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X3 Trailer Caps

X3 Trailer Caps

I’ve got 56 new X3 caps from the new X-men :: The Last Stand trailer that debuted during last night’s two-hour episode of 24, which was brilliant by the way.  It was a mash-up of some old scenes we’ve been shown already and a few new ones including Juggernaut smashing into a wall and Shadowcat phasing out of one.  Halle Berry is still a far cry from how Storm should really be portrayed — older, darker and wiser.  The part of the new trailer that interested me the most was mutant Leech who "projects a field that nullifies the powers of other mutants in a certain radius." From the looks of it, he was able to "cure" Beast by de-furring him with his mind.  Check out the screen captures yourself.  Very telling and very interesting. More pictures in the gallery!

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xmen trailer caps01
xmen trailer caps02
xmen trailer caps03
xmen trailer caps04
xmen trailer caps05
xmen trailer caps06
xmen trailer caps07
xmen trailer caps08
xmen trailer caps09
xmen trailer caps10
xmen trailer caps11
xmen trailer caps12
xmen trailer caps13
xmen trailer caps14
xmen trailer caps15
xmen trailer caps16
xmen trailer caps17
xmen trailer caps18
xmen trailer caps19
xmen trailer caps20
xmen trailer caps21
xmen trailer caps22
xmen trailer caps23
xmen trailer caps24
xmen trailer caps25
xmen trailer caps26
xmen trailer caps27
xmen trailer caps28
xmen trailer caps29
xmen trailer caps30
xmen trailer caps31
xmen trailer caps32
xmen trailer caps33
xmen trailer caps34
xmen trailer caps35
xmen trailer caps36
xmen trailer caps37
xmen trailer caps38
xmen trailer caps39
xmen trailer caps40
xmen trailer caps41
xmen trailer caps42
xmen trailer caps43
xmen trailer caps44
xmen trailer caps45
xmen trailer caps46
xmen trailer caps47
xmen trailer caps48
xmen trailer caps49
xmen trailer caps50
xmen trailer caps51
xmen trailer caps52
xmen trailer caps53
xmen trailer caps54
xmen trailer caps55
xmen trailer caps56

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  • Randy

    The one that you see "defurring" Beast, as you put it, is Leech. He projects a field that nullifies the powers of other mutants in a certain radius. Leech is who they refer to in the trailer as the mutant that could "cure" the rest of the mutants.

  • Nightcrawler

    I thiink the new mutant you referred to is Leech…well, at least from the trailer, it looks like Leech…

  • j4r3d

    Thanks, guys! I updated the post to reflect this.

  • webo

    seems to me like they changed the woman that plays mystique… the face looks nothing like the original one…

  • Adrian

    IMDB says Ken Leung’s character is Quills . But I’ve never heard of a mutant called Quills before. Is he supposed to be Spyke or something?

  • Betsy

    what is up with ms. halle? did she finally agree to less money to do x-3? i heard she didn’t want to do it ’cause they weren’t gonna show her the money.

  • TJ

    They will ‘extract’ the cure from Leech, but Beast’s hand going normal is just a reaction to Leech’s vicinity, as he negates powers.The trailer blew me away btw. It was so sweet. And Jean asking Logan to kill her, uh huh exciting.

  • Lea

    Wait who’s the guy with the wings? What’s his character’s name? And is he on the good side or bad side? And does he have a love interest? What’s goin on??

  • robin

    Thanks for the caps, Jared!!! X-Men 3 looks fantastic. Lea: The guy with wings is Angel (Warren Worthington). I believe he’s a ‘good guy’ and in the comics, he really wanted to be cured.

  • Alexandria


  • Anthony

    I believe the reason why Mystique seems different is the director is going for a darker look in this movie. I think he probably thought the brighter blue make-up look of the original Mystique would go aganist his vision. Also, in a screen cap towards the end of the post shows Rebecca Romijn on the floor.