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BAMZ Paris

BAMZ Paris

Paris, France ::  Brad Pitt, 42, Angelina Jolie, 30, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1, returned to their rented apartment yesterday afternoon after going grocery shopping and grabbing some grub. BAMZ picked up lunch at McDonald’s and a few items from Le Marché FRANPRIX Grocery Store before returning home.  Maddox and Zahara were spotted rattling their boxes of the new tic tac® Bold! Fruit breath mints and in even bigger news, Zahara dropped her milk bottle and Brad had to pick it up. Fascinating stuff, I know.  More pictures in the gallery including Angelina Jolie in Le Bourget for more flying lessons from this past weekend!

UPDATE :: Apologies, some pictures were replaced!

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angelina jolie airplane paris01
angelina jolie airplane paris02
angelina jolie airplane paris03
angelina jolie airplane paris04
angelina jolie airplane paris05
angelina jolie airplane paris06
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bamz paris01
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bamz paris03

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  • ang’s fan

    oh my God, i can believed how cute Brad looks holding his baby girl

  • Anonymous

    Good Lord! Look how Zahara is yummy and glowing with puffy jaws.Look at the nearly matching or identical hats of Brad and Zahara!In the end! Thumps Up! The Fatherly duties of Brad is rewarding and enduring.GO! BAMZ

  • MrHoyem

    Damn, if only someone knew where to find Brad’s hat…. i HAVE to have that!! Anyone??

  • annon

    Those pictures of Angelina and the plane are from Feb 15th. They’re old

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how long b4 Tasha and Mina come here?

  • TazSingapore

    Hi All! This is my first brangelina POST! Im writting in because my local papers wrote some intersting stuffs about the brangelina relationship abt who wears the pants in the relationship. Here goes: " ..More recently, look at BP, come to heel at the shirttails of AG, clearly the dominant one in that relationship. It may be hackneyed, but it’s also natural for bosses and leaders to go home and hv the wife take charge.It’s the relief of getting out of the work shoes and into the house slippers.Nothing to do with social role and position. A married man happily surrenders control to the woman of the house, often taking pride in the jest, "She’s the boss". And when it’s a couple who’ve been joined at the hips for decades, in particular a powerful man who knows adversity and enemies, his wife is the only one he can trust.Which makes hes a very powerful woman indeed.And a very romantic notion at that."

  • Cindy2

    Wonder how long b4 Tasha and Mina come here?Anonymous | February 28, 2006 05:50 AMThat is funny! And let’s see what negative comments they can come up about a family returning from a shopping trip.

  • Cindy2

    TazSingapore,Thanks for your interesting comment. In Japan, it is thought to be a male-dominant society but in reality it is the housewives who control the finance and decisions in the house. Quite a duality in the society.I personally find it endearing should Brad defer to Angie for the major decisions. It shows himself to be a supremely confident man to allow the woman the reins in the relationship. I’m certain Brad has areas of the relationship where he is in control. More power to the power couple!

  • Dee

    They just look adorable…Brad and Angie look gorgeous.Now, all of you haters, come here and say it that they look awful. BAMZ+1 RULES


    BAMZ is too much cutes!!! But Angie and Brad always has the same black clothes, I shall like seeing Angie with a dress!!Zahara and Maddox is very adorable

  • Madison

    I LOVE BRAD & AMZ +! !!! SO dang cute . Brad is looking like he is HAPPY to be back with his brood. What an awesonme guy! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!

  • Ana

    Hi, I’m new here and I’m along time BAMZ’s fan, thanks Jared for the beautiful pics of BAMZ. I love coming here for pics. Dad Brad and his lil girl are so cute!

  • Anonymous

    Team Aniston! Don’t waste your time on BAZM.Get ready! On your marks! Get set! Go with a tumble.Jennifer’s ex flat mate is about to spill the bean with her novel called “Jane”.The first extract is: Jane was obsessed with her looks especially her nose “which came from the Greek half”Give BAMZ a break and start flexing your jaw muscles to battle it out with the skeletons of Saint Jennifer that were hidden her closet.

