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Kate Moss Paparazzi Attack

Kate Moss Paparazzi Attack

London, UK :: Supermodel Kate Moss, 32, hit a photographer with her handbag as she left 29-year-old actress pal Davinia Taylor‘s home yesterday.  Aftering spotting lurking paparazzi, Kate lost it and lashed out. Purse swinging, round one, fight!  Earlier in the day, Kate‘s on-again-off-again boyfriend Pete Doherty attacked another photographer with a golf umbrella. Birds of a feather flock together! More pictures in the gallery!

After a quick run-in with lurking paparazzi outside her friend’s house,
supermodel Kate Moss quickly got into her car and sped away.
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kate moss paparazzi fight01
kate moss paparazzi fight02
kate moss paparazzi fight03
kate moss paparazzi fight04
kate moss paparazzi fight05
kate moss paparazzi fight06
kate moss paparazzi fight07
kate moss paparazzi fight08
kate moss paparazzi fight09
kate moss paparazzi fight10

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  • anon

    OMG! I don’t blame her for swinging that bag, they were trying to trip here! The guy on the left clearly put his foot out to send her falling to the pavement. Hope she presses charges against them.

  • Beth


  • Elle_

    This is the funniest incident I’ve seen in a while.P.S…SHE LOOKS GREAT!!1 SO CHIC…

  • M

    she looks hot. it looks like a photo shoot. hands down most stylish woman right now

  • J!NX

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • Lola

    LMFAO!!! Her volatile temper reminds me of my sister. Always funny until you’re on the receiving end of it ;)

  • cc

    Do you blame her??? I’d be pissed off if people were alwaays STALKING me!!

  • LindaK100

    She was not being tripped. She could have walked far away from them or cautiously walked around them, even if they were in her way. I’ve never been harassed by paparazzi, but I have been harassed by guys hitting on me, aggressive guys, even ones who follow you, and I know how to maneuver my way around cautiously, ignore, or avoid them. ANYWHERE you go.Anyway, her and her psychotic ex should be arrested for assault.I don’t care if they are paparazzi or not or however annoying they are (and trust me I know annoying like this). You just don’t hit anyone.These stars just do this to get publicity. If I were in Lindsay Lohans situation, where that female paparazzi fell and hit her head against Lohan’s bumper right in front of her, even as a celeb I would bend down and help the woman up quickly even if she continued clicking away on her camera. I swear, who do these celebs think they are? Royalty? Wearing their sunglasses and bending their heads down and acting scared when going to their cars when paparazzi is around. I have never once seen any of these paparazzi try to hurt these celebs, so why these celebs are on attack mode is ridiculous.The only time I would get annoyed with the paparazzi is if they were taking photos of me in my home.Why challenge these paparazzi by pulling these attack stunts? Celebs complain yet they are the ones who are making the paparazzi MORE famous by doing such stunts and talking about them (hint, hint Oprah who ALWAYS brings up the paparazzi to each celeb she interviews)!And I love it when you fans defend these celebs against the paparazzi, when you’re the retards buying or looking at these photos for amusement in the first place! Which is exactly the goal of the paparazzi and celebs! To bring attention!Such dramatics from these celebs. And people, especially the papz love it.

  • Jo

    Are these celebs drunk when they are in attack mode? Kate must have been drunk or high. I bet the best time for papz to take photos of celebs are when they’ve had a drink in them or are high. Celebs are too stupid to figure out that when they’re drunk or high, acting out against these papz or others, is exactly the perfect shot for these papz. And they fuckin give them what they want. Stupid idiots.

  • Rizos

    I dont’ care if she is on drugs or drunk or whatever. I think is so funny to see her letting all emotions go out. I don’t feel sorry for the pap. Good for you Kate.Rizos

  • lee

    Lurv her outfit.

  • Rach

    By the looks of it that is in front of her house and they are in the way of the gate. I’d do whatever I could to get into my home as well. I wouldn’t hit them with my bag though. It’s too expensive and it might get paparazzi germs on to.I WANT her boots.

  • Trisha

    And these are the people us young teens look up to and try to emulate??!!?!?!


    and she accussed sienna of ripping off her style. now look whose wearing black tights with just a long shirt. oh well not like those tights belong to sienna. they belong to edie.

  • Vinci

    Kate Moss clearly copy Sienna’s fashion style. Sienna was the first one who donned the tight leggings. Clearly, Kate Moss is the replication of Sienna’s sense of fashion. The bohomian-chic movement was Sienna’s creation, not Kate. But somehow the critics believed Kate Moss was the one that created the trend. Wrong!

  • rach

    kate has ALWAYS been her own style and person and she has been around much longer than sienna miller. kate moss got offered to model the tights NOT sienna. sienna clearly copies k8 ! and who come number ones stylish person ??? kate.

  • Pepe C.

    Anyone who wants to moralize or side with the celebs in these public tantrums should do some research into how the pap industry actually works. Did you know that celebs routinely tip-off the paps to tell them where they’ll be having lunch, shopping, etc? Don’t believe me? Then just RESEARCH IT on the ‘net! Pap images are free publicity for celebs and have more credibility than the stylized images of celebs as portrayed by the movie studios – this was said by no less than Johnny Depp himself, for crying out loud! And celebs are happy enough to court the media or pose on the red carpet when they have a new movie to promote, aren’t they? It is common for clebs to tip-off the paps and to have their agent or publicist purchase copies of pap images from photographers. RESEARCH IT TO SATISFY YOURSELF THAT IT’S TRUE. However, I will also acknowledge that some cowboys have infiltrated Hollywood pap shooting and driven recklessly, etc, and generally treated Tinseltown like a gold rush town. Longterm paps have recognized this problem in recent years. Hollywood has 200 paparazzi photographers now, yet it once only had around half a dozen – a true story. Finally, if you think that paparazzi are the only ‘suss’ people in Hollywoood, or the worst people in Hollywood, you don’t know anything!

  • paulinha

    ela é super bonita né????????????????/