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Angelina Jolie Flying

Angelina Jolie Flying

Leaving her family — Brad Pitt, 42, son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1 — behind back at their pad in Paris, Angelina once again took flight in the south of France. Looking unusually skinny for a pregnant woman well into in her third trimester, Angelina Jolie, 30, still managed to look fabulous as she set off for more aviation training and flying lessons.  Unfazed by her growing baby bump, Angelina soared the skies in her single-engine Cirrus SR22 airplane. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • pinky

    well…hopefully the baby will be okay when he is born. I think she is not being very careful with her pregnancy. But she probably just got pregnant to keep Brad so…I used to like the couple, now I’m waiting to see how long they last. Oh, and I hate Aniston too.

  • kidi

    You go, Angie! You kick ass.

  • mae

    i have to admire her strength; pregnancy has nothing on her! seeing these pics of her out and about has changed my view that pregnant women are weak and fat. thanks for the pics jared! ur awesome as always!

  • jay

    she is so gorgeous, and graceful too, considering how pregnant she is. i love it.

  • DD

    Angie, you’re my hero. But please be careful and slow down.

  • Juno

    Thanks Jared! Ever so thoughtful. :)The only thing I can think of is that they MUST be so darn coop up in that apt, and being followed by the paparazzi wherever they go, the only place where Angie and Brad can feel private and free is up in the sky. I’m sure her doctor is okay with what she is doing. I’ve seen tons of co-workers keep on working all the way til they are about ready to pop. :)

  • Beth

    All I have to say is every pregnancy is different. Every woman has her own way of carrying their child. her "baby bump" looks pretty normal to me. What a stupid thing to call a pregnant belly! Besides you can never tell, angles of the picture, color and style of the clothes she wears can create an optical illusion.

  • Raphael

    Katie can fly all the way to Australia & Tahiti & back to the US, why can’t Angie fly around in circles in St. Tropez? Must be horrible to have papz everywhere they go…

  • jay

    ha ha, that is so true! why doesn’t anyone make a fuss about katie?

  • kidi

    Listen, flying a plane can’t be any more stressful than carrying a kicking, screaming, reluctant toddler off a playground when you’re 8 1/2 months pregnant. Believe me, I know!

  • gracie

    unbelievable!!!can anyone please tell this beautiful lady to please be careful……..i guess jj u must……thanks luv yah!

  • anaKonda

    I would like to give props to Angelina for keeping doing what she used to do even though she’s pregnant.BTW, pregnancy is not a disease, and you can basically go on performing the same tasks of your everyday life, as long those don’t include violent sports or heavy lifting…Not long ago, pregnant women worked the fields and factories from dusk ‘till dawn right up to the time to give birth and them would return to work!Ok, ok, there were a lot of child birth deaths, still-borns, spontaneous abortions, etc…but the human race is still here and this fact speaks volumes.These days we are more…aware…civilized, have medical assistance and knowledge enough to know that pregnancy is not a paralyzing condition. You can go on with your normal life and I’m sure Angelina is being followed by the best doctors money can buy.

  • Joy

    Good evening to all my fellow BAMZ+!JJ, thanks for the wonderful pictures. You ROCK as usual!

  • 22

    So good to see that she looks so healthy. I had a very similar pregnancy and everyone freaked out that I didn’t get very big. Even my DR. But the reality of it was that I was carrying her long and not wide and when the baby was born the DR appologised to me for thinking I was to small because the baby was a perfectly healthy wieght and is still healthy and beautiful to this day. They base thier estimates on averages and most woman who eat a very traditional American diet go the way of Britney Spears. So good for you Angel. I can tell that you are eating healthy and exercising!

  • QQQQ

    "Looking unusually skinny for a pregnant woman well into in her third trimester" I really don’t get this comment (caption)…. over the w/end when she was wearing her close fitting black outfit she looked fine and healthy, then a couple of days later she’s skinny????Angie said she was due in the Summer, just because US Weekly keeps insisting that she is due May 2nd doesn’t make it so…

  • kidi

    Yeah, no one really knows when she’s due. I tend to think she’s not quite as far along as the magazines would have us think.

