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Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Jennifer Aniston Oscars

Jennifer Aniston couldn’t contain herself when Vince Vaughn walked into the Vanity Fair party at Morton’s. As soon as she saw him, she squealed, "Baby!" But then someone stepped on her dress, so she didn’t make it into his arms right away. But when they embraced, they really embraced. "It was a full-on kiss on the lips," a Vanity Fair-goer says." She was just so excited to see him. She was so excited she even forgot her clutch on her table." Fortunately, someone saw it and handed it to over. 

Los Angeles, California :: Although they entered the Vanity Fair Oscars party solo, Jennifer Aniston, 37, and Vince Vaughn, 35, were inseparable once inside Morton’s Restaurant. Aniston giggled the night away as she kept her hand planted on his leg. Afterwards, Vaughniston left through a side alley to avoid photographers and reporters. 

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131 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Oscars”

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  1. 1
    ALYS Says:

    she move on…… WISH THEM THE BEST

  2. 2
    David Scwimmer's Broke Agent Says:

    Jennifer’s so insecure & needy. What a pathetic role model for women.

  3. 3
    African Girl Says:

    Awwwwww.Jen + Vince = HappyBrad + Angie = HappyJen + Vince fans = HappyBAMZ Fans = Happy.See people, every one got what they wanted and deserve. Why can’t we all be happy and move on (that means no more snide commets froma haters)

  4. 4
    angelah Says:

    yes we should all move on. But ppl keep bringing up old stories. The freakin debates are redundant…

  5. 5
    weirdo Says:

    good on her. she seems happy.

  6. 6
    amy Says:

    So happy for her – what a great thing that she was part of the Academy in 2006…and apparently very happy with Vince…congrats! She’s glowing.She’s moved on – If anyone starts griping about her in this thread as it relates to Brad or Age…it will show that person as TRULY OBSESSIVE!!

  7. 7
    ALYSS Says:

    african girl i totally agree with you;;;a lot of fan dont understand that all of them move on;;;as you saybrad and angie are very happy together and found a familyjen and vince look so in loveso what is the problem now,;;;;;;some people have a lot of hate in them;;;i love jen a lot and i dont like angie at all but i never never never insult her never;;why? because she is not my friend,she is not a member of my family, i dont know her and a lot of hatefull people think that they know those people maybe because their own life are borried , i dont know, but some people have to calm down because it ‘s really hard….peace and love between angie and jen ‘s fan…..

  8. 8
    marinez Says:

    Vince is looking gooooooooooooood!!! (he lost a lot of weight)

  9. 9
    marinez Says:

    Vince is looking gooooooooooooood!!! (he lost a lot of weight)

  10. 10
    notjen Says:

    i thought she looked good, and so does vince. but her neclace is wrong for that neckline!!!!!

  11. 11
    jpf Says:

    That’s nice. Sincerely glad that she found a shoulder to lean on. Not a Jen fan, but that isn’t required to wish someone well is it?jpf

  12. 12
    Be happy for both and all Says:

    Awwwwww.Jen + Vince = HappyBrad + Angie = HappyJen + Vince fans = HappyBAMZ Fans = Happy.See people, every one got what they wanted and deserve. Why can’t we all be happy and move on (that means no more snide commets froma haters)If only that were possible. Perhaps someone should send a picture to the tabs. and all those that hate one or the other so much. I agree if only the neg, comments would stop I would be happy. This woman doesn’t mean jack to me and neither does vince. If you ask me the people that are together now are supposed to be together. Jenn and Vince and Brad and Angelina. So why all the hate?

  13. 13
    sue Says:

    Wow – I love her hair and gorgeous eyes. I wish my straight hair could be as shiny, silky and sheen and eyes as sparkly!

  14. 14
    Sharon Stone Says:

    Check out that picture where her mouth is open: My GOODNESS! She is one ugly fugly chick. Compare this woman to Charlize Theron, Reese, Keira, Uma, Salma and Garner – ANISTON is Ugly period. Ugly Ugly Ugly. How did she get this far? Check out the nose? Wow. Ugly.

