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Brad Pitt Brooklyn

Brad Pitt Brooklyn

Brooklyn, New York City :: During his two-day stay in NYC last week, biker Brad Pitt (and his Blackberry) made his way to Indian Larry Legacy (151 N. 14th St. Brooklyn, NY 11211), a warehouse that builds custom-made motor bikes. A question mark hangs outside of Indian Larry Legacy, but inside the answer remains the same. "What was originally known as Gasoline Alley, followed then by Indian Larry’s has now become Indian Larry Legacy. It is still a bike shop, still a place devoted to old school choppers, still a place that showcases Indian Larry’s ideas and designs."  For the unfamiliar, a chopper is a motorcycle, especially one that is customized and remember, Brad Pitt‘s hat says Choppers , Inc! Brad Pitt, 42, touched down and out of New York via JFK airport.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • African Girl

    Can he be my daddy? Is that possible for me to go to sleep and wake up to Brad as my daddy? Someone tell please. (Sigh).Brad Pitt = Handsome Personified.

  • julia

    hey I just saw pictures of Brad and Angie and the kids still in Germany coming out of a playland. Is this from the last trip? I’m so confused

  • sara

    this trip was the last week, brad and angie are in berlin…this pic is cute: in a park

  • Estelle

    Thanks Sara for the link…AJ wearing a white shirt?…very cute.

  • angelah

    love the pics, including the pic from the link.

  • YO


  • Rose

    he’s soooo HOT!!! and he’s MINE!!!

  • Koah

    Sara, thanks for the picture link. How did you find it?

  • bamz+1

    the link isnt working for me

  • wendy

    well I love him but he’s lost his hotness if you ask me which is sad! What has she done to you Brad?? My eyes, My eyes!

  • jay

    julia, where did you see those pics?

  • weirdo

    i say he still looks a bit slow-witted. always has the the same empty, vapid, stupid expression on his face. he just doesn’t have the penetrating, cognitive look in his eye of an intelligent person. plus, didn’t i read a post where a photog snapped him nude and he has little in the way of manhood?

  • Di

    Brad! I need to be adopted! Could you please adopt me? *blinks*

  • curious

    I disagree! I think he’s hotter than ever! No longer a pretty boy, but a handsome man. This may be the first time in years we’ve all seen him without a tan!

  • Di

    weirdo: with all due respect but judging someone intelligence by his looks is no longer used, did you know that? Oh please! n

  • julia

    HERE, lots of them

  • lou

    Brad looks as handsome as ever.He looks like a man now,not tanned and pretty.

  • Be sane

    Nothing like having kids make you grow up. Angie grew up a lot and fast, after she adopted Maddox. Her haters make big deal about her ‘past’ because it’s hard for them to fathom what a growing up she has done in a very short time. Brad is catching up–he is becoming a mature man. Well done!BTW Jared, I am using Safari and there is a bug—I run over my cursor on any link on pages (not on your main page) and links disappear. It’s not consistent, and sometimes it’s OK. Has anyone reported this? If not it might just be my browser.

  • AddictedtoBAMZ+1

    Brad, you are adorable, adorable, adorable. Weirdo, you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • jay

    thanks julia

  • Piper

    it’s stupid question but do you think the Blackberry he carries in one of the pictures is the one he supposedly got from Angelina? it was in on the tabloibs a couple of weeks back…i am so sad :)

  • angelah

    hopefully it is the one i read on the

  • velvett1

    It is way cool that Indian Larry’s memory lives on! He was one crazy dude and awesome bike builder. The guy in the background with the long brown hair has been a mechanic at Indian Larry’s for a long time. Good to seee he stayed on. Thanks Jared!

  • poor brad

    How awful to have your every move photographed. Could you imagine if someone did this to you. I would be so paranoid, I think I would just stay home, or leave the country, but that didn’t work out for him either did it. I almost feel sorry for him. And of those nude pics of him on the net, my favorite was the one where he had his penis tucked between his legs and he was playing with his nipples. HA! HA! HA! I’m still laughing just thinking about them, I might have to look and see if I can find them again.

  • kerchy

    good post #18. she said maddox made her grow up. remember when she brought maddox home? billy bob wanted to be a rock star……he went on the road w/his band. she had to make a home/life for her child. she couldn’t be self destructive. like you said, she GREW UP!!!!brad is doing the same thing……btw, he will always be HOT!!! damn, i hope they really can make this work………so rooting for them……….

