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Brad And Angelina Return Home

Brad And Angelina Return Home

Paris, France :: Brad Pitt, 42, and Angelina Jolie, 30, are finally rumored to be coming home!  After two months of vacationing in Europe — making stops in major European cities like Berlin, London and Paris — the globetrotting pair was last seen at the airport leaving Paris this morning with their son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1.  The heavy artillery was called in this time as armed officers guarded and escorted the Pitt family through the airport. ¶ Traveling by air for pregnant women should be fine if you are in good health — which I’m sure Angelina is — and you’re more than 6 weeks away from your due date. Angelina is well into her third trimester, so will this be the last of Angelina‘s international travels?  And I must point this out — Zahara‘s got a new blue bandana!  You go, girl.  [Snaps fingers]

UPDATE :: More high quality pictures added!

Angelina plays with Maddox as they wait on line to go
 through a security checkpoint at an airport in Paris.
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  • AddictedtoBAMZ+1

    Am I first to post? Yeah! Well, they may be leaving, but where are they going? Are they headed home?

  • georgia

    Here is the answer to all these stupid things that came out the last few days.They are two people who are in love,happy and living their life.Let’s leave them alone.

  • Shar

    What a beautiful family. I hope they stay put until the baby is born. And check out the armed military in back of them. What’s up with the guns?

  • cj

    there back!yahey!….BAMZ+1 all the way!love ‘em!

  • bourgie

    I hope they stop her in NYC first, then take a private jet to LA. I think Angelina has an apartment and office here IN NYC.I could only just imagine the CHAOS arriving in a LA airport straight from Paris. The family is looking good!!!! Yay!

  • Rica

    I wish them well. They deserve the same hapiness we all desire. They’re working hard at keeping their family a close knit unit. Wherever they’re off to, I hope they find a little peace. Lord knows if it’s the states they won’t.

  • The real lou

    Well what a nice surprise to have with my coffee.They look happy,just another example tabloids are full of crap.Angie is glowing and looks beautiful as always.Brad is looking well even with the face hair.Bamz+1 ROCK ON.Thanks Jared for the pictures.

  • angelah

    wonderful family pics!

  • AddictedtoBAMZ+1

    Don’t mean to take up too much space here, but how do we know they are coming home? Too good to be true? They look so happy, laughing and relaxed. Love to see Brad hold onto her after so many weeks of looking like they didn’t know each other. And how about Maddox in his cool black leather jacket? Thank you Jared!

  • michele

    I hope they are coming back to the states. They need to claim their righteous place in Malibu as the anti-Ken and Barbie. Yeah, I know I crazy…ABOUT BAMZ. Seriously, I hope the are happy and wish them all the best.

  • lovesthisfamily

    Look at the cute picture of Z waving, adorable.

  • you all never cease to amaze

    don’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble…but I wouldn’t exactly describe that one photo of "Brad holding on to her" as a highly loving gesture. 35 pictures and a signgle shot of grabbing her wrist? AJ smiling at the bodyguard more often than at Pitt? You BAMZ lovers sure will grab at any straw.

  • lovesthisfamily

    Look at the cute picture of Z waving, adorable.

  • ceci

    how adorable! they will be together forever!

  • you all never cease to amaze

    don’t mean to burst anybody’s bubble…but I wouldn’t exactly describe that one photo of "Brad holding on to her" as a highly loving gesture. 35 pictures and a signgle shot of grabbing her wrist? AJ smiling at the bodyguard more often than at Pitt? You BAMZ lovers sure will grab at any straw.

  • ntt

    It looks like people are thrilled to see them. Maddox is a little manly man! So cute!



  • Enemy

    Is there any definite info they were actually borading a transatlantic flight? Could be just another European trip – just wondering …

  • lol, you amaze me even more

    #15: you actually counted the photos?? Lol, you amaze me even more.

  • lovesthisfamily

    Abour the bodyguards …maybe just expressing thanks for helping them get through all the chaos. Don’t forget she can smile at Brad anytime she wants.