  • Original jpf

    I just love her! I love her spirit so much, and her fearlessness…….can’t help but believe these are the same qualities Brad admires in her too. I know she loves her man and her babies, and she wouldn’t be doing ANYTHING that she felt would take her away from them.jpf

  • lou

    She looks great,#14 you are so right about the american diet.Most american women over eat while pregnant.If you give birth and have to lose 25 or more pounds you over ate.Thanks Jared for the new pictures.

  • Cindy2

    I, for one, think it is cool that Angie is a pilot. When I was child, I had an idea I would be an Air Force pilot, among the other male-centrist professions. Alas, I have too much of a problem with air compression in my ears to actually enjoy flying and basically too much of a chicken. Anyway, to add to the sage and wise statements about the safety of flying by several posters here and before, I have this definitive position by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that air travel is safe for most women. "In general, air travel is OK during the entire pregnancy," says Dr. Kenneth Johnson, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology in the College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. "Common sense dictates that women with complicated pregnancies involving twins, hypertensive disease, severe nausea, placenta previa, pre-term labor and other pregnancy-related complications should not fly."Of course, women in their first trimester are at their peak risk of miscarriage. According to studies on airline stewardesses, flying does not increase that risk. Still, most moms-to-be prefer not to travel too far from their obstetricians in the first three months, Douglas says.The safest time for a pregnant woman to travel is during the second trimester (18 through 24 weeks of pregnancy), when she feels her best and is in least danger of premature labor or miscarriage.The chance of premature labor is the main concern of pregnant women traveling by air during their third semester, Douglas says. "It’s essential to have a medical contact at your destination," she says. can we drop the phony concerns about Angie flying while pregnant? It’s just another facet of her life the haters like to rag on. Unless you have merit in your attacks, you’re proving yourself to be a ranting, negative nellie.

  • Original jpf

    I love how my girl goes NOWHERE without her purse! I’m a "big purse girl… life’s in that thing", and that bag has been places….well let’s just say "if only it could talk." loljpf

  • lou

    Let me say this then I have to go to bed.#15 QQQ,They showed the same pics on ET tonight,but more of them with her standing not bending,She looked alot bigger in the ones of her standing straight.Angles and bending camouflage a bit.

  • jay

    i just love that she doesn’t feel the need to follow the trend in anything that she does. she is completely inspiring.

  • Original jpf

    18 | lou | March 15, 2006 12:16 AM It’s ridiculous this notion of overeating, and some even say no excercise when pregnant! One of my cousins listened to the old wifes tales (it isn’t just american, it’s often the mindset in much of the latano culture said to say). My cousin gained 75lbs! She had one of the worst labors I’ve ever know. Serious, it was like 3days. It took her like 3yrs to take of the weight, and get her general health back. I say gaining total 15-25-lbs is plenty. "it was for me".jpf

  • Promotional Genius

    I must admit, if I was to ever become pregnant I would relax the whole nine months. However, that’s not Angie’s style. She’s an out there kinda chick. What I don’t like though is that people ridicule her for being so skinny. One of my friends who works at MTV described her as fraile when he met her 2 years ago and shook her hand. So she’s always been skinny! We are all here cause we heart BAMZ…so let’s just savor in the family’s happiness.

  • lou

    Well jpf,my sister did the same thing and still hasn’t lost the weight 6 years later.I myself never gained more than 25 pounds.What you said was dead on.Now I really must go to sleep,I have to wake up and get little ones off to school. Goodnight everyone.

  • cindy2

    What Lou, you’re leaving just when I’m getting started? I’m always late to the parties around here. Goodnight. Almost forgot to post this testimony from the same USA Today article about the whole cheating issue, which adds yet another layer to the FACT Brad and Angie did not cheat. Where are the contrary witnesses? As for her relationship with Pitt during the shoot, all say it was "professional," too.

  • jay

    ooh, cindy2, do you have the link for that?

  • aj looks weird

    AJ’s arms and neck are so bony, ass is wide and belly looks okay. She’s probably freaking out that her precious body is stretching…so she is limiting her food intake which shows in the ematiated neck and arms. Can’t stop that belly from growing Ange so hang in there!

  • WR

    Way to go Angie! Seems her arms are a bit airbrushed in some of these pics. Other then that she looks happy and radiant and in very good health!

