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Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Los Angeles :: Actress Jennifer Aniston‘s Oscars arrival is one of the most anticipated events of tonight’s show. Aniston is rumored to arrive in her environmentally conscious fuel-hybrid car.  Can’t wait to see that one! Above is Jennifer Aniston, 37, receiving a very warm greeting last night from one of the event organizers at the Kodak Theater. Aniston arrived with high heels in hand, ready for what was likely a rehearsal for the Academy Awards being held this evening. More pictures in the gallery!

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380 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Oscars”

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  1. 76
    IMHO/OTG Says:

    Oscar:I did answer you… READ #72. Duh.

  2. 77
    chin is a pathetic bitch Says:

    IMHO means I am Manniston HO??

  3. 78
    #75 is a F-ing JOKE Says:

    To #75:Let me ask you something… are you a chick or a dude? I gather from your post that you are female, an illiterate female, but female. Therefore dumbass, you are NOT in a fraternity… no, it would be a SORORITY!! I think you and your sorority sisters should get some flashcards and teach each other some E-N-G-L-I-S-H. Pathetic.

  4. 79
    chin is a pathetic bitch Says:

    #72 chin is on the cover??? amazing!! somebody bought those magazine?? or they are used to wrap frozen fish or meat?? that’s odd!! chin is on the cover of…playboy…having orgy with vince and hef…i wanna some chin…but no i change my mind…your chin might hit me on my nogads…dat chin is dangerous!!

  5. 80
    Oscar Says:

    IMHOYou like talking to me don’t you. Let me answer that for you.When someone is known for saying and, let me put this one in there as well, doing stupid stuff people run and buy those magazines because we know something coming out wrong. Example her response at the Oscar – duh.Also, they’re probably want to see what she looks like now that she’s drug out and starting her chemo treatments for lung cancer.And another thing, she has a good publicist working for her. The more her face is in the light maybe people won’t forget to go a see her movie. What’s it called again? Oh yeah the BreakUpThere you go talking about people you DON’T EVEN KNOW. For all you know I could be Jennifer Anniston talking about my own self, still trying to get a feel of how the public feels about me and if they like me or Mr. Pitt. I could be coming home from the Oscars hitting myself for being played by hollywood. So guess what you could be calling me, Ms. Anniston ugly. Are you a Psychic like OTG. But to answer your question…no I’m not ugly how about you. You must be if you’re thinking I am. Are you insecure too?Thought so…go to bed.NEXT!

  6. 81
    sam Says:

    #78…thanks…i’ll go and change it to sorority…chin is a pathetic *****…no??? like u??

  7. 82
    IMHO Says:

    I will admit that it is nice to see that 1 person can spell and put together a coherent sentence… I digress. Quit tellin me to go to bed, huh? I have insomnia can’t help it.I looked at Jenn’s photo above and it is NOT hanging over the guy’s shoulder. Get real. I am not homely, at least that’s what I’ve been told ;) But, I just don’t get your repeated need to bash her looks! God, if you want to pick on a chin, pick Jay Leno! There’s a chin. BTW, Braydon Carter, publisher of VF, said the issue with JA on the cover was their BEST SELLER in the history of the magazine. Yeah, people do like to look at her and hear what she has to say… you’re just in the minority. Lonely isn’t it?

  8. 83
    Oscar Says:

    #76You don’t know who the hell you are. Go to bed. You don’t know if you want to be OTG or IMHO. This would explain why you’re defending Ms. Anniston.Ca’ yo ass to bed and when you figure out who you are then come back and talk with me. Right now you are delusional just like Ms. Anniston – Oscar, A-list Actor, Children – PLEASEGO TO BED I’m tired ot talking with you!!

  9. 84
    chin is a pathetic bitch Says:

    #78 we’ll since we, my fraternity is mixed and majority are guys…but thanks…i will tell these guys to change our fraternity to sorority…we ladies rule!!and thanks for the compliment on my E-N-G-L-I-S-H!! isn’t it chin pathetic??

