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Survivor For Cod's Sake

Survivor For Cod's Sake

TRIBE BITES DOG :: Casaya bounces Bobby :: As Suvivor: Panama — Exile Island steams ahead, Casaya’s winning streak is brought to an end as they vote out the controversial Bobby Mason (AKA Bob Dog) , the 32-year-old attorney from Los Angeles, California. Bobby‘s unpopularity with the tribe’s women, along with the tribe’s perception that he might flop after the merge, seals his fate in an erratic 3-2-1-1 split decision. In the end, a shocked and stunned Bobby can’t help but utter a few choice words for his former tribemates: "People in Casaya were bonded together out of weakness, out of desperation. Courtney, Danielle, and Shane–spineless little twerps all of them–just being around them made me want to throw up."

I have one dire question in need of answering.  Why did La Mina choose beans over rice?  Um, hello?  I understand beans make you feel fuller longer but no wonder they were keeling over. BEANS MAKE YOU GASSY. And just because it seems appropriate — "Beans, beans, are good for your heart.  The more you eat, the more you fart." ArASS would have appreciated the beans, no?  More pictures in the gallery and Survivor: Panama Insider Episode 5 transcription after the jump.


CIRIE: ("Bobbie") Strictly strategic. Sorry. We can be friends after.

BRUCE: This is not to vote you out, Courtney, but this vote here is to help keep in check and make a playing even field for all the other ladies. You seem to challenge everything you ask me all the time – it’s irritating. But I’ve grown to like you more, but this is probably not – you’re not going to be voted out tonight, but this is just a reminder. I hope you have more respect for me, because I’m enjoying to like you more.

BOBBY: Bruce, you know we get down, dawg. I’d drink that wine with you every time. Forget them. I couldn’t tell them the real reason why I drank it was cause I have no respect for any of them. I drank it cause I didn’t want them to (?) and of course they didn’t. They (?) When we get back to LA, steak, seafood, whiskey and a ballgame on Bob Dawg. You know this didn’t come from me. You know who did this. Bob.

SHANE: (ARAS) This is a throwaway vote because I’m not allowed to vote…(laughs) It’s confusing, but it doesn’t mean anything. I’m trying to make my vote go away.

COURTNEY: (BOBBY) Hey, I think you’re a great brother, and I wish you the best, but this is purely strategic to protect myself.

ARAS: Bruce, I just didn’t think I could trust you.

DANIELLE: Bobby, you let yourself…you’re just too egotistical, and you’re selfish. You just need to learn how to communicate better with people, and open up.


Terry has found the hidden Immunity Idol, but none of his tribemates know that, and he’s not planning to tell. Find out where he’s hiding the little fella.

TERRY (solo, sitting on the rocks at the beach):

"While I was on Exile Island, I found the immunity idol. I have it now in my possession. It’s flattened out and tucked away in my blue cargo pants, the ones I sleep in, so hopefully no one’s touching me in my sleep. They don’t know I have it. I gave them all the clues that were over there, and told them I couldn’t figure out the first clue, which was Jeff’s narrative, which ends, ‘I’ve already given you the first clue.’


And anyways, I’ve told them all the clues, and I’m keeping the idol hidden. It’s my little ace in the hole. I do not believe I will need it here. I will use it – I will have to use it most likely after the merge, and again my optimistic goal is to not have to use it at all.


I’ll keep the immunity idol tucked away right here (pats leg) in my blue cargo pants pocket. Nobody’s gonna be searching through my stuff. Nobody does that around here. If they do, there’s gonna be a big heap of trouble. You want half a can of whoop-ass, or the whole thing? (laughs) Don’t touch my stuff. So I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.


Nobody has directly asked me, ‘Did you find the immunity idol’, so I have not had to lie about it. If I am asked that question, I will give them the old standard that I can neither confirm nor deny that I have the idol, but I told you all the clues that I know, and that’s where it’s gonna stand. If you wanna guess I have it, fine; if you don’t wanna guess I have it, that’s fine too."


Bob Dog, the better for a bit of wine, sounds off about how cool his tribe is. What Bobby doesn’t know is that they’ll vote him off at the very next Tribal Council.

BOBBY (solo): After we won the reward challenge, as soon as we touched down on the island back at camp, someone decided to break out a bottle of wine. I was hitting my poses in the middle of celebration, and I said, "Yeah, West Wise Casaya Gangsta Tribe, woo woo", cause I’m from LA and we have a tendency to do that. Assign fantabulous names to things that aren’t fantabulous. I think Courtney dug the way it sounded, so I might officially dub our team the Westside Casaya Gangsta Tribe.

(nightvision of Casaya laughing, drinking wine, Courtney mimics Bobby’s arm poses)

BOBBY (to tribe): Eastside, westside, nationwide, we’re riding-ass, Casaya Gangsta Tribe. On 3, we’ll give a big, ‘woo woo.’ 1, 2, 3…

(everyone goes, "WOO WOO")

BOBBY: Let’s go do some more drinking.

CIRIE: We’ve been drinking.


Bobby’s Final Words

Immediately after getting snuffed by Jeff Probst, Bobby got straight to the point: he’s very unhappy about having been voted out. Very, very unhappy.

Grama’s note: There’s no video pic at all. I get audio but, like JB, it cuts off early. But I thought his comments about Aras were interesting.

Bobby: I could have played it differently but the truth was, I couldn’t stomach some of these jokers. I couldn’t force myself to play nice and play friendly with people that I have absolutely no respect for. I mean, I would break these fools in half in the real world and faking it out here was just something that I couldn’t do. Aras is not included in that, Aras is a standup guy. Like, that’s my dog. We came from Viveros together. We didn’t have a hardcore pact but he promised to watch my back and he did everything he could. He rode out for me today. But the rest of those jokers – the three girls – Courtney, Danielle and Shane – spineless little twirps all of them. Just being around them made me want to throw up, and I didn’t have any food to throw up. I’m still looking for stuff to vomit every time I get around them…Clip cuts off

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