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Nicole Linkletter Elle

Nicole Linkletter Elle

Talk about milestones: Recent America’s Next Top Model winner Nicole Linketter‘s first trip to France coincided with her first shoot for ELLE and also her first time wearing couture.  Hardly one to let a few successes go to her head, Linkletter, 20, took breaks from the ELLE photo session to go be a small-town girl seeing the sights of Paris: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre — "all the touristy stuff," as she puts it.  Back on the set, she loved trying on the beautiful couture clothing, especially Chanel’s pale pink gwn and Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano’s outrageous pantsuit. ¶  The North Fork, North Dakota, native has been on the fast track ever since waiting in line outside the Mall of America for "hours" last April to try out for America’s Next Top Model.  She made the show and had a wonderful time on it, although she wishes more people would understand that "reality television is not reality."  For instance, she admits that hte drama gets amped up by the video cameras, like when she had a fight with her younger sister on the telephone.  There’s clearly something about relaity TV that makes people more emotional, though she wouldn’t define it as acting per se.  "You are still yourself," she says, "but you’re in a situation you would never be in in actual life."  ¶  Having survived living in a house with 12 other aspiriing models and "being videotaped even when sleeping," Linkletter is now ready to concentrate on her career.  In the future, the buddind star hopes to have the oportunity to be like one of her industry heroes, Tyra Banks — who she describes as "not just a model, but a role model."  We wish her all the luck.

Here is America’s Next Top Model :: Cycle 5 winner Nicole Linkletter in her winning ELLE magazine photo shoot from the April 2006 issue.  My two favorite outfits (pictured above) are the Christian Lacroix Haute Couture paillette-embroidered tulle and chiffon gown and the Dior Haute Couture embroidered linen jacket, hand-painted leather trousers by John Galliano. More ANTM‘s Nicole Linkletter pictures in the gallery!

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30 Responses to “Nicole Linkletter Elle”

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  1. 1
    stephanie Says:

    she looks ******* horrible…

  2. 2
    anon Says:

    she makes a terrible model…I’ve never been more bored looking at somebody before!

  3. 3
    hughman Says:

    man, she is just fugly in these pics. like a teenage deer caught in headlights. i’m a little shocked "famous photographer" gilles bensimmon didn’t try and get more out of her unless he just gave up. every pic is a one note look. ew

  4. 4
    jane Says:

    Her eye makeup is too heavy.

  5. 5
    me Says:

    wtf…? she doesn’t look like a couture model at all, more like a clueless 14 year old

  6. 6
    Desert Says:

    I was really hoping Kim would win this one. At least with Australia’s Next Top Model, my pick won. Yay!

  7. 7
    ovid Says:

    Huh? This is what Tyra was raving about? She doesn’t look very impressive at all. She needs to work on her expressions. She looks like a teenager trying to play dress-up.I don’t understand the appeal of this girl at all.My grade? C-. Overrated.

  8. 8
    NaZruL Says:

    I was hoping for Nik to win ANTM. Nicole did not deserve to win this one. She’s really annoying!! I hope cycle 6 would be great!! No drama but just a top model.

  9. 9
    Heidi Says:

    Nicole, I love you, you are Gorgeous!! I was voting for Jayla, but I’m still happy that you won.

  10. 10
    Stephanie Says:

    She is the most boring top model ever! Did anyone see her Cover Girl Story. SNOOZE FEST! She loves herself, and has zero personality. NEXT!

  11. 11
    mike Says:

    you u guys are ******* wacked. she looks phenomenal. easily the best top model winner so far

  12. 12
    ovid Says:

    Right… because we disagree with you, we’re "******* wacked." It’s called an opinion… deal.

  13. 13
    renee Says:

    i think those photos arent so great, but nicole is. she just began modeling, cut her some slack. modeling is harder than it looks!

  14. 14
    anon Says:

    yeah it might be hard to model , but she’s still F-U-G-L-Y as HELL

  15. 15
    shan Says:

    I love nicole.She is so beautiful!!charming face

  16. 16
    lala Says:

    i love nicole! she’s that pretty with those sharp nose n cute face!

  17. 17
    aim Says:

    nicole is absolutely STUNNING and GORGEOUS. u go girl

  18. 18
    P Says:

    Nicole; wet, beige cardboard. Limp, colorless, one dimensional.

  19. 19
    nikster Says:

    if nik won and did this elle spread she wouldve killed it 100x better than nicole, nicole is a very pretty girl but nik has more …’fierceness’ and i KNOW u guys cant argue with that !!!

  20. 20
    Kelvin Says:

    if you have watched how Nicole walks in the runway, you must know why she wins!She is so gorgeous on the runway. She is also photogenic

  21. 21
    Patricia Says:

    She is absolutely beautiful…She will be around for a while. Yes, Nik was beautiful also, but only one person can win. Those trashing Nicole over Nik are making Nik look bad… though I don’t mean to feel this way, but, when they call Nicole ugly and that she didn’t deserve to win, it makes me glad Nicole won even more. The judges chose Nicole…Nicole didn’t chose herself.

  22. 22
    Mika Says:

    You negatively judge Nicole for the way the pros dressed her and styled her, make up and all. I think these International make up artists, hairstylists, designers and Magazines know what they are doing. I think she is stunning.

  23. 23
    sarah Says:

    give me some slack you guys, your just jealous. I mean, come on models…they need to see a pure white girl for some time you know. EVERYONE IS BLACK IN AMERICA. Glad I am not there.

  24. 24
    Jamar Says:

    OK… i know alot about fasion and being honest at one point i did want Nik to win…BUT… Nicole is a great choice and i totally see why they picked her. For 1 since Yoanna House there hasnt been a fierce white woman .. and Nicole totally gives ne GUESS model. Shes is very pretty and i love the way she walks the runway. perfect choice ….

  25. 25
    lizzie Says:

    well, as an asian i think nicole is more pretty than nik, n i vote for nicole too……cozher personality is the best from all the ANTM season 5

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