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Britney Spears Mardi Gras

Britney Spears Mardi Gras

New Orleans, Louisiana :: Happy in her new tresses is Britney Spears with husband Kevin Federline, 27, leaving jazzy contemporary Emeril’s (eponymous flagship restaurant of Chef Emeril Lagasse’s located in the Warehouse District), which serves "new New Orleans cuisine."  The 24-year-old pop star also made an appearance on this morning’s Good Morning America –  "I am honored to be a part of the Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans this year.  It is so important for this amazing city to continue its annual traditions and I am really looking forward to being involved."  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • aura

    Good for Britney, nice job!

  • Lajollagirl

    What the heck? This girl drives with her son on her lap and she is welcomed anywhere? Where the hell are all the child protective groups? Go out and try that on your block and see what happens. Who cares if she is fat? pregnant? She is an unfit parent and she should have to do a little more answering than… oh I was scared. She is a has been and I hope her next anything flops!!!!

  • anonymous

    good for you, brit! don’t listen to the haters, they’re just jealous.

  • Heather

    I love it!! She’s looking better & better each day… :) my girl is making a comeback

  • confused

    She was just in Hawaii. Now New Orleans. Kevin was seen with some woman a few days ago. A relative of Britney’s says the marriage is going down the tubes.She looked like she lost her baby weight right after having Sean. Now she looks fat. Is she pregnant?Can she sing acapella-all alone-no instruments-help. Apparently someone liked her before and bought her cd’s making her a lot of money. Sex sells. Now her life looks like a circus act. She can get a job in Vegas.

  • Tony

    I Love her, and i love how no matter if the comments about her are bad, everyone is interested in Britney and i love her, i was so happy ro see her today in Good Morning America, she is really sweet and the people in new Orleans love her! So, come on and i wait till ur interview in Access Hollywood today, SHE IS BACK!

  • melissa

    britney you are looking great. Keep up the good work girl. p.s excuse you confused i would like to see you have a baby via c-section and then lose the weight. She is not fat she looks great. also Lajollagirl britney is a great mother people make mistakes. i’m sure if you were a parent you would make numerous mistakes. What are you jealous cause she probably looks 100 times better then you.

  • LaJollagirl

    Please Melissa…. I have a child, obvioulsy you have no clue. If you did you would know that YOU WOULD NEVER put your child at risk, she is to young and immature to have a baby!! How do you know what a great mother she is? Do you know her? Are you her? Her actions speaks volumes. You don’t have to agree, wait until you have a baby and than you will see.

  • Pepper

    People put their children at risk all the time and do foolish things because they are only human. She’ll lose the weight and get back in shape but she has some Karma coming her way with the loser she picked for a husband. She’ll be stronger for it and it will change her hopefully.

  • Courtney

    Shes so cute! She looks amazing!!!!

  • Matt

    I am so tired of you haters, bringing up sean in her lap. Was it stupid? DUH! People do stupid things all the time, get over it. Brit looks great and i love that she is doing something for these kids, that have basically nothing right now. Why dont you get over your hate and acknowledge that she is doing something, in stead of constantly bashing her no matter what

  • Fatima Aleesha

    Can you lot please shut up about Britney’s weight? that’s none of your business. it’s her body. and i’m sure you don’t have perfect hard as steel bodies either. pot, kettle, etc.

  • Ben

    Why is she wearing a wig?

  • Lisa

    I’m all for Britney sharing her wealth and helping out where she can…but she also needs to help out her hometown. I live 30 miles from where she grew up and let me tell you…her small town (Kentwood) is dying. It’s dying….and according to the townspeople, she’s never given a cent back to the community who fostered her talent and supported her all along the way. They feel forgotten by her. By the way, Kentwood was also severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

  • Kat

    People really need to give her a break. I am sure her hometown is suffering and is in need of help, like so many other cities in the state, but just because a pop star went to school there does not mean she HAS to give that town money. She HAS donated to help the state out AS A WHOLE. Plus given the size of her estate in Kentwood, I am sure she is paying more property and school taxes than anyone in the whole city—ever. All of those taxes go to your city only. Talk to your polititians in your city to see what is happing with all of Britney’s taxes that she pays to them. When she stops paying on her home, then you can say she gives no money to a city she isn’t even living in. Plus, of course the town was behind her rise to fame, she is a famous person and people like to ride the coattails of others! But how many in the town ACTUALLY know her? She doesn’t owe the town any more than the next resident.

