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Brangelina Berlin

Brangelina Berlin

Berlin, Germany :: These pictures are from earlier this week as Brangelina‘s Berlin adventures continued. Brad Pitt, 42, and his family — Angelina Jolie, 30, son Maddox Jolie Pitt, 4, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1 — left family fun park Bamboo Land this past Tuesday.  Watch the short video of BAMZ loading into the car. More pictures in the gallery but apologies in advance for the thumbnails. I searched high and low for better pictures but I couldn’t leave all you BAMZFANZ empty-handed before the week ended, so enjoy what’s here! Cheers.

UPDATE :: A few more pictures added of Angelina leaving Bamboo Land with Maddox and Zahara another day (no Brad).

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angelina bamboo land01
angelina bamboo land02
angelina bamboo land03
angelina bamboo land04
angelina bamboo land05
angelina bamboo land06
brad angelina bamboo land01
brad angelina bamboo land02
brad angelina bamboo land03
brad angelina bamboo land04
brad angelina bamboo land05
brad angelina bamboo land06
brad angelina bamboo land07
brad angelina bamboo land08
brad angelina bamboo land09
brad angelina bamboo land10
brad angelina bamboo land12
brad angelina bamboo land13
brad angelina bamboo land15

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  • nancy

    Thank you JJ….Have a great week-end.

  • KAS

    Thanks JJ – I was getting antsy and feelings of withdrawal! I do feel bad for them, but I do luv to see pictures of them just going about their life doing normal stuff with kids! Rock on BAMZ+1 and thanks again JJ. Have a good weekend!

  • hulagirl

    Why is Maddox not in school? God Brad looks so old now… poor guy I bet AJ has him up at night feeding the baby. I don’t think he knew what he was really getting into!!!

  • trueredhead

    So true Hula girl. Brad looks lifeless… kinda just being dragged around. She is always in front, after seeing those naked pictures of him "tucked" away… I get it now!!!! Poor guy, what a wasted career. I bet his career ends now. Just found this site, don’t you all feel dirty by looking at every move they do? Geez…. they are even going out the back door and you guys find them. I like the debate about AJ and JA butthis is borderline stalking now!!!!

  • linda z

    i can deal with Maddox traveling the world instead of in pre-school, but on TMZ Brad puts Maddox in the car WITHOUT a car seat! Move over Britney!

  • Dee

    Thanks JJ for this BAMZ+1 photos.They all look great. Have a good weekend Can’t wait until monday… Rica will update the fanfic.BAMZ+1 RULES

  • linda z

    i can deal with Maddox traveling the world instead of in pre-school, but on TMZ Brad puts Maddox in the car WITHOUT a car seat! Move over Britney!

  • DEE


  • DEE


  • alexanderina

    Brad do not look over and lifeless and his career is not over, some of you people in this forum bitch to much.

  • Hulagirl

    Dee:I did not say 40 was old!! I said HE LOOKED OLD!! Tara Reid looks old for her age as well. Brad looks tired and defeated!! WHAT??? I did not see the pictures of Maddox without a car seat…I SURE HOPE THE NEWS RIPS HIM A NEW ONE!! I bet they won’t!!! SHAMEFUL!! What a great DAD HUH!!!!

  • #10 HUH???

    What were you trying to say? He does look old!! Sorry, just my opinion. I am not even close to bitc@ing. I used to really like BP, but even after he married JA he started to just take not so great roles… Hopefully this Jesse James will be good and AJ will make him happier. Than he will get back to how he was in fight club and 12 monkies!!!I miss that BP!!! Sorry, please don’t call me a hater!!

  • Alexanderina

    oh Hulagirl PLEASE, why dont you see the pictures before you talk; and just because someone put a child in a car without a seatbelt do not make them a bad parent it just bad judgment on his part

  • justme

    thanks for the pics, jared.

  • African Girl

    Nice Pix. Thanx Jared.Hulagirl and Linda Z. You guys are too much. Honestly, u crack me up nitpicking on everything. You guys are having fun though…right? Anyway, I’m sure Maddox is learning more than he can ever learn if he was stuck in a classrom. He’s got the world as his classroom (sigh! Lucky Boy). Well it was nice to see that people still care especially with the hate going around on this site.

