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Brad Angelina Berlin

Brad Angelina Berlin

Just yesterday, Brad, Angelina and the kids left their pad in Paris for Charles de Gaulle (SDG) International Airport, catching a quick flight to Berlin. Brad Pitt, 42, Angelina Jolie,  30, son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1, have been vacationing in Europe for the past month.  Sadly, they will be not making appearances at the Oscars tonight.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: More pictures added!

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brad angelina berlin01
brad angelina berlin02
brad angelina berlin03
brad angelina berlin04
brad angelina berlin05
brad angelina berlin06
brad angelina berlin07
brad angelina berlin08
brad angelina berlin09
brad angelina berlin10
brad angelina berlin11
brad angelina berlin12
brad angelina berlin13
brad angelina berlin14
brad angelina berlin15
brad angelina berlin16
brad angelina berlin17
brad angelina berlin18
brad angelina berlin19
brad angelina berlin20
brad angelina berlin21
brad angelina berlin22
brad angelina berlin23
brad angelina berlin24
brad angelina berlin25
brad angelina berlin26
brad angelina berlin27
brad angelina berlin28
brad angelina berlin29
brad angelina berlin30
brad angelina berlin31
brad angelina berlin32
brad angelina berlin33
brad angelina berlin34
brad angelina berlin35
brad angelina berlin36
brad angelina berlin37
brad angelina berlin38
brad angelina berlin39
brad angelina berlin40
brad angelina berlin41
brad angelina berlin42
brad angelina berlin43
brad angelina berlin44
brad angelina berlin45
brad angelina berlin46
brad angelina berlin47
brad angelina berlin48
brad angelina berlin49
brad angelina berlin50
brad angelina berlin51
brad angelina berlin52
brad angelina berlin53
brad angelina berlin54
brad angelina berlin55
brad angelina berlin56
brad angelina berlin57

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  • kendall

    They are hot! Wish they were at the Oscars.

  • African Girl

    Wow, Angie is so big. Is it me or is little Z begining to look like her mama?Oh, well this family looks really happy. Wish them luck and more happiness.Thnax JJ, Once again you have outdone yourself.

  • lou

    Thank you Jared for the pictures.They are such a beautiful famliy.Zahara is sleepy and looks so cute.Angelina is getting so big and still 2 months to go.Brad looks like he’s working out again,the sweater is clinging in all the right places.Well I’ve had my Bamz fix.

  • lou

    African girl,I was thinking the same thing,that Zahara is being to look like her mother.It’s the eyes and lips.Zahara is so beautiful just like her mother.

  • lou

    I meant begining instead of being.

  • barkie

    Those kids are gorgeous and the pic with Brad wearing just the gray sweater–hot!

  • Rhi

    When Angelina adopted Zahara I read where the woman handling the adoption even said at that time a that Z and Angelina looked a lot alike. I think she said Zahara had Angelina’s big beautiful eyes.

  • orianofla

    thanks again for the great pictures…brad is looking hot again :)

  • trullesand

    finally angelina gained some pounds…

  • Lola

    Thanks Jared for the pictures. Can’t get enough of this family. ;)

  • the tempest

    Aww, Zahara is super cute. Actually, they all look quite great; I wish I’d look like that when travelling.


    Angie is getting huge, i wonder what they are doing there, such a cute family, thanks for the pics JJ

  • MarieMJS

    OMG, I love this family :D They look so cute together, and they obviously dont CARE about whats going on around us, they just live their lives, thats great :DAngelina is gonna have twins!?!? LOOL!!

  • Tandem

    Jared – thanks for the numbering system for the posts…much easier to catch up where you left off!!

  • Joy

    Jared, Thank you so much! The pics are wonderful as usual. What are we going to do without you? BAMZ+! ROCKS!I noticed, that our comments has numbers COOL! Great idea JJ.

  • kitkatwoman


  • barkie

    I love them too! They are more fascinating just schlepping kids around than most of the people at the Oscars will be when they are all dolled up tonight.

  • joy

    It’s like this family is destined to be all together!!! Indeed, z’s eyes is like angie’s and she’s so comfortable leaning w/ braddy…very sleepy baby….i wish i am the one that braddy is carrying…dream on…if it happens braddy (on my dream) will look like clint eastwood…snap his back like an old tree!! :) :) sorry clint…i love you!!bamz+1 rocks!!

  • Iolee

    I love this family!!! Angie has got to be one of the most pregnant people I’ve ever seen. She is all belly and boobs! I know sex with the two of them is intense. I’ve had some of best orgasm pregnant!!! I am just soo damn happy for them. Thanks again for the hook ups Jared. I love your site!!!

  • exacty

    seems Angie and unborn baby (my guess boy – by the shape) are healthy. wonderful!!now if we could only suggest names… :-)

  • exactly

    that was me. #20

  • jjoy

    yep…looks like we have numbers now and i also notice that there is another poster name "Joy" so i am going to add j to my joy to have distinction….we have joy, we have fun, we are going to the sun…and bamz+1 conquer the world….my world….bamz+1 rocks!

  • lookwhaticando

    Great pictures, They are such a lucky family to be able to just go where ever they want, at any time. just a cool family. I wish them well

  • Joy

    hey exactly, about the name suggestions…get ready, set go! How about…for a male,Eric James Jolie Pitt? For a female, Marissa Nicole Jolie Pitt?

  • barkie

    Well, Brad wanted a family and he now has one gorgeous family. Good for him, he deserves it and he must be enjoying every second of this exciting time.

