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Brad Maddox Berlin

Brad Maddox Berlin

Berlin, Germany :: Brad Pitt, 42, and Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, spent some quality father-son time together yesterday evening.  They had a blast visiting the aquatic exhibits at AquaDom and Sea Life located at Spandauer Straße 3, 10178.  Sea Life is the largest cylinder aquarium in the world at over 52 feet deep and 36 feet in diameter, containing over 2,000 fish. ¶ Earlier on in the day, Brad Pitt spent some leisurely time chatting with a few of his Berlin-based architect friends at the offices of the trans-urban architecture firm Graft (also based in Los Angeles). ¶ Super dad Brad took on the role of pizza delivery guy later on in the evening after Sea Life. Brad Pitt dropped by a local pizza parlor and grabbed a pizza pie (pictured upper right on car dashboard ) from Due Forni Pizzeria on Schoenhauser Avenue. He delivered the pizza to pregnant Angelina Jolie, 30, who was waiting back at their hotel suite with their daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1.  Brad, Angelina, Maddox and Zahara are staying at The Hotel Regent during their stay in Berlin, located at the Gendarmenmarkt square in the heart of the city (Charlottenstrasse 49, D-10117).

UPDATE : More pictures added!

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431 Responses to “Brad Maddox Berlin”

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  1. 1
    sandiego Says:

    Wow, what a great dad…YEAH RIGHT!!! Try being true to your wife before you cheat on her. Maybe he will find a better ready made family… oh I forgot… AJ made sure of that by getting pregnant. SO LOW!!! Wow… she has done everything now!!!

  2. 2
    dr lady Says:

    I really dont blame AJ but i do blame Brad for been a bad husband, talk about family values. I hope Angie dosent suffer what poor Jennifer has had to suffer.

  3. 3
    cheryl Says:

    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  4. 4
    Sultrydame Says:

    What a bond between both.WTF, sandiego & dr lady – Angie is NOT suffering. Brad is a great dad. So wat if he may not have a great husband for Jen. Brad & Angie are soulmates, period. Jen & Brad aren’t meant to be and Jen as already moved on. You both f*cking idiots.

  5. 5
    Sultrydame Says:

    Screw you, Cheryl. Cheaters are not always cheaters. I’ve known some people who made mistakes and remain loyal to their others ever since. When will you people ever stop?

  6. 6
    cheryl is creep and a troll that needs to get a life. Says:

    **** all you haters. Get a ******* life your loser slag *******. And Jared she is not 37 she is 30.The people that post hate are actually 7. Get a freakin life.

  7. 7
    Sultrydame Says:

    Oh, cheryl – we don’t know if Brad actually cheated. Duh.

  8. 8
    j4r3d Says:

    Thanks, cheryl is creep and a troll that needs to get a life. I always need fact-checkers and people to copy-edit my work. That’s what happens when you’re a one man show. THANKS!!!!

  9. 9
    sandiego Says:

    Don’t talk to me like that!!! Sultrydame… I did not say anything nasty to you!! Do you know them? Are you being paid to say nice things? I have an opinion and that is it!! Poll the world about how people feel about cheaters… I bet I win. Just be JA or anyone else AJ has taken from their man.. there is a LOOOONNNNGGG list. This is a sick game to her!! For CS she married Billy BOB!! Yeah right, she does things for shock value.. she will tire of brad you will all see!!! Get a grip…

  10. 10
    Sultrydame Says:

    Cheryl, I don’t give a **** what you say. "Once a cheater, once a cheater" is actually insulting.Jared called you troll! So accept that.

  11. 11
    Drea Says:

    Would all of you please grow up ? Nobody knows what really went on … marriages do fail you know !Some people are made for another – others not quite … quit all this hostility … n o w !

  12. 12
    ELISE Says:

    WOW such hostility! You would have thought that Brad was the only man who wanted a divorce. People grow apart and divorce after 25 years of marriage……..IT HAPPENS …get over it.

  13. 13
    Goofy Says:

    Get over it already. It has been more than one year. Both parties have moved on with their life. Did you not see JA’s photos partying with VV at the after oscar party? She looks happy. Whether or not AJ or BP will dump each other later in the future, it won’t hurt any of us. Love the Braddox photos, Jared.

