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Maddox's Mohawk

Maddox's Mohawk

Paris, France :: Angelina and Maddox finally resurfaced to do a bit of shopping this afternoon after a week in hiding. The mother-son team strolled around Paris hand in hand before heading home. After stopping off at the Anjaliom Yoga & Dance Center (144, bd. de la Villette – 75019), Angelina Jolie, 30 and son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, shopped at specialty craft store Rougier & Ple (13-15, bd des Filles du Calvaire – 75003).  Firing up the hair buzz again was Maddox showing off his fresh haircut, bringing back his full-blown mohawk. The rest of the family — Brad Pitt, 42, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1, wasn’t around for the shopping spree this time around.  Over 50 brand spankin’ new pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: 20 new high quality pictures added of Angelina and Maddox.  Now over 70 pictures in the gallery!

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  1. 76
    Letter to Jennifer from Brad Says:

    Jen,I am so sorry you cannot get over this. Remember, YOU filed for divorce. I told you I would stay and wait for your movies to finish, but you said that’s okay, you really didn’t want to continue in the relationship because the media was too much for you to bear. YOU were just TOO insecure. I never cheated, I never disclosed out privacy like you did with your so called friends. I tried to love you inspite of everything you put me through. I was willing to give Hollywood up a long time ago and settle with you anywhere you wanted, but you just couldn’t let go of the fame. When I met Angelina, I was so overwhelmed with her beauty. I told both you and Courtney that I was attracted to her. That was my way of letting you know that I needed you. Angie is so into me. She loves the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I smile. I never thought I could find a woman that could love me for me. I don’t have to be a pretty boy around her. I can be me. She has brought the best out in me. Jen, I don’t hate you. I feel bad for you because you continue to make yourself look bad in the media. I do love you, but not in the way I did when we were married. I will speak to you on the street if I see you. I wish you well, but I am not into you and I haven’t been in a long time. Vince is a great guy. I enjoyed working with him in M&M Smith. Angelina is the best thing that ever happened to me. You hurt me so bad, but she loved all the hurt away. Please move on with your life. I have moved on with mine. I know a lot of your friends hope Angie and I don’t make it. I am going to try to give it my best, because I love my kids and I love my wife. I am just trying to exist in this craziness and protect my family while providing for them. So thank you for wishful thinking, but you are not my wife. I married Angie a while ago. -B-

  2. 77
    Letter from Brad to Jennifer Says:

    Dear Jennifer,I appreciate the words of concern, but honey I had to finally grow up, take stock of my life and realized that with all the money I have, I am nothing without my own family. Our marriage is what inspired me to create the W magazine cover and editorial spread. To examine a marriage that seem perfect on the outside but crumbling on the inside. There was only one woman whoI could pick for this layout and it was Angelina. Angelina represents everyting I was missing in life. It’s funny, you sometimes have to meet others to realize that you really have nothing going on in your own life.There will be more sunny days ahead on the Riviera and other glittering hotspots around the world. You may have been my first wife but Angelina is and will always be the mother of my children. She outranks any woman in my life and always will. She has given me everthing I’ve wanted in such a short period of time. She has shown me a whole new world out there and a passion I have never ever known before. So dear, you are amazing and I’m sure you will make another man very happy with your sunny hair and sunny days. I may look a little haggard these days but it’s the face of a father to 2 toddlers, emerging Hollywood powerbroker and husband to the love of my life.Brad.

  3. 78
    Alex Says:

    What a beautiful tummy!!! She seems so strong, kind and delicate at the same time.How i love her dark beauty!

