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Katie Holmes Yahoo

Katie Holmes Yahoo

As reported yesterday, here are some new pictures of Tom Cruise, 43, and Katie Holmes, 27, visiting Yahoo! HQ in HQ. Many, many more pictures in the gallery! More details revealed as SFist reader writes in:

His visit didn’t really make much sense, until you factor in that the company CEO is a former Hollywood guy. ¶  Mr. Cruise was about 45 minutes late because he flew his own plane up here, and the weather was bad. Then he RAN across the tarmac, jumped on a Ducati, raced down 101 to the campus, and then RAN across campus to the stage. ¶ Katie was there, too, but she flew in separately. Geez, he drags her pregnant ass everywhere, doesn’t he? He brought her on stage so he could kiss her in front of everyone because HE LOVES HER AND GOT HER PREGNANT, OK?

Tom Cruise is king of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Cruise showin’ off some skin.  Supa sex-ay.
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tom cruise katie holmes yahoo01
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo02
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo03
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo04
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo05
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo06
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo07
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo08
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo09
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo10
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo11
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo12
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo13
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo14
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo15
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo16
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo17
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo18
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo19
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo20
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo21
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo22
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo23
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo24
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo25
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo26
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo27
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo28
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo29
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo30
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo31
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo32
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo33
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo34
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo35
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo36
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo37
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo38
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo39
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo40
tom cruise katie holmes yahoo41

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  • Rica

    If i say i can’t stand him…will anyone hate me.

  • Jeter

    I am begining to get tired of EVERYONE in Hollywood.

  • april

    WHY must he drag katie along, with her being so very pregnant. Tom must think she validates his manhood.

  • Candice

    You think Angelia looks tired, look at Katie!

  • Niecy

    She does look tired. She is mega huge…but she still looks pretty. He does seem to go overboard flaunting her everywhere. I still don’t think it’s his baby. I thought he was sterile when he was with Nicole?

  • Niecy

    She does look tired. She is mega huge…but she still looks pretty. He does seem to go overboard flaunting her everywhere. I still don’t think it’s his baby. I thought he was sterile when he was with Nicole?

  • Raqchel

    maybe its just me but something about TC scares the crap out of me.

  • BeliniGirl

    Thanks for the great pictures, Jared! The resolution on those was amazing, you get to see so close up! Well, I don’t know, I was convinced he was a total wacko, and he probably is, but looking closely at his face in some of those pics, he doesn’t seem that creepy as I thought. His eyes don’t seem like a evil guy, just very smart (calculating for sure) and guarded. I wonder what’s going on in that head? Katie looks tired I agree, and something is definitely up with those two that doesn’t fit, but maybe in some weird way they need each other, that or she has been completely brainwashed. There is some sort of understanding and bond between them, maybe it’s just a contractual agreement, but I don’t think she hates him. There’s my two cents!

  • lookwhaticando

    #1 Not at all, actually I would have a great deal of respect for you,, as a matter of fact I am jumping up and down on my office chair as I type.

  • 92122girl

    GROSS GROSS.. look at his little butt in that one picture!! He is a gay man, I am 100% sure of that. Poor Katie, actually she ges what she signed up for. I just hope they go away. Guess the FAKE PR baby will be born around MI3. YUCK!!!

  • ohuge

    i still think she’s been brainwashed or is under some sort of scientology mind control/voodoo. it’s a weird relationshio…

  • Erin

    Katie is naturally pretty. But she looks so crazy tired. Tom, you need not hold her hand every second. Moron.

  • 92122girl

    #12 you do if it is all PR. Katie deserves this strange world she signed up for. She is just as guilty as being a spotlight hog as Tom.NOBODY can lead her around this blindly!!



  • dude

    I wonder why was he voted most irritating ?

  • Me Again!

    He must not wear underwear huh?

  • dawm

    his smile is sooo fucking fake one could PUKE.

  • Niecy

    Their kisses seem fake, too. They always look like they’re acting in a play….a school play.

  • kitkatwoman

    Next to being OVER RATED, OVER EXPOSED and OVER BEARING…I just dont get this man anymore…the photo ops are just creepy, annoying and over played. He may really love her but is TRYING TO PROVE to everyone else that he does. If you love someone who cares what other people think and trying to CONVINCE them?I feel sorry for his kids, they seem to want to be normal(i.e. soccer games, basketball games) majority of kids in this early teen stage have total embarassment of parents let alone havent FAMOUS parents who seem to NEED the attention.JUST MY OWN OPINION, so not perfect here but its my thoughts!

  • dawn

    the man is embarrassing, nuff said

  • Kath

    You’re right when you say overbearing. Poor Katie, but she knew what she was getting into. I thought her parents were up in arms over Tom not marrying their very pregnant daughter? Tom must’ve paid them to shut up.

  • Ally

    I swear they look like father and daughter in some pictures. And please Tom, next time, pull up your damn pants!

  • adia

    lol what does he have on? hipsters?

  • swan

    They’re getting scarier each day passing. What kind of PR is this ? Are they really expecting normal people (non-scienos) to believe that this is real coupling ?! Scary and sad.

  • Chris

    He’s wearing really low-cut jeans and no underwear. In other words, he just came out of the closet. Atleast his butt looks…ok.

  • JJ

    Should she even be allowed to travel, seeeing as she is about to pop any day now.

  • anonymous

    HIS BUTT LOOKS GOOD…don’t hate.

  • Agnieszka

    Before the whole Katie affair and then Matt Lauer interview I held Tom Cruise in awe. He was one of my favs. I loved him in Vanilla Sky especially. I really thought he was a mature classy reasonable man. But now, its all ruined, down the drain. I really saw a different man than he is right now. I guess it was all the PR thing. Once he opened his own mouth without listening to his PR stuff- the cat is out of the bag… My one theory on why he is flaunting Katie is to try to prove to the world he is not gay… While he is.. just a theory. Another one the Scientology church indoctrinated him and messed with his head. Just another theory on JJ.

  • juligen
  • rachel

    the photos are really great. katie holmes seems quite tired in those photos. looks like the baby’s coming!

  • no longer a fan

    Agree with Agnieszka – I used to like him and his work but no longer. He has no credibility anymore. And how can Katie let herself be led around like that?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe some people think he is good looking. He looks creepy in the first picture. Katie looks she could use a nap.

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