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Oscars Gift Bag 2006

Oscars Gift Bag 2006
  • For the third year in a row, the bag is weighted down with an amazing Canadian travel package: stays at the Opus Hotel in Vancouver and the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, dinner at five restaurants (Elixir, West, Coast, Pointe, Shelter), yoga sessions, spa treatments, kayaking in Clayoquot Sound, a scenic flight to a remote lake, and always my personal favorite: two Oxia Oxygen Personal Canisters 
  • Gaiam Gift Certificate ($500)
  • Signature Days Gift Certificate ($500) "Experiences range from kite-boarding and a ride on an America’s Cup Sailboat to spa treatments, yoga, personal chefs and private dance lessons." 
  • Krups XP4050 Premium Pump Espresso Machine and illy’s Limited Edition Pistoletto Foundation Espresso Cup Collection (Value: $600) 
  • Vonage, The VTech Expandable Broadband Phone System. (Value: $550) 
  • Two Night Stay in a Suite at The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel in New York (Value: $2,300) 
  • Frette cashmere leather trimmed Voyage travel blanket (Value: $1,495) 
  • Firefly mobile phone for kids 
  • The Cheese Impresario at-home artisanal cheese experience for six. These events celebrate fine American artisanal cheeses and wines. The gift certificates are hand-printed on an antique letterpress from the early 1800’s on fine Italian paper. 
  • Moonstruck Chocolates: Twelve truffles within a custom hand-crafted Thai silk and teak wood box. (Value: $100+) This is the second year in the bag for this Portland, OR chocolatier. 
  • The Loved Dog: Personal Training gift card, 3-night stay at Doggie Daycare, and a Luxury Dog Bed. Tamar Geller, a renowned life-coach for dogs and their people, will introduce dogs and their companions to her innovative methods for creating a better relationship. 
  • Tara & Sons pearl and diamond necklace 
  • Mr. Handyman gift certificate for one day of service 
  • Four-night stay in the Vera Wang Suite at Halekulani Hotel, Waikiki Beach, a signature treatment at the famed SpaHalekulani, dinner for two at La Mer at Halekulani 
  • Cornelia Day Resort "Unlimited Card" (worth $2,500), includes a $500 facial, massages, a whole range of beauty products and an entire day of beauty treatments 
  • Dinner party in Morton’s Private Boardroom at any of their 69 restaurants (Value: $1500) (this item is a constant in the bag) 
  • Kay Unger vintage silk kimono ($500) 
  • year’s supply of Manni olive oil 
  • two nights (plus surfing lessons) at St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach, CA ($5,700) 
  • two nights (plus wine tasting) at Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley, CA ($2,500) 
  • three nights at one of five Fairmont Hotel & Resorts ($2500) 
  • A BRUGO Travel Mug (featuring the Perfect Temperature Zone)
  • Victoria’s Secret’s prize to the best actress nominees this year is a bra and panty set with a removable gold and diamond brooch.
  • Kodak and Kwiat Diamonds have created EasyShare V570 cameras with the best actress nominees’ initials in 75 brilliant-cut diamonds (valued at $20,000).
  • Motorola is handling out a special edition gunmetal PEBL phone in a custom gift box to directing and acting nominees.
  • M&M’S Candies is presenting nominees with personalized M&Ms with their names and words of congratulations printed on each M.
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  • lola

    Is this really true??? Could then somebody explain me what so a wonderful work have this people done that apart from gaining million of dollars they receive such a bag??? I don’t get it…, have they brought peace to our world or maybe find a cure to cancer or some of the deadliest diseases??I just want to know if I’m the ONLY one who feels sick knowing that children die of hunger everyday but this Hollywood stars get so much for doing nothing…

  • whispyroze

    Totally agree with you, lola.Not only do they get paid a hideious amount of money to act, they get this as well.What are these people doing that is so special to warrant all of this?

  • cv

    I completely agree, I’ve thought the same ever since I heard that the stars got these gift bags. The companies should take their product, or that money, and donate it to one of many worth while charities, or shelters, or buy a bunch of clothing, food, etc. for those less fortunate, in the US or abroad. It really makes me sick. Even still, the stars could take all of this stuff and GIVE IT AWAY to those who can’t afford it. Give that Canadian travel package to a single mother or a single father who could never dream to be able to take their kids on a vacation. Etc. Oh well, such is life.When you think about it, the stars are really not to blame. Of course they could refuse the gift. The companies donate this stuff for the stars to get their name out there. It is all about advertising.

  • selma

    i wanna be an actress..

  • Elsa
  • Monica

    The one group of people who can probably afford to buy anything they want, are the ones who have people constantly sending them free shit….Its crazy.

  • Dan

    Well, at least we can imagine the taxes they have to pay, if the value is over a hundred grand, as has been reported.

  • Cameron

    Not all nominees and winners are loaded, there are alot of independant filmmakers around who deserve recognition and a little gift bag.But those greedy money scabbing hollywoods should back off and leave the goodies for those who deserve it.

  • lola

    IS there nothing that could be done against it?I mean, what i dont totally understand is that a lot of people see it as normal and I end up looking like the freak hehehe because for me it is NOT normal that somebody just for working 3 months in a set and in a fictitious story (and setting everything in fire) get 20 million!!! IS this really normal? Is this really normal that we live in a world where people accept this as NORMAL without even thinking how sick it is… I have nothing against hollywood stars (although I do believe that actors in europe lead a much normal live and that hollywood actors are too much respected for what they really deserve) but i have the same complaint to football stars or basektball… Still don’t get it how throwing a ball to the net makes you a millionaireOk.. just to round up i think that people should be aware of what is happening and not eat everything that live brings but standing up sometimes and saying their opinions

  • Monica

    I agree they shouldn’t get paid that much. Celebs are probably the least need group of ppl out there. It’s pretty much everyone else that makes the world go round. I bet most of them couldn’t even survive without the team of people they have working for them.It’s kind of ridiculous. You can go out and play a doctor or w/e on TV or in a movie and make millions of dollars, while real doctors (who actually save lives or w/e on a daily basis) probably won’t make half that in their lifetime.

  • rachel

    i think it’s ridiculous that these celebs are given such pricey gifts that they obviously do not need at all. all of it just for attending n awards ceremony. they have already been paid so much, it doesn’t make sense to give them all of these stuff. it’s not fair.

  • marie

    This country is still at war and our people are getting blown up every day. I think they should tone it down for these award shows. To me it’s disrespectful to our men and women in Iraq. Who cares what designer dress they’re wearing and how many expensive gifts they’re showered with. They are pampered from head to toe and catered to in every way. I too think it’s a bit much. They’re not better than anyone else just because they’re celebrities. They should either donate the bags or the proceeds of them to charities. It’s unreal how some people go to bed hungry and these people are lavishly showered with material things they don’t even need, and they can easily afford to buy themselves

  • micki

    I don’t think there’s any point in us (normal people) getting that bitter. These packages and items aren’t worth their big price tag anyways, we can get as much joy and happiness bringing our family to the park or going out with our friends and spend WAAAAY less money. In fact, we’re kind of lucky we don’t have to live in a spotlight and we can teach our children to be more down to earth and realistic and not expect things to be handed to them – to understand the value of things and of life! This is just part of the movie stars exaggerated and extreme lifestyle I suppose, but they can get so used to expecting things to be so high-class and wonderful that they lose the ability to enjoy simples pleasures like we do. Their lives aren’t really that great just because they’re rich. Of course, we can only hope that people who are blessed with wealth will give generously to good causes, but it’s true that they do have to pay a lot of taxes which helps the economy and schools, the government, etc. But yeah, I can see why this is a bit twisted…