  4. 79
    Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston Says:

    Dear Brad,Now you are delusional. You cannot bring yourself to marry Angelina. You can’t do it. Eventhough she is pregnant, you still can’t marry her.You know you have only had one wife. One. Not Gwyneth, not Juliette – one. Me. Jennifer.Most men who impregnated a woman would marry her at 42 years old. But you can’t do it Brad. You are too hung up on me. I feel sad for this. I feel sad for you.You are hurting. You are not happy. You never smile that bright smile anymore. Poor Brad. I know you miss our beautiful Malibu home. I know you miss me.You may say you have moved on, but Angelina is only a month away from giving birth and you can’t bring yourself to marry her.Love – your only wife,Jennifer

  5. 80
    claire Says:

    I think JJ must have viewed my comments this morning that "when can we see new pics of Angie and the kids" and we miss them, now he’s posting these wonderful pics of Angie and Mad. Ahh, JJ, you are the best!Though, looking at those rude people around, trying to take pics of every move of Angie and the kid, I feel bad. Given the info by someone this morning that it’s phobiden by the law to take photos of celebrity except in airport in Southern France, I really wish BAMZ+1 keep living there, so that they can have a better environment and a better privacy. I know most of us the BAMZ fans won’t mind to not have their new pictures to view, although we do miss them a lot. I really feel bad to see them got "hunted" everywhere with their every move. I know I wouldn’t keep calm if I were Angie, I’d throw my bag, my shoes, anything to those paps.

  6. 81
    ang Says:

    sexiest pregnant woman EVER!lovingf her shape

  7. 82
    cindy2 Says:

    Cindy2 here…# 2 | Liza | March 29, 2006 07:28 PMI’ve always noticed both Zahara and Maddox as being well-behaved, which supports what a good mother Angie has been. You can’t keep kids from letting their natural selves coming through. But we’ve never seen either Maddox or Zahara act up despite being under the constant paparazzi microscope. Instead, we often see how adorable Maddox is (Zahara may just have a shy personality, which is okay since I was an extremely shy child – who knew, huh?). Both Brad and Angie are doing a great job as parents. Estelle, I immediately noticed, too, that Maddox looks like he has grown by leaps and bounds since we last saw him. He’s a big boy. Angie’s tummy has grown much bigger visibly, as well. So all the rag stories with their fake concerns about Angie not gaining enough weight is utter bullshit – try as they might with bolstering those bogus lies with quack ob-gyns on the payola. # 15 | fan | March 29, 2006 07:55 PMActually, you never know. We don’t know who his parents are. With a Western diet, he may grow taller than what was programmed originally in his genes. My father topped out at 5’10", but I have brothers 6′ and 6’1" tall. Yes, if it bears repeating, we’re Chinese not of the Northern region where Chinese are taller. So, don’t necessarily buy into the stereotype Asians are short. # 17 | Lynn Campbell | March 29, 2006 07:56 PMPeople can easily be turned off from marriage. More people in industrialized nations are choosing to co-habitate than to marry. For Angie with 2 failed marriages under her belt, she may not feel a piece of paper legitimizes her union with Brad. Some of us don’t even neeed failed marriages to not feel the need for marriage. Do you know some of the most successful Hollywood unions are not legal? Susan Sarandon/Tim Robbins, Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell, Jessica Lange/Sam Shepherd…Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford (sp?) were living together for over 10 years before marrying. There are lots more of Hong Kong celebrities choosing to be not married. The most enduring are Tony Leung and Carina Lau with over 13 years together. Yes, Brad has the exact same parental rights to his biological child as if he were married. Marriage concerns property rights (which was the very reason for the existence of marriage) between the spouses, not parental rights. If you think otherwise, consider the "illegitimate" children filing inheritance claims on their fathers’ estates. There are famous celebrity cases but my mind is too cluttered to name them. # 34 | guli | March 29, 2006 09:10 PMGuli, I’ve noticed several times where BAMZ supporters get posts confused or misread a fellow supporter comment. I believe, even one of my comments was misread. It’s best to be forgiving and calm, as you were. African Girl is good at correcting the mistaken, too.# 36 | malibumom | March 29, 2006 09:15 PMThat is the one misfortune of their lives being under the microscope. They can’t be a normal couple with the natural ups and downs and disagreements without the tabloids blowing things out of proportion or creating drama where there is none. Hell, even the much loved and successful couple, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, have admitted they have disagreements and they’re both stubborn. But no one is making up stories of their breaking up. It’s going to take strong individuals with a strong love to survive this amped-up media attention. I think both Angie and Brad are so family-oriented, they will work even harder on this relationship than they’ve ever put in their previous relationships. I, for one, hope for the best for Brad, Angie and their children. I have conflicts about what I’m contributing to the media circus by checking out the paparazzi pictures posted here. But I don’t think boycotting the pictures on a website helps in ridding paparazzis. Boycotting tabloids would, and I’ve been on that since I’ve had disposable income. # 69 | Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston | March 29, 2006 10:42 PMWe already know that’s a phony letter. To debunk it further, the letter is missing Jennifer’s one signature I’ve noticed in her MySpace official statement: her love affair with the run-on sentences. This letter is on the other end of the spectrum: an affair with fragmented sentences. Well, it was good for a laugh, so thanks!

