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Brad Pitt's Dinner Date

Brad Pitt's Dinner Date

Paris, France :: Actor Brad Pitt, 42, went out on the town it the heart of the Golden Triangle with two American friends last night. They dined together and threw back a couple of drinks for three hours at the trendy Parisian restaurant L’avenue located at 41 Avenue Montaigne; 75008 Paris 8E, close to the Champs Elysée.  The rest of his family — Angelina Jolie, 30, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1 — were back resting at their rented apartment in Paris.

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  • Patty

    dude the man can’t even take a crapper w/o being followed? this is getting borderline insani/harassment!! let them be!!

  • Estelle

    Thank JJ, you are the greatest !!!…..but with the yesterday smoking pictures and with today BP looking tired the haters will have another field day….LOL…wonder what kind of story they will weave up today. Ok BAMZ fans, we need to regroup again…

  • Yuck

    What is wrong with his face. I see other pictures where he was said to have a bruised and swollen face. Looks like Angie has been beating him lately, what’s wrong Brad, did Zahara poop in her pants and you didn’t clean it up. Suck it up and take the beatings like a man, oops, my bad, you are not even a real man!!!!!

  • kittycat

    #2 EstelleThat’s so true!! here we go again!! counting… counting….sigh….to be so pathetic and lame…haters will jump with joy and glee with all their posterings and start ripping my braddy to shreds again….don’t worry braddy….calm yourself by smoothing my furs with your lovely hands…ooooh my….those blue eyes….your my dish babe!!!

  • Rose

    i was supposed to meet him….but i changed my mind…he he he

  • bluepaintred

    man for a 40 yr old guy he is HOT! luck lucky AJ, i absolutly cannot wait to see their baby , this kid is destined for the worlds most beautiful list!and yes i said hot, tired looking and scruffy chin not withstanding ~H O T

  • bluepaintred

    i dont expect a reply on the msg board cus some things the haters shouldnt know, but i have been coming to JJ for a while now , purly for BAMZ news LOL, and reading the post i see often that someone named rica does some posting about BAMZ, i would appriciate someone coming to my blog , and senidng me an email link to ricas blog, im BAMZ crazy, im the reason the papz keep taking pics lol, i need my fix daily , so if someone wanted to send me a link id be soooo happyi also heard that AJ’s due date is may second? any one else heard that ?

  • mm

    That man looks like shit. Poor Angie, she could do so much better.

  • Estelle

    #1,2,4,5,6….YEAH! so far we are leading…BAMZ Rule!.

  • Audrey Horn

    he looks drunk. and stupid. angelina, what the hell have you done.

  • Eww

    Brad is not ageing well at all. He looks wrinkly. Anyone who thinks he looks good in these pics need their eyes testing.

  • Estelle

    # 7 | bluepaintred…go to Brad in big Apple NY…you will find what you are seeking… ;)

  • Eww

    Estelle get a grip

  • Brad rocks!

    Brad is a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!! put that in your ass Eww!

  • I don’t get it…

    He looks like anybody would look walking out of a restaurant with a bunch of flashbulbs in his face…and these pics aren’t even that good. All I really see is a profile. I’ve never been a huge BP fan, but I don’t really see all of the negative stuff people are getting from these pictures. I guess some people just like to talk shit cause’ they don’t like him…it’s not that serious IMO.

  • genggeng

    Even though a lot of haters talk like sh– about him, he and ange are the only topics here on JustJared that inspire so many comments as soon as the pics get posted. Even TomKat only had 83 comments after about a week of posting; and people had stopped posting at the two Jennifer Aniston threads after about 200 postings (those are the only threads that had more than 100 postings) but Brad and/or Angie’s? Man, about a dozen after only a few minutes of being posted. Seems like everyone is waiting for their pictures to either glorify or vilify – take your pick. But for me, I love coming to this blog because I know Jared would always have something about Brangelina. BAMZ+1 ROCKS no matter what.