  • Anonymous

    Link for the above comment on Saint Jennifer:,,50001-1213552,00.html

  • BJ

    Great pictures! Cute one of Brad picking up the bottle. I, too, have a baby and I am constantly picking up baby bottles. Sometimes my baby likes to tease me and throws the bottle away on purpose. He’s a little prankster that just likes to see Mommy picking up his mess.As far as who wears the pants in the family – did you notice they both wear pants – literally? :) But I have to say that speaking from experience when I was pregnant, I tended to favor pants because they were more comfortable for me. Angie looks good in a dress, and I’m sure once the baby is born, she will feel like dressing up more again. Back to the subject at hand, Brad and Angelina are truly people that have their own minds, but I believe that they are both happy letting the other take the reins in the relationship. They are both very equal in everything, in the face of Hollywood, and in the face of real life. Some pictures, you see Brad leading the family unit and in others, you see Angie. They are only competitive with each other in good fun and in good humor. Brad supports Angie when she is working and Angie supports Brad when he is working. When I say support, I mean in the context that they visit each others’ sets and make the time to be together. They really are a true family now.Brad looks happy, and if Angie looks a bit too tired, please remember that she is in her last trimester. Those last few months are always the toughest! I agree that the haters will be coming in soon and make it a point to say something bad. People like those make up their mind as soon as they wake up every morning to see the negativity of everything in life, and transcend it to the lives of others. I personally wish to say to the regulars, keep posting those beautiful long posts about Brad and Angie. It’s what I come here to read, and I make every effort to ignore and "skip over" the haters.Have a great day everyone. Bring it on BAMZ fans! Here we go.

  • mina

    i like his hat.

  • annon

    How can you tell she looks tired? She has sunglasses on. I think she looks great.I love how people think Angelina runs the show. Very funny. She’s pregnant isn’t she? HA

  • Be sane

    Looks like Brad is wearing a sling to carry baby Z! I think men LOVE wearing babies and it’s a great bonding experience. My husband wore Baby Bjorn everywhere for both of my kids, even inside the house! Men can wear them longer as they get bigger—I had to switch to stroller but he wanted to keep Baby Bjorn as long as he could. Brad is LOVING this, I tell you!As for haters who come here, there is no other reason to spew hate on something so benign as family photos, but their own issues and personal problems. So yes, I also skip reading them as it’s a waste of time.


    Those kids are just darling and clearly content. I love seeing this family out and about. However, I would like to see more tender moments between B and A. (even though its really none of our business) Cant help it………I want to see it all. I love em.

  • jk


  • TazSingapore

    Talking about their roles in the relationship, do u guys know why brad is suddenly interested in world affairs?

  • GG

    I don’t think that AJ will be happy with BP. I think he is selfish and can’t make her happy. I think she needs a lot more love than BP could give to her. That’s why JA is far more suitable for him, because she’s as selfish and cold as him.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, don’t get me wrong, I really like them, but these pics are not newsworthy – nothing interesting at all. I’d wish they just leave them alone for a while.

  • annon

    Brad’s always been involved in a lot of political subjects. He went to South Africa for Bono’s DATA group long before he meet Angelina. The difference now is that he met someone who shared his beliefs, wants to help and isn’t afraid of going to any of these places. I’s empowering for both of them I’m sure

  • kc

    hey guys i would just like to say how great it is to come on a BAMZ page and not have any haters!… so far anyway. i think that we should just ignore the brangelina bashers when they come running there mouths in these posts. do you all agree? if we do not respond to their hatefullness then we will not have to stoop to their level. this is obviously a genuine couple and a genuine family and i wish them all the best. this is no pulicity stunt. this is their life and i wish people would see that and accept it. PLus the kids are extra cute too!!anyways cya guyswith love from australiak.c

  • silly putty

    You can see the pap in the reflection of Brad’s sunglasses. As much as I love looking at pictures of them it has to be absolutley annoying.In reference to Brad and world issues. It’s true, he’s always been involved in causes. With the exception of China/Tibet and South Africa he just hadn’t visited many of these places. Now he has someone who’ll ride through the desert with him with her papoose strapped to her back and think nothing of it. Sexy actually

  • kelice

    The pics are great of BAMZ. I love this family.

  • annon

    Angelina did an interview years ago and when asked the type of man she was looking for she said someone fearless, who’ll ride through the desert like Lawrence of Arabia. I think she found him.

  • Lola

    Love the pics JJ. Brangelina look great with their kids.

  • Anonymous

    The pictures may not be interesting but it’s interesting as a picture of the mundane part of their lives. Even we, ordinary common folks, wonder what celebrities do during their off time and if they do the same things common folks do. The answer is YES. They actually shop as a family. It shows outside of the bodyguard, the driver and some of their expensive spending, they don’t behave too differently from commoners. They don’t run around like most of the superstars with their entourages doing everything for them. So the pictures, though dull (cause you know we would much prefer to see the family having fun and being affectionate with each other) do shine a light on the ordinary phase of their lives.

  • ap

    Brad Pitt can play any part in a movie, anon. He is wrapping of the JJ movie. Brad looks hot.

  • anon

    They look like a loving family. BAMZ4LIFE.

