good tutor. But at some point tutors won’t cut it and they’ll need to enroll those kids in regular schools. I mean, even if they’re learning fine, past a certain age they need the socialization of school.An elderly lady I know through my mom said she and her brother spent most of their childhoods travelling around the world, and only went to real school when they hit the teen years. She, her brother, and her mom left Germany when she was just a toddler, after the Nazis arrested her father and put him in a concentration camp for political prisoners (where he later died, unfortunately). So his family left for Paris, and his wife, a single parent with two kids to support, was a classical musician. At first she tried to just teach music, but she wasn’t making a living at it, so she joined an orchestra that did a lot of touring, and brought the kids with her. They went all over Europe in the ’30s, then did a lot of touring in North America when she and the kids fled to America in 1940, when France was occupied. And then after the war, they ended up living in Canada. She still toured a lot for work, but when they hit high school age, she enrolled her kids in boarding school because they needed to get serious about their education. And her kids did just fine with being on the move all the time until about age 13. One became a lawyer and one a university professor. But yeah, getting back to the actual POINT of this thread, if they were planning to make a permanent move to France, there are lots of good ENglish-language schools in Paris for when the kids are older.

  • London

    Margot – you sound a bit like a PR rep pre-empting any negative comments – putting a postive spin on everything and subtly clarifying details of the photos. Let’s face it those kids have been ‘on tour’ since they were born with flashbulbs in there eyes it is not healthy and incredibly selfish of the parents. Maybe if they stuck to one place they wouldn’t be so traumatized by having photogs in their faces as they dash through airports etc. Maybe if they didnt try to attract as much attention as possible by waiting for photogs in hotel lobbys and taking the side entrance instead I would have some sympathy for them:

  • Margot

    Wow, that seems….really quite dumb. I had taken the public statements re: wanting privacy at face value.

  • Margot

    Margot, where did you GET all this time to write about this stupid fuck brad??? r you his assistant or what??? any ways, he is simply pretending to be a caring father to all of us – but how can you be a caring father if u have NEVER been a caring husband in the first place,?? brad, go and fool somebody else mate!

  • margot

    margot, try not to polish brad pitt that much. he cannot be a good father since he never was a good husband. he should go and fool someone else. i admire your time and energy to write about a white trailer trash – they deserve each other totally.

  • Nik

    Who knows, maybe they were feeling feisty that day and choose to give the paparazzi a photo opportunity. Obviously they did not have the kids with them……

  • Mischa

    Margo……a word…….too much info…..keep it to yourself… one cares!

  • Cassie

    I am a fan of Brad, Angelina AND Jen. I’m sure Jen is doing just fine. Brad and Angelina seem to be doing a fine job with their children. 99 percent of what we read is SPECULATION! None of us really know what happened in BP and JAs marriage. In my youth, I made many bad decisions, including drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, I lied about everything, I was a thief– you name it. I was very unhappy with the quality of my life and began to make positive changes. It’s called living and learning!!! Today, I am married, I have 4 children and my husband and I have a very successful business. I THANK GOD I am not defined by the young, stupid person I was in my youth. Its not what we have done in our past that we should be judged by, but how we have changed, and learned, and grown (or not) that matters. Better yet, why judge at all!! Just live and let live!!!

  • Amy

    People needs to let go when things doesn’t work out and love is nowhere to be found. Seven years of younger years are more than enough for Brad to wait for his dream to come true in which case the supposed partner is selfishly taking for granted. Hey! everyone this is Hollywood! Different from day to day normal peoples’s lives. Brad & Angie had fallen in love, decided to have their biological child together, let them have piece and happiness. The kids needed them the most. Love is forgiving, Jen needs to go own and wish Brad & Angie happiness and this is what Jen’s friends should feel as well for the sake of the children. One couldn’t hold on to someone just because of a piece of paper if love is gone. You have to let go and find happiness again somehow..somewhere..with someone..