  • Human

    Brad is not ageing well???? lol, he is among the few celebrities who are still carry grace as they age. I’ll admit he doesnt look good in these photos but no where near ugly or old.

  • kerchy

    He does look tired, but I would still do him. They follow his every move, DAYUM! LEAVE THE MAN ALONE! Haters will have a field day with these pix, though………BAMZ , COME BACK HOME!!!!

  • Ewwwwwwww!

    Stop your killing me. Like I care what you say.

  • Lee

    Ok, so far, the ‘They broke up, so poor Brad had to go out and eat alone’ story is gone, since it seems he didn’t really eat alone. Here comes the ‘Angie beat him’ story. OMG, life is really wonderful for someone.Yes, he looks tired and sleepless, but do u know any 42 year old man taking care of 2 little kids plus one pregnant women, and not looking tired?If he is really beat by AJ, do u think he will go outside and show the world his bruise? Or, maybe he wants the world to know AJ is voilent, so he can win the custody battle of the kids later. Hmm, then smart move, Brad.

  • Ewwwwwwww!

    Stop your killing me. Like I care what you say.

  • lookwhaticando

    I love BAMZ, but I wish the Paps would give them a break. It takes the mystique way from them as a family and couple. I do enjoy seeing them out and about. But not each and every move, At any rate. this is the best site for BAMZ pictures. Now off to read all the hate, and imagined thougts about what is going on in his life

  • Alexanderina

    Hey BAMZ+! Fans, here goes the haters repeating the same thing over and over again, OH HE LOOKS LIKE SHIT; HE IS GETTING OLD AND ON THEY GO. Look at Eww post he/she was liked he looked wrinkly and not aging good but I have to ask how the hell he/she getting that impression from by looking at a photo that is not really clear, oh yeah I know, THE HATERS HAVE A MAGNIFYING GLASS LOOKINGS AT THESE PHOTOS. GO BAMZ+1

  • Alexanderina

    Hey BAMZ+1 Fans, look Ewwwwwwwwwwww are repeating his/her post. I just the hater run out of intelligent things to say IDIOT

  • Original jpf

    Thanks Jared! Btw, I saw a lot more pic’s from this outing at ramypix, and was wondering if they’d be posted here also. jpf

  • Ewwwwwwwwwww

    I love the fact that I’m getting a reaction. BAMZ fans you guys are so hilarious. You talk about Brad and Angie like they’re your family, you guys need to get a grip. You don’t know how daft you sound with all that BAMZ shit. It’s really quite pathetic.

  • kerchy

    New pix of Angie on

  • Fuck the haters!

    Someone is so pathetic like BAMZ fans and posts msg to people he/she don’t even like.Haters get a fucking life and leave us be pathetic.Your sooooooooo boring!!

  • angelah

    thanks jj for the pics..well we’re fascinated by them so let us be. Come on if you can’t stand it then why bother going here…blah. go bamz+1 =)

  • french person

    Ah ha ha ha ha! L’Avenue is such a tacky poseur hangout for mostly foreigners trying to act cool. Bunch of lahoo-zahers go there. It figures Brad does. Quel idiot ce mec, franchement.

  • lookwhaticando

    Hey YuckWell Angie thinks he is a man, that all that counts since they are inlove. And Chin Chin OBVIOUSLY thinks he is a real man, that is why she cant get on with life, and is basking in depression, burning his cloths, whinning to any magizine that will listen to her, and having one pitty party after another, Yeah,, she knows he is a man.. and is missing he hell out of him..

  • tasha

    I feel bad for Aniston, Pitt, Jolie and others…Let all three live their lives….NO ONE knows these people…who are we to judge…my god man.

  • WR

    Brad doesn’t look tired to me as much as he looks pissed and just plain annoyed. He looks great at any rate, he just has a "get out of my face, ENOUGH" look on his face.Who wouldn’t be pissed, seems they can’t even go out of their apt without pictures and nasty comments all over the tabs. And the tabs are probably really pissed for being made a fool of and for spending so much money doing so.

