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Brad Pitt Motorcycle

Brad Pitt Motorcycle

Paris, France :: Ducati aficionado Brad Pitt, 42, picked up and rode off on his Ducati motorcycle this morning while leaving his family — mommy-to-be Angelina Jolie, 30, son Maddox, 4, daughter Zahara, 1 — at their rented apartment for some alone time on the road.  Rumors are running rampant that Brad and Angelina have already tied the knot since they’ve been seen sporting matching gold bands.  More to come, I’m sure.  More pictures in the gallery!

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brad pitt ducati01
brad pitt ducati02
brad pitt ducati03
brad pitt ducati04
brad pitt ducati05
brad pitt ducati06
brad pitt ducati07
brad pitt ducati08
brad pitt ducati09
brad pitt ducati10
brad pitt ducati11
brad pitt ducati12
brad pitt ducati13
brad pitt ducati14
brad pitt ducati15
brad pitt ducati16
brad pitt ducati17
brad pitt ducati18
brad pitt ducati19
brad pitt ducati20
brad pitt ducati21
brad pitt ducati22
brad pitt ducati23
brad pitt ducati24
brad pitt ducati25
brad pitt ducati26
brad pitt ducati27
brad pitt ducati28
brad pitt ducati29
brad pitt ducati30

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  • marmar

    is that shit staind on his buttocks area?

  • lola

    I just love a man on a motorcycle.

  • julia

    hey I can’t see the pictures in the gallery, it comes up fatal error, anyone else getting this?

  • Rose

    I just love this man!!!:)

  • jpf

    Thanks Jared! Brad looks slender in that pic. I like him anyway he want’s to be lol. jpf

  • mona

    Hey Rose…so do I. Lucky Angelina and vise versa. An awesome pair. It just doesn’t get any better.

  • Dee

    His just gorgeous. BAMZ+1 are sweet.BAMZ+1 RULES

  • sara

    i love you brad but the dark hair is terrible…although the hair is not so dark… is growing him hair

  • xx

    …the another day the prople in this web said that he was fatter…now that he looks slender ..crazy??’

  • alexia

    Mmmm! Save a motorcycle, ride a Brad Pitt!

  • lola

    Mmmm! Save a motorcycle, ride a Brad Pitt!alexia,Preach on sista!

  • alexia

    Hahaha, I will! Of course.

  • carla

    yesterday brad and angelina had a dinner in a Chinese Restaurant…very lovely couple….

  • lookwhaticando

    I love BAMZ +1 as well, but I don’t like the dark hair on brad as much as I do the blond look, it makes him look younger and cheerier

  • julia

    yes Brad Please go back to the lighter side, I love his golden locks.

  • Rica

    Un…un…un…un…un…UN!!!!!This man does it for me. I don’t why I never thought he was that hot before. That ‘pretty boy’ crap uuuggghhh… But now he’s older and a little weathered. Oh Yeah! Now I’m diggin’ him!

  • sara

    i hate the dark hair….brad ….please!!!!

  • rrnrios

    mm he should be careful, riding motorcycle in Paris is really dangerous, unless you’re really good at it. I know about it, believe me…But it’s still nice to see a cute man on a motorcycle hihi

  • joy

    man….he looks yummy to me….he can ride my bike…yahoo!! you know what i mean…but alas can’t compete with angie!!! they’re hot!!!rica, when is the next fanfic?? can i get a copy of the one in diani?? i think jj deleted it coz maybe it’s too raunchy for the site :) :)jj please kindly give my email address to rica!!thanks much!!bamz+1 rocks!!

  • exactly

    Rica, i thought the same. i think it’s the association with the ex-wife. even rerunning that FRIENDS episode when he was guest, i couldn’t see the hotness. the opposite, in fact.

  • piper

    Brad is so hottt.

  • carla

    joy…sure the man is hot but the dark hair is pufffffff

  • Joy

    Brad Pitt’s younger days…(not that he’s old LOL) I didn’t really find him that attractive, for some reason now that he’s in he’s 40′s; I find him gorgeous and sexy too. Well, I’ll be honest now, eversince, I watched that movie MAMS that did it for me. :)Yes, I like a man in the motorcycle especially my husband. :)

  • brad’s an asshole
  • sara
  • lola

    I too prefer the blonde hair but the guy is still HOT! He makes me see Jesus.

  • cb

    sara | March 2, 2006 01:25 PMI have no idea why you quoted that old stuff from softpedia…dated let’s see…16th of June 2005, 23:12 GMT. yawn….boring very very very boring…..I agree with you & yes it is now 2006!!! > so ya best get more uptodate with your gossip if you want anyone to take you seriously.

