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ANTM Bald Heads

ANTM Bald Heads

The premiere of last night’s premiere episode of America’s Next Top Model : Cycle 6 certainly didn’t disappoint.  This episode had the ladies pose for beauty shots while wearing bald caps and having their skin bejeweled.  Rounding out my top picks of the week were Sara, Danielle (even though her personality is off-putting) and Brooke (even though the judges didn’t like her shot). Eliminated this week?  Southern girl Kathy who’s seen as a "hillbilly with a philosophy…[that she] can win this competition by being sweet, southern and a bit different." When it came down to it, Kathy just didn’t have enough of a model’s face to win the competition. All the portfolio pictures and episode stills in the gallery!  What were your thoughts on this episode and who are your favorites?

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antm bald heads01
antm bald heads02
antm bald heads03
antm bald heads04
antm bald heads05
antm bald heads06
antm bald heads07
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antm bald heads09
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antm episode01 top 32 01
antm episode01 top 32 02
antm episode01 top 32 03
antm episode01 top 32 04
antm episode01 top 32 05
antm episode01 top 32 06
antm episode01 top 32 07
antm episode01 top 32 08
antm episode01 top 32 09
antm episode01 top 32 10
antm episode01 top 32 11
antm episode02 bald heads 01
antm episode02 bald heads 02
antm episode02 bald heads 03
antm episode02 bald heads 04
antm episode02 bald heads 05
antm episode02 bald heads 06
antm episode02 bald heads 07
antm episode02 bald heads 08
antm episode02 bald heads 09
antm episode02 bald heads 10
antm episode02 bald heads 11
antm episode02 bald heads 12
antm episode02 bald heads 13
antm episode02 bald heads 14
antm episode02 bald heads 15
antm episode02 bald heads 16
antm episode02 bald heads 17

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  • aj

    Nnenna is gorgeous! I’m a Brooke fan too and think her beauty is so understated and very modelish.Gina pisses me off…get some confidence chica! Kathy was expendable and I figured she’d be cut early…too bad though cuz she was sort of funny…

  • alexia

    I think this season is going to be interesting! But I still miss Kim :(

  • Stephanie

    I think Furonda is BUTT UGLY! She needs to GO!

  • ariel

    Does Sarah not look like Sarah (the one who got with Kim) from last season? Seriously, she is an amazon meld of the old Sarah and Scarlett Johannssen – very lovely.

  • tiff

    Nnenna is my favorite, and Sara is GORGEOUS. These are the skinniest girls I’ve seen in my life. Great Still Photos!

  • Sheryl

    I think Gina is actually endearing with her lack of confidence– I think she will be one of those "she finds herself" story lines and really improve in the future. Her cheekbones are amazing! Jade is just plain annoying. With her looks ( and she is beautiful) she’s wondering why she hasn’t made it as a model at the "old" age of 26.Well,someone needs to tell her your looks will only take you so far if you are an ugly person inside. Nnenna right now is the odds on favorite to win the whole thing. She seems really sweet and nice. And it doesn’t hurt that she reminds everyone of Iman!

  • Sheryl

    I think Jade actually dug her own grave already by talking over Nigel the judge. There is no way that girl will win it all…

  • ionca

    that asian bitch is craaaaaaazy. no she isn’t. oh my god, she’s crazy. wait, she’s not. oh, i’m sorry….i didn’t mean to talk… wait, listen to me. i’m really sorry. i’ll get drunk now.

  • jasmine

    I HATE JADE ALREADY! Leslie was my #1 pick after seeing the photos, but once the show started I couldn’t even pick her out. She looks NOTHING in person like her photos (but her photes ROCK).Danielle really surprised me, she is gorgeous in her photos. Sarah and Joanie too. Gina is gonna get elimiated because she is SOO unprofessional (and talks like she is mildly retarded) but she does have gorgeous bone structure. I still want Leslie to win, but at this point I am thinking Sarah, Danielle or Nnenna to take it.

  • gwen

    i think danielle looks a bit like toccarra. oh, and jade is a B*TCH

  • Jaime

    Gina looks like an alien in her bald picture. Jade needs to go, what a bitch. It’s already shaping up to be an interesting group, gawd I’ve missed ANTM!

  • jen

    can’t stand jade. shes defin duggin the grave for herself already…and whats with the ghetto girls with bad attitude every season?

  • Ted

    The mansion that is being used as the model house in Cycle 6 is haunted. This house is located at 5121 Franklin Avenue in the Los Feliz section of LA (very close to Hollywood and Griffith Park); it was owned by Dr. George Hodel who is suspected of being the Black Dahlia killer. The CBS show, 48 Hours, aired a full expose on this house back in December of ’05. Dr. Hodel aka the Black Dahlia Killer lived here and used this vast, beautiful, scary looking, dream mansion as his sex palace. Together with famous artist Man Ray they used women and young girls in their artistic exploration of sex, violence and death. Elisabeth Short aka The Black Dahlia was however tragic but one of his victims. I’m surprised that the producers of Top Model chose this house based on it’s torrid past. I’ve actually driven by the house several times and it’s extremely creepy! You can do a web search for the above address or Dr. George Hodel for more infromation.

  • isitjustme?

    Is it just me or does the girl in the third row on the right look practically identical to denise richards, martin sheens ex? Just an observation

  • Larissa

    I think this seaon is going to be very different from the last 5 cycles. I think Nneena is a beautiful young woman! I really hope she’ll win! Who I would like to meet though? Kim from cycle 5! She’s soo hott, and I love her personality!! Man if only I were older!

  • ariel

    i HATE jadeshes so freakin annoying, shes not all that and shes not very pretty either.i LOVE kari. i’d like her even more if she was louder, shes so quiet. shes absolutely gorgeous.nnena and danielle are also my favourites.i have a feeling this season isnt gonna be as good.once jade is gone theres not gonna be anyone else to piss me off, therefore no more dramai miss kim.

  • Nnenna fan

    Nnenna should win the prize because she would represent Queen Latifah’s line of Cover cosmetics quite well

  • Nnenna fan

    Nnenna should win the prize because she would represent Queen Latifah’s line of Cover cosmetics quite well

  • Jennifer

    I’m probrobly Brooke’s BIGGEST fan! I really believe in her.GO BROOKE!!!!