  10. 85
    whatever Says:


  11. 86
    IMHO Says:

    Yeah, his name is OSCAR.

  12. 87
    offling Says:

    where was vince ? I doubt they are a real couple.

  13. 88
    gracie Says:

    uhuh!jen looks not happy….but who will be happy especially when you know for a fact that the one you loved is so much happy with someone else…that only means one thing…and we all know that….im so sorry for jen hope she would move on very soon…..besides she’s pretty and all that…=)

  14. 89
    IMHO Says:

    Oscar:I know exactly who I am…. a little slow on the reading, huh? Why don’t YOU go to bed, better yet, GO TO HELL. If you’re so sick of talking to me… get off! Cause no one else is talking to your pathetic ass!

  15. 90
    Oscar Says:

    IMHOYou MUST BE SPEAKING OF YOURSELF…Mr/Ms Insomnia – Mr./Ms. Scrolling websites to comment on Ms. Anniston.Are you living under a rock? Do you know why that was the most popular? Come on OTG/IMHO because of Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt. People want to see what this insecure whinny little girl is going to say. They already know Jolie/Pitt aren’t going to say anything. So where else to go, to the little weak one. Haven’t you read this in children’s books, Psych classes, and just by living life. Why do you think children get kidnapped – because they are weak, why women get rapped – because they are weak (well some the weak ones) and that’s why the article was a hit – SHE IS WEAK!!!!!Besides all that, she has a movie to promote. Did you know the others bombed? I thought I would tell ya just in case you didn’t know that one.But seriously – look at that picture really closely and you will see that chin over that guys shoulder…Made ya look!

  16. 91
    chin is pathetic bitch Says:

    public opinion?? of whatever, imho, just me, rob??? isn’t it chin a pathetic *****??

  17. 92
    fuck off oscar troll Says:

    oscar: have you ever had a gun held at your temple ? does that make you weak ? your name isn’t oscar it’s TROLL. You live in West Hollywood and are paid to talk **** on these boards ALL DAMN DAY.

  18. 93
    zazoom Says:

    she looked great in theat black dress : very classy

  19. 94
    zazoom Says:

    she looked great in that black dress : very classy

  20. 95
    chin is a pathetic bitch Says:

    oscar is being paid?? not fair!! oscar, i want a share!! isn’t it chin a pathetic *****??

  21. 96
    IMHO Says:

    Oscar:Wow, you are truly demented, fucked up and screwed! Children get kidnapped cause they are weak?? No, they get kidnapped because scary pedophiles like yourself prey upon them! Woman don’t get "rapped" by the way…. it’s raped, and it has nothing to do with being weak. It has everything to do with sick son-of-a-*******, like yourself, who must assert their power over them. You should mention these two little examples you just gave, to your shrink. They will make sure you get put on the right medication or locked up. Good night sicko!

  22. 97
    saas Says:

    she is very pretty and funny. …I hope she gets some good parts and finds the right man…..

  23. 98
    Oscar Says:

    Now who needs anger management now!You crack under pressure just like you IDOL Ms. Anniston.Take some drugs like Ms. Anniston and Ca’ ya ass to bed.Seriously…IMHO/OTG do you want me to call someone for you. You’re about to BREAKUP.And no – no one is asking me to be on here. I like reading these sad comments about people WE don’t even know and how someone can say one thing that is in direct opposition to what you people say and the next thing you know all hell breaks loose. Either I must be ugly, lonely, jealous or whatever.All ya’ll go to bed b/c Ms. Anniston is in bed right now or either drinking, snorting up, smoking a cig or joint. She’s got her presenter’s bag worth thousands while you’re here defending her. She if she’ll send you some cash to cure that insomnia.NOT!

  24. 99
    dd Says:

    oscar: you haven’t even spelled her name correctly…

  25. 100
    chin is a pathetic bitch Says:

    zazoom you need to zoom in her pics…her chin is getting longer and wider…no?? chin’s gown is the gown we dressed my departed grandma for her burial!! she’s a pathetic *****…she stole my grandma’s gown!!

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