  • anna
  • Lola

    Anna,That article has already been addressed in the Braddox in Berlin thread. Lylian wrote a thoughtful and in my opinion balanced post about celebrities and the manipulation of the media. For your reading pleasure:Let me state from the outset, I’m a BAMZ’s fan in case what I’ve written below is misinterpreted. I do believe all celebrities and the press manipulate one another. I have a friend who use to be one of Princess Diana’s favourite press photographers and he had some stories to tell about Diana. Given that the celebrities all do manipulate the press and vice versa that’s part of the game, it would behove us the readers to remember the following:a) take everything you see and read, about anyone in the press with some salt – some celebrities and some reports, with a large sackful of salt;b) from my research over the last few months, I can safely say don’t believe anything you read in the following tabloids and websites unless you like to believe in badly told lies: (i) post chronicle, )(ii) national ledger (iii) in touch (iv) star (iv) the sun (v) life & style (vi) page six (have I left any of the really bad ones out??)c) As the rules of the celebrity game involves media manipulation, I respect the ones who know how to manipulate the press in such a way that it seems natural. JA lost my respect with her heavy handed attempts to manipulate the public’s perception in the VF article. She got her friends to do the dirty work dishing out the dirt on Brad. Now how does anyone know in other interviews, whether quotes from various sources are true or not? She would have been better off doing a Naomi Watts or a Nicole Kidman. Say nothing except wish the best for your ex. Then bam – a whole series of interviews for Good housekeeping, etc etc. long after the films Derailed and Rumour had come out. IMO she has cheapened her pain and that’s why people are getting irritated with her and left me wondering if she really really did feel real pain.d) As far as manipulation of the media goes, I can’t fault Brad and AJ so far. They’ve said just enough to state their position (no we didn’t cheat) and that’s that. After separation between Brad and JA, then all marriage vows are suspended. In any case, no evidence of the relationship took place before April 05, AFTER the divorce was filed. Then, no real interviews there after but a stream of photos – which were taken by the paps, to reinforce the message that they were a couple and a family – ie, Brad really really wants kids. ONly announcement of the adoption and name change – that is, brad really really wants kids. For those who don’t believe Brad has applied for adoption, I don’t believe Brad and AJ would be so stupid to announce something like that if it weren’t true. That sort of truth will come out in due course because sooner or later, the adoption will have to be made public. Witnesses are involved. Billy bob is involved. What has been masterly has been the deliberateness of their media manipulation. See them in Pakistan, see them flirting in Tokyo, see them shopping or playing with the kids, see them in Haiti, see them in Davos, see them in Berlin, in Paris. See them purposely seek out the limelight in situations which highlight their charity work. see them live normal quiet lives at other times, appearing at least to deliberately avoid the press and the paps. Perhaps they really want to avoid them, perhaps not. You, the reading public can never be sure and that adds to their mystery and allure. See them take the hits from the JA press without defending themselves. See public sympathy and patience for JA wear out. Ted C said he thought JA’s VF interview was a mistake and he is correct. Then there’s Oprah and other interviews since. What will be interesting will be whether JA can regain control of what the press is saying. I’m going to conclude my rather long post with this thought. In America, a leader is seen as powerful if he leads from the front. He/she is leading the charge, taking action. In Indonesia, a leader is powerful if you hardly hear of him or see him doing anything at all and yet, things get done, fall into place as the leader would want it. You probably all understand the American position as that is the popular view of leadership and power. I would like to explain the Indonesian/Javanese view of power just in case some of you find it puzzling. Suharto was the president of Indonesia for approximately 30 years. At the height of his power in the 1980s to mid 1990s, he hardly seem to issue any direct orders or make statements to the press. But he didn’t need to. People knew what he would approve or not approve. They censored themselves. They conducted their affairs in a way which were consistent with Suhartos likes and dislikes. If someone did something he didn’t like, he just needed to speak a quiet word and all would fall back into place. Was he a dictator and a corrupt one at that – yes. Was he powerful – very. I knew he was losing power in 1997 during the Asian financial crisis when the news papers reported him making some statements publicly. That’s a sign he was losing his power and sure enough, he was felled shortly after.The analogy with BP and AJ is the same. By not appearing to care, not making any direct references, yet they get as much if not more publicity then otherwise, they draw attention to the things they want attention to be drawn – their work, and they as a family unit. I do respect their skills in playing the celebrity game. # 214 | lylian | March 7, 2006 10:05 PM

  • truth

    That’s is so lame that people blame Jennifer for doing interviews and what saying the truth? Good for her. Brad was doing W photoshoot, now that was TACKY.Now she has a new boyfriend who is mature, Vince Vaughn and she is not talking about him, so she has moved on.

  • jesse

    haha oh yeah vince caughn is mature……

  • Alicia

    Speaking of being tacky…..practically fornicating with Vince on a balcony….no, in fact it was so classy it reminds of another tasteful lady, Britney Spears grabbing Kfeds crotch on a balcony…..

  • cynthia

    Vince Vaugh mature ? boozing. casino hopping, chain smoking. mature? I’m glad Brad leaved her chain smoking wife before he get Lung cancer.

  • Cindy2

    Don’t forget Vince who loved his one-night stands with different strangers before Jennifer. I wonder how long his monogamy will last.

  • African Girl

    Jared I sent you an email. Also wanted to know if that itty-bitty request is doable.

  • kidi

    Vince Vaughn mature? That overgrown frat boy?

  • minx

    Vince Vaughn may be a nice guy, fun to be win, etc. But mature? Not so much.

  • KAS

    Thanks JJ – as usual you rock! Thanks for the picture Sara. Rock on BAMZ+1!