  • Lola

    Silly people are always quick to forgive a stupid girl with money (ahem, paris hilton). She’ll never have to take responsibility or be accountable for anything because people will just shrug it off and say, "She made a mistake. I love her. She’s like my best friend. She’s so pretty! Give her a break!" Nothing bad is ever her fault. Why don’t you fanatics get over your infatuation and see her for what she really is? A publicity seeking media whore. She’s so scared the paparazzi will harm her but the reality is that she’ll actually go to paparazzi hot spots because she knows she’ll get her picture taken. But when something doesn’t make her look good, she blames it on the paps. There are ways you can get the public to give her a long break and stop following her around. Ask Corey Haim or any other washed Hollywood star.

  • Lola

    Oops, I meant *washed up* Hollywood star.

  • Joanne

    God, what is it that her fans find so appealing about her? Everything about the girl is just plain fake. Her hair is both horribly dyed AND then sewn onto her head, the girl needs ten pounds of make-up to make a lunch appearance with 10 year old girls, and her entire reason for even being in New Orleans is just to make up for the recent bad press regarding her son and husband. And I haven’t even got into her pathetic attempts at lip-synching to the music she supposedly helped write and produce (you’d think she’d know the words enough to mouth the right words, but she can’t even do that well). Just how ignorant are her fans that they can continue to support this lost cause? It’s about time she moved over, stopped taking up valuable press time that could be given to someone with real talent, and maybe occasionally something intelligent to say. But, no why don’t we just keep excusing/celebrating the dumb/talentless blondes of the world.

  • Kat

    Silly People? Silly people are those who belive that a woman that does not know you nor do you know her personally, needs or even wants yours or any other Joe’s "forgiveness" for her PERSONAL actions, wrong or right. Really, she may be washed up, but alot people are paying attention to her life……including you. So, look in the mirror before you go calling people "fanatics". You do not have to see a star in a positive light to be called a "fanatic".

  • Lola

    If she didn’t need forgiveness, why was she quick to release a justification (which was a lie) for what she did? Because she is in a public business and without any public support, she gets no press and she makes no money when her products come out. People, fans or not, pay attention to her because she strategically places herself where she will be seen and heard. Nope, silly people are those who believe that a woman that does not know you nor do you know her personally, needs you to defend her against people who question her public behavior. If you easily shrug off things like the things she has done then it says something about what you expect of yourself. And please, come up with a comeback more original than "look in the mirror". I (and the majority of American adults) look in the mirror everyday and know that as I step out of my house and into the world that, as an adult, I am expected to be held accountable for my actions and act responsibly. I will always question why some people are easily let off the hook while others are quickly condemned – celebrity or not. So if you want to call me a fanatic go right ahead. Just recognize that it’s fanaticism against hypocrisy and manipulation. But then again Britney does personify those things so I guess you could say in that sense that I am a Britney fanatic.

  • joe joe the idiot monkey

    I think most britney fans are republicans or will grow to be republican. -joe joePS just because someone says something doesn’t mean its true > if they were chasing her there would be the biggest lawsuit against the photogs.

  • duh

    People need to recognize that Lola is the epitome of a saint. She has probably never lied, or told a half truth in her life. As far as being hypocritical, of course it isn’t hypocritical of her to comment on other peoples zealousness in defending and paying attention to Britney, when she is doing the same thing, except she is castigating Britney for making a mistake. I’m sure someone like Lola has never made a mistake in her life. She probably also blames Princess Di for the accident too, since papparazzi are blameless in everything.

  • Kat

    I have never heard of a Saint that comments on celebs. Plus since Lola is not GOD…she has made plenty of mistakes. She is just not famous and no one cares of those mistakes.

  • Alexis

    People like Lola are one of the biggest hypocrites. She is upset with others for paying attention to the girl, yet she will go to a blog, take the time to probably check out the pictures and read all the comments, and then waste a lot of her precious time in writing a scathing response to people. Why bother? Ignore her, and maybe the press will start to realize that the public doesn’t care anymore. The fact that any picture of her on a blog will start a frenzy of posts probably encourages people to publicize more of her. Any magazine with her on the cover will inevitably sell out. Search engines are still showing that she is one of the most searched for celebrity out there. I’m sure a large number of those searching her name are "haters" who can’t stand the fact that Britney is still around, and yet contribute to her popularity by even taking the time to search for her. I know that I pass over anything that pertains to Parasite and Jessica, as well as Brad and Angelina, because I’m sick of reading about them. Why can’t everyone else? Why this need to bash a caleb that you can’t stand, or go out of your way to insult others who admire someone that you happen to dislike?

  • Lola

    Nope, I blame her drunk driver for killing her. Yes, everyone makes mistakes, it’s taking responsibility, being accountable and not blaming someone else for them that not everyone does that is appalling.What’s the matter? I post because I see things that people say and wonder why they say them and ask them to think critically about what they are actually defending. It’s called discussion. I accept that people have a difference of opinion. Plus, it’s a gossip site. But I guess this is turning into a very BAMZ-like board.

