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The Sparrow Movie

The Sparrow Movie

Warner Bros. Pictures has acquired the rights to sci-fi book The Sparrow for Brad Pitt‘s Plan B and Industry Entertainment to produce. Pitt has a longtime interest in the project, a potential starring vehicle for him. The story revolves around a Jesuit priest who accompanies a crew of space travelers to a distant planet after Earth receives its first communication from an alien culture. The clergyman and crew befriend one of the planet’s two races, unwittingly provoking a bloody war and shaking the foundations of the priest’s faith.

Paris, France :: Angelina Jolie, 30, left her family — Brad Pitt, 42, son Maddox, 4, and Zahara, 1 — back at their rented apartment this morning while she attended to some business. Angelina was accompanied by her assistant Holly to an unknown destination. Like Brad‘s personalized MV Agusta motorcycle jacket?  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Tandem

    Angie looks like she’s saying"I gotta say, Holly – you have to admire the dedication of these photogs!"

  • Estelle

    Thank you, thank you JJ for the rainy friday fix of BAMZ, well, minus MZ…:))

  • Thomas

    Hello i live in PARIS in FRANCE and the next week we have bad weather (0°c) so why are they not wearing big cloats ? maby it is so old photos ?

  • Dee

    Thank you JJ for my daily BAMZ+1 pic.They look pretty good… :)BAMZ+1 RULES

  • DH

    I can’t believe Angie is still so beautiful and sexy! Usually, your look changes a little bit when you’re preganent (I know it myself). BAMZ+1 rocks.

  • Team Jolie-Pitt

    Does anybody know details on her purse? I think it is a Louis Vuitton but I can’t tell which one it is. Anybody know the name?

  • sara

    brad pitt images date is …. 21-02-06……

  • Lori

    I was wondering the exact thing Team Jolie-Pitt. I don’t think it’s a Louis because of the tag on the front. I do know the she has the Louis Vuitton Cabas Mezzo tote because I have the smaller Cabas Piano.


    Thanks Jared. Love the pics as always. The brad pics are old as a prev. posted stated. Its from feb. Unless he went twice and you are posting those to make up for not having the new set. Any picture of these two is great. No complaints from me :D

  • KAS

    Thanks JJ for the pics! Angie looks like she’s glowing! Luv the BAMZ+1 crew!

  • joy

    she’s so beautiful…even without makeup and the same style of hair and clothes….and brad….man that man is handsome…unlike before (pretty boy) now he’s a woman’s man!!can anyone tell me the truth,,,isn’t it her assistant, holly is much much prettier than the one "you-know-who???"…the chin :) :) even with just ordinary get up, holly is better looking than…angie does not feel insecure to be friends with another beauty….coz she is still the most beautiful and sexiest chickie babe on this planet as far as i am concern!!

  • Rose

    Brad’s not going to any local recording..he’s on his way to meet me….ha ha ha..:)

  • Kept in Cages

    they look so good. oh, angie i love you! ps. yes that is LV. i have to say i think its so cute that they both wear the same shoes in every pic i’ve seen of them lately (scuffed black boots). angie also always has that LV bag. though its slightly annoying how they ALWAYS WEAR BLACK.

  • minime

    When do we get to see Bradd Pitt pissin and Angelina Jolie scratchin her butt? gheesh

  • minime

    Oh I cant wait to see Brad rubbin her belly while scartchin his butt

  • j4r3d

    Thanks sara and Holly! I updated the post –

  • lookwhaticando

    Thanks yet again, for great pictures. Angie looks wonderful…

  • minime

    Good night, I will be back later to see how many people get pissed off from my comment. I sure do hope they get that pic a Brad deliverin Angies baby on the sidewalk. Sweet Dreams

  • jpf

    One thing I notice whenever I read the caption supplied is that like Reese Witherspoon, and Ryan Phillpe, it’s rare that one of them is not with the kids most of the time. That’s nice.jpf

  • lola

    Thank jared for the pix. Always need to get my Brangelina fix.

  • aaa

    brad pics date is from yesterday March 2 06 when he was riding his ducati bike..

  • Billy Brat Thornton

    She looks a lot like her dad here. Although it is sometimes hard to pinpoint who Angelina looks like – sometimes her mom sometimes her dad. But you would not think the pairing of her parents would produce her and her brother. She just looks different than her parents, I think.Strangely enough, I think she and her daughter look alike. I really think so – the eyes and lips are similar.

  • jpf

    Forgot to say how much Angelina reminds me of a cross between the late great Jackie O, and the late great Audrey Hepburn. No, she doesn’t look just like them, but evokes the memory two women I have admired since I was a kid for a variety of reasons.jpf

  • aaa

    sara… haha eat my dust!

  • Dudette

    That bag is not Louis Vuitton. I think it’s some no name French brand.

  • enough already

    Who cares about these two? Get over them already. Geez… I look at this site for all CELEBS.. not just these two timers. I am not a HATER!! I am just sick of seeing them. CONGRATULATIONS that they take there kids to the park!!! JOIN THE CLUB OF HAVING,LOVING, AND BEING A PARENT!!! They should get a medal… and all us "REAL WORLD" parents should just be in awe of these two. YEAH RIGHT!!! Please don’t say I am a hater!!! You people write about these two like you are on their payroll..

  • aaa

    B=beautiful r= REALa=awsomed=divinesara eat my dust again…


    AAA love you post

  • yo

    angie looks so beautibul and brad looks sexy!BAMZ THE BEST I LOVE BRANGELINA.