  • whatsup!!

    Why do you have to drag JA into EVERYTHING???? There is no reason her name should be in a AJBP blog. My questions to you all is…why be mad at AJ?? If Brad, IF, Brad cheated he is the bad guy not JA or AJ. If JA didn’t want kids well he could have left her…or maybe that is what happened? who cares….all is fair in love and war huh? For me it just drops BP down a bunch of pegs in my book. Why is he always looking for women with parent issues? He seems very INSECURE!!! Hopefully AJ can change that!!! Looks like a great Dad though. I hope so, it would be very unfair to those cute kids to have a revolving door father. I think it will last,I hope for the best!!! I wish them the best…. not a AJ or JA fan more… just a fan

  • lookwhaticando

    Be SaneI agree, nothing like have kids to make you grow up. It changes your entire outlook on life. Maddox and Zahara may have just saved her life. Love the BAMZ.1

  • whatever!

    #27 Lola: Ya know, I started reading your extraordinarily long post and thought you might actually be able to objective, but no… by the 4th paragraph your blabbing the same old stuff about Jennifer Aniston. "She shouldn’t have gone to the press" "She manipulated the press" "She got her friend’s to do the dirty work", blah, blah, blah. Well, guess what" She had every right to and MORE, but she didn’t. She said he had a "sensitivity chip missing" regarding the photo layout in W. WTF was that??? That was so cruel and mean-spirited for AJ & BP to do. Talk about manipulation of the press!!!I know it hurts to remember Angelina’s past, but you can’t deny that she has a pattern of going after men who should be off limits. Just ask Laura Dern what she thinks of Ms. Jolie. She was in a long, committed and serious relationship with BillyBob when Angelina came along. She doesn’t seem to care who she hurts. Even her friends have said that she will get bored with Brad eventually, it’s just her nature. How come none of you want to remember that side of Angelina, the do-gooder?

  • anonymous

    the monogamous happy family with ange and her hook up to three and more lovers will last longing, or what?you must be jocking kid.

  • ntt

    #39, that relationship couldn’t be so committed and serious if the first girl who showed up could break it.

  • Lola

    #39 whatever,See I don’t believe that you actually read the post. If you had, you would know that the author is not myself but Lylian. However, I do agree with her opinion. Also, I think that you are mistaken. I do not see Angelina as anything but a human being doing the best she can with what she’s got. I have not forgotten her past. Its because of her past and what she is doing in the present is the reason why I respect her so much. Also, please tell me where I can read quotes by friends of Angelina’s who say that she will soon become bored with Brad. Did you get this information from the same magazines that state that Jennifer is pregnant with Vince’s child or that her friends are worried that she is partying too much or that she spends every waking hour talking about Brangelina? Please enlighten me.

  • whatever!

    #41: …and how would you know that Angelina was the FIRST to show up? I clearly remember when AJ and BillyBob got together… Laura Dern found out from the TV! She was absolutely shocked and pissed off, rightly so. But, I do agree with you that if a relationship is good and strong, no one should be able to come between the couple. Same goes for JA & BP’s relationship. I hope AJ & BP will last, but her track record says it won’t.

  • whatever!

    #42: Sorry about the mistaking you for the author. You’re right. I didn’t read the entire post because it was the SOS that you hear everyone else saying basically.And no, I don’t read the above mentioned rags that were in your post. The fact that the author says to stay away from those, but reads Ted C. really had me laughing. Puhleeeze. I also haven’t heard any of the rumors you mentioned. Gee, do you think they could be lies?If you want to read what Ange’s friends had to say about her, check out I don’t have the whole thread, but you can click on AJ’s name I think.

  • Lola

    "I also haven’t heard any of the rumors you mentioned. Gee, do you think they could be lies?"Whatever,That’s my point. They are all lies.

  • lou

    Whatever,I hate to break it to you,but ivillage is a gossip site.This is the problem with todays culture everyone is so ready to believe gossip.

  • lou

    Whatever,requarding Laura Dern if Billy Bob lied to Angelina and told her it was over,but he didn’t tell Laura.How is that Angelina’s fault?I have dated men who said they broke up with their girlfriends,but they were still seeing them.Blame Billy Bob not Angelina.

  • whatever!

    How would you know what BillyBob told Angelina?? My whole point, in case you missed it, was that Angelina seems to go after men who should be OFF LIMITS (read- in relationships, married). God, I tried to find that article which had direct quotes from her friends. It wasn’t a mean article. Just that they said she enjoys a challenge and the chase of getting someone who is "hard to get", but once she gets them, "she gets bored easily". They think this will be the case with Brad, as well.

  • annie

    The NYC photos are old. Are there any new ones from Berlin?

  • lou

    Whatever,I see you enjoy tabloids,case closed.Angelina got rid of Billy Bob because he didn’t want Maddox,he was out partying while she was at home with a baby everynight.This information came from Angelina not a friend.This had nothing to do with the chase,she was being a mother.I think you should really stop reading trash,there is no friend talking to tabloids,they made this crap up and you believed it.