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Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Los Angeles :: Actress Jennifer Aniston‘s Oscars arrival is one of the most anticipated events of tonight’s show. Aniston is rumored to arrive in her environmentally conscious fuel-hybrid car.  Can’t wait to see that one! Above is Jennifer Aniston, 37, receiving a very warm greeting last night from one of the event organizers at the Kodak Theater. Aniston arrived with high heels in hand, ready for what was likely a rehearsal for the Academy Awards being held this evening. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Faith

    Just saw Aniston on tv. Beautiful dress but the girl is tragic. Completely stumped by the simple questions and totally looked lost when the interview was over. Tragic.

  • julia

    yes she didn’t seem all that happy to be there, sort of irritated even, yes?

  • the tempest

    She looked fabulous, but yeah, a bit lost there at the end.

  • t

    thanx to that old idiot brad. destroys a woman life completly by dropping her in the worst is it possible to feel normal again for jen.i start to dislike this guy. and i dont like to feel like this.

  • Faith

    T,Are you serious? Are you going to blame the man for her lack of interview skills? How about if she gets a flat tire tomorrow? How about if she’s get a zit? Now, that’s tragic. lol

  • jpf

    Yeah, how is her this his fault…….on another note, I love her dress, and I think she looks good.jpf

  • jpf

    I don’t care what anybody says, I think Lance Armstrong is perfect for Jennifer Aniston. They even kinda look alike when they smile.jfp


    "thanx to that old idiot brad. destroys a woman life completly by dropping her in the worst is it possible to feel normal again for jen.i start to dislike this guy. and i dont like to feel like this "AWWW poor widdle Jenn. Her life was so good till her man did everything to her. Nothing is her fault. She hung the moon. Whar a shame he did that to her. Poor Jenn wah wah wah .Give me a break. She filed for divorce she filed for separation. She did NOT HAVE ANYTHING HAPPEN TO HER!!!! I am so fucking sick of all your RJF that want to make up shit for her. She is 37!!! for god’s sake. When is it gonna be her responsiblity. She always looks lost and sad. Go and look at any of the interviews on camera that she has done. Face it she always has that "oh Im so shy. I a little girl" look on her face. There was no difference from this and her pitty talk on Opraha. I actually would like her if her fucking fans didn’t act like she was this perfect being prior to the breakup. Stop making lame excuses for her. Stop actuing as if she was wronged. So sick of Pitty Me Aniston Fans

  • African Girl

    Oh Great! Just Great!!! I hate being put in this situation coz I am actually begining to feel sorry for her (and I mean that sincerely). With her bungling the pre-show interview and Stewart’s remark, jeez how much can a girl take. See, this is the reason why it wasn’t a good idea for her to go to the oscars, now it is begining to look like they only wanted her their as a side show, we saw that, why didn’t she? And her fans, they all thot it was good idea. What do u Jen fans have to say for urselves now, hun?

  • Go to Hell

    She did OK presenting. She was better than Ben Stiller. She didn’t look lost & sad to me, she just looked normal. She did seem like she didn’t want to be there prior to the show, but she was perfectly fine on the stage. Why do you people read all kinds of shit into everything she does?

  • Go to Hell

    I also think she must be a pretty strong person to go to the show at all. She must know all the crap being said about her. None of us would probably get up & do that if our whole life was public knowledge & our name has been dragged through the mud. So to those who want to cut her down, put yourself in her position where nothing you can ever do is right and give her a break.

  • kidi

    She had a smudge on the end of her nose or something when she was presenting. I’m serious, it looked like some makeup trick to make her nose look smaller but it just looked like her nose was dirty. Weird.

  • kerchy

    your right julia, she didn’t look like she wanted to be there. wtf, that interview? annie hall, stlye icon? she needs to stop smoking, tanning. her hair had no body, she is not aging well at all…… this the same woman that was married to brad pitt? oh, add another to the growing list, oscars/babies, rachel weiz. she was in THE MUMMY for christ sake………..

