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Jennifer Aniston Vogue

Jennifer Aniston Vogue

Jennifer Aniston knows people feel sorry for her, and she hates it. "It makes my skin crawl," Aniston tells the April issue of Vogue. "Don’t make me your victim," she says. "I’m so tired of being part of this sick, twisted Bermuda Triangle." Of course, that triangle is the Aniston-Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie saga that has been tabloid news for the past year. "All I can do is go on and live my life," the former Mrs. Pitt says. But, she adds, "these are human beings. … It’s real." The actress, whose Vogue photographs were shot by Mario Testino, has moved back into the Hollywood bungalow where she was living when she met Pitt. She says she might consider moving from Los Angeles until the paparazzi frenzy settles. And though she speaks frankly about the breakup (without ever saying the names of her ex and Jolie), Aniston is mostly tight-lipped when it comes to Vince Vaughn, her co-star in The Break-Up, due in theaters in June. The two were spotted at an Oscars party. "First and foremost, he’s a really good, loyal friend," she tells Vogue. "Fiercely loyal."

The April 2006 issue of Vogue is due out on newsstands in New York and L.A. on Tuesday and nationwide on March 21.  More pictures in the gallery including Jennifer Aniston, 37, and boyfriend Vince Vaughn, 35, holding hands and taking a romantic walk together yesterday in the snow in Aspen, Colorado.

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  • the tempest

    Jennifer looks tiny, but they’re cute together.

  • lola

    They are cute together. I wish them the best.

  • min

    The best thing she could probably do for herself is to stop talking about it. Don’t feed the animal. I don’t understand the purpose of a interview talking about how tired you are of magazines covering it. She says she is thinking about leaving LA because of the coverage. Yeah, and go where NY. The east coast NY for celebrities. She should just live her life, that is the best way, something else will happen to somone else to take the spotlight off of her. Really I thought the triangle angle way dying down and the speculation was more about the individual couples.-

  • Bb

    Jen and her PR realized the big mistake they made waging a Pity, poor Jen campaign in Vanity Fair last summer, and trying to back pedal. It’s too late. Too bad. what’s there to salvage, people has eyes and mind .they can see through lies and her pr antics. I thought Sarah J Parker movie would bomb like Jen’s cause they look the same and has almost the same type of fans .. boy ..her movie made her 24.5 million this past opening weekend. See, no almost of PR can fool the public to believe something other than what they are capable of . people will pay to watch a good movie by talented actor.

  • Jenny

    So sick of her. She can say NO to those question.

  • KiKi

    they are cute together but — OMG, she looks awful. the dark bags under her eyes are clear to see in these photos. him too. guess they are smoking too much of the boogie weed. and as far as being part of the "triangle" how does she think Brad&Angelina feel with their children constantly dragged into the spotlight as well? It makes no sense to say she is "sick of being part of the bermuda triangle" but yet every chance she gets she talks about it?!?!?!?? another way for her to ge the publicity she craves…

  • holding hands

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww THERE HOLDING HANDS.HOW SWEET

  • pet dog

    ok so now Jen is describing Vince like he is a pet dog ? "First and foremost, he’s a really good, loyal friend," she tells Vogue. "Fiercely loyal." Fiecely loyal friend for smoking, thumping, and Holding Hands . . I love that :)

  • mina

    i like the way she sees all what had recently hapened….sick, twisted triangle.whyshould she not tell the true character of it and the weird tabloid coverage.all in all, brangelina play it up for paparazzis. they should put gossip to an end and just present themselves once anf for good.all the best to jen.

  • Chelesea

    She looks horrible and old. What is she doing? Something is going on here and it’s not good. She does need to stop with the talk already. Enough. I agree though, it’s all backfiring on her now because people see she’s the one who’s keeping it going. She has deep, dark crevaces under her eyes. Wow

  • shutupjen

    I wish she would shut up already. No one cares. She sucks.

