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Maddox's Mohawk

Maddox's Mohawk

Paris, France :: Angelina and Maddox finally resurfaced to do a bit of shopping this afternoon after a week in hiding. The mother-son team strolled around Paris hand in hand before heading home. After stopping off at the Anjaliom Yoga & Dance Center (144, bd. de la Villette – 75019), Angelina Jolie, 30 and son Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 4, shopped at specialty craft store Rougier & Ple (13-15, bd des Filles du Calvaire – 75003).  Firing up the hair buzz again was Maddox showing off his fresh haircut, bringing back his full-blown mohawk. The rest of the family — Brad Pitt, 42, and daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 1, wasn’t around for the shopping spree this time around.  Over 50 brand spankin’ new pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: 20 new high quality pictures added of Angelina and Maddox.  Now over 70 pictures in the gallery!

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maddox mohawk01
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maddox mohawk03
maddox mohawk05
maddox mohawk06
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maddox mohawk08
maddox mohawk11
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maddox mohawk28
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maddox mohawk30
maddox mohawk31
maddox mohawk32
maddox mohawk33
maddox mohawk34
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maddox mohawk39
maddox mohawk40
maddox mohawk41
maddox mohawk42
maddox mohawk43
maddox mohawk44
maddox mohawk46
maddox mohawk47
maddox mohawk48
maddox mohawk50
maddox mohawk51
maddox mohawk52
maddox mohawk53
maddox mohawk54
maddox mohawk55
maddox mohawk56
maddox mohawk57
maddox mohawk58
maddox mohawk59
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maddox mohawk61
maddox mohawk62
maddox mohawk63
maddox mohawk64
maddox mohawk65
maddox mohawk66
maddox mohawk67
maddox mohawk68
maddox mohawk69
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maddox mohawk71
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  1. 101
    Alexandria Says:

    She’s faking too.

  2. 102
    cindy2 Says:

    # 100 | Be sane | March 30, 2006 12:59 AMThe letter from JA poster is definitely a prankster. I don’t know about the letters claiming to be from Brad and Angie. Regardless, I’m completely amused by the exchanges.

  3. 103
    Gemini Soul Says:

    Maddox is such a cutie , and Angie … * sigh * too gorgeous to be true. Brad is surely a lucky guy.

  4. 104
    Iolee Says:

    BTW, Wyclef just said what’s up to Angelina on American Idol. Cool stuff!!!

  5. 105
    yo Says:


  6. 106
    Estelle Says:

    I know Cindy2….I thought it was very cute also. ( (oh, I actually gave her a little discount after that comment ) Oh goodness these letters are everywhere, they are in some of the most recent thread of BP in Canned and BP the Wingman and this one…what is going on?….

  7. 107
    cindy2 Says:

    "Oh goodness these letters are everywhere, they are in some of the most recent thread of BP in Canned and BP the Wingman and this one"# 106 | Estelle | March 30, 2006 01:08 AM Looks like they want to be heard. :) And I’m LISTENING!

  8. 108
    jjoy Says:

    # 53 | jojo he! he! he! that’s so true. brad sometimes looks tired because of all the jungle don’t believe the tabloids at all…only believe words from angie’s and brad’s mouth or their pr people….nice cindy g….brad’s pr…angie doesn’t have one….only holly, her assistant…so if these people say this is what is going on…then that’s the time i believe it not star mags, nor those other tabloid rags….all sensational exaggerated news…as for angie’s bump…I don’t think she will give birth soon…I guess late june or early july.and what’s up with angie’s mom….is she really sick or just tabloid imagination again..that’s the thing angie nor her mom say anything about angie’s mom being sick…so I don’t believe that she is…angie looks fabulously preggers…I am just wondering, doesn’t she feels cold?? She’s wearing sleeveless t-shirt while others are wearing coat….maybe because she is preggers?? I don’t know…just asking coz I’ve never been preggers..anyhow, she looks healthy and as always beautiful. And mad is Mohawk babe…wow…he’s going to be magnet for chicks as he grows up with famous parents and siblings…that’s a huge attraction to wannabes Maddox Jolie-Pitt gf ….thanks again J for the pics…ur the best!

  9. 109
    Iolee Says:

    Those "letters from Brad to Jen and vice versa" are hilarious!!! too funnny! You should write a sitcom/movie or something. Great writing! LOL

  10. 110
    carrie Says:

    unlike some actresses (JA), Angelina Jolie is very pretty even pregnant.

  11. 111
    Passing Through Says:

    # 79 | Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston I think someone has gone off her meds. Or maybe all that hair dye has turned her brain (and I use that word loosely) into Swiss cheese.

