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TomKat Kissing

TomKat Kissing

Cruise and Holmes Seal It With a Kiss :: Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes thrilled baseball fans last night when they smooched on the big screen at Angels Stadium. The stadium’s famous Kisscam fell on the lovestruck pair and red-faced Holmes giggled as Cruise gave her a lingering kiss on the lips. The smooch was then beamed onto the venue’s huge screen, as thousands of baseball fans cheered the couple on. The loving moment comes amid contradicting reports the couple have split and have already married.

Anaheim, California :: Tom Cruise‘s 11-year-old son Connor looked on as TomKat got all makey outey in front of him yesterday afternoon.  Tom Cruise, 43, and Katie Holmes, 27, sat with Connor and 13-year-old daughter Isabella Cruise in their luxury box at Angel Stadium while they watched Team Mexico eliminate Team USA from the World Baseball Classic. More pictures in the gallery!

Your Turn :: Fill in Connor Cruise‘s thoughts!  What was he thinking?

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  • Webo

    "Oh father, you never wanted to live that way,You never wanted to hurt meWhy am I running away?Maybe someday,When i look back i’ll be able to sayYou didn’t mean to be cruelSomebody hurt you too…"

  • Sonia

    "What the hell is she doing with him ? ?? poor girl…"

  • lolo

    "and…. ACTION!"

  • Jenna

    At least they look way cuter together than Brangelina. Tom is still lookin YUMMY for a man approaching 44!

  • Cheryl

    " Dad! What about your boyfriend!"

  • Please

    5:01 You could count on one hand the amount of times that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were ever photographed kissing. All their handholding and "coupling" was always on the red carpets.He’s just disrespectful to his children and a fame whore.

  • lea

    At least they look way cuter together than Brangelina……….oh please you are crazy.

  • mel

    does she ever not look like a slob? every picture her underwear is hanging out and her hair is never washed. she has gone down hill fast

  • Paola

    The Kisscam came to the them in the stadium and they kissed. They are an adorable family. LOVE THEM!

  • blue

    #8…..DUH she is pregnant! omg she looks about due to me, and you want her to be a fashion plate? issues dude, serious issuesas for tommy boy hes still pretty hot, but bradly is hotter :o)plus brad dont be jumping on the couchanyone who doesnt think they ( tomkat) look as cute as can frinken be is a retard… even the two kidlets with them are smiling!i dont think these two are fake, i mean how are they supposed to act when the whole world is a dick to them? let em beand JJ ~ you ALWYAS without fail have the rockingest pics

  • Janice Marie

    Webo – you have given me my much needed laugh for the day and I thank you.Too funny!

  • Jayne

    I think the first is a keeperLMAOBTW why anyone would feel the need to meantion Brad and Angie here is beyound me. Oh I know your a jealous troll. Now I undertand. Nice to see they have internet access under bridges. Its about time trolls get with the 20th century.Here’s a new caption just for you RJF "We may be fake but at least we’re relevant. Who would give a fuck what Vaughniston does"Enjoy ;)

  • mai

    Webo, that’s part of the madonna’s less known songs. Loved that album.They are so fake. Hate them. ugh!

  • chuleta

    WOW, Katie’s belly is huge. People need to stop hating on these two.

  • audiance

    He doesn’t seem like he cares about those children at all. No interest in their wellbeing. He’s just showing off with the pregnant girlfriend or whatever (not sure about their relationship status). And she doesn’t seem to have any interest in them, either, except having fun with him. They are more like baby sitters.Yet, I see more people attacking (and with a passion) AJ and BT. What a pity!

  • cher

    Shoot! Now I have try and avoid looking at her messed up lips for another 3 weeks!

  • bubby

    "Careful Dad. If your hand pushes her shirt up anymore, the pillow might fall out."

  • audience

    Where are those "moralists" on the BP and AJ section of this blog?! I don’t see them.It means those who hate BP & AJ and their family do so because they are simply jealous. Obviously this "fun-loving and romantic" couple here inspire no passion in anybody, positive or negative. Which says something importantly GOOD about the BAMZ family.FOR ALL THE GREAT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, THERE ARE ALWAYS HATERS AS WELL AS LOVERS. People are simply not neutral about them.

  • Derek Hail

    How come I saw you kissing a boy the other day daddy? My Blog: Derek Hail – not even celebrities matter this much

  • soapopera4cam

    "Eh, at least she’s hotter than mom…"

  • brenda

    I think you all need to get a life, and leave these poor people alone. If you were the rich famous one, people would be making fun of you and calling your child an alien. Think how you would feel with people writing nasty things about you all the time, these poor people are just making a living like you and me, so just because their lives are public we make fun of them. shame on us

  • audience

    #12, The reason I mentioned BP & AJ is that I’m neither a hater or exactly a "lover" of their’s. I try to be an objective observer.Both couples are in a similar situation: a pregnant girlfriend (or whatever) and two adopted children of young age. One couple have done much good deed yet are hated by some people very passionately, while the other couple generates nothing so far I have seen but laughs and joking comments.