  • Alexanderina

    I am a Brangelina Fan, but I wish Vince and Jennifer all the best. I love him in M&MS

  • Tealeaf

    First she does a over four page interview with the writer (Leslie)and her friends bashing Brad and making her into the saint victim, now she is complaining, maybe because being a victim isn’t going to sell movie tickets. I honestly think she wasn’t a "wronged" wife, I think she cause her own marriage to fail. Iam glad Brad is happier, and enjoys spending time with his family. Maybe Jennifer can be happy if she would stop being bitter, using her friends to blame her ex for the failure of her marriage and focus on repairing her relationship with her mother. I think Vince is just a rebound guy, she uses to not look lonely!Iam glad I never brought into her victim act…

  • Tiny Dancer

    The Aniston fans on the Brangelina posts have been gleefully saying Brad Pitt looks old. Well look at Jen and Vince. They look really really old and tired and wan. Perhaps what we are seeing with all of them is…no studio make up???

  • Rob


  • Instant Observation

    Vince looks like he’s gonna rob a bank. lolI wish Vince would dump her & go back to Joey Lauren Adams or anybody, he can do so much better than Jennifer.

  • Nose Job

    I think she’s covering up a nose job – wouldn’t surprise me – look at the pics she looks a bit swollen.

  • Chelsea

    I don’t think she’d go to Aspen to recover from a nose job. Plus, there isn’t any bandages. There’s something disturbing about both of these pictures. Something is wrong. I don’t know if it’s drugs or booze or what but she and he look like HELL!

  • genggeng

    Wow! What’s that again about Brad looking old? Sheesh, JenJen and Vince are about six to seven years younger than Brad and they look about as old as he is (42). I agree with Chelsea, they look like heck!!!

  • eight

    Wow Vince is so much bigger than tiny Jenny. He must be built like a horse, maybe that’s why Jen’s so happy!

  • Chelsea

    You think she looks happy? She looks wrecked. She’s in trouble. It’s written all over her. Those pics of her from the afterparties were the same way. Deep lines around her mouth and eyes but nothing like this. It looks like a bender weekend

  • Nose Job 2

    Aspen may be a good place due to the fact its normal to wear a scarf most of the time. She looks bruised.

  • Chelsea

    They were in Aspen because it was the 10th anniversary of Swingers. They did a thing out there with the whole cast. No nose job

  • lesley

    They look like sh*t warmed over. Check out the bags under their eyes.

  • Be sane

    JA deserves everything that’s coming to her. She created it. Someone should teach her two words to say: "No Comment". Oh no, but then, how is she supposed to stay on headlines without Brad Pitt? Of course she will comment again, and again until her divorce is completely mummified.

  • OMG

    Check out – its true!!!!!

  • sara

    vince is so………………..pufff ugly, under his eyes omg…….

  • AJ needs a brain transplant

    What? she meets vince and decides its time to start a family in the year – Good God girl – if BP couldn’t do it for you and VV can – well all i can say is – take off the beer goggles girl!

  • Jess

    brain transplant,do you think that LOOKS are all that matter? I know lots of good looking people who also happen to be complete asses. It’s what inside that counts and evidently Vince has more inside than Brad cause he wasn’t worth fighting for. Poor Brads been dumped by too many women, and Jennifer is the one who divorced him!

  • yo


  • hooray

    what a perfect picture. Fugly girl and Fugly boy. they are perfect couple made in heaven. They deserve each other . Congratulations to JA team for getting this right !! hip hip hooray!

  • Marie

    So cute together. She’s so tiny and Vince is a Big, big guy. No wonder Jen looks so happy…lol. Hope they stay happy together.

  • Pity Party JA


  • Teri

    All of you people are so jealous of Jenny, and have so much black hatred in your hearts. You should be ashamed. And Jared all you do is promote this so you’re ratings will go up. You suck!

  • LMAO

    #32 Marie: No wonder Jen looks so happy…lol.Where do you see happy? I see deep bags under their eyes and a chick trying to hide her nose. Don’t look happy to me.

  • 22

    Awwwwwwwwww, poor Jen! She is so darn sick of being felt sorry for! Don’t you feel sorry for her that she has to feel so sick of being felt sorry for! She’s so sick of all the publicity and that’s why she did a mag interview to tell the world! Jen you don’t make any damn sense! Just take your big chin and go put it in Mr. Fiercely loyals lap some more to further your career cause your gonna need it after all your antics.