  • Hulagirl

    Alexanderina… I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE CAR SEAT… reread the blog sweetie.All I said is if he did it is SHAMEFUL…DO you have a child? I DO!!! I WOULD NEVER NEVER NEVER put my baby in the car without the proper seat. Ifhe did thatis terrible, did not see the pictures, I don’t hunt these two down like some of you do!!! Just flipping through to pass time at work. You can go from site to site if you want!!!

  • Di

    Thank you for the pics J. Have a nice weekend! BTW: Please someone care to direct me to the thread Rica usually posts the fics? I´m totally lost here again!

  • hulagirl

    #16…nitpicking a car seat? Ummm I don’t think so, that is actually the law. I don’t hate BP or AJ at all, please stop saying that. If we disagree we are haters? Also, my in-laws live in France so my child spends the summers there…. YOU NEED SCHOOL!!! Hopping from country to country…will not teach a 5 year old the language or the culture!! You need to be consistant. It is great to go to a zoo here and a store here…. but where is the math? The social skills with other kids? My son reads at 5, and is learning French…so please don’t hate…. he is in school and still travels worldwide!!!!

  • Estelle

    They do have car seats for both children…most of the recent pictures you can not tell, but do check back of all the older pictures. Maddox is only 4 years old, he does not need to be in school yet. I believe he did went to pre-school when they were living in Malibu. He has private tutor teaching him French and Cambodian languages, so I think both AJ and BP is doing fine as parent.

  • aaa

    Who gives a Shit if you hate them or not honey?who do you think you are anyway?People like you who do not consetrate to THEIR OWN derty laundry are just pityfull.Sorry but you’re not worth a peny dear..

  • ya know

    Some kids skip kindergarten, some are homeschooled, some are UNschooled, etc…so it seems silly to demand that a four year old be in school. We have friends who took their teens out of school for a year to travel. They got homeschool credit. Just sayin’. Different strokes and all.

  • African Girl

    Okay, Okay. We get what your are saying Hulagirl. We do o…kay? Car seats are important. About the school, I won’t go as far as saying NEED. Ofcourse it would be nice to go to school but he is four which means he’d be at a daycare at best. So what is he missing? ABC’s, 123′s and maybe colors? Come On, let’s be realistic here. Do you really think his parents are really that bad they don’t know what is best for their child? Hulagirl, I believe his parents are giving him a chance to learn of the world from the world while he still can coz when he starts school….real school, his chance to travel will be limited.Oh, nice to know that your son is five and can read. It is refreshing especially with the state of the Educational system today (don’t even get me started on that)Di, the fics are on the Brad in NY thread.

  • Oh aaaa

    AAA…please learn to spell before you make fun of someone!!!

  • nemesis

    Oh Hulagirl, what did BAMZ do to you? or Are you on Team Maniston. They can travel all over with the kids, who cares. Would it be better to have them in hollywood with the nannies?

  • Alexanderina


  • Rica Fan

    AJ is not hauling Brad around – he probably walks behind her to protect her. Her body guard is in the front and Brad brings up the rear (and what a lovely rear it is)!!!

  • Di

    Thank you African Girl :)

  • Juno

    #18, I think you are being too judgemental. First of all Maddox is still 4, not required to go to kindergarten until 5. For all we know the kid can already read and write his name, and all that stuff. As far as no car seat -well, it seems Brad sat with him in the backseat, and most likely use the seat belts for him. I truly doubt that he will allow that boy to get hurt. He is still in the process of adopting him, why would he jeorpardize the approval?? And naturally, we ALL get old. From what I see, I think Brad is aging fine just like wine. And IF he really didn’t want to be with Angie, he WOULDN’t BE. Apparently he does, and I am sure I am not alone in saying I wish my other half would be as considerate and caring and giving me more special treatment the way Brad does for Angie. Geeeeze. There may be some women out there that like bad boys. I for one, just soon rather have a Cary Grant or a Paul Newman, or Ronald Reagan, the type who remains true to their 2nd wifes, and whose wives were previously married to other people. What are those sayings " Love is lovelier, the 2nd time around" or "third time is a charm?". Lastly, yeah, I feel bad that I am just as obsessed with this couple as everyone else. As far as I am concern, when we get obsessed over something it’s because subconsciously, we want it for ourselves. MY 2 CENTS.