  14. 14
    lou Says:

    Brad is such a wonderful father.Maddox,Zahara and the new baby are very lucky childern.Best of luck to them all.I just love this famliy,thank you Jared for the pictures.

  15. 15
    blue Says:

    omg give it up who cares if he cheated? not i… maddox is so cute i swear i check out bamz+1 pics just to see his hair LOL

  16. 16
    Dee Says:

    They look great and happy.Love BAMZ+1BAMZ+1 RULES

  17. 17
    Too much time to waste Says:

    I assume all you haters of AJ are fans of JA. You guys are really making JA look bad, just like the crazy woman who attacked AJ. JA is trying to move on and to put this behind her…… should you!!! Nothing justifies your negative comments/thoughts towards BP & AJ’s family….this makes u guys worst than "cheaters". SO LOW!!!!

  18. 18
    some thoughts Says:

    How come nobody wonders whether JA wanted to leave Brad or that she cheated on him…? Okay, even I can’t keep the smile off my face when i suggest that, but it’s worth asking..i mean she’s the one who allegedly didn’t want kids so maybe she got tired of the pressure and said listen BP, but it ain’t gonna happen and i don’t want to hold up your life. let;s end this. Plus, she did slip right into a cozy relationship with VV. Also, I wonder if VV saw the writing on the wall when he and BP were making MAMS and set himself up to be the shoulder to cry on for JA…it would be a smooth player move for sure, but you never know!

  19. 19
    Elena Says:

    Excuse me, Jared did not call Cheryl a troll, He was referring to the person who posted #6. He is letting us know that he is hands on with his site. Danae Reeves died last night. I am a BAMZ+1 fan but even if I wasn’t it would make me think. She and Chris had the kind of relationship that Jennifer and Brad would never have with each other. Dana was 42, she never smoked but died of Lung cancer which was discovered only a year ago. We never know when someone we love is going to leave us or when we are going to leave this world. I respect that Brad recognized that he was not happy and had the self-awareness to understand what he needed and went after it. Now Jennifer has a chance to find someone who is on the same path as she is . The end of her Brad would have come sooner or later . Isn’t it better for all that precious time wasn’t wasted on a relationship that died long ago?

  20. 20
    Di Says:

    Huh, so much hostility here. Geez, calm down and someone could please post without cursing words, it´s annoying and gives you a bad image, no matter the side you are! Thanks Jared for the pics! I love seeing Brad bonding with the kids. Mad is so happy there with his daddy! Hmmm… I´d love to see Brad with both at the same time in an outing like this one!

  21. 21
    KAS Says:

    Thanks JJ! Brad is fulfilling his dreams by being a Dad! All parties involved have moved on and I think some of you people should do the same! AJ & BP are happy! Thanks again JJ.

  22. 22
    sandiego Says:

    Not a JA fan…. just tired of AJ getting all the praise. She is trying to change her cray ways, and I applaud that. Ihope for her sake she can stick with it!! She seems to tire very easily if there is no challenge. I hope for everyone she can just GROW up and be as wonderful a parent as she is beautiful. They do look happy and that is all that matters. Nobody HATES her or JEN… I think we just get caught up in the gossip. Whichever side you take, there are kids involved. Please stop using such dirty words to describe someones mother. YUCK!!!

  23. 23
    anna Says:

    Guys day out…Brad finally went out and made life what he had always wanted, a beautiful wife, an adorable brood and living without caring about what anyone thinks of him or his family. That’s the definition of a man and Angie is a real woman by being selfless and being a woman. Love Mad’s pinstripe jacket in the last few handsome just like his daddy.

  24. 24
    Di Says:

    Elena, I just read your comment and ITA: I was so sad about Dana Reeves! She was such a strong woman, I truly admire her. with all those problems she and Christopher have they always stich together! what an example they gave. So I´m happy that Brad and Angie finally found happiness together as I´d be for JA id she found her also. The sooner people get over it, the better!

  25. 25
    julia Says:

    thank you Jared, you are the best at feeding our frenzy for these guys… I love your site, you Rock!cheers.

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