  • sue

    I think Jen did great presenting and looked beautiful. Why do people feel compelled to tear her down all the time? If you really believe that Brad is happy – then why keep pouncing on her. I admire her for moving on the way she is. Everyone in the room with me thinks she looked great!

  • Me Again!

    I was out of town so I missed the whole thing…to me it was just to get the rating up…Oscars are soooo boring."GO to Hell"…for one if I was in her shoes and my name was JA…trust me I would not be in the situation she is in b/c I would have handled the entire thing with BP so differntly and NO ONE would feel sorry for me because I am a STRONG WOMEN and it would take more than DIVORCE to bring me to the place where she is today…Pity Party…NOT THIS STRONG WOMAN!!!

  • kidi

    I thought she looked okay, nice dress, but she shold have done something with her hair and jazzed up the makeup more. She seemed a bit irritable and not smiley and graciouis enough.

  • Go to Hell

    Me Again, I am sure she does not want our pity, the media wants us to think she does. I doubt Brad would have married you either, so how can you say what you have done? For alll we know, he is a an asshole & she might be happy as can be, just tired of having people up her ass, not letting her live her life.

  • kidi

    I meant gracious! No glasses, sorry.

  • Faith

    Go to Hell,You’ve got a point. For all we know Brad may be an asshole but on the other hand Jen may be a supreme bitch. I too doubt that Aniston wants our pity (at least now she doesn’t) but I have a problem with her fans that blame every damn slip up she makes on Brad. She is a grown woman. Her successes are her own and her failures are her own. When will her fans recognize that?

  • Hedda_Hoppers_Ghost

    Her outfit looks very ordinary to me…it’s just a long black dress. I’m wondering why they asked her to present for best costume. Odd.

  • amy

    Ditto ‘Go to Hell’. People are weirdly obsessed with BP and Aj to the point they keep knocking punches towards JA. NO ONE knows what these people think or do behind the scenes. For all we know BP and AJ are not that happy now either…Jen may be thrilled to be single…etc etc

  • may

    Ever thought how commendable it is for a TV sitcom actress to rise ranks to movies, then to presenter at the Oscars. Pretty damn good I think! And to present the Oscar right before Russell Crowe – an honor!

  • Chelsea

    kidi, I noticed the same damn thing. It was so noticeable. They had tried to shadow her nose to the end of it wouldn’t be so bulbous. They had to use so much that once the lights hit her it was so noticeable.She’s really getting old. The lines around her eyes are just….

  • kidi

    Well, if we noticed it–and I had no glasses on and was not close to the tv at all–the whole world had to notice it–Aniston’s nose-shadowing I mean. Don’t they have stylists to look at that shit?!

  • WR

    Well, as I have said I would nott watch again this year, I did not.Not a Jen fan but man from what I am hearing I do feel bad for her. Seems she has become a puppet. They invite her and she believes it is an honor, only to find out she was a pawn for entertainment and ratings. I kind of saw this coming as I really do not believe she would have been invited had she still been with Brad. She is not an A-lister for movies, she is for TV.I do not like a lot of tactics she used after the divorce, but I like even less the way hollywood is humiliating her for their own greedy purposed. Her dress was ok, but she did look very nice, love her eyes.

  • may

    C’mon people. Do you REALLY think that the Academy, a prestigious entity, would invite J. Aniston to be their puppet??? What difference would it have made if she was still with Brad!! Stop obsessing over JA! She is someone who is obviously respected for whatever reason. Remember we HAVE NO IDEA what REALLY goes on in celebrity lives – how they think, what they do, etc etc. No idea!

  • Joy

    She looks alright, but how come I NEVER see her hair up on especial occasion/s?

  • Mimi

    May,She was a puppet. Even the academy spokes person said that she was invited for ratings purposes. He said this on either Access Hollywood or ET, etc. Hey, the academy would have loved to have Brad & Angie for the same reasons. This is a business. Ratings matter.