  12. 112
    Jodie Says:

    Wow, this woman is so womanly beautiful! Thanks JJ for the pics. And Maddox is so cute! I wish I could fly to Paris now! :)

  13. 113
    apple Says:

    Angie looks amazing – healthy and glowing.Mad is so well behaved. Angie is doing a great job. Go BAMZ+baby. Thanks STUDLY JJ.

  14. 114
    Be sane Says:

    # 112 | Jodie"I wish I could fly to Paris now!" I will be there mid May-June (work)! BTW critics are making a big deal out of Angie wearing only black, but last time I was there, some young ‘fashionable’ Parisiennes were wearing only black on streets, from head to toe! Then in Milan girls just put on some ridiculously beautiful blue scarf or something to that black :)

  15. 115
    angelah Says:

    oh man this is what i miss out after not checking everty 10 or so mintues [on this site] hehe. It’s so cooL to see new pics of AJ and mad..thanks j@red!!!! =)

  16. 116
    angelah Says:

    every*** pics are gorgeousie…my bad i got that word from that mtv show..lmao

  17. 117
    Vince Says:

    # 69 | Letter to Brad from Jennifer Aniston Hey , Jen., what about me ? have some respect for me.

  18. 118
    cindy2 Says:

    # 117 | Vince | March 30, 2006 02:08 AMHey "Vince," didn’t you just buy her a rock when you should have kicked her out of the block?

  19. 119
    Agnieszka Says:

    I was just about to turn in but had to check JJ for new pics and here they are! Long time no see.. :)I just wanted to mention that my initials are also AJ..I only now realized that. KOOL!Later tomorrow on what I think is going on with BAMZ+1

  20. 120
    cindy's lapdog Says:

    cindy! if you ditch me, you’re gonna meet my ********** self! just kidding, nice to have you back and thanks for the offer, but tea is fine for me.whassup? some letters?well, let me see (scrolling up)…and there goes my tea again!a

  21. 121
    Letter to Jen, My ex Says:

    Dear Jen,Yes, we got married but now divorced. I hope that you moved on because I already moved on. Yes, I married you but then I left you because I found the love of my life. Angie makes me complete. I love her passionately not the way I loved you. I loved you because I thought that you were my perfect mate that time that I wanted to settled down. But then our marriage didn’t work out. We want different things, movie career and Oscar for you while I just want a family. You reneged on our agreement when we first got married. You kept promising to have our babies but you kept postponing and lied about wanting to have one. Because I loved you, I believed you initially. I was very understanding because like you I am also ambitious about my career. I waited and waited patiently. I even supported you and interfered and had the original director of one of your movies got fired because of different opinion on the lighting. I know you’ve always been insecure about your physical appearance but it seems like as you get older your insecurities became a barrier to our marriage. Slowly, your insecurities and whining got me so frustrated that I just didn’t pay attention to you anymore. Then I met Angie. Though I was committed to our marriage, I was not happy and I really want to have a family. Angie is so beautiful, sexy and mature. She loves Maddox and I fell in love with the little guy. I also fell in love with Angie because we have the same interest; about family and helping others in anyway we can. Angie is so beautiful as well as compassionate. I told you about my attraction to her when you confronted me. I know I hurt you but it is better for us to break up than to stayed together when both of us are unhappy in our marriage. I hope that you will find someone that is compatible with you and make you happy. I am now very happy with my family and wish that you would also find happiness. Angie is the love of my life and the mother of my children. I wish you luck on your career and future relationship. Please learn to forget me and don’t look back because past is past and you needed to move on.Brad

  22. 122
    cindy2 Says:

    # 120 | cindy’s lapdog | March 30, 2006 02:15 AMPerish the thought! I would never give you up. I would go first to the dog whisperer to fix any problems between you and me before I chuck you for another lapdog. I’m no Paris Hilton, okay?!! You’re in luck, I’m a tea connoisseur! Green tea, oolong, hoicha, jasmine? You name it!

  23. 123
    cindy's lapdog Says:

    how about darjeeling? let’s have a tea ceremony, and they don’t have a clue….a

  24. 124
    cindy2 Says:

    # 123 | cindy’s lapdog | March 30, 2006 02:43 AMI have darjeeling. As for the tea ceremony, the traditional ceremony involves powdered green tea. We better be off to the tea room or the masses may complain about our chit-chat!

  25. 125
    88 Says:

    I’ve never seen any Aniston movies and never will. I will tell everyone I know to boycott her movies. Everyone boycott Chinnifer movies!!

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