  • Jess

    Pity party,thank you for the compliments. I agree with you wholeheartedly when you say I DO have depth and profound insight. I’m glad you noticed that. Thank you. Now about Jen and Vince, any fool can see you’re just eating your self alive with jealously over Jen. Why is that dear? Did a beautiful woman like Jen steal your man away? Could that be it?

  • alys

    she is great..THEY ARE so cute…LOVE HER SO MUCH

  • JA needs to shut up

    I’m not jeaolous of Jen – I just think she’s over-rated and I’m doing my part to put her publicist and their camp into a spin. Bloggers have a voice and a responsibility to ensure PR people are challenged, and the PR camps hate it.

  • PR people

    I am not jealous of Jen – she has just always been over-rated, thanks to her Publicits and camp – I believe that bloggers have a responsibility to ensure that PR people are challenged – and they hate this new medium. Well too bad.

  • alys

    angelina’s FAN NEED TO SHUT UP;;;YOU KNOW THE BEST THINGS IF YOU REALLY WANT TO PUT JEN’s PUBLICIST INTO A SPIN is to shut up..IF YOU REALLY DON’t CARE ABOUT jen why do you come here and talk about her interwiew..SORRY BUT IT SHOWS THAT YOU HAVE SOME INTEREST OF HER;;;i have any interest for angie and even if she give a interwiew i will never read it or talk about it;WHY?? because i m not interested by her at all;

  • alys

    angelina’s FAN NEED TO SHUT UP;;;YOU KNOW THE BEST THINGS IF YOU REALLY WANT TO PUT JEN’s PUBLICIST INTO A SPIN is to shut up..IF YOU REALLY DON’t CARE ABOUT jen why do you come here and talk about her interwiew..SORRY BUT IT SHOWS THAT YOU HAVE SOME INTEREST OF HER;;;i have any interest for angie and even if she give a interwiew i will never read it or talk about it;WHY?? because i m not interested by her at all;

  • Jess also needs a labotomy

    Jess – I’m a guy – so much for your profound insight (heavy sarcasm – but too stupid to notice)- LOL -

  • Tealeaf

    Yep, we who aren’t Jennifer fans are JEALOUS! We all want a boxer nose, mannish chin, beady eyes and to be dumped publicliy! The only thing she got going for her is money, but obviously that doesn’t make a person happy look at the bags under her eyes! I think Karma is biting her in the butt!

  • Inconnu

    Who care? Both are ugly. They look like crap.VV looks like Goliath next to her.Don’t pity me? No I don’t feel sorry for you and never did. Now go away.

  • LMAO

    #42 i have any interest for angie and even if she give a interwiew i will never read it or talk about it;WHY?? because i m not interested by her at all;Aren’t you the same alys that had been on numerous Brangelina threads? Sweetie, don’t contradict yourself when its very easy for someone like me to go into the archives and re-post all of your posts. Dumbass!

  • Jess is chinnifer

    tell to your tranny chin idol to just shup the motherfucker up….pretty??? my ass is prettier than her face…so fugly…that’s what you get for flapping your thin lips…just say "no comment" should be enough but no…she needs to have the interview and had a pity party with oprah…what a pathetic bitch she is….i don’t like her before but after that pity party she had i detest the hell out her tranny chin…she can go to hellay for all i care…just tell her to just SHUT UP!!

  • alys

    46—–HONEY you can show all my post you will see that in all of them i never never insult angelina…i always want the stop of this stupid war;and what i will say is that why ANGIE’s fan come here???IT’s a jen’s post and not an angie post..SO if YOU COME IN THIS POST ITS BECAUSE YOU HAVE SOME INTEREST TO JEN;;;;;;;;;

  • 22

    Oh yes I have a keen interest in Jennifer, I want to bring her down and show her for the pompus, self centered bitch she is!

  • kerchy

    i wish she would just STFU!!! so glad brad, dumped her ass!!! VINCE GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!!