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Britney Spears Bikini

Britney Spears Bikini

Britney Spears is so stressed about her pop comeback her hair is allegedly falling out. The sexy singer – who took time off to marry husband Kevin Federline and have their baby son, Sean Preston – is said to be losing clumps of her luscious locks. Britney has even reportedly started wearing huge hats to cover her thinning tresses. A source told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: "It looks like the poor poppet is suffering from stress-related alopecia.  But the real cause of her thinning hair is her constant fretting about getting slim and developing a new look for her return to pop.” The singer – who gained 50lbs during pregnancy – has been feeling the strain because she has been worrying about her husband’s partying, while caring for their baby, and is also concerned about getting in shape for her comeback.

Don’t worry, Britney!  We’ll still love you bald!  Honest!  Above left are Britney Spears, 24, husband Kevin Federline, 27, and son Sean Preston Federline, six months, soaking in the sun on their vacation in Hawaii.  "On Tuesday, Britney toted her beach basics – ice water, camera and flip-flops – as she and her pals go barefoot in the sand."  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Corn Dog Trailer

    Is she really pregnant? Wow, How White Trash is that? Two so close in a row!!

  • Corn Dog Trailer

    Yeahhh! My first post. Is she really pregnat or just too much cheetos? Can someone put out the Trash, please?

  • Corn Dog Trailer

    I meant first post where I was the first poster. see above. HeHe! Am I the only one who things K-Fed is sort of good looking – in a very Trashy kinda way?

  • Mateo de Acosta

    I called her Fat in a bikini.

  • chuncha

    "luscious locks" I’m sorry but she never had luscious locks, just a boat load of money to pay people to make her hair beautiful, and I think she needs to carry a brush in her bag at all times cause she’s been looking like a hot mess for awhile now, Britney get yourself together already!!!

  • yuck

    Huh? What is she thinking? She can’tbe pregnant again? Her gut looks like at least 3 months and than that would have her son at 2 months old? Does she not have a dr that tells her to wait at least 8 months between kids? She is a train wreck and it looks like she is coming into the station!! Poor Poptart… looks like she ate a case!!!

  • nope

    Your hair falls out after you stop breast feeding. It isn’t pretty but I don’t think it’s related to stress.

  • Jill

    She looks Prego

  • k

    I think Fed has the same vacant expession as keanu reeves.


    Poor Britney – fat – almost bald – married to a jerk – career gone to hell -wow way to go girl!!!!

  • babyGCanada

    it’s probably the extensions

  • claudia

    Are all of you girls skinny?!!.. I bet not!!!.. If you have kids, you know she looks good.. The baby is 6 months ( she looks good)!!.. Dont be jealous!!… Loose some weight and get over it!!.. Post pictures of your self I wanna see how skinny all you guys really are!!!..

  • Sexy Cellulite Babe

    Claudia #12, let’s see your fat ass first. I’ll go if you go. Come on?!

  • candy

    She’s not hiding from anyone even though she put on weight. I have never been much of a Brittany fan, but she’s not trying to be someone she’s not. I think that’s commendable.

  • Kitty

    She’s pregnant again, after having a kid your extra stomach skin flops and hangs down, even if you put on weight after having a kid your stomach does not bloat out like that! If she wants another kid let her have another kid, she’s got the money and the time and help to do it… As for her hair, i had a kid 2 years ago and i’m still malting. It’s the hormones…

  • sw

    i disagree about the the belly flopping down, if you still have water retention your stomach bloats out like that, i had a real problem with that after my pregnancy

  • Brooke

    Unfortunatley if you look at her Post pics her stomach was FLAT… Not bloated she looked amazing after having Sean. Poor thing I believe she is Pregnant again and my heart goes out to her. She needs people to just leave her and her personal life alone for a while and let her focus on what she needs to do. She is an Amazing performer , she will have a strong come back and her body will be amazing again too! Just let her get through this hard time… Britney, things will get better… I promise! :)

  • Poor her

    Can’t she just be gaining weight? God her husband is a jerk… she realizes she is all alone raising this kid… she made a mistake with the baby in her lap… She has had a bad few months!!!! I hope she is not pregnant, she needs to drop this guy… get herself together and start over. She is young enough to start again. Good luck Brit!!

  • lookwhaticando

    I can’t even feel sorry for her, The world knows waht an idiot she is for staying with that loser, The world has been trying to tell her, she wont listen. She deserves everything she gets, and is coming to her.

  • Zoë

    I think everyone should quit hating on this poor girl and get on with their own lives. How would u feel if u had photographers following u everywhere u went, and people hating on u every day? So what if she’s pregnant – I hope she is. Leave the poor girl alone. She’s human, just like the rest of us. None of us are any better or any worse than her. Yes, we’re all equal, even with Britney. So quit hating!

  • amanda

    BRITNEY I THINK UR GREAT!!!!!!! every1 needs to piss off and let her have a footie team if she wants she is after all better than any of u scum bags and has way more money so piss off n leave her PURE JEALOUSY ALL OF YOU