  • janet

    i second to that…i wish i am skinny like her…can wear anything…though now i accept my curves coz it’s hard to change habits…no discipline and a couch potato…not morbidly obese just overweight..though still have curves…but size 10 (truly)…so no poking fun on my delicate curves….mmmm nerves :) :)angie is always been gorgeous.. more so as she become older and a mother!!bamz+1 rocks!!

  • kerchy

    ROCK ON ANGIE!! i loved her since GIA, because she always marches to her own drummer…………she looks amazing! she’ll be like denise richards, no baby fat, after the baby is born. brad, you are one lucky guy!!! z and maddox are lucky too!!!

  • jay

    Angie has NEVER seemed to be someone caught up in how she looks, it is always odd when people gravitate towards saying something along the line of her being vain. all the people that give negative comments on these posts constantly talk about how all she wears is black, she always looks sloppy, blah, blah, blah. so if you think she looks like shut all the time, then you can’t think she cares about how she looks. pick one, or don’t pick either, and just move along.

  • jay

    that was meant for post #28 by the way

  • Lola

    She’s just plain fabulous. I admire her more and more each day.

  • cindy2

    Oh dear, jay, I lost track where I was posting that USA Today article. I had actually posted the other part in the Brangelina Flying thread. I’ll save you the trouble of going there and post the link here.

  • angelah

    thanks JJ for the fabulous pics. I’m loving them.

  • jjoy

    do you guys think that she’s not that so far ahead on her pregnancy because she is skinny which make her look 6 months pregnant…i bet she’s only 5 months pregnant and will give birth maybe by july…july is still summer…don’t you think so??? coz it seems like she just passed her morning sickness phase which made her look gaunt and frail and now in these pictures she looks better though still skinny…. i think she’s only 5 months into her pregnancy..she still looks gorgeous and sexy mommy!! braddy is so lucky!!bamz+1 rocks!

  • cindy2

    I’ve always been thin all my life (think Eva Longoria size), and people were always excessively worried about my health. Let me say that I’ve rarely been sick (except for the occasional colds, which have become rarer as I got older); never had the flu without needing flu shots; never broken any bones despite my klutziness (I’ve fallen down stairs/ladders; don’t ask how); never had to take sick leave, etc. Though I’ve never been pregnant, I can see that Angie’s natural slim body is nothing to be concerned about. Her weight is clearly carried in the baby and her boobs.

  • angelah

    btw thanks cindy2 for the link

  • WR

    I have been pregnant, several times, lol. I am small boned5’5 and normally around 105. If anything I have a hard time gaining weight. When pregnant I gained the 25 lbs or less and had healthy normal weight children, ranging from 6’6 to 8’12 lbs. and any baby weight after just poured off me like water. Now at 46 I have finally gained some weight, not out of my range for height but still some weight.Angie looks just fine to me, and maybe she is not as far as long as the tabs say. Angie said she was due in the summer, actually that does not start until June. In touch came up with that May 2nd, so I am not sure I would believe it. Just my opinion.Again, she looks radiant.

