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Nicole Keith Wedding

Nicole Keith Wedding

Is it true? Or could this just be another, uh, Urban legend? While there’s no comment coming from either Nicole Kidman or Keith Urban‘s camp, there seems to be increasing evidence the Oscar-winning actress just may be close to again cruising down the aisle. (Sorry, couldn’t resist that bad pun!)

According to US Weekly, invitations have been sent out for an early March wedding for  actress Nicole Kidman, 38, and country singer Keith Urban, 38.  It’s rumored that the Aussie power couple will wet at a chapel in North Sydney’s Monte Sant’ Angelo Mercy College, where Nicole‘s younger sister Antonia, 35, got married in 1996.

I’m thoroughly excited about today’s announcement that Nicole Kidman has signed up with Russell Crowe for an Australian historical epic to be directed by Baz Luhrmann. "We wanted two of the most extraordinary actors in the world in that extraordinary landscape," Baz said.  Filming begins later this year in Australia’s outback.

Above is Keith and Nicole leaving Japanese restaurant Nobu in Malbiu, California and driving away in their red Ferrari this past Saturday.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Smozan

    Ewww… he is just so cheesy with those highlights and that open shirt. And what is up with her hair? I absolutely love Nicole and think this nobody is totally bringing her down.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! RED Ferrari! Yes, that Marriage preparation must be Red hot and steaming as the Red Ferrari.Oh! What a sigh of relief that miss Kidman has graduated from playing the “Poor me victim”. She cried the “Poor me victim” for a long time and got all the favours she wanted.Now, her time has expired because Miss Aniston has grabbed that title for now.Good enough Tom’s bizarre love for pregnant Katie sent Miss Kidman in delirium in a desperate searching spew for a new beau. She has cried enough “crocodile tears” for her self and also for Mimi Rogers so it is time for her to throw the sackcloth away because it does not work miracles any more.Two Aussies! Yes lets hope success will be theirs.

  • ally

    He looks a little bit pissed off in that first one. Huh…well they were supposed to get married in January too, so whatever. Good luck…they’re going to need it with Tom around.

  • Lauren

    if he’s happy then i’m happy. as a country music and HUGE keith fan… good for him :) he’s is NOT a nobody, jeesh!

  • Webo

    Doesn’t he look like a cheap version of Tom? Or is it just me?

  • Kellie

    He may look a little like Tom but we all have our "Taste" don’t we? I mean…he’s much better looking then say…Um….Lenny! Anyway…good for her. I’m happy she’s found someone who can appreciate her and her talent and support her unlike Tom did. He just wanted a simple housewife and mom for their kids. Not saying that’s a bad thing but it is when that’s not what they both wanted. He was out fulfulling his dreams, why couldn’t she? Now she is…and has someone that is good for her…

  • something stinks

    They sure look like the happy couple don’t they? NOT!!! Run Keith run, as fast you can!!!

  • something stinks

    They sure look like the happy couple don’t they? NOT!!! Run Keith run, as fast you can!!!

  • Nicole fan

    He’s a druggie womanizer. She’s desperate to get the headlines back from Tom and Katie. She needs to get over herself, she’s old in Hollywood eyes and this is the best she could do.

  • ava

    he does have an odd reseblence to tom cruise, but honestly, is a whole lot more attractive.and i’ve always seen her as the genuine type, and the way she’s handled this relationship only furthers that. if this were tom and katie they would be stopping in the rain to make out. i kind of wish they would trade, since i’d rather see these two kissing than the other two.

  • A Fan of both of them

    I love them both. Go to a Keith Urban concert and then say, he is cheesy. Or watch his DVD "Livin Rightr Now" or listen to any interview he does. He is a true gentle man and VERY sexy. Don’t believe everything you read. I wish them all the luck in the world.

  • Anonymous

    By Hollywood and Music industry standards BOTH of them are still at the top of their game and both respected talents. It sounds like alot of wishful thinking on the part of you kids saying he’s cheesy and she is too old by hollywood standards Sorry but these two are here to stayAt least in these photos both are dressed and nicely I must say. these two are most definately NOT Jessica or Britney and that dude she’s suppose to be married too. Also he sure isnt Crazy Train Cruise.

  • Anonymous

    WOWOWEEEE!!! RED FERRARI ahhh… how i wish.. hehehe

  • alyss

    love the ferrari…….IF I WAS A RICH GIRL……..

  • Anonymous

    *Kellie*The fact that the marriage between Tom and Nicole fell apart that does not mean that we should turn our backs on Tom and make untrue remarks about him. Who was Nicole in Hollywood before she we met Tom? Tom brought Nicole to Hollywood. Tom clothed her up with Designers dresses to become a stunner red carpet, produced.Tom produced some films that both stirred together and some she stirred alone.Mrs Nicole Cruise the 2nd was constantly working while married to Tom.Mrs Nicole Cruise the 2nd had a record amount of money off Tom’s wallet for divorce settlementDon’t you think Nicole should thank her luck stars, that Tom Cruise handpicked her from Australia?

  • Smozan

    Yikes, didn’t mean to offend. I just find the shirt hanging open to reveal the perfectly waxed chest a bit… girly. And to be honest I’ve never heard him perform so I guess I shouldn’t say anything bad about him. It’s just too bad that they both look so completely miserable together.

  • Anonymous

    It is pretty hard to look happy when you are startled having your picture taken. I have seen very recent photo’s where they look very very happy. Go see a concert or watch his DVD and I bet you will change your opinion of him, be sure to watch the entire thing. He has a KILLER smile.Go to AOL music and listen to his interviews. He is sweet humble and well spoken. He is very talented.

