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Oscars Arrivals

Oscars Arrivals

Updating this post continuously with more and more pictures… These couples/pairs arrived on the red carpet together – Felicity Huffman and husband William H. Macy, Heath Ledger and live-in lover Michelle Williams, Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony, Keanu Reeves and The Lake House (Release date :: June 16, 2006) co-star Sandra Bullock, Maggie Gyllenhaal and beau Peter Sarsgaard, Reese Witherspoon and husband Ryan Phillippe, and Terrence Howard and son Hunter HowardUma Thurman and Jessica Alba‘s ensembles get top marks all across the board from me.  Brava, ladies!  Exquisite.  Click the thumbnails for the galleries.  Enjoy!

Charlize Theron

Eric Bana

Felicity Huffman

Heath Ledger

Hilary Swank

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Alba

Keanu Reeves

Keira Knightley

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Michelle Williams

Peter Sargsgaard

Naomi Watts

Nicole Kidman

Rachel Weisz

Reese Witherspoon

Ryan Phillippe

Salma Hayek

Sandra Bullock

Terrence Howard

Uma Thurman

Zhang Ziyi

What can I say… celebrities love "The Wave."
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  • Faith

    Yeah! Clooney won for Best Supporting Actor. Yeah!

  • janet/junglegrljlt

    Love Jessica’s dress!

  • jpf

    Clooney won?! YEH!!!! jpf

  • angelah

    i am happy for him too. =)

  • t

    where on earth can i watch the oscars on the internet.i don’t live in the states

  • minx

    Oh, Steve Carell and Will Farrell presented the best makeup award and they both were really made up! Carell had false eyelashed on–he just kills me.

  • Faith

    JLo knows how to wear and work a dress. Not my favorite, but she knows how to shine.

  • t

    hello,do you watch tv and writr notes?where can i watch that stuff gong on life?

  • Faith

    T,I don’t know where you can watch it on the net. Try

  • Hedda_Hoppers_Ghost

    I like what Clooney did in Syriana but I think Paul Giamatti was robbed (again). Heath looks like the frickin’ count of Monte Cristo. LOL. But he and Michelle make a cute couple.

  • janetplanet

    what the heck is charlize wearing? definately not a fan.

  • Faith

    Selma rocked the dress and rocked the hair.

  • minx

    Oh I agree–I love Clooney but Paul Giamatti was terrific in American Splendor (2003) and Sideways (2004) and should have WON! so there

  • minx

    Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams are adorable together. Hope they last. They are crazy about each other.

  • crazymommylady

    I think Jennifer Aniston has been wearing the same dress give or take a hemline since 1995.Charlize, sweetie, what did you do?Michelle’s dress, pretty as it is, does nothing for her complextion or figure. My favs so far have been Jada, Rachel, and Salma

  • crazymommylady

    And how could I forget Naomi Watts? If the dress wasn’t finished baby, you could have picked something up at Saks. You didn’t have to cut strips off the hem to tie the rest of the thing on!!

  • t

    thanks,just abc was no help.i can only find the oscars press room videos, which is no real help.wel, guess i have to read it or someone else has a link for me….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • lara

    that is one ugly dress Charlize is wearing.. what a mishit

  • minx

    Yes, Naomi Watts’ dress was horrible and she’s so pretty. It also drives me crazy when these really pale, fair-haired women (Watts, Kidman for example) wear nude-colored dresses–they look so washed out! Wear color or something dark.

  • anon

    Skin that pale doesn’t suit Keira, she’s paler then Michelle Williams who I always thought was pretty damn white! But Keira’s skin looks like its dead, nice dress though.

  • minx

    Yes, Keira looked pasty. Too much heavy makeup for someone so young–she’s like what–20?!

  • crazymommylady

    I saw another pic of Charlize’s dress on Yahoo and it looks like maybe she put the thing on backwards.

  • Alicia

    oooohhhh, Reese gave a better thank you to Joaquin Phoenix than her own husband……hmmm

  • jpf

    For those not watching, here’s a link to the winners in real time.

  • bill

    Salma… wow. Your always someone to look forward to– my favorite artist:)

  • jpf

    I don’t ever watch the AA’s (or any awards show but the Tony’s), but I do keep up onlne when the AA’s are on, and this is the first time in ages when most of my picks have won. So far my fav’s to win HAVE!jpf

  • joy

    i think the best looking one in the oscar with the whole ensemble is nicole k…even on the red carpet and on the stage…she looks glamorous…with that not so simple white gown, make up and straight flat hair..minimal…sophisticated…and glamorous as she is always been…no hater comments please…just my opinion!! lol

  • joy

    and i concur to everyone…the ugliest is charlize theron…it’s like her gown and makeup is used to clean up the dust from her nominated movie "the north county"…don’t you all think???

  • jpf

    Crash won Best Picture! Yes! excellent EXCELLENT movie.jpf

  • joy

    theron’s gown and makeup doesn’t compliment her skin tone….it looks brown to me…maybe i need to clean and wipe my glasses…no??

  • Katie

    Crash winning is one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the awards. Brokeback mountain should have won this easily. I know that crash won the other best screenplay, but i don’t understand how a movie can win a best screenplay and a best director, and not win best picture. Crash winning just showed me why i hate the oscars. I hated them after last year, when Million dollar baby undeservedly won, but i forgot all that when brokeback came out and i had such high expectations for them. Congratulations to them for there three awards, but they deserved the big one too.

  • ivl

    michelle williams and reese both looked amazing. can jennaniston and hillary swank be more BORING it’s like every year they go with the sleek classic look a la calvin klein, ok we got the classy part now show us some personality. and please can ziyi zhang hire a new stylist and voice coach?? that armani dress was hideous on her. wong kar wai should dress her up in a cheong sam, she’d look amazing. otherwise. yeah what was up with the skin tonage. super pale or super orange. gross.

