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Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Enjoy these outtakes of 30-year-old acctress Reese Witherspoon from Interview Magazine.  Reese claimed the 34th spot on FHM Magazine’s List of ‘Sexiest Women in the World’.  Last year, she ranked 40th.  Reese is also set to star in Sports Widow where she plays a frustrated wife married to a man who does nothing but watch football on TV (the role of the husband has not been cast but fans have been vouching to Vince Vaughn).  She will school herself on the sport in an attempt to one-up her spouse. Sounds like another fun flick to me! More pictures in the gallery!

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  • 92122girl

    I like Reese. She seems so grounded for someone her age.. with a husband.. HOTTIE…children.. GORGEOUS…. and a very SUCCESSFUL career. I wish her much success. I hope she and her husband are healthy and happy. I like to see hollywood couples succeed. It seems so rare in hollywood, a vey strong, structured, family unit. BRAVO Reese.. Keep going strong!!!

  • Derek Hail

    Reese Witherspoon is not remotely sexy. She is just plain cute and doll like. She has no sexual draw to her in my opinion. She is just someone you want to marry and take him to your parents.My Blog Celebrity Gossip

  • Gossip to share

    “Reese and Deacon were having lunch at a sidewalk café. Another couple was also there lunching with their little boy. Kids are kids and it didn’t take long for the two tiny tots to notice each other and make ‘eyes’ but Reese never once would glance in the parents direction. Being a parent myself, most of the time you just strike up an innocent conversation because the kids are obviously noticing one another. Anyway, Reese continues to ignore the parents while trying to get her child to ignore this other little kid! Finally, as the parents left, she hears the mother tell Reese how cute her child is- and all Reese does is look at her without saying a word! Not one word, just looks at her as if to say, how dare you talk to me.” Now do I care if Reese is a bitch? Hells no! I love bitches! And nothing could make me happier than to know that Reese Witherspoon is more Icepick-up-her-Ass Gwyneth than she is Pandering-Pity-Party Jen. But for those of you who believe the illusion – I’m sorry to have to tell you, Mrs. Philippe is just as packaged and crafted as the rest of them. Which means I’ve just managed to piss off legions of Witherspoon psychotic fans. Hmmmm… wonder if they’re as crazed as the Aniston ones. I sure miss those “DIE OF AIDS” emails they used to send me.

  • Alicia

    ^^^ yeah i read that before too, and i’m inclined to believe that she is a heinous bitch, i don’t know just something about her… she looks like Jenny McCarthy in these pics, which is not a compliment

  • Lohan Roberto

    I like her in the pics, she looks hot!

  • roxie

    i agree, she DOES look like Jenny McCarthy here. Amazing what a push up bra can do! as for her being bitchy, Premiere mag’s cover stylist told me once she was the meanest person they had ever worked with — very snobby. sux b/c i lover her movies!

  • roxie

    i agree, she DOES look like Jenny McCarthy here. Amazing what a push up bra can do! as for her being bitchy, Premiere mag’s cover stylist told me once she was the meanest person they had ever worked with — very snobby. sux b/c i love her movies!

  • Jez

    WOW pretty cute!!!! I think she’s adoracle and it’s true she DOESN"T look the type thats SEXY but very CUTE, she’s always been cute….it’s amazing tho she has a hottie husband , so adorable kids and a great career and she’s soo youthful looking. LOVE HER!! amazing in Walk the Line EVERYONE U HAVE TO SEE IT IF U HAVN’T YET….AMAZING MOVIE!!!!

  • lostinnyc

    She’s at the top of my Meg Ryan List of actresses I wouldn’t pay money to see

  • karen

    i’m actually from nashville and went to reese’s rival high school. granted she went to an all girls school that was known around town to produce quite a few rich bitches (and the occasional grounded gal–sorry had some friends that went there too), but i actually got a chance to meet her a couple times, while working summer jobs when i was in town from college. There’s an awesome bread shop and bakery that keith urban and nicole kidman are often caught eating at in green hills and i used to work there, and reese would come in a few times and she was the sweetest thing ever. basically in nashville you just don’t draw attention to the fact that you recognize people and you let people live their lives. no one said anything to her to make an ass of themselves or make her want to ignore them, but she’s all eye contact, and sweet southern charm. pretty much just like the rest of nashville. we had a brief conversation about the stuff i was helping her with and that was that. except i did notice that she was sooo tiny!!! not anorexic tiny, but just more petite than i thought. and a total doll. ok took a long time for me to get that all out, when all i really needed to say was "reese=nice to me, and pretty."

  • c

    most people who do not work in the industry just do not understand what its like and tend to expect sooo much from ‘their celebrities’…. its not a big deal and, in fact, i feel bad for many celebrities because so much is expected of them when it comes to the public…..

  • matt

    not sexy and a mega bitch look for the marriage to end by years end

  • J

    There is no actor in Hollywood whom I would rather viciously slap. Every pore of her being oozes insincerity. What a C. U. Next Tuesday!

  • cloe

    reese i just think youre great – you are so.. nice and youve got a family, a succesful career and all in the right place, it seems – nothing has gone to your head and i believe that you really enjoy the work you do – i wish you the best in your life and all the bitches who have said awful things about her may want to thing it over, ok??

  • mega fan

    Reese Witherspoon is the best actress in Hollywood. Freeway, in particular rocks my world. The best thing is that she chooses scripts that are so innovative, usually with a theme of a young woman from a forgotten place in society/ history taking the high road. I Love Her Work!

  • Shannon

    #1 – sorry i just press "flag this comment" next to your message – sorry!!!

  • lisa

    people in the south tend to be friendlier than other parts of the country, maybe thats why when shes outside of the south she’s a little colder. i’m from the south and when i go up north or anywhere outside the southern states, people have this ,don’t bother me attitude. maybe she’s just trying to adapt to her surroundings. but if she wants to be a bitch, i say be a big one.

  • Amy Albro

    The story about the other little kid… maybe she had a place to get to soon, maybe she didn’t want people to start flocking to her table, maybe she didn’t want to draw attention to Deacon (he’s adorable but I bet she wants him to have a somewhat normal childhood and not be snapped all the time).