  • chanelle

    Does anyone else realize how creepily akin he looks to Tom Cruise in those pics?

  • margauex

    I think he is a sweet, kind of sexy guy when I first look at him – and then when you take a closer look, you see the waxed chest, the highlights and the bleachd teeth and I think What Up? I can’t get past the fact that even if you’re famous, you can’t escape the foil or the cap for the highlights and THAT is not sexy for a guy…imagine this dude under the blowdryer for 40 minutes when he’s getting his highlights and very quickly, anything that is sexy about him goes away. And for that matter – who drives a red Ferrari? Cheese! I hope they’re happy, but Keith – come on man…ya gotta bring the cheese factor way down.

  • MJ

    Well… Good on them- she is definitely not coming to my place for dinner. My husband looks like Keith Urban and my brother looks like Tom Cruise- I think she would faint….

  • Amie

    Hey people, I know Keith, and frankly, I just don’t get it. Okay, they have their Australian roots in common, as well as a quiet, easy demeanor, but still, it seems an odd match. You couldn’t have surprised me more than when I saw these two together, and now an obvious serious relationship, maybe marriage? I’m perplexed. By the way, he’s very nice, freindly, and soft spoken for the most part, and as for the "waxing his chest" reference, I’m trying to remember…(hmmm), but he has always had someblonde in his hair. He is naturally a "dark blonde" with natural highlights around his face and through the top (especially in the summer), but don’t forget – if there are a few "manufactured" highlights, people don’t know that the label he is with may require him to enhance them – it’s just part of the sell – not necessarily up to Keith.

  • kate

    Ok…for someone who is a mother with 2 kids…she NEVER seems to be with them…where are her kids???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//

  • trinny

    She’s got a tummy bulge! It looks like those pregnancy rumors may be true.

  • Les

    Good grief….Shes a person in the spotlight because of what she does for a living, and so is he…They have a right to have a relationship like we all do..would you like people following you around with cameras all the time and remarking on your clothes, hair, and partner??? Yeah, I thought so…

  • Rebecca

    I don’t think we should suggest things because she doesn’t parade her kids out for the press to get pics, like some famous people do. Her custody arrangement gives her the kids for 6 weeks then Tom for 6 weeks. That’s why you see her out with Keith in waves. As for the people who suggest that Keith is anything but fantastic. You can’t say anything unless you have seen him live. I was never into Country music until him, and I have been to plenty of Rocks shows. He puts on the best show I have ever seen.

  • Lara

    Well, I wouldn’t comment on someone’s desire to change a hair color or style. Does he wax his chest – who knows…but when he didn’t have 2 nickles to rub together (and certainly didn’t have money to wax his chest with) he didn’t have hair on his chest…so I don’t necessarily buy the "waxing" thing. Seems pretty petty to worry about that anyway. If you’ve seen Keith Urban in concert, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. His hair color or whether his chest is waxed is inconsequential.He is one of the most talented people in the music business, and considered one of the best guitar players in the world. His live performances need to be experienced. It’s an event!I don’t know the man, but he always has struck me as a very bright, articulate and generous person. The match does seem odd to me, but if they’re happy…God bless ‘em!

  • J’s Mom

    Good grief, just because they aren’t grinning in their pictures there doesn’t mean jack. I would find it really annoying if you could never go anywhere without some shoving a camera in your face. And since they are the hot couple now, it’s got to be really tough. And as for Keith, he is one talented guy. He is one of the best guitarists in country music. And another thing, I wouldn’t be worried that he waxes his chest. I seriously doubt it. Some men just don’t have hairy chests. Certainly wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve seen a few ape types that I find a turnoff. I wish them the best. Also, maybe Nicole’s hair, which we know is naturally curly, maybe she’s not spending all her time in the salon and she’s got more interesting things to do. She’s a beautiful woman and has class. Her ex is totally annoying little man.

  • Shanna

    This Keith bashing just kills me. He is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. My son who is 6 is also a huge fan. He so totally took care and special attention to my son last March at his concert. He even had him on his bus and signed his guitar. BTW–Keith has never had chest hair and I would love to run my hands over his chest! HeHe!

  • Sue

    In my opinion Nicole is a very lucky woman to have found such a classy and intelligent man! Forget how talented and good looking he is…his heart and soul is in the right place. He has never lowered himself to say a negative word about another in order to make himself look better. He accepts who he is and everybody else as they are. His music is uplifting and hopeful. He is not an ordinary ‘star’, but a truly down-to-earth guy.

  • Hider

    They are engaged, I live in Nashville and work at his dentist and she came in a month or two ago and filled out new patient info and she like wouldn’t stop smiling. She’s so much prettier in person. When one of our hygenist asked if they were really engaged she just kept smiling and nodded. I was suprised she would admit it, but I guess the rumors are already everywhere and if it’s true, people will find out soon enough.

  • Drlane

    Who says he looks like Tom? You need glasses! Tom only wished he looked that good!

  • Drlane

    Who says he looks like Tom? You need glasses! Tom only wished he looked that good!

  • tammy

    You wanna know what I think, I think they did get married in secret because either of them showed up to the church on saturday or they were just giving everyone the run around

  • tammy

    You wanna know what I think, I think they did get married in secret because either of them showed up to the church on saturday or they were just giving everyone the run around and said that they were getting married but they really didnt

  • Fan

    I for one hope they are married. I am not a huge country music fan, but bought his DVD "Living Right Now" WOW!! Fabulous entertainer, and sexy beyond belief. I have seen him interviewed and he his humble and so well spoken. Maybe it is the Aussie accent. Nicole deserves the best and I think she has him now.

  • noname

    They are already married!!! Trust Me!