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Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Los Angeles :: Actress Jennifer Aniston‘s Oscars arrival is one of the most anticipated events of tonight’s show. Aniston is rumored to arrive in her environmentally conscious fuel-hybrid car.  Can’t wait to see that one! Above is Jennifer Aniston, 37, receiving a very warm greeting last night from one of the event organizers at the Kodak Theater. Aniston arrived with high heels in hand, ready for what was likely a rehearsal for the Academy Awards being held this evening. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • bah

    Someone from the AP said that Aniston forgot the Marcia Brady look isn’t in anymore. LOL They also said she was the most terrified on the red carpet that someone would dare mention Brad and Angelina to her.

  • angelah

    all about the talent. JA has a long way to go if that’s what she wants. As for BP & AJ…theyve been there, done that end of story. I wish them all luck. bamz(+1) rocks

  • Kimmy

    Alys, nobody gives a shit. Run run back to your hole Aly. Your idols are down there in the muck waiting to hear from their fans run run run back to the "We Love the Smell Of Holie’s Shit" site. She needs your support because most woman see her for what she really is. Make sure you keep your husbands under wrap though I doubt they could resist her either and would dump you pathetic things in a heartbeat.

  • Alexis

    Atleast when Jen does get pregnant, she won’t be AFRAID and HIDE. She’ll still be going on photo shoots, showing off her bump on a famous magazine cover and getting welcomed gestures on from interviewers and interview shows saying how beauuutiful she is as glwoing new mom. When she becomes pregnant, she will be more celebrated than Angelina.

  • slj

    OK I don’t respect her at all. She used Brads fame to rise, and still uses it. They are divorced and not together for a long tome, but just now she decided to change here image and be said. Maybe that will bring her oscar. Just watch.I hate when people use other people and their feelings for their own interest. That is why I condemn you J.A. And I am not paid to tell my opinion here.Jen probably thinK that anyone who doesn’t like her and her image has to be paid not to liking her.HA . I AM NOT SELLING MY FEELINGS TO PUBLIC LIKE YOU JENIFER ANISTON.

  • Be sane

    Nickey: As you said, it’s 2006 and Aniston has her rights to wait having babies as long as she wants. She said divorce was indeed ‘amicable’. If you don’t believe her, she comes across as ‘rejected’ and ‘replaced’. For Aniston’s sake, let it go.

  • bah

    I don’t know where this hiding is coming from. They’re just living their lives and awaiting the birth of their baby.Angie just did a Nightline interview and was very open as usual in it. Don’t worry. His film is Babel supposed to open at Cannes. That mean, button down the hatches because Brad Pitt will be doing interviews. Angie just recently did a shoot at Karl Lagerfeld’s home, could be for a cover, Brad has Jesse James coming out in October and Angie has The Good Shephard at Christmas . There will be plenty information/interviews galore.

  • lou

    Beverly Hills,you are in a dream world.People in Hollywood do not have a problem with Brad and Angelina.Maybe you and your friends have a problem with them.Divorces are a dime a dozen in Hollywood so why would they care about this one?Brad has the friends who count in Hollywood A listers ,Jen hanging with tv people.This has not affected Brad or Angelina’s career.

  • Maria

    ROFL…wow, Alys…gotta give it to ya! You just don’t quit!Okay, well w/ all that you posted on #296, here’s the IMPORTANT DETAIL that you didn’t emphasize: ANGELINA WON THESE AWARDS…NOTICE THE OSCAR UNDER HER BELT. 2001Blockbuster Entertainment AwardFavorite Actress – Action2000Academy AwardBest Actress in a Supporting Role 2000Blockbuster Entertainment AwardFavorite Supporting Actress – Drama 2000BFCA AwardBest Supporting Actress2000Golden GlobeBest Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Pix 2000Award from Hollywood Film FestivalActress of the Year 2000Screen Actors Guild AwardOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role 2000ShoWest AwardSupporting Actress of the Year 1999Golden GlobeBest Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV 1999Golden Satellite AwardBest Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television 1999Screen Actors Guild AwardOutstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries 1998Golden GlobeBest Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV 1998Grand Jury Award from L.A. OutfestOutstanding Actress in a Feature Film 1998NBR AwardBest Breakthrough Performance by an Actress