  • rebecca

    shut up bout ange lookin at the body guard where all showing a love for the pics and ur just being negetive. i rekon the pics are cute as…..Z looks adorable and brad ange n maddox look awesum. great pics. tnx.

  • Lola

    Thanks JJ for the pictures! I like that they are unpredictable. You never know where they’re going to end up next. BAMZ+1 4-eva!



  • 92122girl

    The joy of being in love is you don’t have to prove it to anyone!! I see two happy adults and two VERY deserving and happy, healthy, and gorgeous children!! Why would you even try to take that away from them? LOOK at those kids.. LOOK!!! How could anyone doubt her love, commitment, or desire to be the best mother to them? Most people in life are selfish, at some point.. the one thing children do is make you realize it is about them and not you anymore. In 50 years…it will not matter what they drove, how much money they had.. they will have made a difference in those childrens life.. That is the true beauty in these pictures.. and anyone who has children… adopts.. or just loves a child!!! Be kind everyone… smile for those lucky LOVED children!!!

  • D

    Are they really coming back? That’s great. No place else is better for people to get best rest before the big day. I hope they’ll stay put. Wish them all the best.

  • The real lou

    Well I see the trolls are arriving.It never ceases to amaze me how people who claim to not like Brad ans Angelina spend all day trolling for their pictures and writing comments.

  • well you amaze easily

    it took about 35 seconds to count the photos to make a very valid point. Sorry…but I’m still not seein’ the love.

  • KK


  • Shut-UP

    Thax. Jared, Once again you have done it. I do hope that they are going HOME. Now am just going to sit back and watch how fast the post reach 100 today. I LOVE ALL YOU HATERS, YOU MAKE MY DAY.

  • ntt

    #19 Good point. I had a good laugh. Thanks

  • Diana

    Thanks Jared! They are happy! Are they heading to USA?BTW, guys we need to get a room for the pics in the private forum!

  • Diana

    when I said "guys", you know who you are. ;)

  • ILoveGossip

    I hope the’re coming back to the states. This could be one of her last chances to travel, so whereever they’re going next they’re probably going to stay put. Oh! and did I mention they look insainley cute.

  • Original jpf

    They look so good, happy, and like a damn great family in love.Jared YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!jpf

  • jj

    1. Would people pleaseeeeeee get over her flying. I really doubt she will be taking a risk with her baby if flying was bad for it. I personally think its an old wives tale that has become an urban legend. Most pregnant women don’t have to fly anywhere this late in their preganancy so most haven’t had to consult their doctor about it. Angelina is no fool people. This flying thing is just another reason to make her seem ‘crazy’ People keep falling for the tabloid lies.2. We can not use papparazzi shots to judge body language and make an valid comments on their relationship.The fact is teh public knows nothing about teh two of them. Why? Because neither Brad or Angie has ever spoken about their new relatiosnhip or family. So until either of them speak I don’t believe any of the third hand accounts I’m reading.3. Stop complaining about their clothes!!!!!!!!!!! Find old pictures of a casual Angelina and you will see that she has always like black. She always wears teh same black boots. Actually from what I see she only has about 3 pairs of heels taht she constantly rotates. We have gotten so used to the clothes horses like Paris and JA that we think every celebrity should have a different outfit whenever they come out. I don’t know about people on here but i have my favorite bag and shoe and coat i rock all teh time. Am I a weirdo due to that? And in terms of Brad in clearly stated in his Diane Sawyer interview last year that he planned on minimalising his wardrobe…hello…..i see clear eveidence that he has done (check youtube for teh interview if you don’t believe me) these two spend the clothes money on THEIR CHILDREN. Once again how does that show that something is wrong with them?4. I admire the fact that these two have kept tehir months shut and carried on with their lives. They obviously don’t give damn abotu our opinions. And teh fact is, as tehy clearly know, as much a peopel claim to ahte them the public still begs for new and info on them. This ‘controversy’ hasn’t huet these two in teh least. They ar and will still be in A list movie stars. Talk to me at the end of 2007 when they’ve turned up to a few permieres. Lets see how much teh pucblic hate them. Any money if they did a joint or indivisdual interview with Vnaity Fair it will out sell JA’s July issues by teh double teh numbers.]lets watch this space huh……..

