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Britney Spears Stroller

Britney Spears Stroller

Some local Kentwood Louisiana natives are upset that Britney Spears is leading a TV recovery campaign for New Orleans.  Some residents have been quoted that Britney is not doing enough for her own home Kentwood.  One resident has said, "When Hurricane Katrina blew through the area, the cafe suffered extensive damages, to the tune of over $20,000; only 50 percent of the damages are covered by insurance." "We can´t afford that. We need help, as much as the next people down here. We´re better off than some, worse off than others. But does Britney offer to help the community that raised her, where her family still live, go to school and worship in church? Fat chance." She adds, "She doesn´t care about Kentwood, she hasn´t since she left. It´s just what she´s always done. Still doesn´t make it right that she doesn´t give back to her own."

Maui, Hawaii :: Help your hometown, Brit!  Above is Britney Spears, 24, continuing to enjoy her vacation with son Sean Preston Federline, 5 months, without her husband Kevin Federline, 27. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • LAresident

    Someone will always complain about SOMETHING. If she’s helping, she’s helping…doesn’t matter WHO. Besides, a local news show says she’s coming to spend a day with some lucky girls, she’s not coming to write a check to New Orleans.

  • KK

    I just don’t get what happened to her!?!? i know it has been said a million and one times, but… agh….she used to be so hot!!

  • Matt

    Last i heard Kentwood got like NO damage, so why would she go if its not really needed?

  • Anonymous

    I agree. There was not a lot of damage there. Its diff. from New Orleans. And that person seems to be bitching for money to help with the cafe this person owns. Sounds like just sour grapes.

  • anonymous

    Obviously you people don’t know what you are talking about! Even though Kentwood (like most rual areas) didn’t get as much media attention as New Oreleans does NOT mean they didn’t suffer signifant damage. You guys have no idea what Louisiana is going through right now, and not just New Orleans! Southwest La. (Cameron, Lake Charles) got hit just as bad for Rita, but you don’t see them on the news everynight, cause we are a diffrent breed of people, we can take care of ourselves! As far as Britney is concerned, no she didn’t do shit for Louisiana and she won’t because she doesn’t care!

  • Haha

    KK- Most girls are hot in their teens and early twenties. And Britney’s less than average looks were improved by the best make up and wardrobe people money could buy. Plus, personal trainers and a job that demanded constant dancing kept her thick body somewhat in shape. (Those legs and that neck as thick as her head should be your first clue) She’s nothing. Never has been. You were ‘hot’ for hair dye, hair extensions, pounds of the most professional make up, good lighting, airbrushing, and Adobe Photoshop… We could take any girl off the street and make her look as good as or better. Most men are sooo easily fooled. A few have a discerning eye and taste. Try developing yours.

  • Anonymous

    What a mess. She is truly over, and has been for three years. She’s 25 years old and out of work. Nasty.

  • Helpful

    As far as the Rita people who can take care of themselves, I live in the Northeast and was helping a family from Cameron. I had clothing drives, helped get appointments for their premature infant children to get badly needed immunizations, and even made several deliveries of NEW clothing that my friends and I purchased. The family up and left without so much as a thank you to anyone, let alone me. If someone is in the position to help another human being, they should do so regardless of where that other human being lives.

  • cb

    She is a washedup, loser, has been….sick of her.I really luvvvvvvvv how she likes looking after her baby!!! Someone else feeds it, holds it, and when he is stuffed full and asleep, she decides to push him in the stroller! phewwww it is hard bein’ a "good mom". > shake me head…she tries for the "natural born Mom, Ange" shot/pr photo….but fails miserably, because nobody buys it! nor even wants it anymore! > yuck she is just plain nasty!!!Off to get me BAMZ hit now. RIP BRIT. Can’t stand you anymore.

  • anna

    yup, we knew it. it was all the makeup & stylists that made her look good. well, she still has a lot of money, unless K-fed takes it away. isn’t it nice to not have to work when you’re 25?

  • blue

    omg , SPF is CUTE in teh photo were he is dressed for swimmingi love babiesoh and am i the only one who thinks brit should be wearing a bra? i mean, after havign a baby they kinda sag ( well not everyones ( i hate the lucky ones LOL) see i know she can afford to have them fixed up, but a bra helps so the skin isnt so streched ( the skin is more likely to infect if it is thin, i had a BR and i know all about thin skin lol, anyway SPF is cute, did anyone see kfed with that other girl?

  • Katie

    Everyone calling her fat needs to shut up! She just had a baby 5 months ago…it can take up to a year to lose all of the baby weight. I am NOT a fan of Britney, never have been. But, give her a break and stop calling her fat and take a closer look at yourself.

  • d.c.

    I know she had a c-section and that takes longer to recover.. She must be nuts with her sad, horrible and tragic life. Everyone handles stress their own way.. and she is trying to work at what she does best. At least she is With the baby, watching over it.. as others care for it.. some are not very on hands materal.. fact of life! She owes nothing to anyone.. if she wants to give them money or help she should do with her money and time as she wants. The problem with most celebrities is they are used to hangers on and low life.. she’ll get tough when the doors start closing.

  • Elena

    I usually do not read or definitely comment on this subject. however I feel the need to express my sympathy for Brittney. As a parent, I see a little girl without direction trying to find happiness. Everyone in her life seems to have their hand out , specially those individuals who should be guiding and nurturing her. If she wanted something different , I wish her parents had suggested school, a sorority, cheerleading , doing what normal girls her age do…. She definitely seems like a lost soul…. How sad for her…. that her only sense of self is about how she used to look and not her talent etc….Perhaps we , including the paps. should just leave her alone and wish her well.

  • anonoymous

    Rita: Ok, i find that really hard to believe "left without a thank you", first of all did you know them? I’m sorry but people expecially people from around here have morales and hospitality, so i’m sure they thanked you. If they didn’t directily kiss your ass, maybe it’s because they just lost there home, identity and future (as they onece saw it), so why don’t stop and think about that! And frankly your comment has absoultey nothing to do with what i said.

  • anna

    well, her big mistake was rushing into a marriage to have a baby. She didn’t think about the rest, & she was so excited to have a baby & be a mom. She thought she was in love with the right guy. They thought their love was real. But, at least she got MARRIED before having the baby. Fortunately for the rest of us, she won’t be on welfare.

  • Tammy

    Kevin is a PIG and she needs to boot him, he has done nothing but drag her down. Get a backbone and do the right thing before he takes the rest of your hard-earned money!!! I guarantee if he was out of the picture, Britney would start to get her old "spark" back. I truly feel for the babies brought into this mess.

  • still Love britney

    i dunno why people keep slammin Britney because of her look, i mean she looks HUMAN, people should be praising her because right now she’s representing what most american women look like… and anyways, she’s still Britney, so come her next album she’s gonna look great again, so i say, all us fat slightly attractive normal looking americans, ENJOY HER WHILE U CAN

  • flower

    is a stupid girls hahaha

  • tarly

    gosh this is old

  • Flowers in the Haver

    don’t believe in anything the people magazine says.