  • tita

    To enough already: you just can’t help but be at every posting for the couple you despise the most?What does that make you? We are here because we like them. You just can’t stand it that they get so much accolades. Well, bully for you! Go away then!

  • jade

    she does remind me of audrey hepburn and jackie O. She has that classic, elegant quality…

  • Bonny

    is it me or i cannot read the font u use..its soo small! its not readable at all! i tried to change it! and ive never had probs with it before….! but this site is the only! sorry! can u help me with it? huge fan!

  • js

    Angie looks great! No, you cannot tell that she is pregnant, she carries herself with such elegance, no matter what she wears, even in jeans. It’s so true, she does remind me also of Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, two women who were always the epitome of elegance. Thanks for the pix Jared! BAMZ+1 all the way!!!!!

  • ILoveGossip

    She looks good as alwaysThis is the first time all week that she doesn’t look pissed @ the paps

  • lou

    Angelina looks beautiful.She is so lucky all of her weight is in her stomach.All women should be so lucky.

  • sue

    Angelina is very pretty … but PLEEEEASE do not compare her to Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O. These were CLASSY women. Angelina was (and may still be…) a phsycho, slut and still is a whore.

  • jpf

    enough already | March 3, 2006 04:42 PM If I may ask, but isn’t free will at work when choosing to click on the button that says "more here" ? Clicking on it "by choice" leads one to an area with even more pictures of the subject, and where once again a choice can be made to either post, or not post? Am I missing the point of your rant? I’m asking an honest question, and not looking for anything other than an understanding of why you’re bothered with something you DO have a choice about.jpf

  • jpf

    sue | March 3, 2006 05:36 PM Sue, I respond only to inform you that I can compare whoever I want to whomever I want, and if you have an issue with it, well I guess that’s just something YOU’LL have to live with, not me.jpfjpf

  • mina

    its amazing you feel for angelina so much.i have seen some of her interviews and ive got to say, now dont kill me, she seems two faced.sorry, not a hater, not a chin lover….just me

  • lou

    Sue,who are you to call someone a whore?We do not know who Angie has sleep with.I think you should stop reading tabloids.I just kills me how some of you people post this crap,and since you want to call someone phsycho ,you are the one who looks phsycho.

  • Estelle

    Bonny, click View ( top left of your screen, (file, Edit, View) and try to change the text sizemina…you are right AJ does have 2 faces: beautiful sexy actress and beautiful sexy mom…I receive my people mag. today, they have a beautiful article about family survival and the millenium villages project that AJ support….I am very impress….but, it’s this one of people’s plot to get exclusive on BP and AJ new baby? or wedding?…;)))…nancy, where are you girl friend, we need confirmation.

  • lou

    Mina,please stop writing I am not a chin lover…just me.Because you are,I have read your past posts and understand why people get irritated with you sometimes.Just be honest.

  • mina

    lou,i hear you, but you should speak for youself. besides what you say, i dont care.if people get irritated, i dont see it. my standpoint is not fixed and i choose to inform seem to have just one opinion and thats seems quite irritating to me. i know what i am asking and i am not playing any game in here.if you dont like my posts, dont read and answer them.its just that simple.and to mae things clear, you seem to be very allergic to any opinions other than yours.thats my very honest opinion, lou.

  • mina

    one thing to add, life is a bitch. opinions are everywhere.if you treat people outside jj like you treat people in here with different opinions, you need to change your attitude.

  • African Girl

    Mina I just read some of your post from the other bamz topics and i have to say that you really do not mean all the things your write. Come on, deep down you know you love them….I mean come on, anytime there is a pix of them, BAM, there you are but you see, you don’t want to like that and that’s why you post such negative remarks to assure yourself more than anyone else that you don’t like them.Mina, Sweetie, there is nothing wrong with liking them, you can admit it, we are here for you okay. Come on, I’ll even help you. Repeat after me "My name is MINA and I like…no I love BAMZ"Now tell me you don’t feel better already? Is this effortless love better than the forced hate?Everyone, please let’s all welcome MINA, you see she really likes BAMZ but she just didn’t want to show it. Mina, I am sure you will sleep better tonight. That was a heavy burden you had on you. Pretending hate when what you really feel is LOVE FOR BAMZ.Thanks JJ,. Nice Pix.

  • lou

    Yes Mina I have one opinion,and I am fair with my opinion.You don’t see me making remarks about Jen like she’s two faced,she should have worked harder on her marriage etc.I am very fair to her and I wish her the best in life.That’s the difference between you and I.

  • mina

    youare fair until someone doesnt feel it is fair.i dont get it, why i cant speak my impression about ang without getting beaten up by your remarks? saying someone is two faced is a simple statement to me.if you dont understand what i mean, just ask me.that we are different, that i know. and there is no problem with that.i finish the discussion and link again into something worth answering.

  • lou

    Mina, let’s just drop this,it’s pointless.

  • Just Looking

    You do realize the pictures you love makes them miserable and is a terrible invasion of their privacy. It’s one thing to want to see them in a movie , on a set filming a movie, or all glammed up for a movie premiere or on the red carpet for an awards ceremony. But to need to see them doing everyday life stuff all of the time is just kind of weird.

  • jpf

    Just Looking | March 3, 2006 06:57 PM You find it weird that people look at their pictures, but I find it a little weird that someone takes time out of their day to go to a site to admonish others ¨for being there¨.jpf