  • hahaha

    #15, you will never see any happiness from their pics because all you see is hate. I see a normal happy family walking thru an airport. And go look at Brad & Jen last pic together and tell me what you see???

  • BAMZ lovers desperate

    BAMX lovers are so desperate. They know how ‘unloving’ towards each other AJ and BP are in 100′s of photos during the past SEVERAL months… that a slight touch of the hand now and.. BOOM…"they are so in love" "so happy""beautiful family", etc etc. ALL other couples who are pregnant seem to glow in mostly ALL pictures. If AJ and BP don;t even appear in love or like they even like each other during an exciting pregnancy like most people do, then – - – Just face it – AJ & BP aren’t going to last past 2006.

  • jj

    FORGIVE THE TYPOS IN MY PREVIOUS POST. I WAS TYPING FAST AND I WAS PISSED OFF! LOLBTW these pictures are so cute. Zahara’s outfit rocks and Angelina is so beautiful, especially when she smiles..

  • huh?

    i did have a look at one of the last pictures of Brad and Jen….and Brad is wearing a tshirt that says "Trash" in better letters across the front (I’m not making this up) and he’s got his arm wrapped tightly around Jen. So…tell me again? hahahaha, what’s your point?

  • hate is a burden too heavy to bare

    #37 you are desperate to believe what you just said. Why would you care if we are desparate or not? we seem to love BAMZ and your views on what we do will not stop that…. now go away… you don’t like them then stay away from seeing their pics or commenting on here..thanks JJ!

  • justme

    #39 It was his final goodbye hug, thats all.

  • Being Happy

    #12 #15 #19 #30You see what you WANT to SEE. Miserable people see miseries in everyone’s life thinking that because you are miserable..others around must be in the same miserable state. ..NOTThe best suggestion is to think Happy Thoughts and you will be Happy and people around you will not find you unhappy .My kids’ motto .. Happy Cows make Happy Milk and Tastier Cheese. Sometimes an adult mind can be so cluttered that you need a simple kids’ line to clear you up. :)

  • melissa

    Yes, he had his arm tightly around Jen. Then they announced their separation shortly after. Wonderful PDA! Brad and Angie show not much PDA but with her big belly I’m pretty sure there was a lot of Private Displays of Affection which we never saw!!! So you tell me which one is real?

  • Original jpf

    # 23 | CHANEL | March 23, 2006 10:53 AM No one knows at this point Chanel. We don’t have anymore information than you do. By the way, posting in the lowercase (small letters) will get you heard as clearly as in the UPPERCASE. No need to scream.jpf

  • The real lou

    Hate is a heavy burden to bare and jealousy is a ugly thing.

  • still amazed

    #27: Yeah, I guess I am easily amazed by such pettiness.

  • open your own eyes

    well….melissa. Time will tell. Trust me. Meantime. Dream on about your current favorite fairytale. I don’t hate them and I’m not a diehard Jen fan (although I don’t dislike her either). I am pretty sure Brad knows he’s trash.

  • Brad Fan wants to see him happy

    HiHonestly I think that Brad and Angelina are playing the game with the media. Also noticed that Brad never really smiled with Angelina in alot of their pictures. He was more happier with his exgirlfriends because they showed more affection than Angelina does. I personally think that this relationship will not last.I would love to see Brad smiling more not the moody personality he is showing now.

  • Carol

    Oh please, a bunch of people in denial. They’re a couple of cheating liars. White trash that doesn’t live a trailer.Get real, they both are horrible people inside. I get so sick of hearing about how wonderful they are. They’re trash people, white trash.

  • love

    look at the hand in the photo of him grabbing her. hes trying to keep her closer to avoid the maddness ahead. love has many faces. the small things count,not just the huge lip look infrount of millions