  • Cindy2

    You’re very welcome, angelah.Okay, this article actually relates to the humanitarian discussion from the Brangelina Flying thread but as this is the latest BAMZ thread (and the other one is getting stuffed), I’m posting it here. Celebrities and Charitable EffortsAre Issues Undermined?ENTERTAINMENT NEWS – Hollywood loves a token gesture. Show up at a glitzy red-carpet event in a hybrid car with an AIDS ribbon pinned to your lapel, and you’re officially dubbed a celebrity with a conscience. Image-conscious stars have always been aware of the public-relations value of a good deed, and when you’re making $10 million a picture, donating to the right cause is a great tax write-off. It also brings free press.Angelina JolieIt’s easy to become cynical about some efforts. Five years ago, Michael Jackson ballyhooed his own Heal the Children foundation. But even before his recent brush with the law, that effort silently disappeared.Still, this is the age of celebrity-driven charity, a time when Bono speaks with world leaders about Third World debt and gets nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Angelina Jolie, a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, has turned into one of the leading spokeswomen for children and refugees in war-torn regions.St. John’s New Model of KindnessThough even outgoing Secretary-General Kofi Annan publicly praises Jolie who has visited at least 15 war-torn and impoverished countries, drawing attention to humanitarian crises in places such as Darfur, Sudan; Chad; and Pakistan charity and celebrity can be an awkward mix."It’s clearly a two-way street," one U.N. worker said. "But we vet our people pretty well, and Angelina really does her work."Another person familiar with her efforts says it’s rare, even for a goodwill ambassador, to spend a month in a refugee camp, as Jolie has. Her extensive travels are logged in Jolie’s "Notes from My Travels," a book that Jane Goodall hails."Angelina is living proof of the power we all have – every one of us – to make a difference," Goodall said. "I was deeply moved by her descriptions of individual refugees struggling to live with dignity and hope, and found her personal commitment to be an inspiration."And beyond Jolie’s work for the United Nations, she’s donated at least $3 million to efforts around the world. A month before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, she was in Pakistan visiting Afghan refugees, more than a million of whom had fled under the Taliban’s rule, and personally donated $1 million.But Jolie – who was once more famous for her tattoos than her humanitarianism – is now also making saving lives a fashion statement.In the forthcoming issue of "Vanity Fair," she steps forward as the face of St. John, a clothing line that has long been a favorite of politicos such as Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Rodham Clinton.The "Laura Croft: Tomb Raider" star is giving St. John a new spin. Part of the deal, reportedly valued at $12 million, is that Jolie will head up its charitable foundation, and the designer is eager to market her as a model of kindness."I am a working mother who has set goals to accomplish a lot in this world," Jolie said in a statement, announcing the deal last September. "I want my wardrobe to be beautiful, sexy and comfortable all at the same time. St. John is all of those things."Bono’s Compassionate Charge CardBono also has no qualms about marketing for peace. In January, at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland an annual summit of political leaders, charities, and captains of industry the rocker announced a trendy way to fight AIDS.The U2 star’s Red label will be selling sunglasses, T-shirts and other items with labels such as Armani and Gap lending a hand with proceeds going to research and relief. He also hopes to offer a "Red" American Express; credit-card reward points will go to charity.Measuring the success of any charitable effort is always difficult. But Jolie may have made her biggest difference by adopting orphaned children son Maddox from Cambodia in 2002, and daughter Zahara from Ethiopia in 2005. Since Zahara’s adoption in June, international adoption agencies say the number of inquiries about Ethiopian babies have doubled, though the highest adoption numbers remain in China, Russia and Guatemala."Anyone similar to Ms. Jolie in celebrity status does bring increased media attention, and does increase interest for other parents to come forward and help these children," Sarah Mraz, director of child programs at Wide Horizons for Children, a private, nonprofit adoption and child welfare agency, told Reuters.Five Years of Globe-TrottingHere are some of Jolie’s efforts, both as a U.N. goodwill ambassador and a private citizen:April 16, 2001 – Jolie helps raise money for a school in Angkor Wat, the Cambodian city where portions of "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider" were shot. The $85 million action film was a major boost for the city, which is famous for its temples. The last Hollywood film shot there was Peter O’Toole’s "Lord Jim" in 1965.Aug. 28, 2001 – Shortly before the Sept. 11 attacks, Jolie visits Pakistan and speaks of the horrors Afghan refugees suffer under the Taliban. A few weeks later, she donates $1 million to U.N. relief efforts there, and receives a public commendation from Afghanistan High Commissioner Rudd Lubbers.November 2001 – Jolie and ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton visit U.N. projects on the Thai-Cambodian border, where thousands of refugees have been living since the end of the war in Cambodia in 1998.Sept. 16, 2002 – Jolie donates $100,000 to U.N. aid agencies in Africa to provide relief for refugees who have been living in a camp since Morocco annexed the Western Sahara in 1975.Nov. 26, 2002 – Jolie purchases land in Cambodia with the intention of building a home there. She said she had to have her land "de-mined."Jan. 3, 2003 – Jolie visits Kosovo on behalf of the United Nations and speaks of the ravages of war. She says that she’s shocked by the living conditions, though the fighting has ceased.April 14, 2003 – Pledging to pay $5 million over the next 15 years, Jolie helps launch a wildlife sanctuary in an area of Cambodia once controlled by the Khmer Rouge. She tells reporters she’s already paid $350,000 to set up the 50,000-acre protected area.April 17, 2003 – Jolie visits Sri Lanka and listens to a group of 500 orphaned girls speak of devastation to their war-torn country. She donates $10,000 to a hospital for a pediatric ward and calls on the international community to put pressure on warring factions to forge a peace treaty in that country.April 30, 2003 – Fearing that the war in Iraq will distract attention from humanitarian needs elsewhere, Jolie donates $30,000 to African refugees to feed children under 5 years old and pay for agricultural supplies.Oct. 21, 2003 – Shortly before the release of "Beyond Borders," the $16-million-a-movie star vows to give one-third of her earnings to charity.July 7, 2004 – Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen offers Jolie citizenship in thanks for her tireless charity work. On Jolie’s trip there, she pledges $1.5 million to an environmental project.March 9, 2005 – At Washington, D.C.’s National Press Club, Jolie outlines plans for the National Center for Refugee and Immigrant Children, an organization she helped launch, which is to provide legal assistance for thousands of immigrant children in the United States. She tells reporters she plans to adopt another child so that Maddox can have an "African brother."April 2005 – Fueling rumors that they are now a couple, Jolie and Brad Pitt are photographed holding hands on the beach of Mombassa, Kenya, with Jolie’s son, Maddox. They visit an AIDS treatment center in Ethiopia.Sept. 5, 2005 – "Shocked" at the response to Hurricane Katrina, Jolie writes to the White House and members of Congress, saying in a statement that New Orleans is "very close to my heart."Sept. 16, 2005 – In a deal reportedly valued at $12 million, Jolie becomes the new face of the St. John fashion line. In addition to working for the California clothing manufacturer, she’ll head the company’s charitable foundation.Oct. 27, 2005- Declaring that charitable work is "the greatest thing in my life," Jolie accepts the U.N. Global Humanitarian Action Award.Nov. 28, 2005 – After Pitt and Jolie spend Thanksgiving in Pakistan visiting earthquake victims, Pitt pledges to buy 40 orthopedic beds for an Islamabad hospital at a cost of $100,000.Jan. 30, 2006 – Jolie addresses the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and warns those present not to be starstruck by her presence, and to focus on humanitarian efforts in war-torn areas. "I just think if I can ask anything, it’s for everybody in this room, including myself, to stay focused on the issues."Copyright © 2006 KABC-TV and the Associated Press.

