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Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Jennifer Aniston‘s first-ever Academy Awards appearance this Sunday as a presenter won her an Oscar swag bag incl. Motorola special edition gunmetal PEBL phone you too can pocket for free.

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Harry Potter And The Curse Of The Underage Drinking Co-Star! Emma Watson gets caught with a beer bottle in hand.  I want to see chugging.  CHUG CHUG CHUG!

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John Travolta, 52, set to play dowdy housewife Edna Turnblad in the new film version of Hairspray.  Let’s hope American Idol‘s Diana DeGarmo snags the role of Penny Pingleton!

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  • Chelsey

    Maniston finally gets to HOLD a Oscar. She sure will never win one. That manly woman cannot act.

  • C.B.

    Jen Aniston should be embarassed ..knowing that the only way she will ever be at the Oscar and walk the red carpet is to have her PR buy her a presentation slot … wonder when she will ever realized she will ever own the Oscar on her mantle. She has to live in reality instead of living in a life of deceit and lies , surrounding and buying herself with friends and people who whisper nice nothing and wipe her butt as* everywhere she go just because she can’t stand hearing facts . Wake up and at least find a better purpose in life then sulking away .

  • Callie

    I bet Jenn will mess it up. She can’t do anything right.

  • Bee

    I like Meg, she is a great actress.

  • anon

    Hey guy’s what are you doing Sunday? She may never win an oscar (very few do) but at least she’s not setting at home. I am just going to guess that whatever career you guys have that you are the absolute best at it, and the nicest person in that profession. I do believe she is living her life, she’s presenting at the Oscar’s and I doubt she will be sulking she’ll probably be having a hell of a good time. Next week you can write about how all she does is go out and party.

  • anonymous

    Lmao. I agree CB. Aniston should be ashamed to even be there.

  • sky

    JA will probably start her crying crap. She was a bad choice.

  • whatever

    There is a constant troll on these boards saying anti-aniston comments under different names and saying pro Jolie comments. This board needs to publish the IP address of the poster.

  • whatever is a moron

    Get real. One person didn’t do that, you’re in deep denial of Jen.

  • BB

    Tom gets my vote.

  • whatever

    yes, it is impossible to prove isn’t it. It’s just REALLY FUCKING OBVIOUS when you post here. Whoever runs this board needs to show the IP addresses.

  • please! get real lmao

    LMAO at the person that thinks its one person that don’t like Jennifer Aniston. Where u been lmao

  • please! get real lmao

    Poor baby you hate that jen is not loved and you want the ip address. Do you work for the CIA? WTF do you care about the address? Hacking perhaps ? LAME ! LMAO


    Lmao at please. This person is running scared dont you think. 1 person. ROFLMAO. I dont know anybody who likes her. Maniston is poison.

  • Steph

    I hope she enjoys her time on the stage…it’s the one and only time she’ll get up there! Sure aint gonna be walking off with an award anytime soon LMAO!Screw the goody bag, may aswell just give her a packet of cigarettes, some alcohol and a movie offer…She’d love that

  • tita

    Jen in Oscar is a joke ! this are all work of her publicish,. I bet she’ll feel so awkward standing side by side with Reese W, Michelle Williams, Rachel White, Charlon T, Keira K., Hiliary S., all these actress are much younger, talented, and prettier than her, and yes, no plastic surgery. done

  • tita

    I agree with Steph, she better enjoy it becuase it’s once in a lifetime for her. the goody bag, aside from several pocket of cigarettes, alcohol, designer cloths, exotic ticket for spa, and movie offer if there’s still any HW boss want to gamble.

  • Mephy

    I found this guysThe dress Jen will wear to this years academy awards where she is to presnt an awardCredit – Vogue

  • LMAO

    Sorry, wrong caption’The Future Mrs BRAD PITT at the 2004 Academy awards, looking stunning on the red carpet. Miss Jolie WON an OSCAR in 2000′

  • Jody

    I heard they got married in Paris. That would be great news.

  • Steph

    It would be great news, but under French law you have to live in the Country 40 days, and they haven’t yet…

  • Mephy

    It’s because all your comments are the same comment with a different name. You say nothing new. You say a bitter comment under a name and leave. You contribute nothing. How much is Angie’s PR firm paying you ?