  • Anonymous

    Well said *Amy*

  • ny, ny

    That f—-er better not be here to close that casino hotel deal with Donald Trump. You know, the guy who sold out the Plaza Hotel in NYC. and one of Pitt’s prospective business partners? Let Brang do their sh-t someplace else — preferably OUT of NYC.

  • spinx

    I don´t know why so many people think that it´s bad for the kids to travel all the time……they don´t look tired to me.I mean even if you live in one place they get tired and all that….you have to go to the park with them,shoppind,going to the doc…ect. ….same thing!And my parents traveled alot with us too ,and it hadn´t done any (visible :)) damage to one of us….so..let them be…everything is exciting for little kids.

  • spinx

    I don´t know why so many people think that it´s bad for the kids to travel all the time……they don´t look tired to me.I mean even if you live in one place they get tired and all that….you have to go to the park with them,shoppind,going to the doc…ect. ….same thing!And my parents traveled alot with us too ,and it hadn´t done any (visible :)) damage to one of us….so..let them be…everything is exciting for little kids.

  • angie

    IOops, just lost my first post. My points were: Brad has found a purposeful life in helping children & adults that are dying by the score by using he and Angelina’s celebrity. I too would get sick of becoming an endless consumer of margeritas and designer threads. However, QOESTION: why in the world did the world not issue a peep when Julia Roberts stole her current husband right out of the home of his then VERY pregnant wife??? Hummmmm~

  • Cindy2

    Angie, the answer is mainly because Jennifer Aniston has a higher profile than Danny Moder’s wife at that time. Though his family and his wife were very vocal about how wrong both Danny and Julia were, it never picked up steam. Adultery happens all the time so unless they have a fresh angle, it’s old news. Meg Ryan, the former America’s Sweetheart, cheated. So it was basically a yawn. With Jennifer, her publicist rounded up so much public venues for her to whine about her divorce: Vanity Fair, GQ, InStyle, Elle, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and of course Oprah. Danny Moder’s wife never got that exposure. And Dennis Quaid never stooped to crying for any pity. Neither did Michael’s ex-wife Diandra. Or Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife when he cheated on her. Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline’s then pregnant girlfriend did get a lot of the gossip coverage but she was basically a nobody even though she had a role on some forgettable WB or UPN show. Angelina always made for a good story no matter what.

  • Precious

    You are all so weird for being obsessed with celebraties. Get a life of your own.

  • not so precious

    So what the hell are you doing here, Precious? Has Gollum lost you?

  • AddictedtoBAMZ+1

    Precious–Yup we are obsessed! It’s not weird, though. It’s called a Guilty Pleasure, and it makes us happy. Don’t you have one? And Cindy2–thankfully Danny Moder’s wife at the time was not pregnant. They did not have any children, which was good, like Brad and Jen. But unlike Brad and Jen, he started seeing Julia while they were still living as man and wife, a la an affair. It quickly died as a news piece. Right now the news is carrying story after story about Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, both "newly single" and both dating, even though they are in that same place Brad and Angelina were when THEY started dating–separated but not officially divorced. I think it may be exactly right as you suggest– the difference isn’t so much anyone’s behavior as it is Jennifer’s PR people fanning the flames. Makes so much sense. Until now I have been baffled by the number of celebrities who have left children for their co-stars(Tom Cruise, Marc Anthony) but have never been as dogged by critics as Brad and Angelina have been. Hmmm.

  • MR

    And how about Jen’s PR magic that spun her into presenting at the Oscars’s?? So unfortunate that she doesn’t realize she is being used as a freak show – no one truly believes she is worthy of presenting an award that is so obviously way beyond her scope…. And if she gets a standing ovation – I for one – WILL UPCHUCK.

  • cynthia

    cute picture ! Isn’t it ironic ? if brad and Jen do have a kid during their marriage, this kid will be as big as Maddox. .. . I’m really glad he’ll having one soon. this baby will be very lucky to have all the love of both parents , brother and sister.

  • cynthia

    Jen ‘s new movie will be out on this summer. Brad and Angelina baby will also be due this summer. I wonder if Jen and her PR will used this as another " pity me , I’m coping.."to promote her movie ? they used these tricks in her last 2 movie promotion. but thanks god ,it didn’t work.

