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Destiny's Child Nab Star

Destiny's Child Nab Star

The women of Destiny’s Child were back together for a brief moment to accept a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Beyoncé Knowles, the lead singer of the Grammy Award-winning trio, on Tuesday joined former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams at the installation of the walk’s 2,035th star.

As the rain poured down, Beyoncé was overjoyed with emotion saying, “We started when we were 9 years old, and here we are getting a Hollywood star. Dreams come true. So thank you all so much for supporting us.” Many more pictures in the gallery!

I love how the microphone is covered in saran wrap
for this high class star-studded event in a tent!
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destinys child hollywood star02
destinys child hollywood star03
destinys child hollywood star04
destinys child hollywood star05
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destinys child hollywood star07
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  • beyonceslover

    i can’t wait for beyonce’s next album!!!!!!!!!

  • J!NX

    Well I’ve heard her new album… and it’s eh…

  • ladybug

    Am i the only one who think they dont deserve a star?I also think that all three looks horrible here. Beyonce looks worst of them all with her too long, too tight ponytail and the too big earrings. Sorry. I do lover her voice and her song Me, Myself, and I so dont say i’m being a hater. I’m just being an observer

  • J!NX

    yes, ladybug, you are the only one… but i will agree they are one pound of makeup away from being drag queens.

  • Lisa

    Apparently anyone can get stars today, anytime Beyonce and her two backup singers can get one. I heard they have to pay for it themselves after being selected (about $5000).

  • wallflower344

    Ugh, Beyonce’s mom must have designed her outfit. I really don’t like it – the top is waaay too complicated (and manages to be too structured and too sloppy at the same time), and the bottom is a wierd length.It’s ironic that the other two, who don’t have the money B does, look so much better. Love their outfits!

  • Twisted Humor

    Wait, WHICH members of Destiny’s Child got the star? They’ve gone through more personnel changes than the wait staff at your local Denny’s.

  • simplysaid

    I want to know who/what album did poster #2 hear? Neither of them have a completed album at all so what was eh?

  • simplysaid

    Oh, I read the 1st post and now I know post #2 is definitely a lie as Beyonce does not have ONE track done for a new album so they must mistaken about who’s album they listened to to say it was EH…see how rumors get started and lies get told b/c her album is much anticipated by many and she’s too busy to record b/c she’s doing a movie…just stop lying and creating falsities…

  • Horse hair

    They should already havea star on The Weave Hall of Fame!

  • Tee

    Fuck Beyonce, I’m loving Kelly so much right now. She has just blossomed so much over the years. And I believe it’s her turn at stardom. Plus, she’s 100 times better at acting than Bee.

  • orchard

    Loving Beyonce’s hair in that chic look pulled back. And the bigger the earrings the better! Cool.

  • pook

    Beyone looks like a alien with her fake weave tight on her weirdly shaped head like that. The earrings and the weird outfit dont help at all….she used to be an icon of style…….

  • neenee

    Love Kelly’s look… For some reason, I find her more attractive the more you look at her than Beyonce.

  • matty

    fuck who ever don’t like beyonce ya’ll think she cares about what ya’ll say. she really don’t. she settin up in her big ass house counting her fucking millions what the hell do yall got nothing at all. Most girlz who be hatin on her jealous because they can’t dance like her or sing like her or make millions like her. try thinking about ya’ll selves for a second…………IT’S DEPRESSING HUH….GET A MUTHAFUCKIN LIFE(BEYONCE KEEP YO HEAD UP) FUCK HATERS

  • Deandra

    this goes out to #9. ;#15 no one hates anymore everyone is now just seeing what yall are to blind to see that beyonce is a fake her andher tranny mom. her fashion line is to goddamn high which her clothes look cheap and she ain’t no good performer she only does good on award shows trying to make envy of all the other female artist and sexyiness to all the male artist she done alreay broke up chili and usher now it’s slim thug and that dumb ass letoya luckett for letting it happin letting beyonce fool her like everything is okay and the kick out was a mistake. so that she can swoop up on her man. fuck beyonce thta voo doo casting bitch from new orleans not texas. and she maing the whole hollywood happy to see how weak and creole can be because she ain’t black she’s cajun that’s why she thinks she better than anyone else. they keeping her to start mess with other artist. just wait she giving up on her music career now. next, she’s gonna be sorry because someone younger and fresher is gonna be in the game.

  • Deandra

    Beyonce is just in the game for a few years just like brittany spears and jennifer lopez was. she’ll be over cause seh a ain’t strong enough she can’t be like the ultimate janet jackson. who can play the guitar , dance and never gets tired. however beyonce got tired from the first tina turner performance at the kennedy awards. and while everyone was parading around her body she don’t like herself. she dropped 100 pounds now she’s 127 pounds the same as kelly i believe she has always had something against that girl. but her mom is a witch doctor who know s how to do voo doo believe me she’s cajun and she thinks she’s better thant everybody else. that ‘s why matthew left cause seh ran him crazy trying to cast spells on the media and shit. call me crazy if you want to . but them whores ain’t shit.beyonce is the one who paid justin timberlake to pull down janet jackson’s bustier. believe it. all over the middle person of the essence cover. if i were janet i would have ran that bitch over in the parking lot. but janet is a much more better person than she is.

  • DaMario

    I think all yall should just shut up i’m trying not to be rude but if u call yall seves true fans of DC yall shouldn’t be talkin bout them ya feel me. These girls look outstanding beautiful as always yes their human they have flaws just like we do! They deserve that star they have worked really hard for it and they have made many struggles, but like they said they survived it! Basically what I’m saying if u don’t have nothing nice to say PLEASE don’t say it at all thanks! If I hurt someone feelings I’m sorry those are just my girls I just had to keep it real wit you! holla