  • jpf

    I’m not a lover/hater, but there’s still a feeling of empathy for her I can’t shake. Can’t help it. There’s just something there that makes me feel that life is probably pretty funky for her. I’m one to believe Jolie-Pitt are together, and for the long haul, and that what they’ve found together is as real as it comes. They moved on, and in the process, they left Jen A behind, yet she continues to take them every where she goes "whether she wants to or not".Jolie-Pitt have been wise in saying nothing one way or another about their life together "past, present or future", and Jennifer Aniston says she’s moved on, "but only until the next magazine interview". She repeats the mantra, and she bet’s on the fickle public’s interest in reading a re-worded version of the same thing said in the last 4 publications. It’s not about her acting, her beauty regiment or her diet that the editors what her on their covers, or presenting at an awards show. They want her in lieu of the story they can’t get. They want her because people desire anything Brad & Angelina, and she’s become "the next best thing to a little bit more than nothing at all".Some people are going to tune in to the Oscars with the sole purpose of seeing how "the jilted one" performs on at the podium, and I can’t help it, I feel for her even if I believe "she brought it on herself". She’s let her PR prostitute her. No one had a gun to her head each time she spoke about the end of her marriage, but why was it anyone’s business to know? Why do people feel the need to aid in getting their personal life out to public? The tide has turned on her, and the public’s sympathy meter has consistantly moved lower and lower, and in many way’s her performance on sunday will be her most important one to date where public opinion is concerned, and I can imagine the pressure she must be under. This will not be a matter of her simply getting up there and presenting. This night just might be the one that get’s her back on the map of public opinion; get that meter raised again, or it may be the night she gets wiped off the map for a nice spell "or until The Breakup" changes things. jpf

  • Who knows

    Love the pics JJ. Brangelina look great.

  • Who knows

    Sorry for posting that, I meant to troll on the other board. I got mixed up. I have been posting under different names all night and I got confused as to which was the Brad one and which wasn’t. At least I’m getting paid to talk this shit which is more that can be said for you housewives whose opinion I am trying to manipulate.

  • CB

    It’s sad because people are confusing her real life with her acting life. It is not a "performance" to hand an award. Simple fact is Brad is a fake, he always was, always will be. How many "looks" does a man need? Angie is dysfunctional : unhappy childhood. At least they are not getting married it will save on the divorce papers when he finds a younger woman in 3 years. That’s just being honest. These two are both "playas" and "playas" are never happy. I wish them the best though. Jen should be very happy he is gone even though it looks bad on the surface. It isn’t.

  • Leslie

    CB,This is hollywood we’re talking about. Its all a performance. She is not just handing out an award, she’s trying to reinvent herself. Whether or not you believe this to be true or fair, many people see her as whiny and looking for pity. Or they just want her "to go away.’ Even wrote an article about how its cool not to like Aniston. I may not like her but I know that’s she not an idiot. She knows what the public opinion is right now and she’s running scared. Hey, she should be because things aren’t looking to good for her right now.

  • Leslie

    Did anyone see the Meg Ryan interview on Oprah? Was it as bad as some are saying?

  • jpf

    CB | March 3, 2006 11:12 PM You don’t seem to know to much about Jennifer Anniston’s childhood, and the dysfunction that set the tone for her in adulthood. and the issues "out of her own mouth" that have seriously affected her life in general, and in not so positives of ways. You might check it out when you get time. Angelina & Jennifer actually share some things where their backgrounds are concerned. Both from showbiz families. Both have been/are now estranged from a parent. Neither attended college etc….jpf

  • to jpf

    You don’t seem to know the REAL Jenn at all. Buy you some books, and stop thinking Jen is anything, The EX-Mrs. Pitt. Best thing she’s done and she screwed that up too.