  • lylian

    I’m back and catching up. Looking at these photos of Brad carrying the sleeping maddox, just looks like he really cares. Good post Margot 4.06. Hope they do decide to settle inParis. I don’t think French is too difficult to learn – at least, just communication french even if not grammatically correct french.

  • 3 R’s

    I think spending time in France will help Angie and Brad improve their French. Many African countries have French either as a secondary official language. So gaining fluency will help immensely in their humanitarian work in Africa.

  • safa

    i’m african (tunisian) and i agree with you3 R’s now french is getting to be our officiel language we speak it fluently without any problems of pronounciation it will help brad and ange for their work as…

  • Charley

    The whole "Let’s face it those kids have been ‘on tour’ since they were born with flashbulbs in there eyes it is not healthy and incredibly selfish of the parents" is just plain kind of an annoying statement. If people like us werent so interested in them, the pictures wouldnt be taken. Take Peirce Bronson for example, no one cares what he does so they dont take pictures of him, but because everyone wants their BAMZ fix, and the photos will be bought, the photographers take pictures of them. They arent going to go where theres no money in selling the pictures. As for the traveling, they have the money, and I actually think its good for the kids to get out of america and learn about different cultures and customs. Plus how many times have you sat back and said I want to go there. Well these kids have and as for school….zaharas too young for it, and weve seen pictures of Maddox going to school. Plus think about all the kids on movie sets that have tutors, Why is that any different of a standard when its Maddox and Angelina and Brad involved. Think about all the heck Maddox would go through in a regular school…..his mom and dad are probably the most famous people in the world. I think not having maddox in a regular school is probably the best thing they could do for that poor childs psychy. Plus why cant Brad be a LOVING dad since his 4 year marriage to Jen went bad. A love for a child is way different then a love for a spouse. And to think you have to be good at one to be good at the other is just plain ignorant. How many wonderful parents out there are single? And how many wonderful marriages are there without children? Think about the way BRAD carried a sleeping Maddox……Brittany spears couldnt even be bothered to carry Sean P off of the plane in his carrier, and shes his bio mother….but no one jumped on that one. Heck, Maddox is 4, brad could have woken him up and made him walk…but no, he carried him the way any parent would carry their child in after a long day. Plus parents who dont love their children dont take time out of their schedule to race motorized cars, or go to the circus. Donald trump wont even be in the delivery room for the birth of his latest, but brad takes the time to spend time with the children and its all fake? Plus think about the languages Maddox is picking up in these other countries. 4 year olds learn language very quickly and its the best time to teach them languages…..I wouldnt be surprised if Maddox starts speaking french as well as his momma. Thats all….off my soapbox.

  • Me Again!

    cynthia | February 26, 2006 11:43 PMAnd you are right…at first the movie "the breakup" was suppose to premiere in either February/March..something like that…but for sure it wasn’t June.Everything that’s being done is for PR…or so it seems.

  • daniela

    i don’t think they really care the kids , they would not make the show they did on japan arrived to the airport full of paparazzi with the kids , they exposed them normally good parents protect them also maddox has any friends??? he should go to kinder and he is always travel, i wish the best to the poor kids cause they are used by angelina and brad .Even angelina was to adopted a russian baby but she changed for a black one and pick zahara.

  • Penny

    i love angelina jolie and brad pitt. they are the best couple ever. thank God for the both of them. i believe they do love their kids. i don’t believe they are used by brad and angelina. i think jenNifer aniston or whoever that woman is is just using vince vaughn to make brad look bad and get everyone to pity her….boo hoo i will never pity JENNIFER!!!