  • ell

    Great !!Thanks JJ.

  • Estelle

    I like the dark hair…more character to the face, more define….but, since the pictures only show his behind…well, no comment…;))

  • cb

    ps. BAMZ + 1 = A Living Legend. sigggghhhhh Thankx again for the hit J2.

  • please

    He looks like shit. Whay an old fart.

  • china

    He is so ugly. My god Brad take a shower.

  • jane smith

    He looks like a hobo from the red light district of LA. Could he look any older? He needs to say goodbye to his career, he is too old now. 42 spells career DEATH to a man like him. At least Tom Cruise takes care of himself, Brad is starting to look like Tommy Lee Jone’s younger brother. OLD, OLD, OLD!

  • sara

    jane smith=china=please…are the same?…hahahahahahaha…OLD, OLD, OLD!

  • Shut-UP

    HOT! Rica on next fic write something about how hot is ass is. He is just SoOOOOOOOOOOO yummy Angie is sure is a lucky girl. I wonder if there still doint it. I mean with pregancy, 2 kids and PAPs

  • suel

    quote is from the March 2006 issue of Vogue Magazine. The article is about Marilyn Manson and his wife Dita but there is a Brad and Angie mention.Dita’s kitchen is fifites show-home pink and black, their living room horror-movie Victoriana. The couple’s four Devon-rex cats, Aleister, Lily, Edgar, and Hermann, prowl among the quirky curiosities: twenties children’s store mannequins and medical-study torsos, the pelt of a two-headed lamb, a leather and wood prosthetic leg from the Civil War, Johnny Depp’s wig from Blow(traded for Manson’s fake breasts from the cover of his Mechanical Animals album), and papier-mache Venetian Manson Masks. He gave one to Brad and Angelina and was amused at the sexual sparks that flew when they were deciding who would get to wear it.

  • sara has a hairy cunt

    sara has a hairy cunt. Give it up ho, your dream of giving Brad a blow job will never happen. I guess you will have to continue practicing on your brother.

  • sara

    sara has a hairy cunt …you are pathetic and rude

  • Beth

    My Husband wants a motorcycle but I won’t let him. He has two young kids to look after there is no way they are going to grow up without a daddy!! I have a few close friends who have died in motorcycle accidents so I’m a little freaked about them. When the kids are no long dependent on us we both can get motorcycles and zoom around the country. But I won’t tell him that until much later. DOn’t want to get his hopes up!

  • sara has a hairy cunt

    I am pathetic and rude when I’m bored. Sorry for taking it out on you sara.

  • Derek

    I wish I was Brad and look that good on the motorcyle.

  • sue

    Brad Pitt is ugly both inside and out.

  • jpf

    I like him SO much more as he looks now. Something so masculine & rugged about him now. jpf

  • Rica

    Hey Joy,I posted todays fic earlier the next one is tomorrow. All on the same thread as before.The Diani Fic is still there : Go to the home page and scroll all the way down. Choose page 6 and the fic is under:BRAD: NO SPLIT WITH JENIt has a picture of Angelina in a long sweater type coat. She’s in all grey.It’s post # Rica | February 23, 2006 12:08 PM

  • Lisa

    He’s not masculine. He’s what we call ‘pussywhipped’. He’s morphed into what Angelina is, just like he morphs into all his girlfriends/fiances/wives/mistresses. He is not a man, just a woman’s accessory.

  • sara

    He’s not masculine. He’s what we call ‘pussywhipped’. He’s morphed into what Angelina is, just like he morphs into all his girlfriends/fiances/wives/mistresses. He is not a man, just a woman’s accessory………………………….boring,boring….always with the same histories…..ok,good for you

  • Lisa


  • Rica

    Yeah!He’s a man now. Not some kind of perpetually tanning Ken Doll.He looks reall and comfortable. Dark hair or natural I think that now in his 40′s with time aged on his face he looks wonderful. He’s aging like the greats all did.Sean Connery (whom I find incredibly sexy now)Paul NewmanDenzel WashingtonRobert RedfordTo name a few

  • xes

    the hair is because of a movie and the re-shoots…he is a actor,the people is crazy

  • African Girl

    Hey Beth, come on let the guy have his bike, I bet he will be careful. There is very little that gives us pleasure in this life, don’t take it away from him. I know people who have died in planes crashes, auto accidents, drowned and even got hit while walking…it would be irrational if we let these this affect us to the point where we avoid doing them.Rica, happy that u r still doing the fan fic. Haven’t read it since the first day, so this weekend I am printing everything, look for a nice corner and dive into it. JJ, once again, you have outdone urself. Thanx for the pix.