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Jodie Foster Jigging On Jay Leno

Jodie Foster Jigging On Jay Leno

You work with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington in "Inside Man." How was that? I am the envy of everyone I know. People are giving me high fives in the street basically for working with Denzel Washington.

Burbank, California :: In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, Academy Award winner Jodie Foster, 43, demonstrated an Irish Jig last night during the taping of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."  Leno clapped to the beat as Foster riverdanced her way to huge audience applause. Inside Man (Release Date :: March 24, 2006) features Foster as power broker Madeliene White, Denzel Washington as tough cop Detective Keith Frazier and Clive Owen as clever bank robber Dalton Russell. More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Hedda_Hoppers_Ghost

    Jodie’s channeling a little Lord of the Dance there, lol. I saw previews of this flick, I’m looking forward to it.

  • Elena

    I love Jodie Foster! I have grown up with her and she has always been a class act as well as an extremely talented actress. Parents of child actors should look to her as a model of how to raise a child actor. The Olsen twins might be worth a mint but are dysfunctional. Look at Jody … definitely looks like happiness has found her, at least to me.

  • cindy2

    I’m not really a Jodie Foster fan, but I can respect that she’s been nothing but classy in how she lives her life and how she successfully transitioned from a child actress to an adult movie star (that phrase may be a euphemism for porn star but you all know what I mean). I think Natalie Portman has taken the baton from Jodie. I saw her interview with Charlie Rose. What a fine mind she has and what an upstanding young adult she’s grown up to be from her breakout role in "The Professional"!

  • mona

    Jodie is lovely and definitely a classy lady. Topflight actress.

  • girladvendger

    I love Jodie and saw her on Jay Leno last night. She was gracious, funny and relax, it was an very entertaining show.

  • Caliban

    Jodi Foster is a class act for sure, she always was and always will be. Which is mostly because she is an intelligent woman that doesn’t need to resort to cheap tactics to get noticed, her skill as an actress accomplishes that.

  • Lesbian Lover

    Big DYKE but I like her cause she is smart/ Still think she should out herself to help others.Whatever. My opinion.

  • Carol

    Jodie looks fantastic. She has a great figure and nice legs. What I like most about her is that she does not discuss her personal life. hint hint to JA

  • Elena

    #7 – I respect your position however I disagree with you. I think that what she has done is a great example in itself. She has kept her "job" and her "home" life separate as it should be, Because she has kept ownership of what goes on in her personal life it has stayed her own business. What she does behind closed doors is not relevant to the what she does on the big screen. She is not in movies because she is a lesbian but because she is a great actress and the best for the part. I am sure that there are many in Hollywood who hide behind the illusion of heterosexuality (TC) who would do well to take note that it is possible to be true to themselves , in career and at home. But I am neither an actor or gay, so perhaps I don’t know or understand its reality.

  • Lesbian Lover

    Well I am bisexual and I think our community would appreciate a big actress like that to come out and say she is Gay. It would take us out of obsucrity.But, I agree with you, it is her choice. Question is, is she ashamed? Is that why she does not come out or is it because she wants to keep the two thing separate?

  • Elena

    #10 Lesbian Lover… As I have already written, I have grown up with Jodie . Given how she has dealt with her life so far I know that she is not ashamed of her sexuality choice. However she has always been a private person who was also very shaken by Hickley’s shooting of Reagan to impress her. I guess I think by not bringing her personal life into her proffesional life she in her own way is helping your cause. It is general knowledge that she has a life partner (they both wear wedding rings) but she is judged on her work and not on who she is married to. Like on Leno the other night, when she does talk about her life, it is about her kids and being a mom. People listen to her and they see someone who is like eveyone else , same concerns as any mother who works amd a great actress. Her sexuality is not an issue or reason to think any differently of her than of Reece Witherspoon for the general public.

  • Lesbian Lover

    I guesss I get your point Elena. But Reese adn many actresses talk endlessly about their husbands and keeping their marriage together.Why can’t a Gay actress do the same and thus making people feel comfortable about Gay relationships. Stars have the power to do this. I just wish they would use that power.

  • Digypoke

    Judie, come to my french lesbian website and tell me really who you are… because we love you all !!! :o)

  • Steve Parrish

    I have enjoyed Jodie’s work in the past, but am saddened she has a secret in her personal life that is immoral and, quite frankly, against God. Many people want to use the "hate" label, esp. for what I’m about to post. However, it is often because THEY THEMSELVES take promotion of moral standards out of context that they then turn their venom on those of us willing to stand up for morally sound doctrine. So here goes: "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God (1 Cor 6:9)." It is also interesting to note that Paul wrote this to his fellow Christians — not to people outside of the church. The significance being the Corinthian Christians were sinning, involved in all sorts of debauchery. So to say we are pointing out something in hate is not just wrong, but just what the great adversary wants. Christians are not perfect, and note that drunkards and slanderers, etc. are also warned. Do we "hate" drunkards, or slanderers? No — we are just hoping to point out behavior that is contrary to God’s perfect holiness, in the hopes of bringing someone to the Lord, to save their soul.

  • rob

    Steve:The Bible also tells us "Judge not, lest ye be judged." But, I guess that scripture doesn’t conveniently fit into your crusade.

  • Steve

    I guess Steve can only use the standard "Judge not…" moniker of those who cannot think through to the deeper issues of morally damaging behaviors. I did, of course, point out that Paul was directing the Lord’s inspired word to Christians. Pointing out error and doing so in love in the hope that we bring them to the knowledge of the Truth is not a bad thing. And, Steve, the Bible also says, "Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment" (John 7:24). We all make judgments in every walk of our lives. My only hope in pointing out to what little corner of the world will read this is to bring Light where there is primarily darkness. Finally, let me counter with this: we shouldn’t take a stand and say "this is wrong, this is right?" If that is the case, then we would never have the rule of law — moral relativism will result in anarchy.

  • Steve

    And yes, I’m imperfect…I even called you Steve and not Rob…duh!

  • Steve

    And yes, I’m imperfect…I even called you Steve and not Rob…duh!

  • Edenfantasys, adult toys

    I love Jodie Foster and, yes, she is pretty. Great actress, very intelligent. But she is NOT “pretty hot naked”. She’s got that lesbian (mannish), heavy-legged, small-breasted build. But then again, if you’re a lesbian and into that sort of thing …….. I stand corrected because I’m speaking from the sexist pig point of view.