  • A

    When did Angie ever say they were in love? In fact, the BAMZ don’t tell their fans a darn thing and they believe they don’t HAVE to. How do even know that’s Pitt’s baby? Did they ever declare it was? Nope. So just keep hoping and praying your idols will throw you a few crumbs, all they want is for YOU to dish out a few bucks to see their movies then please GO AWAY.

  • creativegirl

    If Brad looks tired, lets just say it’s great sex with Angie that is wearing him out! Really I think he just looks ticked off at having to put up with the photogs again.He’s so hot no matter what he’s doing, he could be picking his nose for all I care. He’d still look hot.

  • yo

    he looks so tire But still i lovr brad and bamz!

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwww

    BAMZ fans get a reality check. You sound like a bunch of psychos with all that love you BAMZ shit you don’t even know them and I doubt they would give a shit about you lot. They probably would think your weird.

  • lookwhaticando

    EwwwwwwwI love the fact that I’m getting a reaction. BAMZ fans you guys are so hilarious. You talk about Brad and Angie like they’re your family, you guys need to get a grip. You don’t know how daft you sound with all that BAMZ shit. It’s really quite pathetic.wwwwwwww,And you talk about them like the stole your mothers purse, and beat her with it.. haaaa,,, pretty sad huh. te he he

  • Hot Daddy Brad

    I agree, the man cant even take a shit, without somebody taking his picture. One day Pitt will beat the hell out of them.Btw, Brad looks great.

  • Ewwwwwwwww!

    #38I said Brad looked old and wrinkly I never mentioned the rest of the clan. I never even said they were bad people I just think all this BAMZ love is bullshit which it is.

  • Trust me on this one

    Brad smoking… Having Solo Dinners… Angie stayin at hotels… Hmmmmmmm… Have we seen them together lately?

  • Get a clue before saying bullshit

    If you want to hate just try to get some more imformation.The representatives of both Brad and Angelina confirmed that Brad is the father of the child and in Jan.19 Brad became the official father of Madox and Zahara.Comfirmation from Jolies lawyer.I think I’ve helped you a lot.Fuck off.

  • Alexanderina

    $41, who told you Angie is staying at an hotel, because according to she was at the Hilton and then was on her way back to the paris hotel; and Brad’s dinner date were with two american friends

  • Angiew/Books

    That’s why she sometimes looks so serious .. her mind is thinking about serious things that she reads about.

  • 92122girl

    What is the problem? Why can’t BP just be tired? AJ is due soon.. he has three kids and a "wife" to be responisible for. Lets remember when he was with JA they lived like single people, they were never really together. Just because they were both doing movies.. I don’t mean anything bad… husband is French so to the French person..just because you can’t get into a club in France… you will have to get over it. My husband said L’Avenue is cool and he was born and raised in Jargeau. I guess you are not cool enough French person.

  • Trust me on this one

    Nr 43.So what is there to do for a woman at a hotel? Think

  • trust me on this one

    Nr. 43 Brad has been out solo/with friends quite frequntly…

  • mau

    how come angie never gets to go out with brad and his friends. is it because angie does not know how to socialize with brad’s friends. i mean come to think of it angie really has no conventional friends. i think all her friends are all just through her "humanitatiran work" but i dont believe she has any girl friends u know like all normal girls do. well i guess because she is not normal. she was a weirdo and a freak most of her life and people are kinda scared of her.

  • Hey

    You ppl are nuts. The man is 42years old, he can smoke and do what HE wants. He is BRAD PITT.BAMZ + 1 always

  • Trust me on this one

    nr 48…She is very pregnant and has 2 kids… Maybe that’s why she doesn’t go out with brad and his friends… However, we haven’t seen them together at all lately…