  • Brangelina Fans r PSYCHO

    Jennifer was already famous WAY before Brad married her. Brad married her BECAUSE she was famous. It’s so pathetic how NUTS these Brangelina psychos get and start slandering INNOCENT Jen. They have to make LIES, one after another JUST to bring negative attention on her and away from bitch Angelina

  • Brangelina Fans r PSYCHO

    Even men are starting to dislike Angelina.

  • Chelsea

    Still waiting for the Aniston fans to answer my questions please.LMAO. Brad married Aniston because she was famous? Well, I guess you just said he never loved her. It was all for Hollywood baby!

  • lou

    Alexis,I doubt people will get hot and bothered about Jen and Vince having a baby.First of all lets hope she can get pregnant,she’s 37 and a heavy smoker.Smoking destroyes a woman eggs.

  • Nicky

    YEA, and Brad is using Angelina to have a baby. Later he’ll leave her like the rest of them.

  • angelah

    i agree on 294

  • Maria

    Reality check:1. Angelina Jolie is tied w/ Jessica Alba for FHM’s Sexiest Woman pole due to go out in May. Uhmm…so I guess men/woman still love her.And you’re calling us Angelina fans psycho? You don’t see us stalking Jen around at a restaurant threatening to slap her, do you? Who’s fans are psycho again?

  • Alexis

    Angelina was a smoker too. How many photos are there of her on film sets and in photo shoots with a cigarette in her hand. You never see that with Jen. Once again, people are just making up things and trying to defame Jen and it’s having the opposite effect.Atleast Jen fans are logical. Not over emotional and childish like Angelina fans.

  • Bah

    Well, in all fairness that story #316 was made up by a British tabloid. It never happened. Yeah, I want an answer to Chelsea’s questions too. What’s the deal Aniston fans? Men freak’n love/lust Angelina and think Brad’s "The Man" don’t kid yourselves.

  • Chelsea

    No one ever denied Angie smoked but that was Years ago. She stopped smoking once she adopted Maddox and hasn’t picked that up again. And please don’t link a picture of her with a prop cigarette waiting for the set up of her scene from The Good Shepherd. Aniston is an admitted chain smoker

  • Maria

    "YEA, and Brad is using Angelina to have a baby. Later he’ll leave her like the rest of them."First of all Angelina was the one who LEFT HER previous 2 ex-husbands, not the other way around. Second, I doubt Angelina has any fear being left behind if Brad’s that stupid, like I said Collin Farrel & her ex-hubby Jonny Lee Miller are waiting…I’m sure Brad is praying that doesn’t end up his fate.

  • Persnickity

    Nicky why are you so stupid? Didn’t you read Jennifer’s Vanity Fair article? SHE said BRAD DIDN’T CHEAT, so why can’t her fans get that through their THICK SKULLS!

  • 317

    JA is plain manipulative. As described by her former roommate Nancy in the character " Jane" which bears exactly replication to JA . Even JA rep didn’t deny they were roomates. Get this everyone .. JA had her rep contact Brad Pitt to set up a blind date for her. She is that manipulative. Brad was a ALister in Hollywood who had just broken off with Gwynth and JA pound on the chance to get in. ….again using her rep. Paid deal. Who was JA then ? .. no one besides one of the 5 upcoming sitcom star of show Friends. Remember she is just one of the 5 cast . Without Brad.. JA would never have risen to Hollywood notiary level on her own . Brad gave her the boost and she jolly well know that .. that is why is is never confident of herself in these crowd. Deep in her .. she knows she is a nobody who got lucky … For discussion sake, if Brad had married Lisa or Courtney (the other Friends) they would have been doing well in hollywood too ..maybe even better since they are way more talented then JA

