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The Simple Life 4

The Simple Life 4

Socialites and ex-best-buds Paris Hilton, 25, and Nicole Richie, 24, didn’t speak a word to each other while filming on "the set" of the fourth season of The Simple LifeThe Simple Life 4 has been dubbed The Simple Life :: Till Death Do Us Part and will debut in spring 2006 on E! You can catch re-runs of the first three seasons of The Simple Life on E! in the near future as well.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Images updated!

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  • kala

    interesting title. are they saying that nichole is on deaths door? because she looks it. someone feed that girl some babyfood ro something."dont you remember you told me you loved me baby……"


    Paris is so gross, but she’s got a pretty face so she gets jobs.But gross.

  • Vicki

    why is this show still on?

  • Shoegal

    Nicole is getting thinner with every minute


    This show is still on because media giants think it’s important to have attractive blonds on the air, even if they have nothing elseto offer but physical attractivity. Most viewers are bored already.

  • Tandem

    I am just amazed at how Nicole has morphed into Paris Hilton, blond hair, mini-dogs, skinny body and all! Nicole doesn’t ‘hate’ Paris, I wouls argue that she ‘admires’ her – a lot.

  • boys keep swinging

    Nicole will always have one thing over Paris…she will always be younger, even if it is by one year. I hope they get into a screaming cat fight before this is all over. I want Nicole to bitch slap Paris on film!

  • ME

    WELL I THINK THEY WILL BOCK ROCK ! this is the best show ever and i think you all are just jelous ! they are both cute and fun , i know them both and they are amazing people ! dont hate them cuz u anit them !!! ok well ttyl ( got to go shopping ) !!!!!!!!!!

  • anna banana

    i think they might end up being friends after this..i wanna see 4th season badddd! man nicole is so close to being the same size of paris .. YUCK

  • Niky

    paris is the kifest thing that has ever walked on the planet. She’s like a walkin STD and she’s famous just for making a sex tape, yeah she’s a real role model



  • nicole

    i have to say that i was totally bummed when i found out that they were no longer friends. but im very excited that their is a simple life 4 and i hope they work their issues out…

  • Amber

    OmG ii love diis show pariis hiilton iis ma hero and ii wiill always love her …shee iis the funiiest person iin the world nd no 1 should talk shiit bout her so fuck all u haters!!!

  • Shane

    Nicole is a hell of alot more attractive than STD Paris. Although she does need to eat a cheeseburger or something… too skinny I like the old chunky Nicole.. I dont blame Nicole for not speaking to that prejudiced tramp Paris, BTW everyone DOES know Paris made racial comments and thinks she is better than anyone who isnt white.

  • Heather

    I love the show and the girls, they are so funny and sweet, their personalities balance each other, thats why its sad that they arent friends. I hope they make up and get back to the kick ass power team they are.

  • Melanie

    its no surprize tome that they have parted ways … It you look back to the beginning of the 1st season: When Paris was on the phone with her sister while she was packing and getting ready to go on this new reality tv show with Nicole, you can tell how the sister was in a sense talking shit about Nicole in a non shoulaunt way and Paris was in a way agreeable to this in a discreate manner. As if they were in agreement they had been annoyed with her before. I belive the problems were always there. Could have been the sister was jelouse and that both of them felt a sence of needing to compete or hoard over the spotlight before Nicole snatched it up. And with Nicole well she was tickled to be there and that she could share and show somewhat of the fun loving way that it was when they were younger and hanging out. With the whole competition thing the feeling got hurt because deep down inside Nicole knew what was up… And she found herself and seems to be content with it. Paris-growing up-was the little rich girl who just needed a sweet little play-mate to pass time with but now that shes all grown-up she wants little Nicole back on the shelf and out of the spotlight. Paris is Good Great and Grand on her own but all the Hollywood girls have a thing or too to be protective of. Like their territory. Love em both

  • liz

    Who’s to say that the comments were ment to be racest? Were they just taken that way? Whats wrong with a "hot blond" saying that she would rather not spend the evening with hot black guys at a club. Who can infact, be alittle forward in the club seen. Could it have been that it was a hot white guy that she was after. And knew where not to find him?

  • cam

    did you read nicole richie’s book? paris accused a black man of stealing her sidekick, but she didn’t say black man, she called him a n****.

  • liz

    I call my guy n**** all the time and he’s not black. I guess I could read it for myself to see what this biotch means buy it.

  • Nonna

    paris and nicole always have had little fights. Watch the other seasons (especially the first and second) and you see how paris acts fake for the camera and nicole just plays along but if you look at her face you can tell she’s annoyed with her . Maybe this little fight was all planned and they both pretended to hate each other? That would be really smart since they would get paid more to do the show and get more publicity. Who knows, but i love the simple life! Especially Paris Hilton! Im obsessed!

  • jessie

    ok nicole and paris are very funny and there show is fuking awsome. no one said u hade to LOVE IT lol but i do SALSAAAAAAAAAAAAA. just cuz ur not not hot u need to go brush ur teeth u smellly then go eat some SALSAAAA FIASTAAAAAAA

  • michael

    stupid dumbass

  • chachee

    i think the show is great i loved the seasons because they we crazy and did stupid things their energy fed off eachother made it a good show hope they get back to being friends because it they aren’t talking to eachother the show may not be so hot this season they just need to kiss and make up

  • renee

    I ♥ NICOLE RICHIE…. yeah she may be skinny but she is only 5 ft tall so that weirght is ok… she is so awsome…nicole is trying to turn her life around and be a good person…

  • renee

    I ♥ NICOLE RICHIE…. yeah she may be skinny but she is only 5 ft tall so that weirght is ok… she is so awsome…nicole is trying to turn her life around and be a good person…

  • kiara

    It breaks my heart every day to see the girls fight. i havent seen the 4th season yet but i am DYING to do so!!! i continue to hope that the girls will stop this immature fight and at least be respectful if they cant handle being friends.I loved the 1st,2nd,and the 3rd season…im one of those ppl who get really into the show and always cry when they talk about how theyd grown up together and how they are practicaly sisters and how they love each other so much…or should i say "loved"? i love paris because shes so easy to envy and shes hot! and she knows it, so she uses it to her advantage. but id have to say that NICOLE IS MY FAVORITE because she has such a beautiful heart…and you can almost see it now poking through her skin. but, i love how she practically makes the show….without her it would just be another show about "the life of paris hilton" and the show would be called "who will i saduce next?"(…haha cant spell)

  • beautimous

    nicole and paris are both awesome, fun. if you talk trash, you sound like haters, by the way does anyone know your name?