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Brad Angelina St. Tropez

Brad Angelina St. Tropez

Hollywood’s hottest couple Brad Pitt, 42, and pregnant Angelina Jolie, 30, brushed up on their aviation skills late last week as they both took their own separate flights in Angelina‘s single-engine plane, the Cirrus SR22 (base price of $334,700).  They flew over Paris and St. Tropez in the south of France, located on the French Riviera.  Actor Michael Douglas, 61, sounds off on headline-making couple in the upcoming April 2006 issue of GQ magazine (Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima on the cover), contemplating Pitt‘s own "high-water mark" and his current humanitarian work. "I don’t know about Brad Pitt, leaving that beautiful wife to go hold orphans for Angelina," Douglas says. "I mean, how long is that going to last?"  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Love these 2

    I am presuming they are wanting to bank more flying hours – this enables them the ability to fly more complex aircraft?

  • Di

    yuuuuu! You Rock Jared! She´s gorgeous. BTW: Does she have a new tattoo above the dragon and I´m not talking about the BBT one now erased!

  • Beth

    Looks like fun.

  • shut up JA & douglas

    Douglas is an asse and a dirty old man who marries young girls to feel young – also didn’t hurt his lagging movie career – wow JA & MD have the same career issues! JA must cringe at having him defend her pathetic situation.

  • cj


  • april

    JJ you the man. Thanks! I hope Michael Douglas was misquoted, if he wasn’t he is full of dodo. Those children are not orphaned, they have a Mother (angie), and a Father (brad). In any case, holding orphans, and showing them love, and affection, seems to be a worthy cause to me.

  • Tealeaf

    Jennifer- beautiful?How about self-absorbed! I didn’t know this! Also there are millions of Oprhans in this world, so thank God somebody wants to take care of them. Michael Douglas shut the F@#$ Up. Grandpa and Catherine look perverted together!

  • Di

    # 4 |He´s a dirty old man! He just wants attention that hag!

  • Original jpf

    I’m just completely outdone about Michael Douglas "of ALL people" saying some bulldookey like this! The man is off his med’s, that’s all I can think. He’s off his rocker "or fell out of it onto his head!"jpf

  • Summer

    Thanks JJ. BAMZ fix have been satisified. Is Michael Douglas senile? I mean leave JA for AJ.. only a asshole would have to think about this?

  • Saz

    Ok..if Jennifer is beautiful ..then Angelina is a Goddess ! MD should just shut his mouth up. His Humanitarin thunder was stolen from him at the World Economic forum in Davos past Jan. No media press gave him any coverage for his "humantarian time and effort" He is such must have thought "oh shoot, all my effort to waste!"HE has had his time and it’s now over . He should just be content rolling ball to his children and recovering from the numerous face life and tighening plastic surgery .

  • lola

    Does anyone else think it’s weird, stupid, selfish, shortsided, and narcissistic that she is flying this late into her pregnancy? Why risk something that is purportedly so special.

  • genggeng

    Michael Douglas should just shut up. He’s lucky he is even being interviewed. He was hot once upon a time, he’s had his fun, now he should leave the stage for younger players. He should be more like Warren Beatty who was once upon a time the HOTTEST; now just quietly enjoying life with Annette Bening, now that’s classy. MD should just take care of his and CZJ’s kids and let others have their time in the sun!!! He’s just PO’d Angie and Brad stole his thunder at Davos.

  • Joyce Smeltzer

    Too bad the elderly MD had to stoop to make such comments. He’s such shallow human being anyway. After what he put his poor first wife through and now he castigates Brad Pitt for falling in love and being a good father? Maybe he’s just a big supporter/friend of JA and wanted to say something to "encourage?" her. Sad comment on the state of his personhood. Hey and what about JA not wanting to be a victim? Seems to me she could have done plenty about that starting with her first interview in Vanity Fair. She has squeezed blood out of this publicity turnip and has loved every minute of it. It’s all very pathetic.JLS

  • summer

    lola.. how do u know for sure, how long AJ is? not criticizing just curious.

  • llaunie

    Michael Douglas is a complete IDIOT. He’ll be damn lucky if his wife doesn’t leave him for a younger man! BTW, his wife made out with Brad Pitt in Ocean’s 12. I bet that was the highlight of her marriage!

  • JLS

    Di, are you the "Diana" who left a comment about Michael Douglas on the Pittwatch site? If so, way to go. Loved your remarks.JLS

  • Original jpf

    # 12 | lola | March 13, 2006 02:49 PM Nope. There was a time at the start, but I begin to think of the millions of ways she could hurt her baby or herself "and everyone of those were on the ground!" I also read about the type she has, and yes, nothing is guarnteed, but her Cirrus is considered one of the safest (and most expensive) single engine planes, and one of the few that comes with a parachute that will carry it to the ground should it need to be activated.BTW, I don’t think Brad would hesitate to ask her to not do it if he felt uncomfortable, and I think she seems like someone who would respect that it’s his child to and cease flying temporarily…all that of course is my opinion.jpf

  • newflame

    Michael Douglas is just trying to get publicity for his new movie. So he taking pot shot at anyone he thinks can get his name in the paper. He need to shut the hell up.

  • mina

    brangelina bore

  • Di

    You know huys, someone just make a comment on another board saying that he must have hit AJ and she turned him , now the old man is being mean!

  • PR

    well anyone smell anything .. GQ.. huvane..jen.. pr .woman of the year … of the year .. so too many recurrence.. all in a ploy. Money talks .. pay them and they put in a good word for you and bring down others .sad but all true

  • Lola

    #12 lolaThis Lola does not think that Angie is being reckless, selfish, etc. The fact is Angie has a greater chance of dying/getting injured in a car accident than flying her cirrus.

