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Tom Cruise Yahoo

Tom Cruise Yahoo

The Yahoo! campus has been abuzz this past week and for good reason. Tom Cruise spoke at Yahoo! HQ this morning at 10:30AM as part of Yahoo’s "Influentials" speaker series where he explained how he got into planes. As told by a ValleyWag tipster:

i always wanted to fly as a kid…had the gi joes… have you heard this story? i’m gonna tell it again…always wanted adventure when i was a kid. at that time it was safe to do that… had this gi joe with a plastic parachute that you could throw up and it would paracuhte down…made his own parashiute from bedsheets and rope… moved monkey bars… climbed top of garage… threw his gi joe as a wind check… threw the sheets/rope up and jumped off… knees went rocketing past him and his head hits the ground at the same time… he sees stars like acme cartoons and final thought "my mother is going to kill me when she sees me here"

Pictures after the jump include Tom Cruise, 43, and mom-to-be Katie Holmes, 27, showing their team spirit at his son Connor‘s baseball game in Beverly Hills on Saturday.  Cruise gave daughter Isabella, in her basketball uniform, a big hug for everyone in the stands to see.  Touching, really. Cruise and Holmes watched her match later that day (pictured after the jump).  More pictures in the gallery!

Tom Cruise gave Yahoo! employees something to talk about this
morning as he arm wrestled Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel and
reenacted his crazy couch jumping behavior from Oprah.
Katie Holmes accompanied Tom to Yahoo! HQ,
where they shared a public kiss together.
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tom cruise katie holmes soccer05
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tom cruise katie holmes soccer09
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tom cruise katie holmes soccer21
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tom cruise katie holmes soccer29
tom cruise katie holmes soccer30
tom cruise katie holmes soccer31
tom cruise katie holmes soccer32
tom cruise katie holmes soccer33
tom cruise katie holmes soccer34
tom cruise katie holmes soccer35
tom cruise katie holmes soccer36
tom cruise katie holmes soccer37
tom cruise katie holmes soccer38
tom cruise katie holmes soccer39
tom cruise katie holmes soccer40
tom cruise katie holmes soccer41
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tom cruise yahoo03
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tom cruise yahoo05

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  • 92122girl

    Yeah right he is not gay!! Give me a break!! This guy is so short too. Even his daughter towers overhim. Poor Katie, she looks lost. Everything about TC screams PR move!!! YUCK LOSER GO AWAY!! Take the next UFO home please!!

  • Pepper

    Geesh he’s just trying to watch his kids game like any parent. Cut him some slack.

  • 92122girl

    Pepper please… anything with this guy is a PR move. How many pictures to do you see of Pam Anderson at her kids games? She is a REAL SOCCER MOM.. (despite her nasty style away from her kids life). He is so inappropriate on so many levels. Making his paid baby carrier travel with him to show they are "Together" PLEASE!!! This time she is smiling because he must have raised her salary to look happy. YUCK!! Do you really believe this couple? What slack would you like? How he uses everyone around him?? He is SO OVER!!! Move on OLD MAN!!! DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO UFO is coming!!!

  • Estelle

    PR or not, at least he is with his children and rooting for them. His children seem to be happy around him. So despite that he has an invisible UFO somewhere :)), I still want to go see his movie MI3

  • clowermom

    Katie looks worse every time I see her. How pregnant is she? Do Scientologists babies take longer to hatch? They announced the pregnancy in October, stating she was 3 to 4 months along. And now today I read on Fox News that she is due around May 5, which is conveniently the MI:3 launch. I’m confused….that’s what? An 11 month pregnancy?

  • terry

    Katie looks like she’s due this month or next, not May, unless she’s one of those women that gets really big.I’m sure the paparazzi know what team those kids play for and know their schedule. They probably hang out there on game day since they know Tom goes to the games, so I wouldn’t say this is PR he’s setting up. It is good PR, at least he shows interest in what his kids are doing, unlike their mother.

  • Geminat

    whata freak

  • Pepper

    92122girl, how do you know Pam Andersen is a soccer mom if you haven’t SEEN pictures of her being a soccer mom? I don’t know if he’s doing PR or not. Maybe. But, Katie has gotten so big! Plus, why does she always look sloppy? She could comb her hair.

  • terry

    I’ve heard Pam talk about being a soccer mom and going to her kid’s games all the time. Who knows how true it is, but that’s what she says.Katie is probably depressed, her whole life seems to revolve around Tom and his career now. Why wasn’t she at the premiere of Thank You For Smoking instead of kissing on the jumbotron at a ball game? She’s ruining what career she had.

  • Ziggyk

    Does anyone else want to meet this guy in the street jsut to poke him and laugh at him?

  • Paola

    They look great! They are AWESOME PARENTS! LOVE THEM!

  • bebe

    why doesn’t anyone ever ask why the hell Kidman isn’t attending her children’s games?We never see pictures of her mothering either one of "her children".Isn’t that strange? yet everyone so admires the woman, even though it seems that she pretty much abandoned the 2 kids. I heard that the nanny called her an absentee mother during "the marriage" to Loony Cruise.

