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Shaun White Kirsten Dunst

Shaun White Kirsten Dunst

Hollywood, California :: Last night at the Chateau Marmont, held an event to rally up support to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. Actors aplenty turned up for the event including Lindsay Lohan, Matthew McConaughey, his girlfriend Penélope Cruz, Kate Bosworth, Keira Knightley, Heath Ledger, his live-in lover Michelle Williams, Ellen Degeneres, her partner Portia de Rossi,Salma Hayek and Adrien Brody. Everyone enjoyed a performance by the children from The African Children’s Choir.  Everyone’s pictures in the gallery!

QUESTION — Which two redheads showed up together acting a bit too friendly for comfort at the ONE event?  Here are some hints if you need them.  Boy hint: Tomato. Girl hint: Vampire. Eeeeewwwww.  Find out after the jump!


Shaun White  + Kirsten Dunst

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  • l

    Love Kate B’s dress, nice change from all the black dresses surrounding her!

  • Oscar Joke

    I guess Aniston was too busy doing her nails to attend.

  • eddiewifey

    Why would Anniston be there? Ridiculous. She is not faking she suddenly has an interest. Do you see Reese Witherspoon there whom I truly adore? No, she doesn’t fake interest either. It looks like Kate Bosworth has gained weight. Too bad her better half did not attend.P.S. Jared. I know we fuel the fire by responding but the inane Brangelina or BAMZ+1 versus Jennifer posts are ruining alot of topics.

  • Whispyroze

    The only time I have EVER seen Aniston doing anything other then herself is with Oprah, part of her pity party thing.Thats all I will post on her as she is not worth anything.Reese does donate, different catagory.Glad to see more people coming out and helping, very refreshing!!!

  • Bono

    Love that orange dress Kate is wearing. WHo is the designer andwhere can I get one? Wow! Great to see everyone giving. Why is mathew dressed like that? Shabby. But he is cute.Aniston is a moron – of course she would not be there unless she would of been able to promote one of her films.Lindsay Lohan looks great. Slam and Penelope – gorgeous! Only Angelina is missing and we know why :) Preggers!

  • heathbaby

    Correction: Heath hasn’t married that skank yet and hopefully won’t.

  • janet/junglegirljlt

    Thanks for the pics of Matthew and Penelope!

  • Good for

    I am happy this organiztion that I have been supporting for awhile now is gaining momentum and support. It doesn’t matter who, it’s just nice to know these events are happening. It’s a great organization and well it is another baby of Brads so it doesn’t surprise anyone that Jennifer wouldn’t show up does it? If she did it would just support him and ruin her image to bad she can’t show some solidarity. it would have been a good way to stop the slashing going on with her fans.Heath & his significant other are awesome..aas are the rest of the pic. Thanks JJ.

  • Ron

    i will always love keira knightley and teri hatcher! love the pics =))

  • JINX

    sorry. gotta have a man moment.kate bosworth and all her bobble head glory… ::drool::and a sidenote: fuck, celebrities are fake. jesus…

  • l

    didn’t notice the pics of Kirsten and that guy till now, what a downgrade from Jake, but at least now she’s dating someone who’s on a more appropriate level to her eww factor.

  • mina

    beautiful couple penelope and mathew.they look good and happy togehter.

  • lollypop head

    LOL Aww you don’t like KD do you jared? She was never my fav. either. But she cleans up nice. Great to see the people out there for and their campaign. I rather see these people there then in some over hyped nightclub in L.A. drinking the night away. :D

  • MPG

    WFT is Boswhore doing there? that bimbo doesnt even know where Africa IS!! the dress is hideous and has anyone ever told her what a BRA is and why weraing one is a good idea?

  • Mack Attack

    Don’t talk about aniston because we all know when you do you represent haters. I respect Aniston and she may help other organization. If I was her I wouldn’t join one my ex-husband and his tramp joined.

  • I hate Little Miss Pitty Me

    Get a clue please. Mack Attack. Lets recap please:Jennifer Aniston’s life:Fucking her boyfriend on a balconyGetting drunk and high-sometimes while naked on her lawm-ewwwwwwGambling all hours of the nightFugly BoyfriendTanning herself naked-again EWWWWWNo purpose in her life but making money and pitty talkBitter face and attitudeStuck up friends with no real job or talentLiarYeah, Aniston all the way (yawn)

  • Mack Attack

    I hate little pity me whatever. You could actually support a dick head whocheats on his wife with a co-star. You know what you need to stop believing those tabloid rumors and face facts Brad is a dick, and Angelinas a whore and those are the facts. At least Jen has some class unlike some people. Hint hint Angelina. You guys are pathetic you could actually support a man who cheats. Get a life. But you know what when you go through that same thing she did. You will know exactly how it feel. So wake up and check yourself.

  • Joy

    Hmm…I wouldn’t call what’s her name "classy."Hotel Room Romping on the top of the balcony for eveybody to see, That is NOT classy!This one tops everything in my book. Vince got pulled over by a COP in the suspicion of driving under the influence. (alcohol) He didn’t got cited because of in Scottsdale Arizona it’s 0.08 for somebody to get cited. Now…my point is Jennifer is with him that night, knowing that she knew him driving under the influence also has to say about her integrity. Being Buzzed while driving is still putting people lives at RISKS no matter what people say whether he got cited or not. My point is Jennifer didn’t care.