  • lou

    Brad could have had anyone in hollywood have him a baby,and had alot less trouble behind it.No man would put up with this crap unless he was in love.Why is it so hard for you people to believe Brad fell out of love with Jen.I will admitt I found it odd at first myself,but when I took time look at the whole picture I realized Brad and Angelina fit better.So you haters can keep telling yourself Brad is only with Angelina for a baby.Jamie Oliver who is a friend of Brad and Jen stated he has never seen Brad so happy.That says it all,life is about being happy.I think if you people felt Jen was happy you wouldn’t be ragging so much.P.S chill on the profanity.

  • You know

    #322 I was just thinking about how she said her mother was the last disease she needed to rid herself of. Who talks like that? And about her mother no less. She’s a mean spirited, hateful, vengeful little bitch

  • Chelsea

    Some of you Aniston fans should be ashamed of yourselves. Go read an eye witness account of Aniston and Vince Vaughn. Concentrate on that and let Brad concentrate on his ‘baby’ and stop dragging both of them down with your irrational, obsession with Brad’s new life, love and family

  • weirdo

    it is very disturbing how so many people can feel so strongly about people they’ve probably never met. it seems very unhealthy from a mental health aspect.

  • Fathia


  • Sherry

    I thought Jen looked beautiful, her interviews were good etc… WHY do people criticize her so much- i’d be paranoid acting too if i were her!!! I’m sure it’s all just jealousy!!!!!

  • Kendall

    May I please sign up to get paid to criticize Aniston? No? Okay, I’ll do it for free! She is sooooo oooovver.

  • chin is fugly

    #326 welcome to the world of weirdo!! the delusional chin fans!!

  • Sherry


  • jpf

    # 286 | Nicky | March 6, 2006 05:31 PM You’re absolutely right in that no woman should have to give up her career for motherhood if that’s not what she wants, but that didn’t seem to be the Pitt-Aniston issue. It was that it was the plan to become parents, and that plan was spoken about prior to marriage. At the end of each timeframe discussed, again it got put on the backburner, and I think all along JA wasn’t ready but failed to be straight about it. On, you can go back almost 2 1/2yrs where the subject of BP/JA is concerned and I swear, and it’s baby this, baby that on up until the separation, and all the talk is coming from everyone it seems BUT JA. jpf

  • chinnifer is my name

    #328 sherry…yes…they are all mean and jealous…thanks my pussypups!!! anyways, did you see me last night??? with my famous hair, tan and chin??? all of them look at me…i am so famous and hot hot hot!!but i don’t like my make up and my hair style….but chris insisted that my usual style is better…he said that i need to look like rachel…with parted hair on the side to cover my famous chin and put lots of make up on my nose to make it delicate looking…but then today i saw my picture in the people magazine…ooooh i look so old not rachel looking with my wrinkles…and why all of my pictures focused on my chin…aaahhh…because i am famous…oooh i get it!! i am so hot hot hot!! eat that jlo who look like tranny with the diseased looking arm candy…what’s his name now??anyways…vince babe came…i got scared that he wouldn’t showed up coz some nasty might ask about that assh braddy and that homewrecker/whore/slut angie…..eeeeewww…i saw her pictures she looks so gaunt…all boobs and bellies….peeewww..i am not going to be like that until i get my oscar like reese pussypups…go and watch my movies…pretty pretty please!! thanks much!! kind regards and wishing you all my love,,,, chinnifer, your very very famous hot hot hot "Friends"

  • Faith

    Jen has a major image problem right now. Some of her fans are blaming it on the media and on Brangelina fans but I just want to give you an example of how Jen fans are not helping her image. From Dlisted:"All I could think of watching her (and I bet the whole audience) was how Brad embarrassed her….and I really felt for her."Now I don’t know Jen but I think the above quote is the last thing she would want a fan of hers to say or feel. It just contributes to the poor me image she has going right now. in the last week has mentioned this in two separate articles. So Jen fans, do your idol a favor and stop seeing her as a victim and stop linking her to Angelina and Brad. Its hurting her more than its hurting them.That said: Brangelina 4-eva

  • Beth

    All of you Vangelena Disease Holie run back to your board and dish up what grey or black sweater Brad Rat is wearing today as they scurry into another plane off to another usdisclosed location. Who Cares! Why come here??? Run rats run. Go back to where you came from! We love Jen here. She was georgous at the Oscars and she WAS INVITED. hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa too bad you can’t hack that!

