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Maddox's Mohawk

Maddox's Mohawk

Paris, France :: Angelina and Maddox finally resurfaced to do a bit of shopping this afternoon after a week in hiding. The mother-son team strolled around Paris hand in hand before heading home. After stopping off at the Anjaliom Yoga & Dance Center (144, bd. de la Villette – 75019), Angelina Jolie, 30 and son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, shopped at specialty craft store Rougier & Ple (13-15, bd des Filles du Calvaire – 75003).  Firing up the hair buzz again was Maddox showing off his fresh haircut, bringing back his full-blown mohawk. The rest of the family — Brad Pitt, 42, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1, wasn’t around for the shopping spree this time around.  Over 50 brand spankin’ new pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: 20 new high quality pictures added of Angelina and Maddox.  Now over 70 pictures in the gallery!

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maddox mohawk01
maddox mohawk02
maddox mohawk03
maddox mohawk05
maddox mohawk06
maddox mohawk07
maddox mohawk08
maddox mohawk11
maddox mohawk12
maddox mohawk13
maddox mohawk14
maddox mohawk15
maddox mohawk16
maddox mohawk17
maddox mohawk18
maddox mohawk19
maddox mohawk20
maddox mohawk21
maddox mohawk22
maddox mohawk23
maddox mohawk24
maddox mohawk25
maddox mohawk26
maddox mohawk28
maddox mohawk29
maddox mohawk30
maddox mohawk31
maddox mohawk32
maddox mohawk33
maddox mohawk34
maddox mohawk35
maddox mohawk36
maddox mohawk37
maddox mohawk38
maddox mohawk39
maddox mohawk40
maddox mohawk41
maddox mohawk42
maddox mohawk43
maddox mohawk44
maddox mohawk46
maddox mohawk47
maddox mohawk48
maddox mohawk50
maddox mohawk51
maddox mohawk52
maddox mohawk53
maddox mohawk54
maddox mohawk55
maddox mohawk56
maddox mohawk57
maddox mohawk58
maddox mohawk59
maddox mohawk60
maddox mohawk61
maddox mohawk62
maddox mohawk63
maddox mohawk64
maddox mohawk65
maddox mohawk66
maddox mohawk67
maddox mohawk68
maddox mohawk69
maddox mohawk70
maddox mohawk71
maddox mohawk72

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  • Alexandria

    She’s faking too.

  • cindy2

    # 100 | Be sane | March 30, 2006 12:59 AMThe letter from JA poster is definitely a prankster. I don’t know about the letters claiming to be from Brad and Angie. Regardless, I’m completely amused by the exchanges.

  • Gemini Soul

    Maddox is such a cutie , and Angie … * sigh * too gorgeous to be true. Brad is surely a lucky guy.

  • Iolee

    BTW, Wyclef just said what’s up to Angelina on American Idol. Cool stuff!!!

  • yo


  • Estelle

    I know Cindy2….I thought it was very cute also. ( (oh, I actually gave her a little discount after that comment ) Oh goodness these letters are everywhere, they are in some of the most recent thread of BP in Canned and BP the Wingman and this one…what is going on?….

  • cindy2

    "Oh goodness these letters are everywhere, they are in some of the most recent thread of BP in Canned and BP the Wingman and this one"# 106 | Estelle | March 30, 2006 01:08 AM Looks like they want to be heard. :) And I’m LISTENING!

  • jjoy

    # 53 | jojo he! he! he! that’s so true. brad sometimes looks tired because of all the jungle don’t believe the tabloids at all…only believe words from angie’s and brad’s mouth or their pr people….nice cindy g….brad’s pr…angie doesn’t have one….only holly, her assistant…so if these people say this is what is going on…then that’s the time i believe it not star mags, nor those other tabloid rags….all sensational exaggerated news…as for angie’s bump…I don’t think she will give birth soon…I guess late june or early july.and what’s up with angie’s mom….is she really sick or just tabloid imagination again..that’s the thing angie nor her mom say anything about angie’s mom being sick…so I don’t believe that she is…angie looks fabulously preggers…I am just wondering, doesn’t she feels cold?? She’s wearing sleeveless t-shirt while others are wearing coat….maybe because she is preggers?? I don’t know…just asking coz I’ve never been preggers..anyhow, she looks healthy and as always beautiful. And mad is Mohawk babe…wow…he’s going to be magnet for chicks as he grows up with famous parents and siblings…that’s a huge attraction to wannabes Maddox Jolie-Pitt gf ….thanks again J for the pics…ur the best!