  • Mack Attack

    I see we got more haters. But one thing is true she ain’t no man stealer. And another thingIf she did do him on the balcony I say go girl. Give it to him good. I know she is having fun and enjoying life not crying over dick head Brad. But when I say class I meant not one bad word came out her mouth about Brad after what he did to her.And at least she is being free and having fun and ain’t being fake like Angelina. But you know whats gonna happen Brad and Ang won’t even last that long. Go Jen!

  • Summoner

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! IHLMPM and Mack Attack, you guys just have to get Brad, Angie and Jen to drop by and say hi to us! Don’t try to backtrack! It’s so obvious by the way you guys speak of those three that you’re, like, thisclose to them. This is so cool! It’s like six-degrees of separation! Suhweet! Being serious now, get a grip. You don’t know these people or what they really go through. By commenting on a situation you truly know nothing about, you both just end up looking foolish and a bit nutty. Put some of that zeal into bettering yourselves and others.

  • Joy

    A man is not a POSSESSION!She didn’t bad mouth Brad? Yeah, she just let her friends do the dirty talking right? By the way, nothing lasts forever in this world. But I’ll tell you, that they will forever be BIND because of the children. It’s up to them to work on their relationship. So don’t worry, but for the meantime, I wish them JOY!Btw, I don’t “hate” Jennifer, Obviously I am not a fan of her. I just don’t like how she played out her game the “victim.”

  • Mack Attack

    She never played the victim sweetie. Get the facts right. She moved on and she’s happy enough said. A man isn’t your right but no one has the right to do that to anyone. Yes they will be bind by the children but you know what when two people break up that will hurt the children. They are both Unstable people who can’t commit or stay committed. But for the children sake I hope they do. Whatever her friends said she is not responsible for it. It’s her friend opinion not hers. Jen never said one bad thing about him.But at least she was honest unlike Brad. Trust me on this you won’t feel the same way if your husband left you. You won’t be saying the things your saying now and thats a fact.

  • jade

    Man, I never seen Aniston do any charity work at all, all she can do is raid the goodie bag.

  • Luvlygirl

    I agree with Mack Attack. The media portrayed her as victim she never played one. I respect Jen too. But I just got one thing some of you sound like you believe everything the media feeds you. We really don’t know who is telling the truth but it seems to me that Jen is. That is my opinion.Brad is bad.

  • Good Girl

    JKust because you don’t see her doesn’t mean she doesn’t. she doesn’t have to broadcast it like other celebrities. Why don’t Jade join some charity. Because I don’t see her doing anything.

  • Joy

    "Sweetie" Yes, She certainly did!

  • Butterfly

    Joy has nothing better to do but watch Jen.Get a life sweetie. Jen never played the victim because all she wanted to do was run from Brad and the media. Jen wanted to move on and she has. I’m proud of her. Go girl. Mack Attack you are right. 100% I am with you. Joy how old are you?


    Luvlygirl what the HELL are you talking about?"We really don’t know who is telling the truth but it seems to me that Jen is. That is my opinion. Brad is bad."They are BOTH saying the SAME thing!Brad said he didn’t cheat ANDJennifer said she doesn’t think he cheated (in her Vanity Fair interview.)So why is it a question of "who’s telling the truth" when they are BOTH saying there was NO AFFAIR.

  • Mack attack is WACK

    Mack Attack it’s obvious you’ve been cheated on & still have issues with that, that’s sad.But Jennifer Aniston has sais she doesn’t think Brad cheated, so why can’t YOU get that through your thick skull?

  • Canadian Chick

    Why is everyone talking about Brad & Angie & Jennifer when the pictures above aren’t even about them. Anyways I think Kate Bosworth looks like a bobble head in all the pictures :) She needs to eat something

  • ann c.

    I hate little miss pity….you have her pegged right. She is such a phoney. I am glad that someone else recognizes it.

  • Mack Attack

    I never was cheated on. Jen asked him if he did cheat he said no. She said she’ll take his word for it. So it doen’t mean that she doesn’t think he cheated. And Mack attack is never wack sweetie. she’s just too smart for you. But you guys I see will easily fall victim of a cheating man. You guys are so naive. That is so sad.

  • Chinnifer Brokeback

    I think they should drug test Aniston at the Oscars tonight. You know that bitch will be lit.Next topic: Its good to see the number of celebrities who support

  • mina

    number 33.jon the test.

  • Laura

    Why the hell does EVERYTHING these days have to turn into something with Aniston and Jolie?!?! For fuck’s sake, neither of them are even mentioned in the write-up! Note to crazy diehard psycho fans of either one – let it go!

  • bonnie

    wish ppl would keep off KD. how do u knowjake isnt 100% ok..he has his imperfections.!

  • bonnie

    wish ppl would keep off KD. how do u knowjake isnt 100% ok..he has his imperfections.!

  • sam

    kirsten + shaun white = vomit in my mouth and let it dribble down my chin