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Maddox Judo

Maddox Judo

Paris, France :: HIIIII-YAH! Staying fit runs in the Pitt family as son Maddox is learning that fitness is fun.  At the tender age of four, Maddox is learning the martial art of Judo, best known for its throwing techniques.  Leaving daddy-to-be Brad Pitt, 42, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt,1, at their rented apartment, pregnant Angelina Jolie, 30, picked up son Maddox Jolie-Pitt from an instructional Judo class this afternoon at The France Racing Club (Le Racing Club de France).  RCF is one of France’s oldest and most prestigious host of club teams and created its Judo program in 1945 (that makes it over 60 years old).  Later on, Brad Pitt was spotted leaving the apartment and heading back to the airport. More pictures in the gallery!


:: After the jump is Brad Pitt‘s new 30-second spot for "ONE," U2 frontman Bono‘s charitable campaign in the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. Every three seconds… SNAP! Other celebrities lending their snapping fingers are Gwen Stefani, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, George Clooney, 50 Cent, Tom Hanks, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Coldplay, Dave Matthews and Jamie Foxx.

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  • girl girly

    her belly is getting huge! is that her assistant with her in the picture? It solves the mystery of who looks after zahara and maddox when she and brad are out….

  • Kitty Kat

    Are the classes taught in French or in English? If so does Maddox speak French?

  • Kitty Kat

    Yeah, I was wondering who the girl is in the picture too. Is hat her Assistant?

  • Kitty Kat

    Does anyone know if Maddox is in school right now?

  • lou

    Wow she’s getting big,she looks great.Yes that is her assistant,I think her name is holly.

  • rammy

    I’m wondering why she never gets tired of wearing those dirty old brad boots, you would think she could afford a nice , clear pair of shoes.

  • Dee

    Great pics Jared.Look so sweet she is kissing him… :)Her belly is realy huge.Rica, girl, don’t leave us hanging on the fanfickiss to all BAMZ+1 fansBAMZ+1 RULES

  • Beth

    Cool! She got him into Martial Arts. Smart woman. When my oldest daughter turns four or five she will be joining my husband and I in our training. Very good for kids to start young and learn discipline.Love the Belly, makes me miss mine………….maybe time for me to have another……………

  • ken

    Angelina is getting huge.I hope she is not having as many problems ,as the mags. would have us believe.I wish the very best for BAMZ+1

  • BAMZ

    Thnaks Jared. Hopefully Maddox can whip the asses of all those people giviing his mother a hard time. Its about time opened a can up on them. :D

  • Hep

    I wouldn’t believe those TABS. they are not worth ANYONE taking into consideration

  • Rica

    Poor Angie…she can’t go anywhere without the paps hanging around. She looks so tired, ahhhh…the joys of being a very pregnant mother. Thanks Jared for the pics.Dee check the usual thread for the fic update. Brad in the Big Apple

  • Netjean

    Thanks Jared!! Maybe Madd can teach Brad some cool Judo moves. :)The spot migt be new, but it seems like they just cut & pasted Brad from the old one into the new one.

  • sara

    husband Brad Pitt,????? …crazy…they are not married

  • Betsy

    he looks like he is getting taller. I so want to know who the gray-haired dude is and the girl following them. They were w/ them at the museum last week too (or was that the week before)…I am betting GHD is security.

  • KAS

    Thanks JJ for daily Jolie-Pitt updates! Luv to keep tabs of this amazing family. Maddox is 4 and that’s a good age to start a boy or girl in martial arts – they have lots of energy to burn off! Thanks again Jared!

  • Joy

    Thanks for the pics! Btw, Are they married?

  • becky

    Maddox is a spoiled brat. He cant even walk on his own..What a baby.

  • j4r3d

    Thanks, sara!

  • becky

    Pics r kinda sickening…..puke….black, gray, black ,GRAY.


    Angelina’s wardrobe is dull and depressing….Poor Brad

  • sara

    She is probably wearing those same clothes to devalue the price of any pictures from the paps. Brad has been using the same tactic.

