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Mortimer Martin

Mortimer Martin

Ross, the intern from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, asked 33-year-old actress Gwyneth Paltrow the following question: "If your next baby is a boy, have you considered the name Ross?  If you have a girl, what do you think of Rossina?  Rossetta?"  To which Gywneth replied, "If my next baby is a boy I am going to name him Mortimer."  Mortimer MartinApple, meet your brother MortimerMortimer, meet your sister AppleYOINKS!  (Note :: Gwyneth calls Steven Spielberg… Uncle Morty.) ¶ Above are pictures from Wednesday of Gwyneth Paltrow walking the streets of New York City where she ate at Korean restaurant Kori (253 Church Street). 

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  • sarah

    I am so sick of that hair. Cut it already. Please.

  • whatever

    I am SO SICK OF GP!! She is so SNOTTY….She was bron with a silver spoon in her mouth and she acts like she is so much better than everyone. TATA GWENY.. go to Britian and live a happylife with your UGLY husband and your annoying kids names. If the US is such a bad place and London is so much nicer, please by all means…get the F out!!! You are washed up and a has been!!! Yeah, nice hair what are you like 6? GROW UP!!

  • 92122girl

    Hmmmm I thought Gwen was concerned about the enviroment? That sure looks like a gas gusler to me. Do as I say.. and not as I do huh? I am done with her.

  • Derek Hail

    I really don’t understand why you would name your child Mortimer. That name is absolutely disgusting. I mean, she could have named it something cool, like Maddox.I guess, she does what she wants, she has that much money.My Blog: Celebrity Gossip

  • J

    I think she is pretty.. I liked it when she was dating Brad Pitt. But Chris is cute too..

  • eli

    wow. she is weird. BTW, what’s up with the new ads, they show up before I can reach the site. IT IS INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. Just put more ads on the actual pages.

  • patrickstarfish

    i hate that bitch but that must have been a joke for press right..right..anyway..she needs to go away..seriously..hate her..pretentious bitch. (her mom is nice though)

  • Betsy

    I agree with 92122girl, that doesn’t look like a "prius" to me…

  • anoy9

    Is she going to have a boy or a girl? Does anyone know?

  • anoy9

    I think her husband Chris is absolutely also a SNOTTY.

  • anon

    It’s not just that it’s mortimer. It’s MORTIMER MARTIN! eww…

  • bb

    why is she wearing sneakers in most pix and heels in one…they’re not all from the same day i guess. Btw, I’ve met both Gwyneth and Chris and they are really nice people.

  • hmmm

    Of course what one wants to name their child is up to them, but why on earth would she subject her children to such ridicule.

  • audrey

    wow, you guys are so cruel.. how in the hell do you guys know she’s a bitch if you guys havent met her??


    She was smart enough to dump Pitt, and she is a GREAT ACTRESS.

  • edes

    I agree with #14 . And I love Gwyneth !

  • none

    Perhaps she is tired of being asked what she is going to name the baby and tired of people coming up with names for her. Maybe she said Mortimer to shut them up and is not serious naming the baby that.

  • lulu

    She does realize that the first 4 letters of Mortimer means death, right?

  • Gullible

    She wouldn’t tell anyone what the name is going to be just for the reasons we see on all the boards…endless mocking and critique. She was being kind to Ross, something you people might emulate if you had class!

  • gwynethfan

    Read between the line folks, she was only kidding. Gwyneth wouldn’t let the world know the baby’s sex so why would she let you know the baby’s name?

  • eddiewifey

    I think she is classy. Sometimes she comments on other celebrities lives and shouldn’t but overall she seems cool and elegant. Also, it is nice to see a celebrity that looks CLEAN!

  • Mona

    I like Gwen with Brad also. I hated it when theybroke up and he married Jennifer. I felt like Brad really loved Gwen….that break-up hurt him deeply. Jennifer was always jealous of Gwen.She is so insecure.

  • Perla

    It’s a joke right?right?

  • lindsay

    gwyn is not snotty you lanquid idiots – she actually has more in her vernacular than all yall haters combined. and chris, this pissed me off for one sec., and then i realized who i was debating with, is a musical genius full of wit. so you can work around being an ostensible know it all, but the world knows better.

  • Yoyo

    I think she is going to have a girl by looking her belly shape.

  • Cantaloupe

    Name the kid Tart.Apple and Tart Martin

  • richie

    When I was growing up Abigail sounded stale and horrid – now it is cute. Same for Emily. Phoebe. Give Mortimer ten years. Or 20. Okay, give it 50 years. (doubt she was serious about the name)

  • Peach Snapple

    Watermelon. Good name for boy or girl.

  • poor bastard

    Mortimer…….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Even "Ricky" Martin is less embarassing.

  • ellenjanuary

    Gwyneth is better than everyone else. ;)And it’s Gwynnie. One might think that a group of critics that is so hung up on naming would get that much right.

  • silviper

    I like Gywineth, she is a good actress and a cute person to me. Well… Mortimer is a… not so happy name, but I hope they will finf a nickname soon. That wouldn’t be Darth Vader…

  • A55

    She is a very beautiful woman, but I do not understand the slob look at all…. And I do agree the hair has to go. she is 34, trying to look 15 does not cut it.

  • Shannon

    She needs to comb her hair. As for being a nice person, well, every couple of months or so it seems she makes an ignorant generalization about the U.S., England, etc….She can’t seem to give a compliment without giving a putdown. I’d hardly call that a nice person.

  • Sarah

    In regards to comment number one… maybe before you insult Gwyneth and call her snooty you should figure out how to spell her name. GWYN is spelled with a Y not an E… GwEn (or Gweny) is entirely different.

  • Gina

    Who really gives a hoot what people name their kids? Can’t everyone just be nice and wish her a happy healthy pregnancy? Why are some people so into knocking others? Are their lives so perfect, they have the time and energy to knock complete strangers? Really. Time to start thinking about what comes out of our mouths. Life is short.

  • Gina

    Ok- gotta say I’m not feeling too thrilled about "Moses"… lol. Oh well.