  • Mary Anne

    Ugh, for the billionth time…that rumorabout Brad and Angelina having an affair on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smithis false. They did NOT even committadultery. And Angie was NOT the causeof that divorce. Brad and Jen broke upin January. Brad and Angie began theirromance in April. Yes, the divorce wasnot finalized yet. But a divorce being finalized has to do with legal documents,property and financial issues. It hasnothing to do with the status of the relationship. A marriage ends when twopeople break up. Brad and Jen brokeup in January and announced it to theworld. People are being so closed minded,harsh, and judgemental when it comes toBrad & Angelina because the Jen fansare so determined to misportray Bradand Angie as adulterous and scandalous.When they did NOT commit adultery ordo anything scandalous. As for explainingwhy Brad and Jennifer’s marriage fellapart…it will take a long time to explainand analyze that. To sum it up: theywere unhappy, not compatible, and werenot in love anymore. Brad ended thatmarriage so he found find true love,happiness, and live a satisfying life.And he wanted to start a family but with theright person. There was no correlationsto what the tabloids were saying and whatwas really happening in that marriage.As for Brad and Angelina…they didn’tplan this romance and they didn’tplan this pregnancy. Brad was theperfect guy for Angelina, when hebecame single, there was no reasonnot to go after him. There is astrong natural connection and chemistrybetween these two. When he becamesingle, sparks were free to fly. The romancejust happened. The timing was messybut Brad & Angie began their romancedespite the tabloid rumors and accusations.Life and love can be complicated and messy.Brad and Angie are perfect for each other,they were bound to fall in love with each other.They were not going to let one false rumorkeep them from each other. Brad andAngie value love and family more thanpopularity. The people who are spitefullyjudging them on all the nasty tabloidgossip can go to hell. Ugh, I am tired of having to rehash thisargument every freaking time. Anyway,this whole nasty backlash just proveshow corrupt and twisted Hollywood andthe media is. They condone, rationalize,and even glorify the celebrities who actuallycommitt adultery. Yet they wrongly defameand destroy two great celebrities who werewrongly accused of it. Don’t get mestarted on the media and Team Aniston.Jennifer is no victim and is no sweetheart. I have never,ever seen any other celebrity use her divorce like this. I love Brad and Angelina and wish themthe best. I think they are soulmates. Ican’t wait until their baby is born.As for Meg Ryan…what a shameless, corrupt,adulterous *itch! Did you hear the patheticexcuses she made about her adultery on Oprah? That woman has no conscience and no soul. She doesn’t even feel any remorse, guilt,or shame for how she cruelly betrayedDennis Quaid with that rat bastard RussellCrowe. God bless Dennis Quaid. I hearhe is re-married. I hope his second marriagelasts. I hope he married a good woman thistime. Dennis Quaid is a true victim yethe did not behave like Jennifer who is not truly a victim.

  • patty

    I would like to know how Mary Anne knows they weren’t having an affair during filming. Did’nt Angelina break up Billie Bob and Laura Dern’s relationship?

  • dolphingirl

    patty, i heard billy bob wanted out of the relationship with laura dern but he wasn’t a stand-up guy about it. he thought she’d just "go away" and didn’t bother to tell her he was done with her.

  • 81

    From the way Anniston has been carrying on at interviews on talk shows and magazines one can’t help but feel that she is a manipulative and calculative person. The sad thing is that the media is playing to her for the sole purpose of $$$ cos the "victim" story sells. She will probably live to regret all this when the media moves on to the next big story and she becomes yesterday’s news. If only she would carry herself with class like Kidman and Richards.

  • AddictedtoBAMZ+1

    Patty, None of us really does know, but neither do any of the people who say they were! All it is in any case is intuition. Mine says the reason the romance is so powerful is because he waited. He knew and she knew. They just waited until Jennifer filed for divorce. Worst case scenario, he only waited until they announced the separation, but he waited……

  • Human

    *Patty*If they had an affair like the tabloids claimed, Jennifer would have said so or at least Vince, remember this guy has been shagging her since last May i am sure he could’ve told her what he saw, her VF interview toook place in June so she had plenty of private time with Vince. The problem is haters would love to validate the affair but they have no evidence, NOTHING whatsoever. C’mon we all know it, if Jen chose her family before her career nothing would’ve happend, the guy lost intersest in her after loong time of waiting, his patience was not rewarded.