  • Becky

    I am still glad it’s eating jennifer alive. She deserves a little misery in her life. lol. I love you Brad

  • Rica

    Okay becky so when will a picture of this family NOT sicken you? And LOL!!! If you don’t like looking at them, why torture yourself and us with your banal commentary?Tom Crusie and Katie Holmes are in Tahiti, I believe. Maybe those pictures will sooth you.

  • Becky

    Jennifer Aniston is missing a card. She isn’t playing with a full deck.. She is soooo fake and not to smart for losing Brad

  • becky

    I can comment on theses two. They are the guiltiest looking couple. I guess it is because they are guilty of adultry in Hollywood.

  • Goofy

    Becky must have a hard day at work. She comes here daily to release her stress. Angelina is like her punching bag.GREY SHIRT!!! YEAH!!! UGLY SHOES!! YEAH!! TAKE THAT!!! SPOILED KID!!! YEAH!! CAN’T YOU GET OFF THE CAR YOURSELF!!! YEAH!! ONE MORE!!! POOR BRAD!!!! YEAH!! YEAH!!!aahhhh….feel so much better. back to work now.

  • lola

    Thanks Jared for the pix.BAMZ+1 4-eva!

  • nancy

    Thank you JJ for the pictures and also the "ONE " campaign video…I hope everyone will have their priority straight after watching the video.


    No, I dont trash just Angelina. ALL THERE NAMES AND PICS ARE ALL GETTING OLD. Brad is old and wrinkled …………Jennifer’s ugly……Angelina is a whore

  • Wowzer

    NOW REGARDING THE VIDEO: That is one good looking man, my Gosh! And he cares about social issues. Where can I geet me one of those men, geez??

  • Beth,

    Like the video, never saw it before, makes me feel bad about not being able to help… :(

  • Becky

    So there!

  • Becky

    Maddox looks like a gook from korea…spooky

  • sara

    becky you are old,wrinkled,ugly and a whore …get a life

  • becky

    they need a mexican nanny and they will be complete

  • Beth

    Too bad we don’t have the option of ignoring certain posters………some comments I just feel stupid for reading, makes me wonder about the intelligence of the poster

  • kitkatwoman

    they need a mexican nanny and they will be complete becky | March 1, 2006 02:07 PM I am puerto-rican, where can I apply to be a nanny?(packing bags and black clothes)

  • becky

    Lol @ Sara….. dont mean to burst your bubble girly

  • becky

    Go apply.they need you kit kat… you will fullfill there dreams. I WILL KEEP MY 3 LIL WHITE BOYS. tHEY ARE WAY CUTER THAN aNGELINA KIDS


    My husband looks as good as Brad if not better.. I have only married once, he didn’t leave me for a whore. We made our own family, the traditional way . The bill and jane pitt way

  • becky is a weirdo

    ugh who cares what race your boys are or anyone elses kids are? Predijuce is a sorry excuse for stupidity

  • Raqchel

    AJ is lookin pissed off at the paps. It’s starting to get really sad now. They cant go anywhere without being photographed. And im pretty sure its only going to get worse when she has that kid. The paps need to give these people a break.

  • becky

    Brad next time you land… stop in springfield for a bit. leave the whore at home.

  • randy

    You need a reality check Brad………..

  • sue

    She seems so down in the pics this week, in no way radiant. Funny how it coincides with brad’s return. She was so happy in the pics with Mad when Pitt was away.Regarding the clothing, one can be comfortable but still look good. Ange looks a bit frumpy, disheveled and even appears to have dirty (stringy) hair. One does not have to go THAT far to devalue the price of pics.

  • Xan

    LMAO!!!!becky…someone actually married you? I mean…you’re an adult? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!Chick you need to step up the comments…at least to a 12th grade level. This 7th grade stuff is a bit tired. Add some thought to what you write. You obviously have the time. And did you really feel the need to capitalize "white boys". You say that to mean what exactly? LOL!!!!

  • Tabitha

    I would get irritated if people were constantantly taking photos of me. It did look likie she was waving to someone at one point.

  • some weirdo married becky

    again comments show that CHILDREN do NOT pick their parents…lucky for some kids and unlucky for some other kids(need not be named)

  • Anonymous