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Failure to Launch Review

Failure to Launch Review

PopWatch did a great job rounding-up the reviews on Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker‘s latest film Failure to Launch in theaters today.  Check it out below.  Lotsa pictures in the gallery as always!

Headlines the studio should have seen coming
Toronto Globe and Mail: A movie that lives down to its title
Philadelphia Inquirer: Truest-title award? ‘Failure to Launch’
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Unfortunately true to its title, movie can’t get off the ground
Santa Barbara Sun: This movie’s a ‘Failure’ in more ways than one
USA Today: ‘Failure to Launch’ sums it up

How, exactly, does it fail?
New York Daily News: ‘Failure’ to laugh
San Jose Mercury News: ‘Failure’ to amuse
Orange County Register: ‘Failure’ to find a believable plot
Edmonton Sun: Failed chemistry
Toronto Sun: Failure to excite
Charlotte Observer: This ‘Failure’ fails miserably

Is this a film about rockets?
Chicago Tribune: Scrub this ‘Launch’
Detroit Free Press: Comedy barely gets off ground
Lafayette (Ind.) Journal and Courier: ‘Launch’ just fizzles
Orlando Sentinel: ‘Launch’ fires up romantic-comedy rockets
Deseret (Utah) Morning News: Failed jokes put ‘Launch’ in a wobbly trajectory

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  • Whatever!!

    Matthew is 100x’s hotter than Brad Pitt. I don’t care what they say…. I bet it is funny and he is sweet. Mr and Mrs.Smith got the same reviews… go back and read them. They just started an affair to get the PR going… AJ trapped him by getting pregnant. Could not fall in love that fast and get pregnant unless it started before he got divorced. Matthew ROCKS BP SUCKS!!!

  • angelah

    both of them rocks!

  • Jen

    Sorry to burst your bubble!Brad Pitt 200* WAY HOTTER than Matthew, MM’s hair is thinning on top, he’s getting bald already he’s just trying to cover it up. Yes, he cute, but Brad for his age is Hotter!

  • Matthew-fan

    I heard Matthew HATED working with SJP so maybe that’s why the movie sucks. He and Brad are both hot. I’d take either one on any day of the week. He chews tobacco so his teeth will probably be rotten and he’ll have cancer of the mouth soon….but he’s still hot.

  • janet/junglegirljlt

    Matthew did not hate working with SJP-that’s the tabloids talking, he said on interviews that he has had a crush on her since he saw her in Honeymoon in Vegas. Matthew has never had a bad thing to say about his co-stars, and in all the interviews that he’s been on in the Press Junket for FTL, he always had kind words to say about her.I just came back from seeing this movie and I loved it! My boyfriend and I laughed our heads off!For more info on Matthew, go to Rana’s site: best site for info on him (and yes, the Board does get ALOT of pics of him from here, and we always credit Just Jared! Love this place!P.S….Matthew IS the Sexiest Man Alive for 2005! (and forever for me!)

  • Lola

    I like Matthew and SJP but I’ll wait for DVD.

  • Chuncha

    Too bad, the trailer was pretty amusing, but i guess I’ll listen to the critics on this one.

  • janet/junglegirljlt

    If I listened to the critics, I’d be miserable with the choices of movies that they think are good….

  • mich

    No. 1, Could you explain why the comparison? Where in this post Brad Pitt was mentioned? You are only a crazy maniston fan.

  • bea

    sorry whatever but MM is getting bald…

  • Elena

    Whatever, I will have to agree with you (mostly) on this and I am one of those "crazy BAMZ fans" LOL — He is oozes that Texas charm that make Texas men different . He is a charming rascal, totally hard to resist– Saw the movie too ..My man friend and I both really enjoyed it. —that man is eye candy! Will definitely go see it again with the girls.

  • BenitoDelicias

    you know Jared, I love your site, but this is exactly what Entertainment Weekly has been doing with others peoples reviews on for about a year now….Are you copying them or is this just a coincidence….Great pics though…..

  • cynthia

    He is certainly a hunk but still lack the maturity and charm of Brad Pitt.

  • Lori

    I agree that both Brad and Matthew are gorgeous But where Matthew has stayed his tried and true self I feel Brad has changed and has become a little stand-offish. I can understand him doing that at first but people have made their decisions now and aren’t going to change. I miss the smiling Brad and Angie they once were. I’m glad Matthew doesn’t care what the press writes about him.

  • faye

    Well the movie house where I watched it today was FULL and everyone laughing and loving it – including me!!!!

  • lolly

    Both Brad & Matthew are very beautiful and handsome men. But, I would prefer if Matthew would not do interviews anymore. He comes off sounding like a potheaded dumb blond. GEEZ Shut up already!!!

  • alex

    are these people crazy!!!!!!!????? that was A GOOD GOOD MOVIE!!!!!!!!