  • jpf

    If you guys can take a break from bickering long enough, I’m supplying a link to the Oscar wins as they come in…..

  • bah

    Everyone in Hollywood especially the A-lister’s are asked to the Oscar’s. When they A-listers decline then they chip away. Notice who was presenting? Hardly a who’s, who of powerful, celebs in HW. A handful at best, the rest? Not so much. Jennifer Garner?, Jennifer Aniston? The Wilson brothers? Come on….This is one of the most boring telecasts ever

  • WR

    bah is right. And JA is not an A lister in the movies. On TV yes. But she has not made any substancial movies, nor were the sales nor is she acclaimed for any part she has played.She was clearly a marketing tool. I am not saying this to put her down, I am just stating what is. She was used and played like so manyI am just sorry she accepted doing this, as she should have known better and how hollywood uses for their own purposes.

  • mina

    i think she is clever enough to use it, too.she would be stupid if she didnt.

  • m

    Oh C’mon people!! You REALLY think the Academy felt that a putting JA in for 3 minutes out of a 3-1/2 hour telecast would rank up ratings???!! Ridiculous. What a tribute to her if this was the case! I am not really fan of JA or anyone in particular…but JA certainly, in no way, came across as a puppet. She handled herself well and was placed next to Russell Crowe! And at the end of the Awards, when film clips were shown…she was one of them and looked really great.

  • lola

    After reading about how JA loved the freebies at Sundance, she is probably orgasmic about her presenters bag…I think they were worth a gazillion dollars of free stuff…but I agree, she must not have gotten her bag before that interview…she just acted like a bored rich brat.

  • Tiny Dancer

    Earlier in the month or late Feb. the Academy invited JA, Nicole Kidman, and other A-list personalities (yes I know JA is not an A-list actress) to present because so many of the films were low-budget with not very well known actors and actresses. They wanted to attract more people to the show. Why feel sorry for JA? She got some exposure for her mediocre films, a $35,000 gift basket and if she interviewed poorly, than it is her fault, not Brad’s or the interviewers. She has been in Hollywood long enough to know how the game is played.

  • design_officer

    i went up to ho’wood and highland and watched some of the arrivals. there were a few people being chauffered in hybrid cars. unfortunately it just looked hella tacky because they might as well have been arriving in a geo metro.

  • Just Me

    Unfortunately, I fell asleep and missed pretty much the whole thing! Aaggghhh! Someone tell me what Stewart said, please?#8: Wow, you are pathetic! At 9:01 you couldn’t wait to jump on this board just to bash JA. Go back to your bleak, dreary pix of BAMZ, okay?I don’t get why people call her whiney or "pity me"… While this entire break-up and divorce played out before the whole world, the director’s and actors that she was working with at the time ALL said the same thing… "You never would have known what she was going through because she acted like such a professional throughout filming". I read Vanity Fair and she didn’t "whine" in that either, just said there was a "sensitivity chip missing" from Brad’s head!As for Angelina… even her friend’s have said that she is all about the chase and getting someone who is a "challenge". Remember Billy Bob? When she hooked up with him, he was in a serious, committed relationship with LAURA DERN! Angelina’s friends were shocked that she hooked up with Brad… they all said they thought he was "too white bread for her" and that "once she gets someone she gets bored after awhile and will start looking for a new conquest". I think ole Ange’s friends KNOW her a little better than you BAMZ Freaks!

  • Me Again!

    GO To HellQuestion…You really believe what you wrote? RIGHT.Yes, BP could be an asshole…to you. Can everyone be lying when they say he is truly nice and down to earth guy? As for JA being happy…well again if a person is so happy with themselves…stop pimping the press/media to say you are…Just BE Happy!As for BP not marrying me…you’re right he might not b/c I’m just a nobody (LIKE YOU) but he is with someone just like me…STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN!!! Totally different from "I’ll cry if you say something bad about me" annistonOh by the way…I don’t dislike JA…just think BP is better off with AJ… 8-)

  • Just me is an idiot

    Just me,You just admitted that you slept through the whole thing. You have no idea is JA was good or bad. At least #8 saw the show and based his/her opinion off of that. You slam someone yet you’re talking out of your ass. Go back to sleep.

