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Maddox's Mohawk

Maddox's Mohawk

Paris, France :: Angelina and Maddox finally resurfaced to do a bit of shopping this afternoon after a week in hiding. The mother-son team strolled around Paris hand in hand before heading home. After stopping off at the Anjaliom Yoga & Dance Center (144, bd. de la Villette – 75019), Angelina Jolie, 30 and son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, shopped at specialty craft store Rougier & Ple (13-15, bd des Filles du Calvaire – 75003).  Firing up the hair buzz again was Maddox showing off his fresh haircut, bringing back his full-blown mohawk. The rest of the family — Brad Pitt, 42, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1, wasn’t around for the shopping spree this time around.  Over 50 brand spankin’ new pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: 20 new high quality pictures added of Angelina and Maddox.  Now over 70 pictures in the gallery!

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maddox mohawk01
maddox mohawk02
maddox mohawk03
maddox mohawk05
maddox mohawk06
maddox mohawk07
maddox mohawk08
maddox mohawk11
maddox mohawk12
maddox mohawk13
maddox mohawk14
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maddox mohawk20
maddox mohawk21
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maddox mohawk28
maddox mohawk29
maddox mohawk30
maddox mohawk31
maddox mohawk32
maddox mohawk33
maddox mohawk34
maddox mohawk35
maddox mohawk36
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maddox mohawk39
maddox mohawk40
maddox mohawk41
maddox mohawk42
maddox mohawk43
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maddox mohawk46
maddox mohawk47
maddox mohawk48
maddox mohawk50
maddox mohawk51
maddox mohawk52
maddox mohawk53
maddox mohawk54
maddox mohawk55
maddox mohawk56
maddox mohawk57
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maddox mohawk59
maddox mohawk60
maddox mohawk61
maddox mohawk62
maddox mohawk63
maddox mohawk64
maddox mohawk65
maddox mohawk66
maddox mohawk67
maddox mohawk68
maddox mohawk69
maddox mohawk70
maddox mohawk71
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  1. 51
    jojo Says:

    43 | kernie Agree with you, she may be wild before but she is a good mother , very devoted to her kids, like any mother you’ll think of the welfare of your kid before doing any dumb thing. and she , child of a single parent know the pain of growing up in that situation. She change this two year and changes more after being with Brad.

  2. 52
    Alexanderina Says:

    Brad’s Publicist(maybe i spelled it wrong) issued a statement from BP & AJ stating that the Star Story is FALSE, you guys have to know that this story probably bothered them because they never issued Statement refuting anything

  3. 53
    jojo Says:

    49 | Iolee I wish she was no. 1, 2nd spot is not bad too consider she is very pregnant now. but she is really very sexy despite her situattion now. yeah, I think they still have that great sex every night, you know hormone tend to surge during pregnancy. no wonder Brad look tired in every pap pic.

  4. 54
    Original jpf Says:

    Thanks Jared….I was getting nervous there!She looks wonderful, and so does Mad……….ahd she has both rings right where they’re supposed to be.jpf

  5. 55
    Original jpf Says:

    Fan, she’s 5’7. I thought she was taller also, but she’s just 5’7 "which ain’t short" lol.jpf

  6. 56
    guli Says:

    Sorry #30 Guli, nice to meet you. No problem, I just wanted to clear the air. I adore this family, cause she reminds of me when I was a teenager I was a rebel. (hippies back then) I grew up in Turkey until 18 and came here to go to school, my mom is American and my dad is Turkish. So I was brought up with Christian and Muslim culture and I love knowing the diversity and still do. I take my kids to Turkey every year I have a summer house on the mediterranean. I ‘ll be there on June 12 with my kids for 3 months, I always wanted them to know that there are good and some bad people all around the world ( whatever their nationality or religion). OK, I went on too long, time for me to take a break and get my 14 year old off the internet. Talk to you folks soon. BAMZ+! is the greatest!!!

  7. 57
    lala Says:

    You are correct #52, the Star story is false,still Brad’s rep did not deny the breakup rumors, The Star story= yes "not true" Breakup=NO hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!

  8. 58
    Original jpf Says:

    # 21 | if you believe tabs you’re stupid Chill with the assumptions ok?People aren’t deliberately reposting. It’s the site freezing, and then when refreshed, multiple posts occur. I’ve had at least 3 today that doubled. No one is purposely doing it.jpf

  9. 59
    Original jpf Says:

    # 39 | The real lou | March 29, 2006 09:23 PM There are none. I have researched and researched, and reserched et not one source speaks of her mom that isn’t a Tabloid. Not one. I can’t even find one (reputable pup) that even speaks of her having cancer "ever." I honestly have no idea what’s truth or fiction in the past regarding her let alone the present. Until a confirmation from a topline source, I’ve decided "Angelina’s mother isn’t in Paris….she’s not sick…..Brad/Angelina aren’t brokenup….they haven’t purchased a home in Europe……they will return to the states by summer for O13…..they are not pregnant with twins.jpf

  10. 60
    Alexanderina Says:

    LALA, all I have to say is that they are not BROKEN-UP NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HATERS WANT THEM TO

  11. 61
    The real lou Says:

    Original jpf,I totally agree.All of these stories come from tabloids.This family won’t touch U.S soil untill Brad shoots O13.

