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Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Los Angeles :: Actress Jennifer Aniston‘s Oscars arrival is one of the most anticipated events of tonight’s show. Aniston is rumored to arrive in her environmentally conscious fuel-hybrid car.  Can’t wait to see that one! Above is Jennifer Aniston, 37, receiving a very warm greeting last night from one of the event organizers at the Kodak Theater. Aniston arrived with high heels in hand, ready for what was likely a rehearsal for the Academy Awards being held this evening. More pictures in the gallery!

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380 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Oscars”

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  1. 51
    lola Says:

    what do you mean not dissed him…she said she thought brad was white bread and that AJ would chew him up and spit him out. she wishes….

  2. 52
    Oscar Says:

    Rob / Just MeHey that’s the price you pay when you’re in hollywood baby. Take it or leave it. And guess what, when you talk to every magazine about your life and have people talk about your ex for you then you’re opening the gates wide open for public feedback. She said it herself she should have kept her like private. She’s the idiot who went on Oprah Winfrey to talk about her relationship, she’s the one who threw the pity party at Ms. Winfrey’s house, she’s the one who had countless interviews talking about her relationship. She should have left it at the perfect statement her and brad made Jan. 7, 2005 and that would have been that…just like Hillary S. and her husband, they said they were seperating and to please respect their privacy. That’s all she had to do, but no she wanted blood now we want some.Just go to see her movie and you’ll feel better.

  3. 53
    Oscar the Grouch Says:

    Wow… whatta cold blooded ******* you are… just like your perfect goddess Angelina? We’ll see who will be cryin in the end when she dumps Brad’s ass for another chick, brother, vampire? Just look at her face in all the latest photos… NOT the happy family. Face it, she got Brad as a babysitter while she furthers her career. That’s the price you pay when your in Hollywood b-a-b-y!!

  4. 54
    sam Says:

    #53…braddy can be my baby daddy and baby sitter…and angie is my goddess, beautiful, sexy and very pregnant chickie babe…chin is the maid!! she’ll clean my toilet with her chin!! ‘coz if not i’ll pull out all her hair and she will look like gollum of the LOTR!!

  5. 55
    IMHO Says:

    I think she had every right to be mad and say whatever the hell she wanted after what they did to her! Actually, he was probably cringing, wondering what she might say. For the most part, she held her tongue, but she shouldn’t have.Oscar:"but no she wanted blood now we want some."You need serious help. Maybe a class in reality or anger management, huh?

  6. 56

    You’re a bisexual idiot who warrants no response.

  7. 57
    sam Says:

    #55…chin is no classy lady…the classy lady is nicole k…i am so glad that she get out from that alien weirdo tom…and she got oscar..nic is much much prettier than chin…courtney is much prettier than chin and better actress..but braddy married chin so all focus on friends are all with chin because of braddy…coattail effect…no a-list braddy…no chin even with pitbull huvane’s work…chin is gone….soon… from hellay…get the drift!!

  8. 58
    Oscar Says:

    #53No need to call me names. It really hurts—the TRUTH that is. You know she’s one sorry little girl—don’t you. If not why would you be insulting me. I jus stated the truth.As for Ms. Jolie, whatever she does to Mr. Pitt is her business. I think you’re just mad because they have something Ms. Anniston doesn’t a good relationship with each other, with children, and same goals.Oscar the poor Grouch, you’re just like Ms. Anniston sad and sorry. Keep your mouth close before someone finds you out like we found out about that fake Anniston. By the way, she’s just using Mr. Vaughn for her own gain. She thinks he’s gonna be the one to give her that Oscar, but it ain’t gonna happen. He’ll get tired of her as well—soon as June 2nd rolls around. That is if she’s not in AA and undergoing chemo by then.Give it up she’s a joke and YOU KNOW IT!oh, oh, oh and if Ms. Jolie does dump Mr. Pitt, at least he had a good screw—knowing Ms. Anniston she’s probably BORING in bed as well—JUST–LOOK–AT–HERB-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!Go back to your trashcan – Oscar the Grouch. You’re starting to smell!!!!

  9. 59
    JEN Says:

    Neh, Angelina will be just fine. She’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself. I’m pretty sure she’s not the "whiner" type and "pity party" me kinda girl either. NO, I think Bradley is INLOVE!Actually, Brad Pitt is probably finally happy for NOT babysitting Aniston! Got tired of her insecurities and whining.

  10. 60
    sam Says:

    #56 yep…i’m bisexual..i like braddy and angie…you wanna join us??