  • idiot my name is chin

    She was invited to increase ratings. Ratings are down 10%. She can’t do anything right.

  • chinnifer is my name

    #35 beth…thanks pussypups for depending my name, my honour and boasting my morale…but please don’t be so stingy and cheap and just say you love me on this blog…please go and watch my movies…okay…i really really need you!!!

  • Kimberly

    Chelsea you’re psycho if you think we’re OUT to bring Brangelina down. It’s you psycho BAMZ fans who are out to bring Jen down and it’s not working at all and it’s pathetic that you concentrate on the girl who has done nothing controversial like Brangelina. If someone has a comment about Brangelina, they can make it. If someone has a comment about Jen, they can make it. But the only people I see continuously defending Brangelina are the same psychos I’ve been watching on for the past month. I think Just Jared should make people log in with one user name and one email address per user name. I also think the negative comments being made toward other posters, which the Brangelina fans started, should also be blocked or removed. Anything with curse words in it, should be blocked too. If we want to comment about the subject at hand, which on this site is about celebrities, then we can. You can defend Brangelina all you damn well please. But leave the posters out of your comments. This isn’t some communist nation where we’re not allowed to say how we feel on the SITUATION. And if this is some sort of publicity stunt, then i think they’re doing a remarkable job of making Jen look more innocent and Brangelina look more evil.

  • Its Going To Be OK

    Kimberly Kimberly Kimberly don’t be so paranoid.I like Jen and you’re starting to scare me.

  • Maria

    Bottom line, and none of you Brangelina haters can deny:Angelina Jolie is GORGEOUS, SHE’S A GREAT PERSON W/ A GREAT ESTABLISHED CAREER. Now she has a GREAT MAN, GREAT KIDS & will be giving birth to A GREAT CHILD…SHE’LL JUST KEEP ON DOING WHAT SHE’S DOING TO CONTINUE HER GREAT LIFE. Keep hating her…she’ll dust you off, like she made Brad do w/ his past w/ Jen & move on! Watch out for Jen when Angie gives birth & starts to take on Hollywood again, I suggest she revs up her therapy sessions now before it’s too late!!! Angelina rocks!!!She would’ve blown Jen away if she attended, AND YES, I heard it from the Insider…Angelina was definitely invited! Good night & good luck!!!

  • Claire

    I just found an interesting article about Jolie. Can I share it here with you guys? It’s bit lengthy, but worth spending time reading it.

  • malaya

    That’s a great article claire. I’m sure a lot of people will disvalue the fact that she evolved into a woman of substance and still is fixated of a wild child Jolie image of 5 or 6 yrs ago. It goes to show how misperceived she is. Hence, I always think that if Oprah needs an example for women empowerment, Jolie should be one of them for the tenacity and the strength she has for turning her life around from distructive to being productive and pro-active. There are people who still thinks that her humanitarian works is just for PR but they overlook the fact that no one can do and contribute that much w/ so much consistency if its just for photo ops.

  • Janelle

    WITH SO MUCH CONSISTENCY??? GIVE ME MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO CUSHION MY FEET AND I’LL GIVE YOU TONS OF "CONSISTENCY"! Angelina has money darling. That’s what fuels her "constistency"!