  • Iolee

    Those "letters from Brad to Jen and vice versa" are hilarious!!! too funnny! You should write a sitcom/movie or something. Great writing! LOL

  • carrie

    unlike some actresses (JA), Angelina Jolie is very pretty even pregnant.

  • Passing Through

    # 79 | Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston I think someone has gone off her meds. Or maybe all that hair dye has turned her brain (and I use that word loosely) into Swiss cheese.

  • Jodie

    Wow, this woman is so womanly beautiful! Thanks JJ for the pics. And Maddox is so cute! I wish I could fly to Paris now! :)

  • apple

    Angie looks amazing – healthy and glowing.Mad is so well behaved. Angie is doing a great job. Go BAMZ+baby. Thanks STUDLY JJ.

  • Be sane

    # 112 | Jodie"I wish I could fly to Paris now!" I will be there mid May-June (work)! BTW critics are making a big deal out of Angie wearing only black, but last time I was there, some young ‘fashionable’ Parisiennes were wearing only black on streets, from head to toe! Then in Milan girls just put on some ridiculously beautiful blue scarf or something to that black :)

  • angelah

    oh man this is what i miss out after not checking everty 10 or so mintues [on this site] hehe. It’s so cooL to see new pics of AJ and mad..thanks j@red!!!! =)

  • angelah

    every*** pics are gorgeousie…my bad i got that word from that mtv show..lmao

  • Vince

    # 69 | Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston Hey , Jen., what about me ? have some respect for me.

  • cindy2

    # 117 | Vince | March 30, 2006 02:08 AMHey "Vince," didn’t you just buy her a rock when you should have kicked her out of the block?

  • Agnieszka

    I was just about to turn in but had to check JJ for new pics and here they are! Long time no see.. :)I just wanted to mention that my initials are also AJ..I only now realized that. KOOL!Later tomorrow on what I think is going on with BAMZ+1

  • cindy’s lapdog

    cindy! if you ditch me, you’re gonna meet my dominatrix self! just kidding, nice to have you back and thanks for the offer, but tea is fine for me.whassup? some letters?well, let me see (scrolling up)…and there goes my tea again!a

  • Letter to Jen, My ex

    Dear Jen,Yes, we got married but now divorced. I hope that you moved on because I already moved on. Yes, I married you but then I left you because I found the love of my life. Angie makes me complete. I love her passionately not the way I loved you. I loved you because I thought that you were my perfect mate that time that I wanted to settled down. But then our marriage didn’t work out. We want different things, movie career and Oscar for you while I just want a family. You reneged on our agreement when we first got married. You kept promising to have our babies but you kept postponing and lied about wanting to have one. Because I loved you, I believed you initially. I was very understanding because like you I am also ambitious about my career. I waited and waited patiently. I even supported you and interfered and had the original director of one of your movies got fired because of different opinion on the lighting. I know you’ve always been insecure about your physical appearance but it seems like as you get older your insecurities became a barrier to our marriage. Slowly, your insecurities and whining got me so frustrated that I just didn’t pay attention to you anymore. Then I met Angie. Though I was committed to our marriage, I was not happy and I really want to have a family. Angie is so beautiful, sexy and mature. She loves Maddox and I fell in love with the little guy. I also fell in love with Angie because we have the same interest; about family and helping others in anyway we can. Angie is so beautiful as well as compassionate. I told you about my attraction to her when you confronted me. I know I hurt you but it is better for us to break up than to stayed together when both of us are unhappy in our marriage. I hope that you will find someone that is compatible with you and make you happy. I am now very happy with my family and wish that you would also find happiness. Angie is the love of my life and the mother of my children. I wish you luck on your career and future relationship. Please learn to forget me and don’t look back because past is past and you needed to move on.Brad