  • Alexis

    I happen to like Britney’s music, her dance beats. I love watching her in concerts, because she gives a great performance. If I wanted to hear her sing, I’ll listen to her CD. I want to watch a great performance, so I’ll go to her concerts. People are calling her ugly or fat, or saying what we’re "stupid" for liking her music, because she made a mistake that she eventually owned up to. I don’t know about you guys, but my first inclination when I get busted for doing something stupid is to lie. Eventually the truth comes out, but isn’t it human nature to try to avoid punishment?You tell us to think critically about why we like certain celebs, maybe you should think critically about why you feel the need to try to belittle people who admire celebs like Britney Spears for their talent? Is it necesary to call her fans "ignorant"? Everyone on here has said that she made a huge mistake. But are we supposed to hate her music now, or think she’s ugly or fat? Are we that small minded that we will castigate someone for making a mistake?

  • Kat

    Lola, no one is saying this isn’t a discussion. You turned the tables with your insults. If you are going to post something, you need to be prepared for others to disagree or call you out. You posted because you disagreeed with people and wanted your point read, right? So why when the tables are turned do you resort to name calling? I do have high expectations for myself, regardless of what Britney Spears does. If condemning her and her mistakes makes you feel that you have set the bar higher for yourself and your expectations for yourself, then more power to you. My moral compass and life goals are not based on if I think she is a good person or not. My only point is Britney is an entertainer, if she does not entertain you, then forget about her. Stop hunting her down on the web and insulting people who may be fans of her entertainment. Her personal life is hers. If it gets out to the media is is only because people are so interested in her that the photogs are given reason to snap pictures. If blogs about her did not get so much traffic, she would never appear in them. Please, you want people to think before they post, you should think before you insult. Discussions work much better when they are not rude written attacks.

  • Alexis

    Great job, Kat. Very eloquent.

  • Lola

    It seems that some of you are taking issues that you have with "other" posters and directing them towards me. Never used the word "ignorant" and never boo-hooed about people writing responses back to me. I just questioned whether others were able to welcome my posts. Last time I looked, this wasn’t a fan site. It would be completely different if I went on a Britney fan board and posted reasons why I don’t think she is deserving of any admiration (which I don’t do) but this is a gossip blog so differing opinions are invited. Simply labeling someone as a "hater" when someone doesn’t like a celebrity is really popular these days. I see it as a refusal to take into consideration any real issue that should be talked about as a society. Human nature to try to avoid punishment? More like childish. And to dismiss something as serious as child endangerment as simply a mistake is so disturbing to some people regardless of who it is that hey, maybe they want to call out the "oh well" attitude that is so prevalent in our culture these days.

  • Kat

    My last post had little to do with what you (Lola) or I or anyone else thinks about Britney Spears. It had to do with you insinuating that I must have low expectations of myself based soley on a post about a pop star neither of us know. Really…this is getting a bit "childish" to say the least. I never called you a hater. I pruely stated that you do not know her personally and you are human and must have faults of your own, so try not to judge someone that you have never even met so harshly. You are right. This is not a fan site….nor a "hater" site. Fans and non fans have a right to post. But you clearly do not like Britney at all. So if herself and her actions bother you so greatly, give your self a little piece of mind and just let her and her fans and haters alike go. That will be the only way to stop people from talking about her and giving her the attention you clearly believe she does not deserve. Once that happens (the attention dies) all these blogs, fan sites, hater sites and gossip sites based on her will too.

  • Alexis

    I think that the fact that people on here are questioning our integrity because we happen to like a celeb is what is aggravating. Our posts weren’t completely directed at one single person. You can’t deny that it IS human nature to try to avoid punishment, or avoid facing the consequences of your actions. It can be something minor, or something major. Maybe you lied about how much something cost, so your spouse won’t be upset with you? Have you never lied to someone so that that person won’t be mad at you? Yes, she messed up, and she admitted it, after the initial reaction to play the blame game. I’m sure she learned her lesson. Should she be made an example of so that the public will be appeased? Why not arrest moms who have crack babies, or sterilize them? Why not arrest other parents who I see driving around with their babies in their lap? Because no one cares enough to cause an uproar when it happens, because they are not a public figure. Britney is not the first, nor will she be the last. I say cut the girl some slack. Worse has been done. At least she isn’t an Andrea Yates, who, by the way, is not charged with murdering her two youngest children, and is now in a hospital, instead of rotting in H.E.L.L. where she belongs. There is stupid, and there is insane. Britney does not belong in the latter category.