  • Janelle

    i can tell you right now, every girl and woman that i’ve spoken to thinks badly of angelina, even the wild ones. the ones who look up to her have an IQ of a rabbit…. and have sex like rabbits too and have no respect for themselves, thats for sure. and i dont rely on tabloids for my info. i rely on real opinion. and not psychotic bloggers either. u say get past the fact that angelina is having brad’s baby? the fact that she’s having his baby is the whole topic of all these threads, isnt it? NO ONE is getting "past" it. jen’s over it. she’s got a life. unfortunately angelina’s got to rely on other women’s leftovers to make something of her pathetic life.

  • jjoy

    thanks claire for the article…that’s why i became a fan of her because she is not only one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive but she is very confident, strong, independent and consistent…unpretentious and doesn’t give a damn to hollywood life/gossips…it’s nice to be in hollywood but it’s a job for her not a life like these desperate wannabes actor and actresses who are going to do anything silly, stupid to become famous…it’s hard to compete with angelina jolie!!

  • chin is a pathetic bitch like janelle

    #344……what a pity that u only talk to your mother and sisters about angie….did you get dumped by someone like jen?? You’re jealous because your ex have a baby with the new lover?? You’re so pathetic like the chin…she’s old fugly for hollywood and you know what…she’s going to be a has been if you don’t show your support to her by going to watch her movies instead of coming here and bashing jolie….your should turn your spite and hatred to a $10 and go and watch her movies!! What a pathetic bitch you are living in 2002!!

  • Kate

    That’s just it, if Angelina was a great person, then everyone would look past the fact that she’s with brad and having his baby. But there is something about her that people dont like after last year. Even angelina worshippers, including myself (trust me), disapprove of what she did with brad. if it was anyone else she stole the husband from and had a baby with, no one would care. but there’s just something bad about this sitution. some people dont understand it. they dont get why she’s with brad. if it was any other guy, even tom arnold, people wouldnt care. but there’s just something confusing about this one. and yes, even more confusing than if she were with tom arnold. because if she were with tom arnold, we’d understand, because she’s got wacky tastes. we can accept the fact she’s having a baby with brad. so be it. but no one’s ever going to look at her in as much of a positive light as before even with the baby. the reason we dont like her is because she always does things to satisfy her needs. thats what we dont like. including her need to satisfy the publlic’s opinion of her through diligent UN work. satisfying hard work is one thing. but satisfying yourself with no patience or thought to the situation is ridiculous. she’s giving of herself, thats for sure. but she does it in a way that no one likes. for example, expressing how SHE’s doing UN work. there have been many, many other celebs who have done UN work or charity labor, but the spotlight’s not on them. and if she’s working hard to lobby things then why is she not going into detail about them? she needs to let us know what it is she’s doing that is right. and so do he tabloids and media. she doesnt need to tell us about how much she donated. i want to know what she did actively and verbally. tell me about that. is there a reason y she does not discuss it? she does these things, lobbying and so forth, because she’s asked to do so. it seems she’s more concentrated on how she sounds when she speaks. but theres no substance to her conversation. maybe she is shy, but she is in an industry that caters to people’s view of life, and she needs to speak up. the fact that she has chosen another public figure to have a baby with and has not once spoken up about it, should tell u something. she has something to hide.let’s put it this way. if it was jennifer lopez hat brad cheated on with and who brad is having a baby right away with, we’d understand… oh he wants that baby! but angelina…. uh, no. she’s not who we’d pick, even with all her wants and needs to fulfill her emotional emptiness with catering to the poor and adopting five hundred children.

  • chin is pathetic bitch

    #275…please i am 42 but i don’t look like the fugly chin…no wrinkles…no sagging chin…please meryl streep or susan sarandon looks much better than the fugly chin and they have oscars, husbands and children….the chin??? we’ll…everyone already counted what she achieved which is not much….and she’s already 37 going to 57!!

  • janet

    #347….angie doesn’t have anything to hide…she just doesn’t give a damn…her business is her business…we can speculate, argue, make assumptions and agree or disagree that all of us are right or wrong about her and that makes her more famous and intriguing!!

  • Ocean

    # 337 | chinnifer is my name | March 6, 2006 07:37 PM TOO FUNNY,I LOVE IT.