  • cindy2

    # 120 | cindy’s lapdog | March 30, 2006 02:15 AMPerish the thought! I would never give you up. I would go first to the dog whisperer to fix any problems between you and me before I chuck you for another lapdog. I’m no Paris Hilton, okay?!! You’re in luck, I’m a tea connoisseur! Green tea, oolong, hoicha, jasmine? You name it!

  • cindy’s lapdog

    how about darjeeling? let’s have a tea ceremony, and they don’t have a clue….a

  • cindy2

    # 123 | cindy’s lapdog | March 30, 2006 02:43 AMI have darjeeling. As for the tea ceremony, the traditional ceremony involves powdered green tea. We better be off to the tea room or the masses may complain about our chit-chat!

  • 88

    I’ve never seen any Aniston movies and never will. I will tell everyone I know to boycott her movies. Everyone boycott Chinnifer movies!!

  • cindy’s lapdog

    you’re a treasurelatera

  • Jodie

    Be sane, I envy you. But yes, folks in Paris love to wear black! I hope to visit the city one of these days soon.AJ and Brad look cool in black, although I wish to see AJ wear some colors again, like in some of the promo pics of M&M Smith. :)

  • anon

    Brad’s publicist refuted the news of a breakup on ET

  • 88

    Angelina has more important things to do than spend 3 hours a day with her hairdresser getting her hair done, unlike certain someone else…

  • xxx

    Careful #129/ Toka , your cursing will backlash on you and your better start cancer check-up of the whole family.

  • Pitchajarun

    #23 anyone who believes tabloids is stupid! Great Post, its everything i think but can’t verbalise.

  • Dee

    She looks great. Beautiful. She must due soon look at that belly is huge!!Maddox looks so cute with that mohawk.BAMZ+1 RULES

  • cb

    Dear BAMZ+1 FansWith specific regards to posts by:# 37 | tabitha |# 39 | The real lou |# 59 | Original jpf |In my honest opinion, Angie’s beautiful Mum/Mom, Ms. Marcheline Bertrand does indeed suffer from Cervical Cancer! “:(I will even go further out on a limb here and say, if she does survive this year, I will eat my underwear!!! Now, I can’t give you definitive proof…but what I can tell you is that a number of years ago (maybe 2000?), some press articles did make claim to this news. Sooooo firstly, this story is definitely not new.Secondly, if you were to visit this site >>> Gynecologic Cancer Foundation. Check out their Annual Reports, specifically, the lists of donations they have received. What you will find is this >Listed amounts donated for $9000 – $99000.2001 > Marcheline Bertrand Angelina Jolie2002 > Page 12. Marcheline Bertrand Angelina Jolie2003 > Page 14. Marcheline Bertrand Angelina Jolie2004 > Page 18. Marcheline Bertrand Angelina Jolie2005 > I am to assume they are still working on this report as it is not listed.So what do you guys think? Where there is smoke there usually is some fire hey.Obviously, both Mother & Daughter hold this organization very close to their hearts, they are yearly contributors!!! Why I ask you? You can draw your own conclusions.I must also add that, my heart bleeds thinking about the loss of my Mother. I can only begin to imagine the “stress” Angie must be feeling at present? First pregnancy and perish the thought but, perhaps losing her Mother a short time thereafter!!! “:((I also do put some value on the theory that Angie will deliver in France as a tribute to her Mother.) Hugs cuddles and kisses go to my beloved BAMZ+1. God Bless them and Marcheline always.Ps.#129 GO ROT IN HELL YOU SICK RETARDED FREAK!!!

  • cb

    Oh…and in case I didn’t make myself clear enough folks, those are individual yearly donations, not joint. Also, they could indeed go back to as early as 1992, but I ran out of time to check.