  • I LOVE BAMZ + 1


  • jjoy

    thanks jj…i am in withdrawal syndrome….it’s hard and i feel so bored espeically during the weekend if i didn’t see any pics of them which i know is bad…i am a peeps and i am proud about it….so there!! love bamz+1 family!!have a good weekend jj and you ladies…bamz+1 lovers and haters (???) yeah yeah i know….i know you love bamz+1 because you are always here nitpicking on them….ciao!!

  • Alexanderina has a loose cunt

    Alexanderina, your dream of giving Brad a blow job will never come true, so get off his dick already. Someone says something you think is negative and you start writing in caps. Brangelina doesn’t need you or anyone else to defend them. Wake up. They don’t care what the haters think and they don’t care what the scarry obsessed fans think.

  • hulagirl is a retard

    i think the whole Angelina always being in the lead and Brad always being behind is lovely, its a very protective position on brad’s part, he carry’s the baby & follows his wife & son from behind so that he can watch for their safety… its not at all submissive, actually i think it is totally dominant… so piss off all you dorks that say he’s being lead around like a puppy…

  • Curious

    Hulagirl, Are you sure there is a car seat law in Berlin? What exactly it is then? Unless you are there with the family everyday, it’s pointless to question their parenting skills. But if it makes you feel better to think you know better, by all means do so.

  • tita

    To those who come here just to bash the couple and their kids, don’t worry. Brad will never look twice at you even if he was a toothless 70 year old. You will never measure up to Angelina even if you say she is the sluttiest woman in the world. He will still go after her and stay.You are dying of envy and jealousy because Maddox and Zahara are able to travel around the world, eat the best food and stay at the classiest hotel. I bet you can’t even take your kids to Disneyland twice in a year. Bully for you guys! You just can’t stand to see people with looks and money enjoying themselves. Get a job that pays millions first!

  • Estelle

    I’ll buy your 2 cents, Juno good post….well spend money on my part…;)

  • janet

    girls….girls…stop bickering and just enjoy coming to jj’s to peeps and snoops…as for criticising brad for looking old or whatever negative comments against him….you’re all just jealous because you wish your man /lover/partner would be like him, rich, famous, handsome…not pretty….and he is old enough to know what he wants and he wants angie and the kids…so lay off on him….he’s a great dad and partner/lover!!bamz+1 rules!!

  • African Girl

    #31 Goodness! Where are we? The gutter? Tsk tsk tsk, such language. It doesn’t even that long anymore before the conversation goes down hill.

  • Alexanderina

    #31 I don’t do BLOW JOBS but since you bring it up I guess you and I guess you did not enjoyed my LOOSE CUNT LAST NIGHT BITCH, I came in here using my name not a # bitch

  • curious

    From the few videos I’ve seen, it appears Maddox is put in the car and someone on the other side gets him in the car seat. Just because you don’t see it being done doesn’t mean it isn’t. Both Brad and Angelina are very intelligent people, they would never put their children at such risk as to not have them in a car seat.I’m contstantly amazed that such an act of [to me] obvious caring like Brad walking behind [taking the rear] can be interpreted to be "trailing" Angelina. Since our interest has led them to practically HAVE to walk single file, I think it is a loving thing to do. I love to see them walking side by side, but, let’s face it, as much as we all love to see them, the rattzi are making their lives a living hell.As to Brad’s looks – he’s finally matured out of the pretty boy phase of his life. He looks like a real manly man – a GORGEOUS one at that – and seems to have given up tanning – which makes one look younger from far away, but in reality ruins the skin.It makes me sad that they now seem to wear masks when they go out in public – in order to maintain some privacy I assume. To think they have at least another 2 months of this kind of microscopic living – it’s insane! At the same time, thank you JJ for the pics and video, sadly, I am addicted to this family.

  • now African Girl is the retard

    dont be so condescending African Girl, it doesn’t make you sound intelligent….. that’s what these posts are all about – giving your opinion & having an opinion about other peoples opinions, at least you aren’t a hater, so i guess you got that going for you. but i have to say all your posts make you look like you think you’re pretty clever & usually you just sound dumb.