  • x

    I guess we have all heard that Scientology church kills people that cross them. This couple does not hit on all the insecurities, conflicts that exist between women today. Career vs. children. wife left for younger woman who happens to be prettier , etc. This couple is just a joke. Tom’s sexuality is the best known secret… This coupling is not about lust or love . I wonder if whatever Katie’s pay off is if it will be worth it to her in the long run. Poor Katie. she has gained so much weight, Big babies are harder to give birth to , specially when one has to do it without medication and silent. But then again I am sure that Katie was on Tom’s list of candidates because of the size of her hips… a good breeder.

  • Blue

    good breeder ROLF

  • Lauren

    I wonder if this kid will be adopted too.

  • Tiny Dancer

    I understand from Page 6 that Tommy boy pulled the "In the Closet" ep of South Park the other night–said he would refuse to promote MI3 if the Comedy Channel ran it. What a friggin’ hypocrite he is. I am writing Paramount to tell them what I think about this censorship and to let them know I won’t go see MI3 under any circumstances:Paramount Studios5555 Melrose AvenueHollywood, CA 90038323.956.5000t I

  • papercutninja

    Quote:"Nigga, please!"

  • bourgie

    Who’s baby is it? I read that Tom’s sterile over 10 years ago.Is it true that he will do a Michael Jackson and claim sole custondy when the baby is born? According to his cult, Scientology, they have this policy where they snatch the baby away from the mothr when it is born and put it somewhere where there is no noise for like three days.Poor Katie, she signed up for something she will never be able to get out of.

  • Kissing Coach

    "Okay…..tongue thrust, tongue thrustRoll tongues, suck lips, mesh lips.Wow! Dad is finally getting the kissing women Lesson. His kissing coach would be proud.(sigh!)If he had used a Female coach when he was with mummy, she’d still be here.

  • Youthana

    "Okay, just remember, she’s going to be your mom. Your mom. Your mom. Your mom. Gah…must…stop…watching…confusion…"

  • Natahsa

    "god she’s gonna make a hot step-mom!

  • Juno

    Connor’s thoughts: eeewww….gag a maggot!!! Is he for real?? I dunno………… LOL

  • Tom = MJ

    I smell MJ and Lisa Marie kiss.

  • joliefan4life

    OMG tinydancer, you have enlightened me!!! what would i do without you!*rolls eyes*

  • lookwhaticando

    They are the most creepy couple that ever lived.

  • lookwhaticando

    Why would Tommy boy be going through all this trouble over stopping this episode, if he did not have SO much to hide. Most people even the insane (((Tom))), know to keep their dirt in the Dark. At first I did not believe he was a closet gay man, Now I truly believe it is true, He is trying wayyyyyyy to hard to keep it under wraps.

  • lill

    Does Tom now have sole custody of the kids? They seem to be with him most of the time.

  • Charlie

    Get an acting coach!

  • Andrea

    Come on dad, at least look like your enjoying it

  • Xan

    Tom and Nichole share custody.They split the year in half. He gets them for 6 months and she gets them for 6 months. That’s why they have homes 3 blocks from each other so that the kids won’t be uprooted too much.But I do agree that they rarely spend any time with those children at all. I wonder why they really adopted them. BPand AJ seem more into their children. spending quality time with them, while Nichole and Tom are only seen at the kid’s basketball or soccer games…no real quality time at all it seems except for the occassional vacation.

  • 92122girl

    YUCK!! Gross, I sure hope Katie is getting A HUGE PAYOUT from this obvious fake relationship.I know first hand that he met with the 17 senior editor to get the list of the 10 most "up and coming" young ladies. YUCK!! WTF was Katie thinking? She has ruined her career and I might even say life. She will forever be tied to Tom… if that is even his kid. I would not be surprised if she has twins. You know that was mixed in a dish… YUCK!!! Poor kids…that guy is so not straight. He is so Rock Hudson of our generation.

  • yo

    BP and AJ rock! TC, and KH are gross !!!!

  • KiKi

    If you all think that this relationship is "set up" and that the child is possibly not Tom’s then you are all crazy. Do you honestly think that he would put his two children through a "fake" relationship pretending to father a child that is NOT his? Come on now.. At first maybe it was all about publicity but obviously something clicked and I highly doubt and up and coming actress like Katie Holmes would do this for publicity. She doesn’t need to! You need to stop believing everything you read people! They are so cute and I wish them the best

  • Dorothy

    "Where is Nicole?" Haha

  • Juno

    #8 Me – you do have a point. I have noticed that as well. Her hair always looked un-kempt. Why don’t she do a pony tail or something. And yes, her bra straps or something is always sticking out. Just because you are pregnant is no excuse not to try to look nice and not frumpy. Angelina may always be wearing black, but geeze, at least she buns her hair, and always look good, even if all black. Then you have Gwen Stefani, and that is just going all out. But whatever floats your boat, I guess.

  • sb

    "Enjoy this while you can; remember, in 10 years, you have to kick this one to the curb just like the other one."

  • Beth

    "Here they go again"

  • Natalie

    Conner= "here they go again!". "do they ever stop doing that?".

  • Julia

    The Kiss Cam is on!

  • Brian

    "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit looking for my real dad."