  • jpf

    31 | Katie | March 5, 2006 11:38 PM I won’t be debating this, but I disagree. You felt Brokeback should have won, and I felt Crash was deserving of it’s win, On my end? The Endjpf

  • Katie

    Not looking to debate, just stating my opinion. I respect yours, and i thought that crash was a good film. Just not best picture quality, in my opinion. The academy awards are going downhill anyways, not just in that category. They don’t honor people for the best work out of the ones nominated. i find they give the awards to people that have been snubbed, or who have had a good career. Not always to the person that actually deserved it.

  • crazymommylady

    I didn’t see Brokeback but I did see Crash and I felt like I was holding my breath through the movie. I would imagine it didn’t win best screenplay because it looks like something that wouldn’t read well. Onscreen, however, it floated. I actually felt where every last character was coming from.

  • RTMS

    I knew they would split the vote, with Lee getting best director and Crash the best pic. It was the only way to avoid controversy.

  • Hedda_Hoppers_Ghost

    Crash won? Well, I guess Paul Haggis can stop bitching about not getting attention/respect in H’wood. Brokeback was the superior story in my view but the kind of publicity/exposure it received probably did it a disservice. Oh well, at least P.S.Hoffman won and Kiera Knightly didn’t!

  • NaZruL

    I love Reese and Michelle Williams’s dress.. very lovely. Resse won the best actress.. hrmm.. cannot comment anything coz still not wacth that movie.. but before this I was hoping for Felixity Huffman to win the Oscar.. but it goes to Reese..

  • dolphingirl

    I only caught the back end of the Oscars and I must say it was big surprise that Crash won. But it was a {{{GREAT}}} surprise!! I didn’t see Brokeback Mountain but I figured it would win because it got the golden globe and it had the most buzz. I’m glad there was an upset because Crash was a really good movie with a lot talent in it. Sorry your fave didn’t win for you though Katie.

  • Joy

    Crash an EXCELLENT movie! Walk the Line, the movie was GREAT! Love Juaquin P’s performance and as well as Reese Wither Spoon.Btw, I didn’t get the chance to watch the Oscar :(Do you guys think that ABC will repeat it?

  • Ryan

    Well what do you know. The academy does it again. The least deserving of the nominees won.Walk the line, Constant Gardener, King Kong, and others were more deserving of a nod than Crash. What a slap in the face to the year where there were lots of good movies.

  • lucy

    charlize is the most beautiful and magnificent of them all i looooove youuuuu charlize

  • adrianna

    you’re right charlize is always beautiful and classe if i had a daughter some day (im21) i will call her charlize just to be the most beautifull and talented women in the world

  • chloe

    charlize theron great performence respect.she’s hot to death im not usualy attractive by women’s but danm you turn me onnnnnn!!!!!!! i looooveeee heeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

  • diam’s

    charlize beautiful as always i love her dress she was my favorite to win a 2nd oscar and felicity also

  • audrrey horn

    WOW. I can’t believe how terrible everyone looks.maggie gyllenhaal, that is the ugliest dress i have ever seen! get your hand out of your pocket.Charlize what is that huge piiece of crap on y our shoulder???!!! YIKES. kiera, you COULD maybe EAT something, you pretentious little self loving b-tch.the only person who looks FABULOUS is nicole kidman.what is up with ALL THESE HIDEOUS DRESSES THIS YEAR???salma, j-lo, even uma. horrible hair as well. charlize is so beautiful, she looks awful here though. terrible hair, terrible dress.

  • m kelly

    Jennifer Aniston is caught in a time warp. She wears the same drab outfits, same hairstyle and makeup that she has worn since Friends aired. I think she is a has been. All of her movies have done terrible at the box office and she desperately has sold herself out to every magazine cover to increase her popularity. She says that she wants to have babies this year. Well she better get on with it because I among many are sick of seeing her on every magazine and tabloid published. She is boring and I don’t feel sorry for her in regards to her divorce. She brought it on herself. She has had her 15 minutes of fame-move on babe

  • Paula

    Charlize is a mess but at least she didn’t play it safe. Safe doesn’t necessarily get you talked about the next day. Thought Nicole and Uma had the total package. The dress, the body, the posture. Salma the body Hayek does make a statement, however. The rest for the most part were snoozers. Hilary and Jen A need new stylists. Someone who will shake them out of the same old same old.

  • m kelly

    Ulma Thurman, Nicole Kidman, Resse Witherspoon and Jessica Alba looked fantastic! They take risks with fashion and it pays off. All of these women are intelligent, beautiful and classy!

  • vicky

    Talking about Oscar fashion, thumbs up for:- Uma Thurman looked great in that dress. She and Salma Hayek were the only ones who showed off their great curves.- Hilary Swank and Felicity Hoffmann wore stunning black dresses which were playful but still elegant- Nicole Kidman looked very nice in that elegant white dress- Zhang Ziyi’s dress was great but her cleavage looked a bit weird in itsoso:- why is Reese Witherspoon always going for vintage? I’m not feeling those rose lines and that colour.- Sandra Bullock would have looked good if she restrained herself from putting her hands in the pockets all the time- the dresses of Michelle Williams and J.Lo had agreat cutting but awful colour- Jessica Alba’s dress didn’t flatter her figure at all. Especially the bust area looks pinched- Jennifer Anistion’s whole look was boring, starting from her trademark hair, to that boring dress and her expensive necklace (dull design)I don’t know what these ladies were thinking:- Charlize Theron- Keira Knightley- Naomi Watts