  • Lola

    Why must I be the one to go elsewhere? It gives me peace of mind to get things off of my mind. Why would JJ have a comment page if not for people to leave comments? She’s going to get attention good and bad because a Hollywood career demands it. It doesn’t bother me that she gets attention – it’s admiration that I don’t think she deserves and I would like to voice my opinion about it where people are discussing/talking about it.With me insinuating that you must have low expectations of yourself based on your post (I’m not saying this as an attack but as rhetorical questions and addressing the issue generally) – when you make statements as in posts, does that not say something about how you believe people should be treated who commit the same "mistake" including yourself? What do others have to go on but your words/statements when you post?Alexis, you say that people don’t care anymore but when posters like me post and say that they actually do care and that awareness should be brought about an issue, we are dismissed. That is aggravating. Yeah, no one cares anymore because people who don’t, don’t want to hear from people who do.

  • MGK

    Lola, they just don’t seem to get it do they?

  • Alexis

    What? I don’t want to be mean, since you are obviously being civil, but I can’t understand what you are trying to say.Is it wrong of her fans to admire her because we think she is talented, pretty, can dance her ass off, and so forth? I don’t admire her for the way she is now, except when she is cleaned up. I don’t admire her for the fact that she drove with her son in her lap. I’m just not all of a sudden hating her music because she messed up a few times in her life. I would love to have the old Britney back. I admire her tenacity in this business. I admire her for living how she wants in the face of all this hostility from the public. I admire her for persevering in the face of adversity. She was once called a one hit wonder, for all of a second. No one expected her to last long in Hollywood, and yet, eight years, 75 million records later, she’s still a hot topic.I have yet to read about Britney bad-mouthing another celeb. Everyone else has done it, but I haven’t read anything about her doing it. If I’m worng, let me know. She actually seems to be genuinely nice, down to earth, and probably doesn’t feel the need right now to diet or exercise obsessively right now to make the public happy.

  • Alexis

    I’d rather admire someone who has actually accomplished something with their life than admire someone like Paris Hilton. Is the world so black and white to you? Can there not be shades of gray? Can one person admire another for certain attributes, but not for others? Or is it your opinion that since we don’t like something that someone did, that we shouldn’t like them at all? Kind of narrow-minded, don’t you think?

  • Kat

    Lola…Reread all the posts. I never said I admired her all, just that we really shouldn’t judge people we do not know personally. I never personally attacked you or insulted you. Really READ CAREFULLY before you post. Then you will make a bit more sense and people would not get so defensive and they may actually want to read your posts.

  • Lola

    Whoa, never said I was attacked or personally insulted by anyone – just acknowledged that some of your points seem to not only be about my posts specifically but a combination of posts from people who share some of my opinions. I didn’t say you admired her, I clarified that I felt she didn’t deserve "admiration" not "attention". I think you should take your own advice about the reading thing.

  • Alexis

    Obviously there are fans out there who feel that she does deserve admiration, as well as recognition for everything that she has accomplished before she was even of an age to vote. On the other hand, there will be those who feel like she doesn’t deserve anything that she has earned, nor does she deserve respect or admiration. To each his/her own.

  • MGK

    Lola, you are quick as a whip! It’s been a lot of fun to see you run this thread. THAT is entertainment. Your sharp intellect is worth ‘admiration’. But the other people on here would rather admire a rich idiot that’s sometimes easy to look at. Goodnight idiots…and goodnight Lola.

  • Kat

    I find it funny when people have such a small minds that they can only come up with insults for thoughts. Real intelligent. Goodnight everyone….

  • nikki

    i am a mother i could give a shit less about if she is fat or not or whatver she does, but as a mother i would never put my child in the front seat i dont care who is chasing me, you better believe that i will take the 5 seconds to put my child in his seat before the car moves and her baby is only a couple months old mine is 3 and i wouldnt even do that. if she was so scared then she probobly wasnt in a condition to be driving anyway let alone her kid be in the seat with her, i would have gotten ruthless on the fuckers and let them know not to fuck with me when i have my child. she knew what she was doing she knew that doing what she did would get attention.

  • lookwhaticando

    I wish Brit all the luck in the world, I am not a big fan, but to me she is just a kid. I just hope she finally listens to reason, and dumps that loser,, poor excuss of a husband. She seems like a all around nice person sans K-fudge

  • nikki

    some of the post i have seen on here crack me up you people act like you are so close to her and you probobly have never even seen her, that girl could care less about you who are arguing in her defense i dont know where you are from but where i am from nobody drives around with thier child in the front seat and gets away with it. and it is quite clear to me that half of you taking up for her are not parents or else u would understand how wrong it is to put an infant behind the wheel of a car with a person driving is shaken up and scared like she claims she was.

  • Britneys Jason

    Every last one of you has nothing else better to do with your lives than to focus on Britney’s? Whether you’re a fan or not, you all love talking about her. I think the people that hate her, talk about her the most, which is hilarious. If ya hate her so much, quit talking about her!!!hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!