  • jpf

    to jpf | March 3, 2006 11:51 PM Not sure where that’s coming from, but I’m not one who feels I have to denounce one in order to build another up. And you’re right, I don’t know JA, but I don’t know AJ/BP either up and above the same info that’s available to you as it is to me. Never claimed I had the inside story, but there’s enough non-tab info to know enough to deduce what’s fact and what’s fiction.jpf

  • Sue

    I think it’s wonderful that Jen Aniston has been "invited" to Oscar. I think it’s marvelous that she’ll be given yet another opportunity to put on a dress and pretend she doesn’t care about fashion and walk down the red carpet waving at everyone. I also think it’s very kind that the Academy has tossed her their very own pity bone, knowing that she’ll never get the chance to DESERVINGLY show up anyway. So let’s not be so uncharitable to Ms. Aniston. The next best thing to getting nominated for an Oscar is actually getting "invited" to present one. And for someone with such limited abilities, I’d say she’s done the most she can. It’s a wonderful example for all of us. Try your best, even if you know you’re not the best, and you’ll get the best you can ever hope for, while the real best walk away with an Oscar…while the other can only thank the chance to hold on to it for a second presenting it to the Winner . But please by all means, don’t ever try to pull another pity me, cry me a river sorry boat or billy idol called to have his look back stupid silly insensitive joke .. they aren’t tasteful and you should just move on with your life ! :>

  • dummy maniston

    Too funny. Aniston invited to the Oscars (PRgot the invite for her) this will be funny watching her make a azz out of herself. She isa dumb lady.

  • tita

    Agree with Leslie, I still remember immediately after their seapration on Jan.2005, all media and public sympathy were on J.Aniston but not until she started her no ending interiew and whinning . did the table turn against her. media and public are starting to accept Brad and Angelina as a couple and less harsh crtic on them this lately.

  • anon

    What did Jennifer Aniston do to you people. Holy shit I have never seen such bitterness held toward someone you’ve never met. There are alot of bad actresses, she’s not the worst. Why do you hate her so much? I mean seriously she did one interview (vanity fair) where she cried for just a moment and made the Billy Idol comment. This was her first interview since the split and I’m sure she would love to take it back. If I remember right when they split Brad said that Jen was a great person and he hated the papparazi because they would say terrible things to her so she would get upset and then they could get a picture of her looking sad. So I’m not really sure Brad would think very highly of his "fans"., I don’t think Brad or Angelina either one would be impressed by any of you people on here.

  • tess

    Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, J .LO will all be presenting in the Oscar, what’s wrong with Oscar, this actress were not even nominated once and don’t even acted on any serious film. I bet they would get Paris Hilton as a presenter too.wait and let see, wow ,it would be fun if the four standing together for pic