  11. 61

    After you have your psychotherapy, you might want to learn how to write… maybe an English class, huh? Illiterate morons are so funny!!

  12. 62
    anon Says:

    Can the Jen fans tell me what THEY think she hoped to achieve by been an Oscar presenter?

  13. 63
    IMHO Says:

    Sam, Jenn, Oscar, Etc…If you all HATE Jennifer Anniston so much… why are you looking at photos of her? LOLOLOL

  14. 64
    JEN Says:

    Can somebody tell me what was the question they were asking JA and why did she have that lost look on her face?

  15. 65
    sam Says:

    #61 thanks for the compliment…i didn’t know that my writing is so bad…we’ll at least i get a phi tetha kappa membership and certificate..and i go to uc berkeley…oh well…thanks again!! i need to brush off my pen just for u….chin is really a pathetic *****…no?? like u??

  16. 66
    Whatever Says:

    To the BAMZ fans:Judging from the way BAMZ looks in all the photos lately… I think they’re getting pretty sick of the papparazzi. You claim to love them, yet they would hate your guts for promoting the paps and making their life a living hell. Me? I don’t love them!

  17. 67
    Oscar Says:

    #55Shut up! If I need help so do you…up all time of the night telling me I need a class in reality or anger management. Look inside and see what you need and when you figure it out, call Ms. Anniston she needs a little help herself. Don’t forget to go and see her movie the "Breakup" because she will breakup if this one flops. You know I’m telling the truth! Come on IMHO, I know you’re still up waiting to say something prove me right!You’re a loser just like me commenting on idiots like Ms. Anniston/Ms. Jolie& Mr. Pitt. And you thought I was a fan of AJ/BP—-NOTJust call it like I see it! Anniston is a crybaby and a bad one at it!!!

  18. 68
    sam Says:

    #63 because i love you???

  19. 69
    JEN Says:

    63:Neh, wasn’t looking at her photo’s. As you can see, I’m busy posting and asking question. I know what she looks like. Big Chin, "Beady eyes, eyes is too close together and her face is too wide." btw, the quotation was according from her own Mother. If you ask nicely, I’ll give you the link.

  20. 70
    Oscar the Grouch Says:

    Awww, did I hit a nerve? Yeah, you do need help. And you can’t even spell your friggin fraternity? "phi tetha kappa" WTF? Hey, you can dish it out but can’t take it I guess. Unlike you boneheads, I don’t pretend to be best friends with these celebrities cause I don’t know them and neither do you… so come back from LaLa Land.

  21. 71
    Oscar Says:

    IMHO–You couldn’t think of anything else to say. Actually I was just scrolling through when this BIG ASS CHIN came at me. It was like I had 3D glasses on so I HAD to check it out. And when I clicked I saw it was Ms. Anniston. Only thing she’s missing in a mole with hair coming from it.Did you see that chin, it was hanging over that man’s shoulder when she gave him a hug and not to mention that nose–it’s longer than the chin. I see why she has her hair covering up her profile. Scroll back up and check it out. MAN!!!I would leave her to if I knew my kids would inherit that nose and chin. You know ugly is a dominant gene.

  22. 72
    IMHO Says:

    Oscar:Let’s be honest… Do you REALLY think Jenn is THAT ugly?? Cause if she is ugly, you must look like the Elephant Man! It is usually really insecure and homely people who can’t get a guy/girl, that have to repeatedly bash someone’s looks, especially someone who is so beautiful that her face gets plastered all over mag covers and people actually buy them! Imagine that, they don’t run away repulsed or hide their eyes in terror. But I bet if they saw your ugly mug…. eeek!

  23. 73
    cynthia Says:

    Jen Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watt.. age is really getting on these actresses, even with the help of botox. their beauty can’t be compare with younger one like J.Alba, Keira K., Reese W.,Charlize T ,ChangT-Y. no wonder some actress without special talent got insecure once passing 35 y/o.

  24. 74
    Oscar Says:

    #70 OTGWhy didn’t you answer me back? Go to bed!Yes you do (think you know these people) read your own post 2:33am.PEOPLE we have a PSYCHIC on board. Now tell us O Great Oscar the Grouch – when will Ms. Anniston win an Oscar and which movie will be a blockbuster HIT?Can you do that OTG. If not GO TO BED!!!

  25. 75
    chin is a pathetic bitch Says:

    #70…thanks!! you are not invited to my fraternity…we are classy ladies…we don’t want trashy ***** like u and the chin….chin is a pathetic *****…no?? like u??

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