  • Di

    # 17 | JLS Thank you! I try to do my best! ;)

  • Jenn

    Thanks Jared.Michael is pissed because he woke up to the fact that Brad’s wife is hotter than his. Say what you will about Angelina but her hot ass wounldn’t pimp herself for a cell phone. T mobile blows, hard.

  • tsk tsk

    Jennifer is beautiful and LOOK Angelina’s got a fat a$$. Brad just keeps looking worse with each passing day. Karma baby. TOO funny. lmao

  • Original jpf

    Isn’t it funny how Jolie-Pitt have yet to speak about anything (good for them), yet Michael D. & Jennifer A. bring them up "by name or implied", and boom! the WEB has lit up like a christmas tree. It’s crazy.jpf

  • Original jpf

    # 25 | Jenn | March 13, 2006 03:12 PM That’s the thing, I wonder if CZJ agrees with her husband. She has always given me the impression she really liked AJ, and especially BP. Hey, on the O12 Diane Sawyer interview, she even looked to be sympathetic to his desire to be a dad. Besides that, she herself more than AJ ever was, contributed to the end of Michael Douglases marriage. He DID leave his wife for CZJ. jpf

  • KiKi

    tsk tsk, you need to take a look at Jennifer Annistion in the recent pictures of her and Vince… she is looking awful. the bags under her eyes are very clear.. for you to say a pregnant woman has a fat a$$ is just ignorance. Brad looks better than he ever did, its called happiness!

  • LMAO

    #26 tsk tskkarma is a bitch. just check out maniston’s worldwide box office for her last 2 bombs. karma baby all the way.

  • militza

    angie has a new tattoo??

  • lola

    You’re missing the point – her plane may go down – whatever – but it’s her health that is allegedly at issue. Now, based on all the crap we read, she is due in less than two months and she was subjected to manditory rest due to her health. I would say it’s a bit of a risk to your health and the well being of child to subject yourself to a strange environment such as flying a jet around Paris. Just an opinion, but a risk such as this seems to be foolish. And, for the sake of gossip, it appears that Brad doesn’t wear the pants in the relationship – meaning, that there is no way he can control her.

  • ell

    How old is MD. Let that old man blablabla. Have you see his face lately.

  • yo

    jenn you are so stupid angie are pregnant not fat you are a idiot and jen are old an ugly fuckin*g bitch

  • Di

    # 32 | lola you said yourself: the crap we readI think she knows what she´s doing, her doctor knows what she´s doing and Brad as well. I´m sure she takes good care of herself, she would not put her wellbeing at risk, let alone her baby´s.

  • carla

    it seems that Brad has seen the paps, and knows he has been tracked down and taking pics of him again… the frustrated annoyed looks.

  • JA is the 1 with the FA

    Oh now AJ has a fat ass – last week she was skinny and sick looking……….last pic i saw it was JA who has the weight issues – especially when she was in the bikini when she surprised BP on the set of Ocean’s 12 – she’s bottom heavy and has ugly legs. I’ve seen better legs on a freakin pool table.

  • sara

    i am brangelina fanatic….but angie is a imprudent ,the first is the baby and no her independence….

  • anon

    maybe the reason why Angelina and Brad cannot publicly announce their relationship, although the baby speaks for itself, and even the papparazi pictures convey them as continuing to be silent on their relationship is that they realize what a mess they’ve gotten themselves into and are unhappy together. angelina never smiles. she always looks pissed… probably b/c pitt is not affectionate enough and the reality of their relationship is sinking in … on no, what did they get into… and so it goes….

  • Dee

    Thanks JJ for this awesome pic!!! They look great.I wonder too about her new tatoo…right at the top of her arm dragon tatoo.BMAZ+1 RULES

  • say


  • Kayla

    Do these people wear anything but BLACK? And now it’s rumored that Brad is SMOKING again and Angies flying and probably smoking again too. What selfish, self-absorbed people these two rich, rich globe trotting Human beings (?) are!

  • Nice!!

    They looked so thrilled huh? I guess the PR is starting to rub off and they actually have to talk to each other. What a match made in the media..

  • SAY

    OOPS, sorry typo. I MEANT BRANGELINA!!!

  • Original jpf

    # 32 | lola | March 13, 2006 03:24 PM Now now lola, you ask, and I simply gave my opinion. And sorry, this is the first I’ve heard about "mandatory rest". If that were the case, then I definitly would believe not only would she heed that advice, but I’m firm in believing Brad Pitt would insist on it……but again, this is the first I’ve heard of any medical advice regarding her pregnancy, and if you have a source to share, please do.jpf

  • Elena

    Angelina is safer in that plane then she is in a car. There are commercial female pilots who fly while pregnant till the they deliver so I am sure Angelina is fine.As far as MD and his comment….He perhaps needs to call Diandra to remind him about all the cheating he did while they were married. I guess MD is suffering from senile dementia which is responsible for his bs. Or all the medication taken during his many, many face lifets etc. have killed too many brain cells. CZJ became pregnant while he was still in the process of getting a divorce….He married someone who could be his daughter; I think that he is a couple of years older than CZJ father. In fact I think he was living with Breda Vaccaro when he hooked up with Diandra…

  • sara


  • Ashley

    Brad looks like shit! This is the sexiest man alive??? OMG! If he reflects who he’s with like they say, what is his appearance saying about Jolie? That she’s dirty, unkept, sloppy, fat, and sad??????

  • lou

    Thanks Jared for the new pictures.Angelina looks beautiful as always.

  • carla

    Angelina is safer in that plane then she is in a car. There are commercial female pilots who fly while pregnant till the they deliver so I am sure Angelina is fine…………sorry but no……..the small planes are very dangerous during the pregnancy because of the pressurization this problem does not exist in the commercial airplanes