  • Salon

    More of the veiled underminer that is Jennifer Aniston by Nancy Balbirer."Jen" DoeNancy Balbirer, the actress who kicked off the latest Jennifer Aniston scandal, shares her ex-best friend’s secrets — from pert nipples and plastic surgery to chicken cutlets in the bra.By Cintra WilsonMarch 2, 2006 | There has been no avoiding the scandal that hit when writer/performer Nancy Balbirer, at the behest of some of her more savage friends, read an autobiographical excerpt from her upcoming work, "Take Your Shirt Off and Cry," at Joe’s Pub in New York on Feb. 23. Balbirer’s piece, about her old roommate "Jane," a particularly savvy young actress who rose to mega-celebrity and left Nancy in the dust, was pounced upon by vicious international tabloid reporters and Deborah Norville, who decided that Balbirer’s piece was about America’s "Sweetheart," Jennifer Aniston.Balbirer’s piece was created to accommodate the theme of the evening: To celebrate the release of Mike Albo and Virginia Heffernan’s "Underminer" paperback, all the performers relayed an experience of having been "undermined" by, in Albo’s words, a "best friend who casually destroys your life.""Jane," in Nancy’s tale, was a lousy friend — but she really knew how to get ahead. Balbirer’s piece was, in her words, "mainly about betrayal and the weird compromises people make in pursuit of celebrity."Since Feb. 23, Balbirer has been besieged by running-dog lackeys of the yellow press. Misquotes abounded. Nasty things were said in chat rooms about what a bitch Nancy was for telling such awful tales about "Jane," which were obviously the result of jealousy and opportunism. Since Balbirer refused to defend herself in the shark pool of tabloid reportage, we felt compelled to kidnap her Wednesday night and force her to speak on her own behalf.How close were you to "Jane"?We were very close friends for about 18 months. She was poor and working as a waitress, so I let her live with me rent-free for about five months. We had a Wednesday night poker club with a bunch of girls, and played for pennies. We had T-shirts made that said "Pussy Poker" with a disco vagina decal. She was fun. I really cared about her. She bought me my first thong.You feel wronged by the tabloids. What was it you were actually trying to say with your "Jane" piece?In her own way, Jane was trying to help me. When I was at NYU, [playwright and film director] David Mamet told me that I should be "an artist," "speak the text," not sell out to "commercial horseshit," etc. "Jane" told me that in order to break into acting, I had to be likable, fuckable, have straight, blow-dried hair, and pert nipples. On a certain level she was more brilliant than Mamet, because she actually had solutions.What really pisses me off is that this is my actual life experience, and somehow I’m not allowed to talk about this without people calling me "opportunistic." I could have sold my story to [the National Enquirer's] Mike Walker or the Globe or something, but I just told a story about "Jane" for a benefit for 826 NYC — a nonprofit that teaches kids to write, and to not be afraid to share their stories.What about "Jane’s" alleged nose jobs?I always told her not to get a nose job. She had a long, gorgeous nose with a bump in it. She used to shade and contour, and very well. She was great with makeup. When she first got to L.A., she told me her agent told her she didn’t get a part because of her nose — and that was all she needed to hear. After that, I remember Jane telling me that she got a discount nose job from her father’s plastic surgeon. She really felt like it solved a lot of things. And she did not stop working from the minute she got a nose job. She was off to the races.She gave you a lot of advice?She thought I was too angry, and had stupid ideas about being an "artist." I didn’t want her to alter herself so much, because I didn’t believe in it. However, she was right: Nobody is ever beautiful enough in Hollywood. She had amazing girl tricks — like electrolysis for the hairline, and icing her nipples before auditions. She told me to put chicken cutlets in my bra. She was a real girl. I was very uncomfortable with that shit.What about the TV gig she allegedly got you axed from?A producer friend of mine knew the producers of her show, and he told me that he had been told that she had gotten me fired. He told me that Jane had told her producers she wouldn’t work with me. It was really fishy — I was hired at 6 p.m. and by 10 p.m. I was fired — so why did they pay me for two whole weeks if they didn’t use me at all? I didn’t suspect Jane’s interference until my friend told me that story. I didn’t even think it was weird that she didn’t call me back. But after I heard that she had me canned, I completely fell apart. I was totally devastated. I lost it. And I never heard from her again.Why do you think she dumped you as a friend? Is it because she perceived you as desperate?I guess we weren’t as good friends as I thought. To this day, I really don’t know exactly why. I felt very close to her, and I felt very hurt and betrayed when she never called me again. I thought maybe I reminded her too much of her pre-successful self.So what are you hoping to gain from this absurd experience?I thought it was a sad story, and most people who were in the audience (at Joe’s) that night got that. I wish people paid more attention to the deeper autobiographical stuff and the larger cultural issues I addressed, but I realize it is pie in the sky trying to get anyone interested in anything besides who Jane really was — and her nose job and her nipples. But hey, if I can’t have a relevant cultural dialogue, well, a callback would be nice. It has been 11 years.

  • whatever

    She has beautiful eyes.

  • piyutra

    Anon, you such a hypocrite! LOL ; P

  • arnold

    Thank for the link Mephy. It doesn’t matter if Ange wears black or white, she is still attending the funeral of her father. That is why she is so sad looking all the time and has to act like a man with tattoos, blood vials, lesbianism and voodoo.

  • Anon

    Anon, it’s mainly one person trolling. You can tell by the length, style & tone of the posts.

  • Get Real

    Anon, you are delusional . please do not think that the entire world is centered on pity for JA. Hint.. look at the box office numbers for BA and compare that to JA.. that’s 485 million to 30 million. Even halfing it ..243 million ea ..that way exceed . That’s how many fans BA have globally. get real.

  • Get Real

    I disagree with what I said. Point made.

  • Get Real

    I disagree with Get Real but I am not the same as him or her. In fact I can say as many things as I want under a variety of names. Get Really Real.

  • Really Too Real

    who knows the difference how many times I write, Get real ? is this really real ?

  • anon

    Get Real, What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t say Jennifer had more fans, To put it in simple terms, you people on here are mean and I don’t think Brad or Angelina would be impressed.

  • Get Real

    I disagree. Not every poster is a troll but the fact is that it is happening here. GET REAL.

  • anon

    anon, get real

  • dude

    I agree with Get Real.

  • dude

    I agree with anon