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Sean Preston Federline

Sean Preston Federline

Malibu, California :: 24-year-old pop superstar Britney Spears took her six-month-old son Sean Preston Federline to stock up on groceries at Ralphs Fresh Fare grocery store (23841 West Malibu Road) yesterday afternoon.  Britney picked up a salad, Campbell’s soup, a box of Skittles and cereal.  (Can you make out what else is in Britney‘s shopping cart?) Britney and Sean P. were accompanied by Britney‘s assistant Felicia and a bodyguard for protection during their supermarket sweep.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Karl

    Your site is really great. I love reading about my favorite celebrities everyday. Keep up the great work. Maybe you should have a sightings map like gawker.

  • wallflower344

    Ooookay…Anyway – does anybody in that family wear shoes?

  • Mmemem ememmme

    She’s not wearing her ring. Again.

  • roxie

    why’s she making that face? did the baby just say, "Popozao, biatch!"?

  • mimi

    Doesn’t she already look bad enough without always making those stupid faces?

  • Matt

    Heaven forbid the girl make a face, im sure y’all are always straight-faced *rolls eyes*

  • Marie

    She just has the shittiest diet. All the money in the world and she cannot get her head outta the trailer mentality. Living here in L.A., one can find natural and organic foods on practically every corner. And where does she shop? Ralphs – ugh! I bet poor little Sean doesn’t even get organic baby food. Truly hope I’m wrong.

  • Kat

    OMG what is with you people. She looks so darn cute in her sweats and so what if she doesnt eat organic food. i dont, and im ok. and so what if her baby doesnt wear socks. its not like he is walking around the store messing up his feet. She makes faces bc she is goofy and likes to show off that part of her personality.

  • DB

    That comment about the organic food demonstrates the closed-mindedness that makes me insane when in LA or NYC. Do you realize that the vast majority of Americans don’t give a crap if their food is organic? I am all for safer foods, but until organic food is not four times the cost of ‘regular’ foods, the masses in America are not going to care. Brittney is cute and it would be easy to take a picture of me with a hideous facial expression, too, if the photographer was using a $10,000 camera that can take tons of pictures a second. You forget that these pics are snapped constantly and are only representative of what they choose to print. Also, Denise Richards is photographed with her baby barefoot all the time yet I have never seen one reference to it.

  • SHAN

    The reason everyone is flipping out he baby doesn’t have shoes on, is because HELLO, it’s not July, it’s barely April! I live in northern CA & It is not warm AT ALL, so LA may be a bit warmer, but the kid still needs socks…ATLEAST! Another thing, I don’t care if she feeds her baby organic or Gerber food whatever…but she did put him in that dirty ass infant seat attched to the shopping cart…UGH! Does she think those get sanitized after every use, or after outside all day?Britney has lost her damn mind! She probably feeds those skittles to her baby….she’s such a trainwreck!

  • Trista

    She is so ugly even when she came on tv for the first time

  • go britney

    hey, for me, britney is the best singer in the whole world! and i think, she likes her baby very much. and she is a good mother. but kevin isnt a good father, because he always makes parties and drinks alkohol…that isnt good for the little and sweat sean preston…

  • Emily

    leave the poor girl alone. i cant believe you guys r fighting over itf sean has sock on or no. its her lfe leave her fuckin alove

  • karla

    firstly ive read all thoes comment and i feel sorry for brit! the comment about organic food come on do u really think people these days care about what food they eat and if its organic or not ! umm let me think no * damn i see hundreds of people eating at macdonalds n burgerking evey day … and her ring come one u know married people take here rings off some time or another and for get about it so why the hell do people make a big deal out of little things like that ??? .."b/c its a celb. and they dont have any thing else to run there mouth about" and the faces well when shes not poseing for the camera im sure she could care less! but when the stalker photographers are snapping hundreds of pictures a secound of course ur going to get a few bad ones ! and the comment 2nd comment from ""wallflower344"" are you blind she has on shoes ! and about the babys shoes … come on people it isnt like he is running around or even walking yet so y does it matter ?? but there is one thing i see she sould be aware of the infant seat in the shopping cart now that rediciuos thoes things are discusting !