  • bebe

    why doesn’t anyone ever ask why the hell Kidman isn’t attending her children’s games?We never see pictures of her mothering either one of "her children".Isn’t that strange? yet everyone so admires the woman, even though it seems that she pretty much abandoned the 2 kids. I heard that the nanny called her an absentee mother during "the marriage" to Loony Cruise.

  • justme

    I really dont care for tom cruise anymore but I have to give him some points for showing up at his kids events. I have seen plenty of pics of he and katie at games but none of nicole with her kids at any event. Maybe that article that said nicole has a nanny do all her parenting was true!

  • I Smell Fake

    Nicole Kidman has been photographed with her children at events. With her son at a Lakers game, her daughter some show where she got an award. Cruise has been attending the kids sports events for awhile, but, nobody cared. So he broke out the crazy and now we get weekly shots of him with the kiddies. Other parents, Pam Anderson, Warren Beatty, Annette Benning go to their kids sporting events. And they don’t make themselves public spectacles. Cruise, stop using your kids for photo ops! It just shows what a tool you are.

  • stopsquishingthepillow

    No one has mentioned the way she is sitting. Having been pregnant – twice- I can tell you that being as far along as she supposedly is and being as big as she is- she can’t be sitting hunched over and feeling good. Sitting hunched over is the last position you want to be in. You want to stretch out so that you can breathe. WTF ?

  • nashgirl

    I saw Kidman with her kids just a few weeks ago. They were at a Sheryl Crowe concert in Nashville. Now I wonder why there weren’t any photos?

  • bfd

    I used to work for Yahoo and I asked a few ex coworkers who work there. They all said that Tom Cruise seems very down to earth and very nice. I don’t undertand all the negativity…what’s wrong with him to watch his kids’ games? Would you rather him to stay home and don’t go at all? I agree with you Estelle…I am still going to watch MI3 cause I think he’s a good actor…

  • pinky

    Katie is getting real big, but she still looks pretty, at least she’s looking healthier than Angelina’s skin and bones, oh and a bump.

  • Cher

    Never in the past have there been as many pics of Cruise with his kids…remember Penelope? All of the photos were of him and her…no kids…because he had to prove he wasn’t gay when Nicole left his short ass. Now he has to try and prove that he isn’t some psycho father so he has to take every opportunity to be photographed with his kids…The kids look majorily uncomfortable in all of the pictures and Cruise has that village idiot smile in each and everyone…Even Katie can’t pull of the acting challenge of the year and try to look like she is in love or even interested. It’s sad to see her caught up in this brainwashing scam. I see a white version of Michael Jackson happening here (without the molestation charges). This is obviously for show and now Katie Holmes, who was just starting out on a promising career, has to be the sacrificial lamb.

  • ava

    did you actually see kidman at the concert with the kids? because i love her and like to think she spends time with her kids but have no photographic evidence. instead all i get is tom cruise making sure he’s wherever the paparazzi are.

  • terry

    Maybe the kids weren’t in sports when Tom was dating Penelope. I’ve only seen them with him a few other times that weren’t sports related. The only reason I don’t like Tom is because of his attitude towards Brooke Shields and preaching about the evils of psychiatrists.

  • Derek Hail

    This picture is hilarious. She obviously doesn’t want anything to do with him. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he lost his mind to a science fiction religion.My Blog Derek hail’s Blog

  • 22

    I am not a huge TC fan but I do have to say, what is the matter with people? Have you never seen a May December couple before? Surely these guys aren’t the first. Katie looks genuinly in love, I hate to break it to you. Also the children look fine and the little girl is standing up on the bleacher. She isn’t actually taller then her Dad. When he has his daughter in the embrace her face looks calm and contented. I think people are trippin’.

  • none

    Nicole is in Nashville alot with Keith Urban. Rumors are they might get married. It seems like she is never in Los Angeles with her kids. She was at the Sheryl Crowe concert with Keith but I never read anything about her kids being there or if they were ever in Nashville. Tom must have more parental control over them. Check out nicolekidmanunited-they love her. On the message boards there is a country forum about her and Keith. You can’t mention Tom or the kids on there.Wacky lives of hollywood celebs.

  • canelin

    –bfd– why you have to bring Angies name up , she has nothing to do with katie and Tom so leave her out of this gezzzz!!!!and i not really fan of Tom C but i think he really cares about his kids. now Nichole i not really sure because i haven’t seem her lately with any of them, i mean don’t get me wrong, i love Nichole and everything but the only pics that i’ve seem of her are the ones she is with her boyfriend???

  • Team Jolie

    i love brangelina! i love brangelina ! i love brangelina! maniston is a big chin and she sucks, barf woof woof maniston!

  • Huh?

    Who’s the Black kid?