  15. 15
    European Girl Says:

    Brad+Angie=very happyBAMZ= very happyBAMZ fans= very happyVince+Aniston = drunk and in denial

  16. 16
    chin is fugly Says:

    man…the fat giant and the fugly chin!!! wooooh….wooooh!!

  17. 17
    African Girl Says:

    LMAO European Girl….wait a minute are you my sis?

  18. 18
    amy is an obssessive fan of the chin Says:

    yep…the fugly chin should move on….b4 her chin really really sag on to the floor!!! luv amy!!

  19. 19
    Kendall Says:

    BAMZ = Brad Angelina Maddox ZaharaVJINA = Vince Jen Ignore oNcoming Alcoholism

  20. 20
    anonie mouse Says:

    I thought Jen looked very pretty last night. Very sparkly and fresh. I don’t know why people think she tans too much. In fact, I think she should tan more. A lot more. The more the better! Yes sirree. I don’t know why people criticize her. I’m getting a copy made of her Oscar dress as soon as I can. I already have a copy of her wedding dress that I just love to wear around the house whenever I can; it’s really beautiful. I have to be careful that I don’t get food on it, though, especially because I only eat food in my house that begins with a J, an E, or an N. So I eat a lot of Jello, eggs and noodles. It’s a problem to eat food beginning with only those letters when I go out to eat. But I don’t go out to eat much really. In fact I don’t go out much at all. I love staying in, and now I have a tape of Jen’s appearance on the Oscars last night that I’ve watched 60-70 times. African girl, thank you for being so kind to me last night when I was so confused. I still think BAMZ means Brad/Aniston/Moving Zippers, and I don’t think you were right when you said they weren’t moving each others’ zippers anymore, but I’ll take your word for it.

  21. 21
    mina Says:

    she did well and looked good.

  22. 22
    African Girl Says:

    MOUSE YOU ARE ALIVE!!! Goodness, you gave me a fright. After Our conversation last night, I figured you’d have slit your wrists with one of the Jen knives you got from the shopping Network. Sweetie, what did you do last night? Watch the oscar tape over and over again? I can’t believe you are still in denial over BAMZ, girl it isn’t Brad/Aniston/Moving Zipper. Look at the Pictures again mouse, that is not Brad, that is VINCE, VINCE, VINCE. NOT BRAD, VINCE. Crack the windows open mouse and let some fresh air into that tiny room of yours.Let the Mouse (the animal too) out. Okay? And remember, I am still here for you.

  23. 23
    Anonymous Says:

    oh she’s gorgeous! As always. And Vince is a hunk, and a big guy, and you know what that means. Oh yeah Jen, have fun! Wow

  24. 24
    lou Says:

    This is getting a bit lame with the insults.Yes haters have had their fun on this site with Bamz(and you need to stop the bad lanuage)But I think Bamz fan’s you more than made up for it over the past 2 days with Jen.This is getting old.Brad and Angie are happy,Jen seems happy with Vince so let it go.No Jen ‘s not drop dead gorgeous,she’s ok looking,but do some of you need to keep calling her ugly?

  25. 25
    sunny Says:

    20 anonie mouse, you’re a HOOT, you’re so funny, crazy funny that i laughed too much that i cried….oh my goodness!! you’re so delusional in a nice way…you are in a time wrap that i just want to hold you because you’re so fragile…i read all your comments on the other thread and i was crying with laughter not commiserating with your illusions about your idol…my goodness mouse, you’re one fine delusional fan…i hope you stayed that way and please come back to the real world of 2006!!! Love u mouse…take care and stop eating just food that start with the word JEN!!!J J eat food that start with words like BAMZ —-bread, banana, apple, mango, zucchini and others fruits and veggies…okay!!

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