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Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Wedding Song

Keith Urban Nicole Kidman Wedding Song
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  • Lola

    If Brad Pitt is a pull toy then I’ll take 2 please. The man should be cloned. LOL

  • jjoy

    ditto lola….i would love him to be my pull toy….woooh wooooh!!

  • jjoy

    jared, where’s the survey link???

  • funny pic

    I love it!! To me, Brad went the way of Tom Cruise, except Cruise is much more dominant in his idiocy than the Pitt. They’re both fools to me now.

  • Meredith

    funny pic blow it out your pie hole. I’m sure they’ll miss your support.I vote for cloning.

  • j4r3d

    jjoy, like all the links, just click the little picture to the left of the caption. In this case, the J^2 logo icon. Thanks for filling it out!

  • jjoy

    jared i got it…i just need to click J2 on top…i did finish the survey and you’re the best!!

  • funny pic

    # 5 | Meredith, go eat a dick.

  • Meredith

    funny pic,Should I eat yours or your fathers.

  • Let’s play with Brad

    I need a toy like Brad. I have been deprived of toys all my life. I want to play. Brad can you be my toy, please!About time a man is willing to be a toy and not the other way around. Thank God for Brangelina!

  • Ana

    Thanks for laugh on that blog site, JJ. Brad’s a pull toy? He can be my pull-toy anytime. We women need men like him in this small, opinated, destrustive world. We need a million pull-toy Pitt. Go Brad, you’re the dad! I bet the owner of the blog is bitter with his/her significance other and is jealous of Brad, I can smell that, lol.

  • A man

    MY Hero! If we could all be so happy as to be on the other end of Angies chain! There might be some peace in the world!Women take note. Men love you to be dominat, independent and knock his socks off so hard he will be your toy boy forever!!

  • me

    "Yes dear.""Whatever makes you happy, dear.""I agree with you dear, excellent idea.""Whatever you say dear."My grandpa says that to my grandma all the time and they haven married 55yrsbrad pitt should teach a class on how a real man takes care of his wife and children…

  • lani


  • janet

    i would love braddy to be my pull toy….he’s mine…if angie get tired of him….wooooowwwweee!!

  • Jodie

    He rocks!!! Every man on this planet should learn from Brad how to be a father. He is proud to be one and so he doesn’t mind being seen in public playing with or feeding his kids. And for someone to love someone else’s kids as your own is simply heroic in my dictionary. So, now he is a dad – a good dad – flies a plane, involves in humanitarian, etc. etc. What’s wrong with that? These are all good stuff. And if he learned all these from AJ – so what? His life must be more exciting now! Had AJ influenced him to do bad stuff, then you guys can complain all you want. But they are awesome people who are unselfish and doing something good! Way to go, Brad and AJ!

  • sara

    i love brad pitt

  • cynthia

    Spending extra time with the kid and family, doing charity work is must sweeter and productive than sunbathing topless at the terrace, gambling at the casino, , chain smoking, boozing.

  • vera

    Congrats on the move overI love the way you link out with the images.great idea:)V

  • apple

    The person who painted that picture is lame. She wish she has a man like Brad.

  • Elena

    I am sure that Brad and Angie would laugh at the caricature. Which man or woman would not want to trade places with either one of them? Heck I would trade places with Mad and Z! There is nothing wrong with being a woman with a dominant charisma. Brad’s personality in a romantic relationship seems to be submissive. No submissive does not mean he is weak, it just means that he appreciates a woman who hold her own and knows her mind. If one looks at the women he has been relationships with; the only one who does not fit the pattern is Jennifer. Gwen, Juliet, Robin are all women with a dominant charisma. Jen probably played the part until he married her . I am sure he got tired of taking her of her insecurities and co-dependent neediness. Angie’s independence and personl strengh was probably like a breath of fresh air.

  • riffy

    Sorry how many of you personally know Brad,Ang or Jen. None of you idiots so lets not make assumptions of their life I don’t think they would give a shit about you lives.

  • riffy

    sorry typo error supposed to say your instead of you

  • Ron

    i did the survey!

  • cindy2

    The blogger did a remarkable likeness of Brad in drawing and overall, I don’t get offended that Brad is so devoted to Angie and his children to be "pussy whipped." But the blogger makes it as if a man listening and accommodating his lover is a bad thing. Someone clue me in when that ever was good in our modern times of equality in the workplace and at home. I remember a video clip of Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, in a brief interview on one of those entertainment news shows where he gave his stock reply to any (hypothetical) conflicts between him and Sandra: "Yes, dear." I thought it was cute and funny then for Jesse James; and I think it’s cute if that’s what Brad does. This caricature of Brad, however, reminds me of my cousin’s husband, who in my mind is a model husband. He has great patience, where I’ve yet to ever see him raise his voice or be argumentative (I regularly visit them and stay at their house every year). He cooks and cleans on his days-off, which, btw, I hate to say his cooking is better than the wife’s. And he’s extremely hospitable. My cousin got herself a great man. They’ve been married for nearly 20 years. To use Martha’s line, "It’s a good thing!"

  • annie

    Brad rocks! Great Daddy

  • Alice

    I don’t think Brad is a pull toy.He is a good dad!Being a good dad is not a shame!Love Brad and Angelina!!