  • Team Jolie

    i love brangelina! i love brangelina! two months until beautiful brangelina baby is born! maniston is going to have a titty attack but she has no titties! maniston is an ugly chin ugly fugly whining bitch!

  • WR

    not the biggest tc fan. But what is so wrong with these pics? So she is pregnant and not wearing makeup, she is still beautiful! If she is happy and he is that is all that matters.As far as Nicole, I do believe they share 50/50 custody, again I don’t see the big deal, he is being a great dad despite his recent actions. The real only thing I really didnt like about him is what someone said above, what he said about Brooke Shields.

  • bourgie

    #28, "The black kid" is Tom’s son Conner. That’s who Tom, Katie and Isabella are there to see.

  • bfd

    canelin…I don’t say anything about angelina…I adore her….I’m the one who make comment about I used to work at Yahoo and my ex coworkers think that Tom Cruise is so down to earth and charming… I am the one who don’t understand all the bashing and the nitpicking against him. I mean this guy is in show biz, at least he cares enough to shake his fans hand and not getting his success over his head. I also think Katie is so sweet and look good pregnant…I think your comment is for post #19 (pinky)

  • rita

    Tom`s kids have the right to have their dad supportig them in their hobbies, even if their dad is Tom Cruise. I think there are now so many paparazzis following them because of Katie and the baby.Some of Tom haters start to lose it so to speak. They seem to be obsessed with everything about TomKat. They analyze every photo in details. I don`t think it`s something normal people do. Actually Tom Cruise isn`t worth the effort . These haters are actually making him more important than he really is.

  • anonymous

    i just checked jj’s and lo and behold i saw the weirdo tom embracing his daughter…man that daughter is tall….taller than weirdo tom….weirdo tom is appropriately called "The Gay Midget Dwarf"… lol

  • truthbtold

    Tom’s daughter is standing on a step so that’s why she apears taller than him. Tom’s kids go to Scientology school in LA and they encourage them not to spend time with non-Scientologists. Nicole’s not a Scieno and the time she has had with them has been limited because the kids are slowly being brainwashed and I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids themselves are telling Nicole they prefer to stay with their dad especially as their LA home is full of other kids and their aunts. Nicole is all alone with her family in Sydney. She gets to see them but the time is limited by Tom. Any complaints by Nicole and Tom will have them disconnect from her.

  • lill

    What do you mean, "Nicole is all alone with her family in Sydney"? She lives in the U.S. most of the year, and just goes to Sydney occasionally. I just know that if my kids didn’t want to come spend time with me in Nashville or New York I would be living in Los Angeles and spending as much time with them as possible, especially if I felt like they were getting brainwashed. I would be there to be available for them when I wasn’t making a movie. Nicole could easily do this since she doesn’t have to worry about money.

  • truthbtold

    I meant Nicole does not have her extended family with her in the States. Ted Casablanca also said the kids are prefering to stay with their dad and that Nicole is devasted (julu 05).Nicole has been told to stay away from LA. Blackmail maybe? Divorce clause?Did you see her on Letterman last year? She said she got into trouble over the "I can wear heels now" comment. She’s very careful about saying anything negative about Tom. Why do you think she had a PI sweep her place and phones for bugs when she knew Tom was divorcing her? And yet she was still bugged. You do not mess with the Scienos and she knows the score. She was never devasted about Tom divorcing her, it was more that she would be losing her children than Tom. She also knows that involving the kids in a custody battle will only emotionally upset the kids. She knows nothing about the Scienos practice of disconnect. As far as she knows, it’s what the kids want and she doesn’t want to emotionally blackmail them into spending more time with her.Btw, she was in LA for four weeks and not one paparazzi photo of her and the kids. Not because she didn’t spend time with them but because she doesn’t use them for publicity.

  • lill

    Why would she know nothing of the scientologists practice of disconnect? A lot of people know about that, you would think she would be well aware of it. You’re probably right that they and Tom give her a hard time, but I would still live in L.A. full-time so I could be more available to my kids if I was her. I’m not talking about having a custody battle, just letting the kids know you’re there and keep trying to spend as much time with them as you can.

  • aal

    I am in agreement that Tomkat is weird, but can we flip the script and ask "Where is Nicole?" I understand that they are divorced but is seems that Tom and Katie are truly committed to his kids. You have to give him props for that. Gay or straight.

  • keith Cohn

    >I don’t undertand all the negativity.What part of dangerous mind controlling cult do you not understand?Check out http://WWW.XENU.NET , spend a day researching history of L.Ron Hubbard and his ‘teachings’ and then repeat the question. Being ignorant isnt an excuse.By not being a Scientologist, Kidman has forfeited her right as a parent. Just read up on how they teach those kids in their special schools.> What is wrong with people?Maybe most normal people dont believe the PR job started last spring when you add everything up from the time Cruise started interviewing young actresses *Who was the one that came out in April saying she was invited to the CoS and then fled from there? Scarlett?*. Of course,,if youre view comes from Entertainment Tonight and the scripted and approved storylines, then I can see people being clueless.

  • nori