  • Di

    Just to add something about the carseat thing: there was a video from the summer, where someone even filmed Brad putting Mad in the carseat! I remember quite well ’cause one of the bodyguards closed the car dor on the pap´s face! Lol!I think I saved some pics in my photobucket.

  • African Girl

    #40 – So what would make me sound smart, the foul language you seem to have perfected? If that’s the case, carry on Ms. Intelligent, Ms. Smarty Pants.

  • JLS

    African girl, thanks for the chastisement. There are so many contributors to this post that need to be reminded of what a well-spoken person writes/speaks like! Observations made by the uneducated deserve a response. One can always tell the haters and screamers from the intelligent observers of a situation. And JJ, thanks from me as well for tending to my own withdrawal symptoms. Don’t ever apologize—we addicts out here appreciate you.JLS

  • hulagirl

    I never said he did not put his son in a car seat!!Please kids… go back and see it was a Linda Z. I just stated it was SHAMEFUL if he did not!! I don’t care if you are Brad Pitt or my cousin… CAR SEATS are important. That ismy point. If it was the girl down the street you would flip out. I KNOW THE LAW in France and you have to have a car seat!! Do you think The Germans don’t care about their kids? This is a useless point… never said he did not have the little guy in a car seat!!! Like the one post, I doubt he would risk it!!! Just very passionate about child saftey!!!

  • sara

    so so boring ,always the same: angelina is a whore, brad is old and ugly, Maddox is not in school..bla ,bla .bla….hahaha sorry but get a life …waste your time in another thing …

  • Lola

    Thanks Jared for the pictures. Hello to all the BAMZ+1 supporters!

  • Fed up with Bamz

    Dear Hula Girl is a retard. My husband is wonderful & has qualities most women would adore. Guess what, he does not walk behind me like my DOG. That is a position for a man who is a PUSSY. We generally walk side by sad & we smile and touch each other in public too. (I am not talking about gross PDA’s) Anyway, I think my son was in a toddler seat when he was 3 & 4. When he was 4 at one point, he just started using his seatbelt. It depends on how large your child is & Mine is just average size. Now, I think their vacation has been long enough & Maddox might not need to go to school yet, but he does need a place to call home. With maybe a few neighbor friends. Even though his parents take good care of him, blah blah blah, he needs a home to go to so he feels safe. Even though the baby is small, she needs that too. And lastly, Brad lloks like complete SHIT & I think his Jessie James movie will bomb, because who gives a crap about Jessie James. Troy did OK because Brad was still hot in that movie. But who wants to go see somebody who cannot act that is looking ugly on top of that? Not me!

  • Lisa

    Maybe Brad wasn’t concentrating on the child seat belt because of the distraction of the papparazzi. But what parent is NOT always distracted. You still have to be careful, especially with a FOUR YEAR OLD! He’s careless. What was he thinking by going into this? Maybe that’s why Jen didn’t want to have babies with him. Brad seems a little ditzy. Or maybe OLD AGE is making him forgetful and blind.You know what, I thought about this a couple years ago, but I think there was some OTHER reason why Jen didn’t want to have babies with Brad. I don’t think it was her career. I think there was something about Brad that wasn’t right to her or maybe he lacked something. If he’s the sexiest man alive, what woman wouldn’t have a baby with him? I think she was covering up for him for some reason.He’s not the most perfect man in the world. Otherwise Jen would have had that baby with him. People tend to forget that other celebs are not perfect and have flaws like the rest of us. And people carry serious secrets. I think there are secrets underlying all this. And maybe it wasn’t Jen after all.

  • Now Fed up with Bamz is a retard

    #47 – who cares about you and your stoopid husband or whether you put your kid in a car seat or not… how can you compare your life with BAMZ – are you serious? of course you can walk side by side gazing into each other stupid eyes, while occassionaly groping each other – you dont have a crowd of 20 paparazzi following you everywhere you go… at least you made me laugh with your "I think their vacation is long enough now"… hahaha, you really are a retard.

  • lala

    Fed up with Bamz ……brad pitt is your obsession…you forget brad,him family and him films and get a life