  • annon

    Whenever they have the kids they have Mickey on security with them but when they’re together they don’t have anyone. It’s good to see Brad like that. He told Diane Sawyer during the O12 interview with the cast he hadn’t been in a grocery store in 10 yrs. and was sick of living his life up on a gated hill. Look at him now. You can’t help but feel really happiness for the both of them. Those children are so loved.

  • silly putty

    ? Any part of any movie? I think the comparison was to a man who had character like Lawrence of Arabia.He’s done with J.J. that was completed in Dec. He must be holding out for re-shoots with the hair unless he really likes it.

  • london..chick

    wow Angelina looks so beautiful and Brad looks the hottest he has for ages. Peope can keep on hating on this couple all they like but the truth is everyone is interested in them. Every bog site that posts their pictures gets the most comments than any other post. People claim to hate them yet spend alot of time commenting on this family. Jennifer Anniston seems cool and I love Vince but they will never get the attention and love BAMZ gets. Does anyone log on to see pictures of VV and Anniston? Are the papparazi being paid thousands for their pictures?Pagesix had a sighting yesterday of BP and AJ lookalikes being mobbed in hotel in NYC. Mobbed and it wasn”t the real thing! I can’t wait till they go to their first movie premiere. Its gonna be madness, and they will look so hot. People keep hating on Brad but that guy are pulled off ever hair colour and facial hair so far and he’s 42! Im waiting for the BAMZ haters to hate. Keep it coming…cause you’re still giving attention to them either way…lolololol.

  • BJ

    I think it’s cute that the Jolie-Pitt family have graduated to a van in Paris. I usually saw them in SUVs and trucks.Just something cute I noticed – the van they are utilizing now for transportation purposes looks like the one they were driving in Mr and Mrs Smith. Love those sliding doors!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I noticed that Mickey is usually around only when Brad and/or Angie have the kids with them. As high profile stars, it’s a good precaution to have security for their children’s sake even when France is relatively safer than the States (don’t think the good ol’ USA didn’t have our racial riots!).

  • Anonymous

    Vans are great for a growing family and it’s better in fuel efficiency than SUVs.

  • Me Again!

    It’s been said that everyone has a right to their opinion and this is true but for the one new to JJ site and those posting "Anonymous"…why invite negative comments? Why challenge someone to come here to start negative posting. I’m starting to believe you enjoy this stuff. As it’s been said we regulars come for some good communication, not to trash wives or ex-wives, talk about our lives in parellel to theirs etc.I’m thinking you new comers want this site to be the next edition site. If so…go somewhere else with that trash.

  • april

    I love JustJared, can we not give credence to those negative Angelina, Brad or Jen posts. If we make this sight into some sort of slugfest. Then it would just be another PH site. Hopefully if those posters do not get the attention they are looking for they will move on.Just Jared in my opinion is a very classy place to be, and lets all try and be civil.

  • annon

    They need something like in Europe because of the car sizes over there. No big ass Dodge flatbed trucks Brad. heh, they went to Mickey D’s. But yeah those pictures of Angelina and the plane are from February 15th. I think Splash just released their set late last week which is what is seen here

  • ell

    Thanks Jared !!! BAMZ+1 is so cool. That is family time in Paris. Z looks so cute .

  • silly putty

    That’s the thing Me again. It’s posters who didn’t like the positive comments from another site UK based that linked JJ so they could all come in post sh*t! They want to turn into a PH or DListed site.

  • julia

    Good god that man looks beautiful , they are such a cool family. Jared as always you rock, thank you for the new pictures..cheers.

  • Elsa

    Le Marché FRANPRIX !! lool Oh.. non j’y crois pas !! :p

  • Anonymous

    annon | February 28, 2006 05:49 AM I’m so glad someone else realized this. For some reason NewsCom posted them yesterday, but if you read the descript at the bottom, it tells that they were from 2/15. jpf

  • Anonymous

    Dee | February 28, 2006 06:07 AM "Now, all of you haters, come here and say it that they look awful. "Why Dee why?! Now they WILL. loljpf

  • Lajollagirl

    I am not a hater… I love to see people in love but come on!!! He cheated on his wife, knocked up his girlfriend and I am supposed to be impressed. Get divorced…get married and than get pregnant. These people live in a world of no morals… I wish them the best but he DEFINETLY fell a few pegs in my book… and please AJ, lets just say her life has been very colored and WILL she be happy with one person? OR MAN!! I know she has done awesome nobel work!! She deserevs a million kuddos for it. I just hope this will last for these kids sake now!!!

  • Anonymous
  • Goofy

    It is kinda sad that I keep on coming to Jared just to look at BAMZ+1 photos. Love those photos!!