  • kerchy

    they just walk thorough the terminal like everyone else, no electric cart etc….brad does look hot in that sweater. looks like he’s been working out. angie is all belly and boobs. she’s looking great. i love seeing pix of brad holding zahara. you know she is a daddy’s girl. him becoming a dad, has just made him sexier!!!! Maddox, so cute…and you know their physical relationship, which is none of my bussines, is INTENSE!!! god jen, you screwed up big time!!!! how could you let this man get away? BAMZt 1 ROCKS. thanks jared for my daily "fix"!!!!!

  • Joy

    HI, jjoy!I’ve noticed that too, even on the other threads, we both have the same name, how cool. Anyway’s keep that LOVE for the BAMZ+1. Glad to see you posting here.

  • bbbb

    noo…it’s a girl – ang, please, don’t sue me!!!!!

  • barkie

    I agree he’s WAY sexier than he used to be; he looks like the responsible dad now, the HOT responsible dad. What a combination!

  • jpf

    Zahara is a DOLL!!! She’s so cool, and calm…just chilling, and Maddox seems such a well behaved young man. This family just fits with each other. They just fit perfectly, and it still blows my mind that Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie fell in love, and now I can’t imagine them not with each other. jpf

  • Alicia

    soooooo cute, brad and z’s matching hats!! such a sweet family, BAMZ+1 fuh-evah!!!

  • Told Ya So


  • Madison

    Could they be any more laid back and cool? I thought the same thing about Zahara and how she resembles Angie. Beautiful baby!! Brad is looking Hotter then ever and Maddox and A are always the cutest. A lot of LOVE here in this family. LOVE BAMZ+1. Can’t wait to see the new baby!

  • lou

    Kerchy,I found myself thinking the same thing.How could she let this Hot hunk of a man go.Being a daddy makes him even sexier.He’s handsome not pretty,So much more manly now.

  • kendall

    They were meant to do M&MS together and create this beautiful family. They were just waiting for each other all along.

  • Told Ya So


  • African Girl

    Okay, Bamz lovers I have to share something really BIG with you. Ever since my obsession with this family started, my sisters think i am weird, the oldest one (the only married one)…well is not really a hater but she is very close to. For instance, when ever she goes to the store and sees one of the gossip mags that proclaim fires and brimstones on the Jolie-Pitts, she buys it, just to come and tell me "oh look what they said about your new best friends" So you all can imagine how difficult it has been for me not being able to share all these nice pix with someone. Anyhoo, to cut a long story short (or is it too late?) after viewing these pix, I just had to share it with someone so i asked her gently to come look at something and she did. At first, when she saw the names, she was ready to go back but then she saw the pix and as she scrooled down, my sister smiled!!! My Jolie- Pitt hating, Marriage- is -a -Sacred -thing card holder of a sister smiled. And then she went awwwww. Suffice to say people we have a new member to the Joli-Pitt fan club (fanfare anyone?)See people (haters) you either have to be made of stone or just pretending hate, to see these nice pix and not have your heart melt away.See poel

  • Alicia

    who is Javv?

  • kendall

    Ew, Aniston troll can’t stand anyone being happy because she’s not.

  • lou

    I totally agree African girl.I think alot of the haters are upset because they see what a wonderful daddy Brad is and they think about what might have been.They will just have to get over it,because Braddy is in love and happy.

  • African Girl

    Alicia i was wondering the same thing but i think in a attempt to make up a cutesy name, An Aniston fan came up JAVV – Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn….hmmmmmmmmmmm. It doesn’t have the same nice ring as BAMZ though. But hey, an attempt nonethe less.

  • Chindonesia

    JAVV is J. Aniston and Vince Vaughn. You know, those two happy gamblers and boozers.Actually:BAMZ = Brad Angelina Maddox ZaharaVJINA = Vince Jen Ignore oNcoming Alcoholism

  • Leila

    Wow! Thanks JJ. This is a nice surprise. You don’t usually post new pictures on weekends. I love it. BAMZ + 1 all the way.

  • yo

    aww what a lovely family i love bamz brad looks so hot and angie beautiful as always..

  • jpf

    Forgot to say how darn handsome, masculine, "big daddy-esque", muy guapo, hunky, sexy, fine, gorgeous, man’s man, and beautiful Brad is looking. The man just walks a bit taller now. His chest is all out and proud (he’s filling out that sweater real nice) Out of the whole little band of merry Jolie-Pitts, even as a fan of AJ’s first, and knowing that she didn’t think she’d ever find "the one", I DO have to say that I feel get such a thrill watching BP. He finally got his family.jpf

  • sara

    they have gone to berlin because Brad has some more meetings with his architects planned( a casino in LV with george clooney)

  • sara

    Forgot to say how darn handsome, masculine, "big daddy-esque", muy guapo, hunky, sexy, fine, gorgeous, man’s man, and beautiful Brad is looking……………………brad has gone to the gymnasium!!

  • Di

    Thanks Jared! :)My gpoodness Angie is so lovely, the belly is so big! Little Z is chubby and I love seeing her in Daddy´s arms! Matching hats as well! Lol

  • Di

    Afrcan girl, I´m so glad that you managed a a conversion to BAMZ! Sometimes I wish I was not so alone in adoring this couple. I love seeing the pics, but unfortunately couldn´t get in in a brangelin fan forum. Do you guys know any? I love coming here, but can´t get enough time to read all the comments and haters do come here as well! :(

  • ell

    Wonderful pictures. Thanks JJNow I understand what "come to Daddy " is for.