  8. 83
    Original jpf Says:

    # 79 | Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston | March 29, 2006 11:12 PM I no I’m gonna regret this but…..Before Brad’s people denied the tab’s rumors, the story wasn’t that it was he who was dragging his feet. The rumor was that they fought because SHE wouldn’t set a wedding date.Point is….even though the rumors were just that, rumors, it was being reported that Brad is chomping at the bit to make Angelina his wife.jpf

  9. 84
    Zaiyana Says:

    Strong woman, I empathize the changes she embraces with vigor and resiliance.. I’m new to this arena of posting, feeling it a positive outlet to share opinions and perhaps prompt discussion. Don’t wish to interfere with anyone’s own agenda, however I firmly believe in tolerating all opinions even if others don’t agree. So, here I am. I fell in love with dear Angie while happening upon her CNN press release interviews which zapped a lightning connection to the Howard Strern interview, which connected to Girl Interrupted (a comet’s leap into my own memoirs,) and Gia need I say more…besides UNHCR ~ its influence upon my elementary students who are mostly immigrants. Oye, here’s my first post…just looking for an understanding mind to share this insanity, bond such cohesiveness to the reality of my own three children reflected in millions of others, exponetially. My next posting shall be more brief, thus here I leap to the depths of public expression. Can anyone out there relate? And hey, Maddox~~great mohawk, in reflection of your mom’s cultural Iroquois heratige, heya yo! You go!

  10. 85
    cindy2 Says:

    # 84 | Zaiyana | March 29, 2006 11:39 PMWelcome, Zaiyana!! I hope I’m that open mind to share in this insanity. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the ride. Oh yeah, don’t make it your only post, okay?

  11. 86


  12. 87
    Zaiyana Says:

    Welcomed already! Wow! I’m greatful to find a forum to post. I’ve been out in mommyland and survivaland…for too many years. So, here this gorgeous woman and family reel me into their mission. Such concurrent happenings shared with true enjoyment for this bonded family blooming before us.. Thanks Jared for the pics on this site! Eh, I’m sure Angie and Brad wonder if the detailed scrutinty will ever let up.. hang in there, guys.! Before long, le babe will be wrestling with M & Z! Also, Thanx Cindy2 for the welcome!!! And No, it won’t be my last post! Just for tonight..Bonsoir amigos.

  13. 88
    FYI Says:

    Uh #86, Wyclef’s adopted daughter is named Angelina.

  14. 89
    cindy2 Says:

    "And No, it won’t be my last post! Just for tonight..Bonsoir amigos."# 87 | Zaiyana | March 30, 2006 12:17 AM Good to see that, Zaiyana! If you don’t live up to your promise, I’m going to put out an APB for you, and Guli and I will be on a search-and-rescue mission to find you! Here’s a fishnet to cast my welcomes to the other new BAMZ peeps. I can’t keep all the new names straight so forgive me, if I’ve left your name(s) out. It’s not intentional.

  15. 90
    xxxx Says:

    NEWSFLASH:AT THE END OF HIS PERFORMANCE WITH SHAKIRA, WYCLEF JEAN GAVE A SHOUT OUT TO ANGELINA BY SCREAMING OUT "ANGELINA WHAT’S UP?"!GO WYCLEF AND GO ANGELINA!!! # 86 | ANGELINA NEWSFLASH FROM AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | March 30, 2006 12:13 AM Read on bradforums that Wyclef has an adopted daughter name angelina–so it was said that he may have meant his daughter instead of our angelina jolie–but its all good.