  • I know.

    OMG!I knew it! She wants her unborn baby to be mentally retarded!That is what she is trying to do with her actions,Her plan all along!She has 2 perfect and healthy kids, people now sheneeds a retarted one! When the special baby arrives the public will feel sorry for her!Angelina Jolie:supermom 2 adopted children from 3rd world countries and a special child!Angelina is a saint.Wait till summer. Im right.

  • Jay

    Angelina Jokie is not that far ahead in her damned pregnancy, I’m sure. But what the fuck? She’s still skinny and flying an airplane. What about high radiation and all that jarring? What is she trying to prove anyway? It’s dangerous to do that. She use to have an eating disorder, as I suspected, and she most probably still does. Brad never looks happy in any of the tabloid photos now. My number one question is, WHY is she having Brad Pitt’s baby? I thought she didnt care about looks. So what was it about Brad that she liked? That he would FOLLOW her around on her UN trips and help change Maddox’s wet bed sheets?

  • I am so sick of Cindy2

    OK, Cindy, for the hundredth motherfucking psychotic time, NO motherfucking whore is reading your dumb long ass posts. STOP FUCKIN AROUND! Make them shorter, you idiot!

  • ntt

    Cindy2, Thorough as usual. Thanks

  • 22

    Maybe if you guys could read (the long posts too) you would have seen that flying is safe during pregnancy. Airline stewardesses do it all the time and they have done studies based on them. Actually this is the safest time for her to be flying in her pregnancy and she must maintain a certain amount of flight time to keep her license.



  • cindy2

    # 44 | I am so sick of Cindy2 | March 15, 2006 02:45 AMI love you, too!! LOL! Has your mama forgot to teach you how to make choices?

  • Ella_

    The tabloids are saying she is ‘too skinny’ for a pregnant woman. Pregnancy looks DIFFERENT on every single woman. So all this is just to fuel rumours for ngie to say she has problems. She’s smart as well as beautiful. If her Doc told her it was too risky I doubt she would do it. And I think Brad would have advised her not to either.

  • bb

    dang, her arms are scary.