  • cb

    Oh!!! Another point on this subject, JA was not listed as donating anything!!! but that does not surprise me!!! Cheers guys ":)

  • anon

    A lot of prestigious news bureaus like UPI are carrying the SUN (UK) story about Angelina’s mom being flown to France.

  • lotte

    94 EstelleThanx 4 the story.Baby girls are little angels.Angelina, I read is the name most refugees have given their baby girl. 96 Goofy Well said!!!!The movie stars u mentioned made their relationship worked without a marriage vow.I think AJ/BP will do great because they share same goals in life. Altar i do’s or not.A friend of mine,has been with her man for 12 yrs.No marriage plan."NO need to fix what is not broken" is her opinion. To each his own.

  • Juno

    I heard that David Letterman had a baby with his long time girlfriend a year or 2 ago? If so, just another Hollywood couple having babies with no marriage, am sure there are more, we just don’t know.

  • maddie

    nice pics jared, thanks for posting. she looks sooo beautiful & look at Mad, he’s so handsome.#129/Toka: I can’t believe you said that!!!!

  • creativegirl

    Once again I come for my morning fix and think – what the heck is going on in here!? Love the new pictures Jared – thank you. She is so beautiful. These "letters" though are like some harlequin romance novel gone bad. I love that someone piped in as Vince – that’s hilarious.

  • chanel

    angelina jolie looks very very nice at the pics :)

  • Lynn Campbell

    I’m sorry my original post tripled, the site kept freezing up at the time. Thanks again for these wonderful pictures. Wow, Angie has to be the luckiest woman on the planet. She looks fantastic at seven months pregnant while also taking care of a beautiful four year old and one year old, she’s going to have a gorgeous baby, plus she gets to have Brad every day (sigh). I just worry that not marrying might hurt their relationship (think it might be really important to Brad).

  • melissa

    # 144 | Lynn Campbell | March 30, 2006 07:08 AM I have to agree with you, Lynn. I keep worrying that Angie might be so adamant against getting married right away (since she has been divorced twice, and I can truly truly understand that, being a divorced woman myself) but it might be important to our midwestern-born and bred Brad, and that might cause a hugh crack in their relationship that might eventually cause problems.

  • lorie

    i just wish them all the best…..i love this family.

  • cb

    Just in case anyone is at all interested??? I will post the following from Jolie flies mother to France for birth of babyPosted Mar 29th 2006 2:46PM by Dalene EntenmannFiled under: Ovarian CancerAngelina Jolie has flown her mother, Marchelene Bertrand, from Los Angeles to Paris, France so that her mother can witness the birth of her first grandchild. Bertrand had been staying at the Beverly Hills Raffles L’Ermitage Hotel in recent months while receiving treatment for uterine cancer. Jolie is expected to give birth within the next few weeks.Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie’s mother, is gravely ill with terminal uterine cancer and not expected to live much longer. Bertrand had asked her daughter to give birth in France, where Bertrand was born, to maintain a circle of life. But her mother had not planned to be in France for the birth of her grandchild, as she needed to be in California while being treated for cancer. In this circle of life, it is comforting to know connections can be found that allow for the wishes of the heart to be complete.

  • cb

    On a lighter note! ":)I am now going to "throw out here" MY PREDICTION! > Be it right or wrong??? but, I am going to say that, +1 = A very georgeous little GIRL!!! ":)siggggghhhhhhhhhI can just see them with a new little daughter. Brad will go apeshit in his delirious happiness!!!(and that will ultimately put JA in a Mental Institution.)

  • rachel

    oh no! i’m down with BAMZ fever.

  • lotte

    In Bruce Willis"s latest movie 16 blocks , when offered a woman , he said "does she look like Angelina Jolie?" enough said.

  • Carol

    Hey Angelina, Nice black outfit. Where’s your fangs?

  • piyutra

    I just saw ET, Angie looks great and healthy. Love BAMZ+1 always!