  12. 62
    tabitha Says:

    Thanks jpf for researching . It sounds like the whole thing is just a bunch of lies made by the tabloid press.

  13. 63
    African Girl Says:

    Guli, you were brought up in both christian and muslim culture? Join the club. The diversity part, you could say I was an army brat, though non of my parents were in the army. So check on that one too Wait a minute….did you say you were Gemini? Now that is just downright eerie, no?Estelle , do you see why you shouldn’t worry about those little things? Look waht happened, The BAMZ crew except Z are out in public AND a statement was issue. Well, the press may have won this round but they’ll surely sing a different tune next time. (lol)

  14. 64
    Angie's Biggest Fan Says:

    Wow, that is one GORGEOUS woman. Even pregnant, she is sexy and thin and amazing. God, what genes! Angie, I am your #1 fan and I have great sympathy for you because you get such a bad rap. You seem like a good person with a huge heart. I wish you the best with this new baby, Brad, and the two cuties. You go girl!

  15. 65
    Piper Says:

    wow, nellie. humongous boobs! "somebody"’ is a very lucky guy :) no way would i’ve thought she’s pregnant from behind.

  16. 66
    Juno Says:

    Yep, looking at these pics- she’s still high. Media is just getting too antsy to have this baby born. I think she may not have it til end of June or early July. For Brad’s sake, I hope it’ll be twins. :DThose paps look like vultures. Geeeze, it’s gotta be tough, you can’t do any shopping or even move without cameras every corner. Hopefully the hype will eventually dwindle down, and they’ll be able to live a bit more normal lives. As for S. Johansson(sp?) – it seems every pose she do, she has her toes facing each other. Is this what they call pigeon toe or something. Okay, I’m done yapping. Thanks Jared! You’re the man! :D

  17. 67
    eurys Says:

    She’s gorgeous and all class, but she looks a bit tired. Well, that’s probably why we see less of them. Maddox cracks me up!

  18. 68
    Kernie Says:

    Her tatas sure are prominent…I think the Star did this in order to get sales. What I find suprising is that Cindy G issued a statement from Brad and Angie. Normally, they don’t respond to tabloids news but they did to this one. Got to tell you that these two are serious about this relationship.

  19. 69
    Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston Says:

    Open letter to Brad.Dear Brad,This is your wife. Yes, your wife. The only woman who was woman enough to bring you to the altar.You may be going through all these changes to forget me – getting newly adopted kids, new live-in lover, and new baby on the way – but it won’t work.You see, I am your wife. Remember? The million dollar wedding, the gospel choir, the great photo of us smiling. Remember? I am sure you do.I know you are overcompensating. I know you are hurting for me. That is what you must do to forget me. You see you love me so much, you have to go to extremes to deal with my not being there. So you get the kids, the new live-in lover and the baby on the way.Brad, you know I know you better than anyone in the world. I know you are hurting. You are hurting for me. I sympathize because I am a nice girl.You miss my golden hair, my pretty smile and my sunshiny ways. You don’t want to be dark. You don’t want to have dark hair and wear dark jeans.You long for the sunnier days. For the me days. You miss me Brad and it shows.Brad, this is your wife. The one you will always love. The one – the only one you had enough respect for to bring to the altar. The one your mother likes better.Brad, this is your wife. I kow you think about me.Love,Jennifer

  20. 70
    Juno Says:

    #68 Kernie -Tatas?? Hahahaha! That’s a new name. Funneee… G’night fans! :)

  21. 71
    lalala Says:

    uhh her BooBs are huge. Brad is a lucky SOB!

  22. 72
    Alicia Says:

    Wow, i go away for a couple of hours and there are already new pics….excellent :) So I have a question, isn’t Cindy G Brad’s publicist, while Ange doesn’t really have one, now I might just be picking up on something a poster said that isn’t really significant, but is it usual for her to issue statements on behalf of both of them?It seems to me her previous statements only pertained to Brad, perhaps I’m reading into it, but it seems that if Brad’s publicist issued a statement for both of them, then that is an indication of the seriousness of their relationship :) ……furthermore an acknowledgement of their togetherness considering that even though its blatantly obvious that they are couple even til this day they haven’t announced/admitted that they’re a couple However i could totally just be reading into this considering i didn’t even hear/read the released statement….well thats my two cents :)BAMZ+1 fuh-evah!!!

  23. 73
    Juno Says:

    post #69 talk about gag a maggot.

  24. 74
    Alicia Says:

    "Sunshiny" is my new favorite word :)

  25. 75
    The real lou Says:

    post#69,I felt sadness for you.I can’t decide if it’s the fact that you wrote that post,or if you really believe it to be true.Honey let it go for the sake of your sanity.

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