  • Just Me

    To #39 or is it #8?:You lost me…. WTF? Yeah, I said I slept thru it and I don’t have any idea whether she was good or not. I was referring to the widespread comments of the BAMZ Freaks… why they always say she is feeling sorry for herself or whining. Should I type s-l-o-w-e-r for you cause your obviously dyslexic. I think maybe you should be the one going nighty-night, bitch.

  • kerchy

    well add reese ,to the ever growing list of actresses/babies/oscar..another person, jen has to compete with, scripts etc…….

  • #39 is a Dyslexic Moron!

    #39: I just read Just Me’s comment (#37) and she wasn’t referring to the Oscars dummy! What’s the matter, can’t take the truth about your precious Angelina? Where you in love with her when she was with BillyBoob as well? Bet not. It’s all about the way they "look" and you know it.

  • oh please

    She looked like a deer in headlights when asked about her thoughts and opinions because SHE HAS NONE. When she realized how inarticulate she was being in front of millions, she got frustrated. I’m sure she’s so used to people fawning over her and throwing softballs, that an actual thoughful question completely threw her off. Truthfully, she looked like, well, a man – Maniston! ;DOn the other hand the most juicy story was JLo and Mrs. Affleck, yea? Ooooh. I’m so glad Jennifer looked so gorgeous. I’m also glad she didn’t fall. That was a close one. JHo is looking more chola every year. Ew.

  • Just Me

    Kerchy:Did you forget that Angelina is also an actress? Yes, she will have to compete with Reese as well.

  • oh please must be homely

    The term "Maniston" doesn’t make any sense and is that the BEST you can do? Oh yeah, she looks like such a man that her face is all over the cover of magazines. Get a clue.

  • maggie

    Would someone please repeat what Jon Stewart said?

  • Oscar

    Maggie…I think he insulted her JA…probably called her STUPID in a jokey kind of way…and that’s why she was caught off guard when answering questions later on…she was still crying from the joke…

  • Rob

    I don’t know why so many people find a slightest fault on Jen Aniston and post it all over the internet – like ‘she LOOKED lost or she LOOKED she didn’t want to be there’ and all that bullshit! Can we all please pay attention to what she is trying to do – such as making movies and presenting at the Oscars? She has had her personal life written all over the place and we admire her for how she has contained herself despite all the humiliation caused by you know who. This lady deserves respect and really admiration. But if you cannot give her respect and admiration, never mind. Just do not find a slight fault or nitty gritty on her daily life and post it for everybody to give comments on. I don’t think she needs anyone’s CLOSE SCRUTINY. It is just getting beyond proportion.

  • Just Me

    Rob:I couldn’t have said it better! Like she hasn’t been through enough for all the world to see, huh? I admire her for the way she’s kept her head up and HAS NOT dissed BP or AJ in public. That photo spread that they did in W must’ve been awful for her.

  • sam

    jon stewart mentioned that million of people are watching oscar and these million of people are also lining up to be adopted by aj…something like that…and he said that he was in the wait list…that’s what the gist of his intro…i think..and then he said that the line up for the presenters are in the order of their talent and the first presenter is the beautiful nicole k….then some actors presented other awards….then chin presented voila…”best in costume”…she should change her career…instead of an aspiring movie actress (??) she should change it to costume maker with her chin…no?? see her pics on the red carpet and can you imagine her chin not getting more longer and wider??…she should keep her gums/thin flaps tight so as not to make her chin almost fell down on the red carpet….what a pathetic bitch…take that to you chin fans!!