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American Idol 5 Top 10

American Idol 5 Top 10

35 million votes were cast, finding Kevin Covais, Bucky Covington and Lisa Tucker in the bottom three tonight last night.  America finally got one right sending home 16-year-old Kevin Covais! Pictures from Tuesday’s two-hour performance show and last night’s episode after the jump. (Picture above in the top row L-R: Lisa Tucker, Elliott Yamin, Paris Bennett and Mandisa. Bottom row L-R: Bucky Covington, Katharine McPhee, Ace Young, Kellie Pickler and Taylor Hicks)  Who should go home next week?  Lisa or Bucky?

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  • wi_girl

    Wow, I’m so glad to see Kevin finally gone! Really, who can have a singing career with a lisp like that?Great job Chris and Katherine, Taylor….gosh I love em all, although Kelly and her genuine blond dumbness are wearing on me though. She should just keep her mouth shut when she’s not singing.Can’t wait till next week, they’re singing 21st century music finally. Chris will ROCK!

  • june

    talent-wise, this year has the best contestants so far. each are excellent in their own way. its going to be a tough season since the competition is fierce. my idol is Elliot. he can floor me any day (and night!).3 words for Kelly Pickler – GO TO SCHOOL!!!

  • cj

    does anyone know where I download the last performances? I missed them.

  • wi_girl

    You might be able to listen to them on the idol website. They were 50′s songs, so personally I don’t think the songs are worth downloading. Next week should be good.

  • Aisling

    I’ll be one of the few to admit that I would’ve rather have seen Bucky go home than Kevin. But Kevin’s time was up I guess. Now if we can just get Kellie ‘they’re not really tarantulas on my eyes’ Pickler to be quiet for good and get eliminated, I’d be a happy Idol watcher. Go Taylor!!!!

  • id

    I’m not really a regular fan of American Idol but I have to admit that I’m at awe with some of the finalists and is turning me into a "fan" quite fast. I’m particularly impressed with the rocker, Chris. It’s such a novelty to hear someone interpret a song so so differently from the original one. That is talent! Then you have Mandisa, although after awhile she’s just beginning to sound like any R & B singer with her style. Katharine has that "it" factor that we get attracted to so we start buying whatever they are selling not to mentioned a good voice to go with the package. Then you have Paris but I see her more doing the stage show rather than selling millions of albums. Lisa is pretty good too although her forte is limited. As for the rest, I wish them the best of luck. They may not be as good as the rest to my standard but they certainly have their own entertainment value.

  • Brandon

    What’s the deal with people thinking Ace is hot? He’s fucking hideous to me. I feel like a fucking pedophile, but the only hot one was that annoying 17yo Frank Sinatra wannabe that got kicked off before the finals.

  • David

    I’m with you Brandon, I wish David is still there.

  • I love AI!!

    I love AI!! I have watched since Kelly Clarkson.. the show is so much better now!! I can’t stand Paris, she thinks she is so much better than she is. She is a broadway type… I hope she is next!!! Did anyone seeher insult Bette Midler? Whatever Paris….

  • anon-anon

    that guy kevin is so full of himself. i’m so glad to see him go. what’s with the hand-in-the-pocket schtick he pulled off the whole time he was singing? and yeah, kelly needs to realize she’s on national TV… so she should stop those dumb remarks.

  • mayumi

    the contestants are pretty great this season. but my personal favorites are chris, elliot and kathy mcfee. kathy is talent and good looks. total package. me and my friends love her. she will sell millions of albums.

  • BeliniGirl

    I think that Mandesa, Chris, and Katherine are the best. The rest are like an odd mix of Revenge of the Nerds. Bucky looks like he is missing a chromosome.Elliot is Coyote Ugly and always looks drippy.Ugghhh..Paris already has a connection to the music biz.Kellie is trying as hard as she can to act like she fell off a turnup truck…plaeese. Someone needs to turn her in and tell on her, she’s totally faking the dumb southern blonde thing.

  • pdc

    re: #6-Chris sounds fine, but is nothing more than a cover act. He sang the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s version of Higher Ground, and Live’s version of Walk the Line. He’s no musical genius, reinterpreting the songs and making them his on. He’s merely covering Alternative bands’ versions of them. If the silly judges knew more about music, they’d quite gushing over how original he is.

  • Goofy

    I love American Idol….never listen to Paula’s comments at all. Most of the time, they are so full of crap. I love Simon. Do you guys know who are the top 3 that he has picked? I love Chris, Mandesa and Katherine. Elliot is not bad either if he picks the right song like this week. Awesome!!Thank you America for voting off CHICKEN LITTLE!!!!

  • g

    i love simon too!! hahah because he is very honest!!! my fave is Elliot and paris!!!!! elliot is a dang good singer!!!!you can download their performances at http://www.overmused.comenjoy =)

  • wi_girl

    No, Kellie is a true idiot. She’s not a fake dumb like Jessica Simpson. I love Elliot too, but between him and Bucky, they both need an extreme makeover. I’m surprise they haven’t at least got their teeth fixed yet! I think Chris will go all the way against Katharine. But he might get 2nd because he’s a rocker, and that would be too bad.

  • fanny

    Omg finally kevin is gone, i don’t think that lisa diserve to be in in the botom 3 this week she’s good and people vote for lisa. I think lisa is good and she’s the youngest, so i think this week bucky is going home, that’s my point………!!!!!

  • Trista

    they are all good singers but my fav is chris i hope you win!!!