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Claudia Schiffer Pregnant

Claudia Schiffer Pregnant

I just received word from an anonymous London insider who claims supermodel Claudia Schiffer is pregnant with another man’s child, not with her husband Matt. Take it for what it’s worth!  Below is the email sent my way and above is Claudia out and about last night with an mystery male at London’s Zuma Bar. 

i am a reallly really tight pal of claudia schiffer… the german supermodel who is now a londoner. we met in paris and i have a place in notting hill. she is ABSOLUTELY 100% pregnant with her third child. ABSOLUTELY. this is NOT the juiciest part of this drama. the kid-to-be is NOT matt’s child!!!! matt is claudia‘s legal husband yadayada yada but for the past year and a half she has been having a super hot affair with a young american guy… this guy is a looker!!!!!!!!!!! a boy toy!! this is HIS kid. she was earlier even nervous that clementine could be his. she has no likeness to matt. claudia is super nervous… she doesn’t want this pregnancy to be publicized. she is hiding it!! she is hanging on to matt for the publicity and vice versa. these two are publicity whores!!!!!!!!!! she desperately wants a movie career. modelling was just for big money. there is no love and no sex in that house. that’s just talk. their marriage is absolutely a SHAM. this is worse than the david copperfield fluke. check the recent pics of claudia. she is misleading no one with that god-awful blue knee length sweater. there is a very very noticeable bump there. check it out. but don’t feel sorry for matt..he is cheating on her left right and center .he has even bedded some famous british starlets!!!!!! no names though… this is just too big.

Claudia Schiffer, 35, as two children with film producer Matthew de Vere Drummond (born as Matthew Vaughn), 35 — son Caspar Matthew De Vere Drummond, 3,  daughter Clementine Drummond, 1.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Denise

    A "tight friend" would never EVER do this to another friend. I questions your loyalty, friend and wonder what is in it for YOU.

  • Laura

    I love that this person calls herself Claudia’s "friend".

  • design_officer

    that "proof" was a hot bunch of mess. the author is either a model or a 12 year old girl.

  • Ann

    learn to add if she was having an affair with "an american guy" for 1 1/2 years and her daughter clementine is 1 year old how could the baby be his. what a nasty person…It reminds me of the saying with friends like you who neeed enemies!!!idiot!!


    i AGREE. This person is not a friend of Claudia or Matt’s . She/he is just someone who wants to see if they can try to destroy their marriage.Jared I would be careful of posting emails from such dubious sources, btw…

  • Steph

    Gee. What a friend.

  • jj

    wouldn’t a Londoner say "mate" instead of pal? Just questioning the legitimacy of this…

  • cuddlebump

    What a horrid "friend"! May you rot!

  • uh oh

    She doesnt even seem to be ashamed to be aught with this dude! Homegirl has no shame in her game apparently.EWWWW

  • lauren

    uh oh, what are you trying to say? I think everyone pretty much figured out that the person who emailed Jared was obviously just some loser who wanted to create division in the schiffer-vaughn family. It was pretty easy to figure out from reading the email the supposed "friend" sent to Jared.

  • Marie

    Oh c’mon! This is a juicy story about a fake marriage and lots of cheating. This friend sat on the story for a looong time and probably just got sick of hearing about it. Give them a break all you self-righteous people who happen to love gossip and read blogs. Also the friend never said they was British, just that they lived in Notting Hill. They could be Chinese for all we know. Sherlock Holmes, you aren’t. Like I said, this is incredibly juicy and probably why Jared has posted the story.

  • jesse

    it looks like she had greenhair ….

  • Zazz

    How do we even know who this is? It could be a friend of her husband.

  • Chas

    I know this guy…he is a keen tennis player (weak forehand tho’), he can get very hyper and occasionnally goes a little "Spaz"

  • chumster

    He always looks very gay dancing in his tartan trews

  • Andy

    i am one of the british starlets matt has been shagging. it was disappointing sex. i also got it from the guy in the picture – sensational.

  • The Berg

    The story can’t be true as I know this guy and he bats for the other side. Cuts hair for a living and waxes his back. Honest

  • johnson

    i’m with cuddlebump, we should meet, sista! no shame in her game, she got the blame, driving him insane wot i’m talking about. max out

  • angel

    what kind of a loser friend are you? hmmm… you may be jealous… tsk tsk.. i pity you…

  • suzy

    I hooked up with bloke in the photo a few times at universtiy up north…from memory he wasa deeply disappointing shag..poor old Schiffer if that is the best action she can get

  • Phil Mikrak

    not sure he’d do that to his mate, he only shags his little bro’s girlfriends

  • dildos

    My congrats to Claudia! But, frankly speaking I never realized why she’s so popular among models having not so brilliant appearance…

  • Love Dior

    I agree. Especially in these pictures she looks like an albino ape.