  16. 91
    The New Mrs. William Bradley Pitt Says:

    To the FORMER Mrs. Brad Pitt,Girl, I think it’s time for you to get a reality check. That man is G-O-N-E. Mmm hmm. He’s been gone for quite a while now. I find it rather sad and pathetic that you are obviously still clinging to the illusion that you were ever that important to you. He married you? So what. People get married all the time with the intention of it being for forever. But you know what, honey? **** happens. People change. Their values change. Their priorities change. They fall out of love. Their eyes are opened to the fact that there’s more to the world than endless tanning, shopping and vacationing. That’s right – people grow up. Now I suggest you do the same. It is time to admit that Brad is NOT coming back. He has a family of his own that doesn’t include you. He has a woman who loves him enough to give him the children that you wouldn’t. It’s time to accept the finality of your divorce and move on. Don’t make me come and lay a beat-down on you, you whiny, self-involved, fugly cretin.PS – I forgot to mention it. We got married the day after your d-i-v-o-r-c-e was final.

  17. 92
    Wyclef's Publicist Says:

    Oh maybe he meant both Angelina and his daughter. I bet he called his daughter Angelina because of his good friend Miss Jolie!

  18. 93
    malaya Says:

    # 87 | Zaiyana | March 30, 2006 12:17 AMHey there. Welcome to the world of BAMZ+1 fandom. Glad that there are more mature women sharing their thoughts regarding Angie and this family and other issues that might be thrown during the discussion. You’ll find diversity here – people from different parts of the world giving their 2 cents in situations sometimes the discussions go beyond our love of this family w/c I appreciate BTW ‘cuz everyday I learn something different. But despite the difference in POV, culture, nationality or race, or religion, we all find something in common – i.e. our fascination for BAMZ+1 even the naysayers are interested thought they hate to admit it.

  19. 94
    Estelle Says:

    # 63 | African Girl- I know…I know…you are right…WOW! we have lots of new cool BAMZ’s fan here….Welcome and Welcome back everyone…(can not name everyone at this moment…but ya’ll know who you are…LOL… Oh I have a great story to at work, I have a new client, who want to do a name change for her daughters…she has a 2 years old, twin daughters: 1) from Diamond to Angelina; and 2) from Gigi to Angeline…is it this wild?…I was curious, so I asked her why and she said because she like the actress Angelina Jolie…I was almost falling of my chair….

  20. 95
    cindy2 Says:

    # 94 | Estelle | March 30, 2006 12:43 AMThanks for sharing that story. It’s so cute and a reminder of the love Angie is garnering despite the best efforts of the small bandits of haters.

  21. 96
    Goofy Says:

    # 79 | Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston | March 29, 2006 11:12 PM I guess Johnny Depp don’t love Vanessa P, Tim Robbin don’t love Susan S and Kurt Russell don’t love Goldie H as they are still not married until now despite having children together.I am not sure which part of the world you are from but in USA and Europe, it is quite common to have a family without the sanctity of marriage.

  22. 97
    Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston Says:

    A short memo to Brad (instead of a long letter) because I know reading is not your strength….Why do you refuse to answer the question? Why have you not married your pregnant lover (or whatever you call her) your Baby Momma?Are you going to let her be just another statistic Brad? Unwed pregnant mother?You see this is how I know you are still in love with me.Sincerely,The ONLY woman you ever married – Jen

  23. 98
    #1 Angelina Fan Says:

    Yes, but Angie is the only woman he ever impregnated. Which do you think is more important #97, having his child or being married? i say being the mother of his children is the most important thing in the world. That NEVER goes away.

  24. 99
    Be sane Says:

    Isn’t Paris cold now? Everyone except Angie is wearing long sleves. Or she is feeling hot from the pregnancy; don’t you remember those of you who had babies? Oh Sacré 3rd trimester! :) I bet Brad has to do a lot around the house and the kids… (unless of course, they got help) But she looks very strong and healthy.

  25. 100
    Be sane Says:

    I think "Letter from JA" person is a prankster, making JA look bad. Thanks for the laugh.

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